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  1. Hey everybody. I am looking for the possibility of a zombie or undead roleplay? I've always loved the idea of fighting for your life, following the rules of survival and just the over all terror of the zombie apocalypse. A smaller group of players would be great, we could play more than one character if you want. This is just an interest check. I have plenty of ideas for the roleplay, so just please comment if you're interested.
  2. Suuuper interested!
  3. Hmmm... Something like this hasn't popped up for quite a while so... Sure XD why not
  4. Oh wow, alright. Didn't expect interest this soon. Any specific questions? Do you prefer starting in a post apocalyptic, pre apocalyptic, or a few months, days, weeks, into it?
  5. I guess it could be a subtle transition... Starting off in the per-apocalyptic zone and then slowly but surely getting to the more... Dangerous stages XS
  6. I like that. Introduce the characters and slowly develop into the danger and apocalypse. I like it.
  7. Hopefully we get more players soon o-o So, what type of zombies are you aiming for exactly? The regular shambling... admittedly a little dull type, perhaps with a few strange mutated breed mixed in? Or are you going for something else entirely...
  8. Yeah that sounds nice, would love to play some crazy character or something for that:P
  9. We could go with the regular type. I think that we could have different types, like runners, depending on who they were. Like if we are checking a school for supplies and we come across the undead football team or track runners, we could have a different breed on our hands. I think we should just aim at the slow and stupid at first, then start to throw in new challenges every now and then.
  10. Consider what would happen if the virus "mingled" with other diseases such as; the bubonic plague, rabies etc...
  11. Hmm slow and fast zombies are nice I think we could go for mutations the further it spreads.
  12. I like your thinking there, York. I'd also need help keeping the terror and suspense moving. Should we have an OOC thread to discuss plots and characters and the disease merging like York suggested?
  13. Kaldoro, so kind of like the slow become faster?
  14. Sure... XS that should do pretty well... Oh yeah! Would there by any chance be an option for someone to play as a "supporter" "leader" or a "special" type of zombie perhaps?
  15. Hm, that's actually a good idea. I was also thinking, there will be some times where I won't be able to get on, because Dad works for four days then is off four days, and he doesn't like me on the computer, so I was thinking we could have someone to do my job (Keeping the terror and story rolling, adding zombie attacks and new and supporting characters). When I can't get on after school, I can reply like once or twice at school.
  16. Hmm I'm no good at playing multiple characters but I could try I guess.
    And what I meant was that the zombies just get some stronger ones over time but there are still slower ones.
  17. My bad, that works for me.
  18. Alright guys, should I wait before making the thread, or do it now and let people enter?
  19. Well since you wanted to make it 4 persons I guess we could just make the thread already
  20. How do you feel about extra people joining after we start?
Thread Status:
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