The Uncanny Valley

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  1. ‘Welcome to MediCall. Building a healthier you. Here, at MediCall, we use the latest Nanite technology to strengthen antibodies, and improve other organs, in our aims to wipe out all disease in the lower systems of the galaxy. From our corporate Headquarters on Tantalus IV, we work around the clock in an attempt to build a healthier you. Our latest product-‘
    ‘Welcome aboard the Ulysses V’ says a middle-aged man, his moustache triumphant, his voice loud and commanding. ‘ he is dressed in typical military uniform, anachronistically though-he could’ve just walked out of the 19th Century. Despite this, the ship is high-tech. Akin to a Galleon on the outside, and a starship on the inside. A female subordinate tells the captain: ‘Approaching Tantalus IV, Captain.’
    ‘Good.’ He says. You wake up infront of him. You are still armed, but have a metal band around your left wrist, that you seem unable to remove.
    ‘Perhaps I should explain.’ He says. ‘You have all been recruited here for a higher purpose. Your memories of your abduction have been erased, as has any means of escape, as has your legally binding verbal agreement to participate in this mission. The transmission you viewed was the last advertisement MediCall sent out. They were shut down by the government shortly after, apparently due to some Illegal experiments. Horrific ones at that. However, as soon as the call went out, all of the Human life signs went out. Simultaneously. Thousands were slaughtered in the same second. Sounds impossible isn’t it? Well, that’s why you’re here. A multiversal clean-up squad, designed to traverse the Planet, find out what happened to the staff, rescue any potential survivors, and shut whatever they created, down.
    We have Level 11 Government clearance, which henceforth authorises the use of lethal force. We will be in contact with you for your entire mission. Until we land, feel free to ask any questions, and arm yourselves. Good Luck.’
    So, welcome to The Uncanny Valley, a Multiverse Fandom RP. This is part of the Singularity RP 'verse, but no prior knowledge of that is needed.
    Basically, this is about a Multiverse Clean-Up team as you traverse the planet, but this isn't a formal organisation like The Team. This is a rag-tag group of Multiversal Survivors.

    All in all, be gentle with me, and I hope you enjoy the ride.


    Additional Information:
    Which part of the Canon they come from: (optional)

    1. No Godmodding.
    2. Iwaku Rules apply (for obvious reasons).
    3. Violence will be 15+ at Max, but mainly 12+.
    4. No adding to the Gene Pool (If you, ah, get what I mean).
    5. Characters can (and some probably will) die. But you can sign-up as someone else after.
    6. You can sign up as anyone, from anything (OC included), but don’t do anyone with Super-Speed or Superman level skills. Depowering is optional, if you so wish. (Let's just all tak a minutes silence to remember the Accelerator incident). :P
    7. OOC is here:
    8. This is part of the connected Singularity RP Universe, but you don't need any prior knowledge to understand it.
    1. Have Fun! (Yes, that’s a rule).
    @Mighty Roman -Dr Midas (Marvel Comics)
    @Cromartie Sarkissian -Captain Jack Harkness (Doctor Who/Torchwood)
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  2. CS:
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    Name: Dr Midas
    Canon: Marvel Comics
    "None are to have knowledge of my great history! You need know only this! I wasn't born with the name Midas, Dad wasn't Joe Midas of Pennsylvania or anything like that. I changed my name by deed after 5 years of deliberate exposure to cosmic radiation. Everything I touch turns to gold, and as such, I can turn anything to my advantage."
    I can turn anything to my advantage! My mere touch can turn any substance to gold! My exposure to cosmic radiation gave me abilities similar to those of the Fantastic 4-specifically The Thing! And my own cosmic abilities gave me even more power! I am not only Midas, I am the Cosmic Man! A true miracle of science and technology! I can also swear in several intergalactic languages and sub-dialects!
    "I posses all of the qualities needed to rule an empire! My incredible intellect is only rivalled by my technological knowledge! I turn everything to my advantage!"
    Arrogant, and manipulative. Midas will do whatever is necessary to achieve his goals.
    Additional Information:
    Which part of the Canon they come from: Before 'Original Sin'.
  3. image.jpeg Appearance


    Chosen Name-
    Captain Jack Harkness


    Doctor Who/Torchwood


    "Sit down! Pull up a chair! And let me tell you a story. Picture this: Very young, but very hansom, young human being walks on up into the Time Agency and becomes their youngest ever sign up. This kid grows up fast, probably with a few daddy issues thrown into the mix, bouncing around time and space like a little rubber ball, never staying in one place too often. Well, this kid hits pubity, getting more and more beautiful by the day, and has a whole line of one night stands set up...some humans, some Chanthos, some Kaleds, and one particularly fun night with a blatherine....sorry about that, I digressed a was I...well, Lost my place now, but you get the gist of things; that kid is me, I'm amazing, I've saved the world from aliens and monsters but that's nothing. I've been trapped on earth for a few years now, and have just been helping out this group called Torchwood keep earth in one piece. It has its, how would you like to find out about my little perk, say, around about eight. Just you, me, some nice jackets...does it matter what you look like? Human, Zygon, Ood...all it does is keep it interesting...


    "Want to know about my abilities, do you? Well, I have some I can tell you about, and there are the ones I'll have to show you, if, of course, you understand what I mean...

    Let's just say, you don't live for several 100 years without gathering a trick or too? I can shoot an apple off your head from 6000 feet away with nearly any fire arm in the galaxy. I can fly loops around the Sun in almost any space craft you pit me against. Oh, and I work out..."

    Which part of the Canon they come from: Just before Torchwood Season 1

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