The Undead Rise

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  1. For the original ideas and our OOC sort of thing. This is closed for anyone but the four people on that thread until we think its alright.

    Greg looked outside of the foggy kitchen window. The rain was still coming down hard. With a sigh, Greg turned around into his fridge and pulled out three eggs. It was a Friday night and the poor guy was drained from class which had just ended an hour ago. His shoulder length hair was completely soaked. He was 20 years old and this was his last year. Greg had always hated the rain; he wasn't able to play football on the school team or with his buds, he wasn't able to go hunting, he wasn't able to go up to the lake to fish. He placed the eggs down on the counter and walked to his couch, the urge to cook gone and now wanting to read a novel.
  2. Asa looked outside the window, it was the first time her parents left her alone and she already had problems sleeping.
    The rain fell and it made her a little sad, she wasn't used to be alone which for a 13 years old girl wasn't too abnormal. She decided to get some food and went downstairs her long crimson hair bound up to a ponytail. Getting herself some ice cream yes that was a great idea! She was alone so who would complain?
    "I hate beeing alone!" She complained loudly, it was just annoying, she started eating the ice cream, much faster than she should have and her head hurt shortly after. "Ow ow ow ow" she rolled on her bed unsure of how to help herself.
    The night didn't pass much faster and she decided to turn on the TV, what she heard there could also have been a joke.
  3. "Shit," Janette exclaimed as yet another car drove by the bus stop, splashing water from the road at her. The weather was had been terrible the entire day, so she luckily had a warm, brown windbreaker on, but jeans on the other hand held little resistance against the piercing cold or the said water. She tucked the stray brown strands back under the hood and peered out to for a sign of a bus. She sighed with relief as two headlights reflected in her sky blue eyes.

    A moment later the 5"57, 20 year old had found a seat, near the front, in a almost empty bus. It was usually quiet in the evening, especially on Fridays. She glanced quickly around the bus, her eyes resting on the driver. He had replaced the previous night driver only a few days ago, due to sickness and so she had lost a good friend. The previous driver was an old man, who had always greeted her with a certain vigor and asked about her work as a waitress. It had been sweet and she had quickly grown fond of him.

    "Hope you get well soon," she whispered to herself, looking at her own reflection in the window, only rain, darkness and random spots of light from streetlights beyond it.
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  4. "Oh Langdon, the adventures you go on." Greg chuckled to himself turning to the next page in "Angels and Demons". Greg looked over the edge of the couch to the kitchen. He saw someone, the outline of someone, walk up to the front door. With rain dripping off of said person, shey raised their arms and started pounding on the door with both fists. Greg sprung up and quickly unlocked the door and opened it. "God its raining like cats and dogs." Greg's brother, Ivan, who was only shorter than Greg by three inches. "Don't you mean raining cats and dogs? Wherre have you been?" Greg asked, his attention sifting back to the eggs. "I've been at school, rewriting a test." Ivan shrugged.
  5. The TV showed a lot of weird things, crazy ideas of the undead rising and attacking humans, Asa looked outside, her parents weren't home yet nor it stopped raining. She didn't feel comfortable at all with this and locked up the door to her room, just to feel more safe, it was late already, maybe she should call them...just in case.
    Asa went downstairs picking up there phone, there was someone walking outside, the person looked a little sick, she closed the curtains quickly and ran back up calling her the voice of her mother was heard she spoke up
    "Mom! Where are you I-...." now she realized it was just a recorded message for whoever would call when she couldn't pick up. Asa rolled up in her blanket on the bed.
    "W-wh-why don't they answer...they have to be kidding me..jeah...thats gonna be it!"
    Asa turned of the TV she couldn't stand these horror stories now, she would just attempt to sleep.
  6. The lock clicked loudly in the quiet building as Janette entered her apartment. It wasn't much, but she liked it. It was a studio apartment, with each corner of the room having a designated job. One being the kitchen and dining area, another her art or study. The rest was a mix between her bedroom and the living room with a door leading to a bathroom in the middle. She quickly removed the wet jacket and hung it on a coat-hanger.

    She had, had a lot of strange customers that day, she thought, removing her wet clothes on her way to the bathroom. The majority of them had either seemed tired or outright sick, coughing repeatedly. She could have sworn she saw someone coughing blood as well, she shook her head to clear her mind as the warm water hit her. She was soon heated thoroughly and exited the shower/ She could hear a ruckus forming on the streets below, but payed no mind to it. Soon she was in her pajamas, on her bed with the television remote in hand.

    Flipping through channels she saw that most were populated with news, something she usually hated watching, because of all the death that was showcased. That night was different. A headline had caught her eye, something like "Z-day upon us". She was sure she had heard about a Z-day before, but couldn't put her finger on it.
  7. Ivan looked at the eggs on the counter. "You going to cook those?" he asked.
    Greg looked up at his brother after looking down at the text message on his phone. "My friend Jerry from the apartment buildings next to us just texted me. He said he is having problems with his computer. He wants to know if I can help him." Quickly, Greg texted him saying he will be right over. "I don't know if there is much I could do, but I'll try."
    "Why are you telling me this?" Ivan shrugged, pulling a pot out of the cupboard. "You're in charge here. Just be back before the parents do, they probably wouldn't want you out too late."
    With this, Greg grabbed his plastic yellow rain coat and pulled the hood over his head. He slipped his rubber boots on and looked out into the parking lot. "Ugh." He sighed. "Its got to be at least ankle deep in water." After his complaint, Greg pushed the door open with his shoulder and jumped out. His feet making contact with the water caused a large splash. Greg quickly slammed the door and trudged over to the double doors of the apartment building. It was right beside him, so it wasn't too much work.
    "Jerry, it's Greg, open up." He said into the buzzer. He had to yell over the rain. This was the only building that had the buzzer on the outside. Quickly, the door made a loud buzzing noise, and opened slightly. Greg pulled the door open and walked in. It was completely dark, there was nobody at the front desk.
  8. It didn't take too long until Asa managed to fall sleep but suddenl she heard the door, rushing down hoping it to be her parents she saw someone knocking at it, but not a normal knock more like punching.
    The small girl went to check through the window, she saw a few persons hammering agains the door "what are they doing this late?" she mumbled before on of them seemd to notice her and jump against the window.
    Asa jumped back the person left blood on the window and now started hammering against it, she ran back up picking up her phone calling her mother again, no reply once again.
    She got desperate and decided to call Greg, he always would take care of her when her parents went out, and this certainly wasn't an ordinary situation.
    The phone build up a she could just hope..
  9. Looked around at the abandoned apartment lobby. He had no idea what possibly happened. His phone began to ring, and he quickly pulled his phone out of his pocket. "Hello?" He asked, walking towards the elevator. He pressed the button to summon the elevator, no lights lit up, no sign of the elevator at all. 'What the actual fuck..' He thought to himself as he inspected the scene once again.
  10. "Greg...there are people in front of my house...I don't know what they want, but they don't look friendly..." her voice was rather frightened, almost crying.
    "Can you please help me!" the sound of the door could be heard through the phone, the amount of people was increasing, almost like something was attracting them.
  11. Greg looked over at the darkened stair case, and listened in on the conversation going on. The girl lived a few houses down, but he already promised Jerry he would help him. "Asa, I'm just helping my bud really quickly. I need you to hide in the basement, make sure they don't see you when you go to the stairs. I'll be there as soon as I'm finished here. Alright?"
  12. "Okay...hurry..up"
    with that the got up and took her blanket rushing down into the basement and closing it up, reaching the basement she was hiding in the corner, just waiting for Greg to get her out of there.
    The sounds of the people in front of the house didn't stop and she just was scared and shivered hiding with her blanket.
  13. 'He is on the seventh floor.' Greg thought to himself as he opened the door. Instantly, he was engulfed in darkness. He took a step forward. He heard the step echo trough the stare case. He lifted his foot up an inch off the ground, and indistinctively he heard a small moan.
    "Hello?" Greg asked, the only thing he could choke out. He head movement from the corner at the far right of the stair well. He was greeted by another moan. "Sorry Jerry, this shit is just too crazy for me." Greg muttered. He quickly turned back around and reached for the door knob. Instantly, he saw a face press itself against the doors window. This wasn't any face, it was a woman's face. He nose was gone, cheek bitten and ripped off and her left eye ball was hanging out of the socket. "What the fuck?!" Greg shouted, his exclamation echoed. A louder moan from the corner sounded again, but this time it was stronger and louder. A few more inhuman faces gathered around the door. Greg turned his phone on and aimed the light to the stair case. The first two steps were covered in blood. It was as if someone had their head smashed in with the stairs. Using the light from his phone Greg rain to the stairs. He ran for a good three sets until he came to a platform with a door. He took the door nob and opened it. He slammed the door shut with force. The power was still on with this floor. He quickly dialed Asa's phone number and held the phone to his ear.
  14. Asa's phone started vibrating, she went pale as she felt it, not knowing what was happening.
    "Y-yes, hello?" she spoke softly, and held he blanked over her head.
    This was literally the worst thing she could have imagined to ever happen, she hoped the call would come from her parents.
  15. "Are you down stairs?" Greg spoke as he looked into the window down the stair case. "As soon as I find a way out of here, I'm going to get you." He tried to catch his breath. "Something is plain old fucked up around here."
  16. When she heard his voice it was just a partial relief, but a relief nonetheless.
    "O-okay...don't get yourself hurt....but hurry..."
    Her voice was trembling, the moans outside of the door just grew louder and louder.
  17. He looked over his shoulder down the hall. Greg saw another door with a glass window. He saw what looked like a fire hatchet and a fire extinguisher by the door. He had found himself a decent weapon. He ran to the end of the hall and punched the glass with a boxer's left hook. Shrugging off his bloody knuckles, he reached into the case and pulled the hatchet out. He quietly opened the door and ran down stairs. He nearly tripped a dozen times, but made it to the end. He inhaled and walked into the lobby. Everyone was crowded around the first door. He slipped out of the building, and made his way towards Asa's house.
  18. Asa was still shivering and slowly made her way out of the basement to look outside, the people now broke in and ran through the house, she made her way to the exit from the basement and came out in the garden, no one was here and she decided to walk towards the house of Greg.
    It was dark and she just hoped none of the weird people saw her, she decided to avoid everyone she saw on the street, not knowing what they might be doing if she spoke to them.
  19. Greg found her house, but it was too late. The door was busted in. "Asa!" He screamed as he bounded up the stairs to the door. He took a look around and saw the people. they were the same as in the apartment buildings. "Asa?!" He screamed. The people turned around and started towards greg. Quickly, Greg darted to the basement and ran to the darkest corner he could find.
  20. As Asa heard Greg she ran back and opened the backdoor at the basement.
    "Greg?" she whispered and looked inside as more and more people came towards the front door of the house.
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