The Unconventional Suitor

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Fantasy, Romance, A bit of horror, magical, and almost everything.
The two nations had been at war for many years, but now was a delicate time of peace. Nation A, fearing another breakout into a war, decided to give his only daughter to the prince of Nation B. So, setting up a meeting, he invites the royal family of Nation B to meet him and his family in a neutral zone to discuss this marriage that would unite the kingdoms and bring about the greatest era of peace. However there is a slight problem. The princess of Nation A isn't interested in the prince. Rather she is interested in the prince's sister, girl the same age as her. With the weight of the two kingdoms on the line, will the two girls realize their feelings and fight for them? Or will they be subjected to lives of misery?

"Papa! Why do we have to leave to meet this man?" Princess Adi Majumdar complained as she rode with her father to the castle where she would be staying for gods knows how long. The young princess pouted and crossed her arms across her chest, staring at her father. She had crossed her legs and was tapping her lofted foot. Marriage, the word felt like the harshest curse on her tongue, had been the whole motivation for Adi even meeting this strange man, but leaving her home to meet some stranger she didn't even want to associate with?

Her father sighed, running a hand over his face. He often had to deal with his daughters complaints. He knew full well she did not want to get married. For the good of their nation and their allies, this union needed to go through no matter how his daughter resisted. "We have to meet him there, Adi, because if we meet your future husband in a neutral area then they are not intimidated by us asking for them to meet in our homeland, and we are not left off guard by going to their lands. Therefore, a neutral area speaks of peace and sincerity. Neither has the advantage, and we only truly want to talk of peace. That is why we have to meet your future husband there." The man leaned back in his seat, turning to stare out the window.

Adi huffed, looking out the other window of the carriage. She wanted nothing to do with this man. Future husband, ha! Her father was acting as if she was already going to marry this man. No, she would find a way to get out of this marriage. They could forge the alliance permanently some other way. Why did they have to force her to give herself to a man, a foreign man she might add, that she barely even knew? It wasn't fair. Life isn't fair, her father would surely admonish her if she even dared to say such.

Towers and pink tinted bricks greeted Adi's vision as they arrived at the meeting place. Her doom was collapsing around her. The servants were quick to help them out of the carriage, her father leading her toward the group who obviously held her future warden. As much as Adi wanted to throw a fit, she held herself respectfully, keeping quiet as she waited for her father to introduce her. "It is an honor to meet you in person. I am King Dhruv Majumdar and this is my beautiful daughter, Princess Adi Majumdar." With a gentle hand he pushed the young girl forward.

With a practiced flourish, Adi bowed to the prince and his family. "It is the highest honor to meet you, my lieges." After that her eyes darted across the different people, finally settling on the young girl her age. Maybe the girl would be willing to talk with her and possibly hide Adi from the prince.
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