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  1. Greetings, everyone! If you get the title reference, we're off to a great start. If not- don't worry, there's plenty of other things I want to roleplay too. :D Here's what you need to know:

    About Me

    1. I'm on almost everyday. Expect lightning fast responses! (not that you have to give them).

    2. I don't drop roleplays. That said, I forget it is my turn to respond fairly often. If I haven't responded in a couple of days, message me! Chances are I thought it was your turn and never double checked.

    3. My writing level varies greatly. I can write anything from a one-liner to a novel. It all depends on what you give me, and how inspired I'm feeling. If you have a minimum, I will always meet it, but other than that it's pretty varied.

    4.I love chatting with my roleplayers OOC. It's so nice getting to know you people! That said... I will almost never start the conversation. So if you want to chat, it's up to you! I'd always be interested.

    What I Would Like to See
    I'm looking to expand my writing realm and thus, do some things differently from how I normally do them. Therefor, if you meet ANY of the following, you are good to go!

    1. A multi-paragraph responder

    2. A thread roleplayer

    3. A world builder

    4. A multi-character roleplayer

    5. A non-romantic roleplay (So hard... bear with me if you want to do this one)

    6. Multiple Roleplays with the same Roleplayer

    7. Honestly? Surprise me! What makes you a unique roleplayer?

    Even if you don't fit any of these, I still want to roleplay with you. ^^ This is just in case you do fit any of these. Let's get to plots and pairings, shall we?


    Bestie x Bestie
    Player x Bestie
    Player x First Love
    Person x First Love
    Bully x Bullied
    Person x Dream Character
    Geek x Popular
    Shy x Shy
    Seemingly Happy Person x Bullied
    Seemingly Happy Person x Best Friend
    Seemingly Happy Person x Depressed Person
    Peasent x Prince
    Person x Storybook Character
    Love at First Sight x Love at First Sight
    Love at First Sight x Anti-Love Person

    Person x Game Character (open)
    This roleplay takes place in a world where romance simulation games are all the rage. As always, there is competition amongst the creators to make the hottest product. Recently, one company has come up with a feature that makes all other games seem like chopped liver. The ability to have an intellegent conversation with the main male (or female) character. In addition to costing money, this feature requires advanced scheduling. At the time, no one thinks twice about it. They assume there are people just sitting at phones, listening in and hitting the propper recording responce to whatever the person has said. This used to be true. Now the reality is much graver.

    The roleplay takes place when one day a social outcast decides, feeling that they have nothing to lose, to give the game a shot. They quickly discover that it is quite fun, and soon find themselves calling up everyday for a shot to talk to their character. Sure, it is expensive, but it is worth it. The person behind the phone soon finds themselves actually falling in love with the other as well. It is a love that can never be, for the social outcast will always think the other is just a fake... or will they? Is the person behind the phone willing to risk everything to tell them the truth, that they are more than just a recording?

    Crush and Best Friend x Best Friend (open)
    Nowadays, all classes are separated by grades. It is the only way to make sure the dumber students get the help they need, without holding the smarter ones behind. There are five classes, each based on the average letter grade of said student. This system has come with a lot of benefits, but it also has its faults.

    Character A has always been a naturally smart person, as has Character B. Back in the day, they were in the A class for every single subject they had. Then, one day, everything changed. Character A walked in to see a bunch of the class A students bullying a few people from class D. Character A was so repulsed they decided right then and there that they were going to get out of that class if that was the last thing they did. For some reason, Character B followed.

    Years have passed. Both characters have managed to remain class A worthy by studying after school in their own little study group. Recently, Character A has started developing a crush on one of the class A students. at first, it was nothing, till she told Character B she planned to get her way back into class A for good. Character A is certainly capable... but is that's what best? Especially when the class A student seems more of a bully than the rest? And what about that crush, that Character B has been trying so hard to deny?

    Read Between the Lines (open)
    -not mine-
    In this day and age, people bond with books, rather than fall in love. That is: all books are like living enteties. They contain a soul, and when read, if the bond is right, the soul of the book and the soul of the reader bond for life. This is all well and good except for the few people who still believe in the traditional love. Character A just so happens to be one of those characters. They believe in the old fairytales, the Prince Charmings, and all that other stuff that kids before had been taught to fantasize. Thus, despite their deep love of books, Character A refuses to read any books. They only read little snippets they see, which are guareteed safe. However... they can't go on like this, forever, can they?

    There are several ways for this idea to go. Message me so we can discuss!

    PINK means I have a plot for it, so you don't really need to know what it is. I'll sum the movie/show/game/etc. up for you if you just ask.

    Once Upon a Time
    Rumple x Bell
    Rumple x OC
    Hades x Zelena
    Hades x OC
    OC x OC

    Kimmy Shmidt
    Kimmy x Dong
    OC x OC

    OC x Any including OC

    Voltage Inc. Games
    Talk to me!

    Zelda x Fi
    Zelda x Ghirahim

    Tiramisu Otome Game
    Tira x OC
    OC x OC

    Any other ideas? PM or post below!

    Troll the respawn Jeremy! (Had to end like this, given how it started ;D)​
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