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  1. Bonjour my friendos!! This is just my shit test thread for my BBCodes, because my skills are severely lacking and I want to spice up my character sheets and post for all my RP partners, just so they're a bit more pleasant to look at! So, I'd advise not going any further, since it will most likely cause your eyeballs to melt and brain to explode!!
    Thank you :D

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    Brief Bio Text Here!




    • NAME
      Robyn Julianne Morrison

      Rob-in/ Jul-e-anne/ Mor-ri-son

      Robi, Sweet Bird,



      Bisexual (Leans towards females)




      Received Pronunciation (“Posh” British)

    • HAIR
      Jet black, shaven on the sides and short on top, barely falling to her ears. Usually combed over to one side.


      Pale white




      Mostly purples, due to choosing Tyrian, and usually a clash between casual and sophisticated, e.g. a button shirt with jeans and a jacket, or other assortments.


      Back and right arm

      Several Purple Amethyst studs in each ear


      Short hair for female


      Robyn is for herself, plain and simple. She has an ungodly level of self confidence, and believes the utmost within herself. She is naturally persuasive and charismatic, leading her to originally wish to take the route of diplomacy, instead of the Rogues which she was born into. Her goals are to increase her own standing in life, being incredibly ambitious and aspirational, coming from a not too powerful family, and has no problem twisting and manipulating those around her to achieve her dreams. She is incredibly optimistic, able to pick out any situation and play it to her advantage as much as she can, whether it be by her own skill or using those around around her; including influencing them with her power. As long as Robyn has her way, no one will stand in her way; and if any do, she will not hesitate to tear them down and break them with her silver tongue, and vicious temperament.

      She is the centre of her own universe at the end of the day, believing that she is the best and should be on top; truly and utterly believing that she deserves it after what she has been through and how much she has already pushed and climbed up the mountain of society. However, behind this exterior shell, she can be friendly, to a degree. Those who manage to get close know that she will do almost anything to keep them close, because the people who help her and support her mean the world to her. She likes to party and make contacts, believing that the more people she knows, the better chance she has of making friends but also finding someone who she can use. She doesn’t like the rules, much preferring to be the one to make them, and thus has little regard for any rules, as she can usually get her way out of any consequences from breaking them. At the end of the day, she is an incredibly determined and opportunistic person, who keeps her close friends in the best conditions she can, and will stop at nothing to achieve her goals.

      Smoking | Power | Drinking | Partying | Socialising | Getting her way | Being on top | Learning | Freedom | Her friends | People underestimating her

      Losing | Being told what to do | Liars (Hypocritical much) | Being Beaten | Idiots | Losing her friends | Being alone | Silence

      Playing guitar | Partying

      Cracks her knuckles | Foot tapping

      Public Speaking | Manipulation

      Losing her closest friends | Failure

      PTSD (From watching half her family die)

      Robyn was the youngest child in her family, born into a family of alchemical farmers within the Rouge faction. It wasn’t a fabulous life, working the fields when she was young, with help of her older brother, and they did quite well. They weren’t big, no one really noticed them much, and that was the way she liked things back then.

      But then one day, her entire family, including herself, took very ill. Whilst there were cures, and they had some available, their father tried to take it all for himself, and the ill man got into a fight with his ill son. In the end, after arguments, and even coming to blows, Robyn’s brother managed to secure the cure, and gave it to both Robyn and their mother. He, and their father, passed away from the illness.

      This left Robyn outraged, outraged that people wouldn’t look out for them, for the people at the bottom of the ladder. Her mother wanted her to leave it, she would eventually remarry and life would return, but Robyn was having none of it. She became determined on making sure there were changes, and so when it came to her choosing, she joined Tyrian.

      Mind control- The ability to command control over someone’s mind, making them a puppet to complete her desires.

      She can manipulate and use anyone she wants for her desires.

      There is still a chance that people can break out of her mind control, and sometimes people she is controlling act on her subconscious thoughts, rather than those she is ordering them to act upon.

      A ring on her finger, encrusted with red and purple crystals, given to her after the ceremony to reflect her new faction and the one she was born into.

      Rosemary Morrison | Mother | Alive
      Andrew Morrison | Father | Deceased
      Jackson Morrison | Older Brother | Deceased

      Elijah, Mimi, Open

      Eleanora, Open




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    • NAME
      Xander Phillips

      Z-and-er/ Phil-ips







      50% English 50% Irish

      Liverpool English

    • HAIR
      Light brown, messy

      A light brown colour


      Lean, with a small amount of muscle.



      Usually jeans and t-shirts, with hoodies or long coats over, dependant on what he’s doing.



      A silver stud within his left nostril


      Large amount of freckles on his face

      Needs glasses or contacts

      Xander is very kind and studious. He loves to help people, and is always trying his best to improve the lives of others however he can. Pain and suffering are things he cannot stand to see, and he is determined to create cures and improvements for everyone. He has determination in spades and will not give up if there is any possibility of foreseeable progress. He is kind and caring for others, liking to make sure that everyone has the best they can have, and wanting to be the one to give it to them, perhaps a little too much sometimes, as he gets overprotective of his work, and jealous of any who seem to be more effective than he.

      However, behind his friendly and studious appearance, taking great pride in his work and accomplishments, he is simply just someone who really cares about others. He is insecure in himself and his abilities, never thinking he is good enough, and always wants to better himself. He likes having friends, and cares for them greatly, but usually believes that he is not good enough for them, and at times tries to push them away because of such. But, when he is trying, and in the brief moments he can think clearly, he is very, very intelligent and an incredibly bright mind.

      Reading | Creating new medicines | Sleeping | Nature | Learning | Coffee

      Jerks | Being bested | Loud Noise | Being Disturbed | Cigarettes

      Gardening | Reading | Walking

      Chews his bottom lip

      Gardening | Alchemy | Amazing Memory

      Failing | Letting people down | Fire


      Xander was born into the Rouges, the faction he was destined for, the faction of his family for as long as they can remember. He was a studious child, always going to school and doing his best, watching and learning from his parents as they worked within the labs, brewing new, effective medicines and other things, trying their hardest to make the lives of all others better. He was always taught that it was an honour to help others, and that stuck with him.

      There was no horrible tragedy, or evil that befell Xander during his life, simply an attitude to help others, and an ability in alchemy and chemicals that was starting to be something incredible. So, when the choosing happened, and Xander received his leaf with The Rouges upon it, he had no complaints, easily accepting that faction and proceeding forward.

      Throughout Hollow Academy, he showed his academic abilities and knowledge, surpassing many and becoming something exceptional, leading him to his final year where it seemed he was destined to be the best doctor his family had ever had.

      Telescopic Vision

      Can see things down to the atomic level, and can see incredible distances.

      Sometimes, his vision gets stuck at a certain magnification for a while, but as he has grown this has happened less and less, being a very rare occurrence.

      A nose stud in the shape of a rose.

      Justin Rubeus Phillips | Father | Alive
      Rachel Phillips | Mother | Alive

      Eleanora, Mimi, Open

      Darian, Open



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  5. Basic

    NAME | Veronica Anderson|| CALLSIGN| Livewire || AGE | 22 || GENDER | Female || SEXUALITY | Bisexual ||


    Height || 5ft 3inches
    Weight || 116lbs
    Build || Curvy
    Hair Colour || Platinum Blonde & Purple
    Eye Colour || One blue, one silver.
    Distinguishing Features || She can easily be seen by the purple accenting of her hair, along with her light freckles across her face.
    Deployment Outfit || The pictured Modified MkII Combat oriented Tactical Defense Gear produced by Talon before the Talon Conflict. It has inbuilt electronic sensors and a magnetic flux generation array.


    Personality || Syliva is a very tactical person, always doing whatever is in her best interest. She can come off as incredibly sociable and forward, not being one to shy away from communication and interactions with other people, often being very leading in any topics talked about, given the opportunity. She is highly opportunistic in her approach to life, taking any chance she gets to better her situation, often in the form of coming across as very flirtatious with members of either sex.

    When someone earns her loyalty however, she is loyal to a fault and will protect their best interests, although her only true loyalty lies to herself and Silas. However, she toes both sides of the war, commonly interacting with members of both the Crimson Guard and Werewolves, being very manipulative in her way of interacting with them, waiting with patience and dedication for them to be the end of each other. Thus, she has learnt to be very patient and dedicated to her cause, and to her motives in life.

    When it interests her, she can come across as caring and loving towards those that she seemingly cares about, although most of the time this is because she is incredibly selfish and needs something from them. At heart, she is a cold blooded, ruthless creature that will stop at almost no lengths to eventually achieve her goals.

    Likes || Night Time, Flirting, Walks in the Woods, Drinking, Manipulation, Winning, Power
    Dislikes || Losing, The Sun, The Crimson Guard, The Werewolves, Daytime

    Hobbies || Drinking, Sex, Manipulation, Walking,
    Talents || Manipulation, Fighting, Instilling fear in her true form

    Fears || The Sun, Failure, Death

    Strengths || Superhuman Strength/Speed/Reflexes, Incredibly Healing Factor, Very Persuasive
    Weaknesses || The Sun, Holy Water, Wooden Stakes, Needs Blood


    Sylvia used to be a small farm girl, actually known as Elinor Anderson during her mortal life, working outside of the walls of Velemore on her parent's farmlands, bringing in the crops with her father, Michael Anderson, along with helping her mother, Veronica Anderson, around the house in any tasks she needed. It was a peaceful life, and it meant that she would occasionally get to venture into Velemore, seeing the lavish lifestyle of people that lived within the walls.

    She always envied the lifestyle of those within the city, their safe houses and comfortable lives. So when she was coming out to pack up for the night, and saw the city burning, smoke pluming up into the air, a part of her felt... happiness. She didn't know the cause of the burning, but most definitely wanted to find out. So when a shadowy figure came running past her lands into the forest, she pursued.

    Eventually, she followed the figure to a cave, but found nothing. He had dissapeared, and she went to turn home, lost and defeated. But as she approached the exit, the figure reappeared, blocking her in. He questioned her, and eventually attacked, sinking sharp fangs deep into the flesh of her neck. The change came instantly, she felt this new energy, this new power coursing through her; and she liked it.

    But, confused and afraid, she ran home, only to find her house destroyed, ravaged by what looked like beasts. This rage, this uncontrollable anger coursed through her, and she instantly set back into the woods, looking for whatever did this, but to no avail. And she eventually found her way back to the cave, where the dark figure still remained, poised, waiting for her.

    She learnt that he was Silas, one of the royal children, and something had changed her. In his anger and his confusion, he had somehow changed her as well, and now they were both these... odd creations. She didn't know what to do, but she did learn that it was one of Silas' brothers, Gregor, who probably caused the destruction to her home.

    For years, decades even, she remained in hiding with Silas, waiting, gathering more information about the werewolves as she could, watching their numbers slowly grow. Then she saw the oddest thing, a group of red-robed people hunting the creatures, watching with her own eyes as one was slain by these people. This took her interest, and this was the first time she went out properly.

    Clothing herself up from head to toe, donning a wolf cloak made from the skin of her first werewolf kill, she set into the city, taking the name Sylvia Nylea, to get rid of her old name, so that none who might know that name would recognise her. She snooped around, finding that these people were known as the Crimson Guard, a force made to slay beasts. This intrigued her, but also made her worry, as they would probably consider her a beast. But she knew what she could do, she had practised these powers, and she would be ready.

    But there was no such threat, even as she encountered the Guard, none suspected, and she knew she was successful in hiding herself. So, after reporting to Silas, she decided that she might just take up the life she had always wanted, and appeared in the city as a wealthy noble fleeing from war in a far off land. She made herself at home, using her charm, eternal youth and wit to quickly get her way up the ladder, settling down in one of the nicer houses of the city.

    She had everything she wanted as a child, everything she wanted before the transformation. But Silas was right, why stop there when they could have more? When they could have it all? So, she made it her plan. She would cozy up to both groups, the werewolves and the guard, helping to keep them against each other until they were each other's demise. Quickly setting her plans in motion, she began to cozy up to a coup[le of the Crimson Guard, and occasionally visited the werewolves, coming as a fellow creature, oen that was outcast by the people and hunted, one that would aid them with a different skill set, one the Guard would not expect.

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  6. cooltext282849578205361.png


    Rosaline Bethany Frost
    Rose, Rosy, Hippie
    None yet
    24th May
    50% British, 50% Danish
    Study Profile
    Culture and Society
    Music and Art
    Future dream
    Artist (Music & Painting)


    Eye color
    Icy Blue
    Hair color
    Currently Pastel Blue
    Naturally Blonde
    Body type
    Curvy, 5’4
    Usual attire
    Usually wears skinny jeans of varying colours, along with boots. On her upper half, she usually wears form fitting shirts and jackets of various material and style.
    Left ear has two lobe piercings, Right ear has a single lobe piercing and an industrial bar.


    Good traits
    - Rosaline is very relaxed and peaceful in her take on life, very rarely getting overly stressed or anxious about situations. She keeps a level head, and things rarely cause her to grow angry or sad.
    Sociable- She is quite the socialite, able to strike up conversation with almost anyone and not shying away from crowded situations. She likes to know everyone in one way or another, forming many friendships.
    Flirty- Partially due to her carefree and sociable nature, she can come off as incredibly flirty to almost anyone. Sometimes she wants to pursue further relations, but others it is just due to that being her natural nature.
    Creative- Rose is a fountain of ideas and creativity, always brainstorming new ideas for music, art, or stories. She loves to share her ideas with others, and learn what they have come up with, and has an incredibly wild imagination.
    Bad traits
    - Whilst being carefree is good, recklessness is not. It is quite rare for Rose to think through the consequences of her actions, and can end up doing harm to herself or others. However, this usually doesn’t bother her, and she simply walks it off.
    Liar- It is not beneath Rosaline to lie her socks off, generally saying whatever, to whoever, that will get her what she wants, or what she simply finds funny. It has gotten her into bad situations many times.
    Easily Manipulated- As much of a free, energetic person that Rosaline is, she is quite easily guided by those around her. Whether they be good or bad in their influence on her, she is likely to follow others who are her friends, often diving into trouble.
    Addict- Whenever she finds something fun or interesting, it is hard for Rose to stay away from it. Whether it be drugs, or other activities, she easily finds herself addicted to the thrill and fun she gets from activities.
    School attitude
    Whilst usually quiet in class, it is mostly due to her not paying attention and daydreaming. She doesn’t actively break rules, but often times her obedience of others and lack of concentration result in her going against the set rules. Her homework is usually late, and she often ends up being seen as goofing around during school.
    Drugs (Cannabis, Cigarettes, Alcohol), Romance, Hot Chocolate, Music, Swimming, Beaches, Flowers, Partying, Video Games
    Party Poopers, Coffee, Responsibility, Maths, Science, Being Busy, Bullies
    Doing Drugs
    Playing Guitar, Drums and Violin
    On the Swim Team​

    Additional Information

    Amelia Lawrence- Mother- British- 51- Supermarket Employee- Divorced
    Sebastian Russo- Father- Dutch- 45- Engineer- Divorced
    Born in Manchester, England, there was nothing spectacular about Rosaline’s childhood. From a young age, Rosaline saw her mother’s addiction to drugs, which tore the family apart. Her father left them when she was 6, returning to Amsterdam, where he was born, as he moved jobs to a new company, designing cars. So, she was left with her drug head mother as she went to school, being a mediocre student at best.

    However, at the age of 14, her mother went into hospital from an overdose. Unfortunately, Rose had already picked up on some of her addictions, and was taken away to live with her father, who surprisingly took her in with love and care. With his help, she gathered herself up slightly, able to push her way through school and get okay grades. All whilst fighting with her addictions, she managed to get into a decent school and make it to graduation year.
    Drug Addiction to Prescription Pills​

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  7. .


    Face Claim: Leda Muir

    Name: Serena Victoria Andrews
    Nickname: Seren, Vicky
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Birthday: October 10th
    Birthplace: London, England
    Ethnicity: 100% British

    Height: 5ft 4inches

    Weight: 107lbs
    Build: Slim with slight curves
    Scent: Cotton Candy/ Sugar (Slightly masking the scent of drugs).
    Markings: Several scars across her back and arms, from wounds caused by a broken glass bottle.
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings: 2 studs in each lobe, 4 studs going up the outside of each ear and an industrial bar across the top of her left ear.

    Personality: Serena is a very cold and uncaring individual since the events with Kevin ruining her, having turned very hateful and distrusting of most people, especially those who have any form of popularity. She is a shell of her former popular, charismatic self, and usually sticks to herself, leaving her to now be perceived by most as an introvert and lonely person. She can be incredibly hostile to anyone who tries to interact with her in an even slightly threatening manner, and is incredibly defensive.

    However, most of that outward persona is a barrier she has set up around herself, protecting her from further ridicule and harm. Underneath, she is still the same girl, although her aims have changed slightly. Whilst her vain nature still remains, it is less so focused on being the top dog in the school, simply more so on being the best in the situation around her. She can come off as caring to those who manage to break her hard exterior shell, but has a deep distrusting nature towards others. It is very hard for her to let someone in close, and thus it leaves her quite pessimistic and feeling quite abandoned and afraid.

    Money, Partying, Being popular, Water, Night, Winter, Reading, Metal Music (Secret), Playing Bass, Hot Chocolate, Rain, Drugs

    Backstabbers, Kevin Hastings, Popular girls, Sports, Country Music, Oranges, Fish, Heat, Schoolwork, Coffee

    Cold, Heartless, Uncaring, Good Swimmer, Able to Distance Herself from Others, Defensive, Tactical

    Vain, Fragile, Self-centered, Distrusting, Afraid, Pessimistic, Drug Addiction, Weak


    History: Serena was born to Avery and Malcolm Andrews in London, England. Her father was a wealthy businessman, and her mother was a stay at home parent. Very quickly after her birth, before even her first birthday, she moved from England to Ravenswood, forced by a change in her father's line of work. She was too young to be affected by the change, but she never got to experience where she was born.

    Quickly, she grew to be very stuck up and self centred, believing that she deserved everything handed to her on a platter, mostly influenced by her father. So, that was the attitude that she had as she started school, always having the height of most expensive fashionable clothing, and only ever associating herself with the most popular and powerful people in the school.

    Serena used to be at the top of the food chain, one of the most popular girls in the school. She was a prominent member of the cheer-leading team, second only to the captain. She could pretty much get whatever she wanted, whoever she wanted, just with the bat of an eye and the occasional removal of her shirt.

    Her world was perfect, and she couldn’t complain, especially when Kevin Hastings came in her way. He was charming, smart, smoking hot, and to top it off one of the hottest guys in school. So when he noticed her, she took the chance. It was at one of the regular parties where she first hooked up with him, and it continued for a few weeks. She thought she had him, she thought that they were a thing.

    This went on for about a month and a half to two months, the hookups, the hanging out in school, seeming as if they were a couple. She was having the time of her life, queen of the castle, on top of the world, feeling as if nothing could stop her. (Trigger warning: Maybe the sex wasn't always as consensual as she would have liked, but she always gave in one way or another, to appease him). But soon it all came crashing down around her.

    Kevin was done with her, and just as quickly as it began, he threw her to the side. Revealing pictures, texts, you name it, all revealed to the school. Her reputation was shattered within an instant, going from queen of the castle to the peasants. Everywhere she looked, people she once considered friends sneered at her and made fun of her, and she quickly retreated into the shadows. Dying her hair, changing her style, you name it, she did as much as she could to become a nobody, away from the constant eyes.

    Her parents disowned her, believing that the situation could have tarnished their reputation as well. She was left alone as they packed, getting on a plane and taking off back to England without her, leaving her only the house to live in and her belongings. So, at least she wasn't homeless, and the very, very small amounts of money sent by her family to survive on kept her going, just about.But, even then, most of the money went onto her new habit, drugs.

    None of it was enough, even her changes couldn’t stop the whispers and jeers in the halls, the snickers behind her back and the bullying. To get away from it, she picked up drugs, giving her something to let her mind go to as her hatred for Kevin, for them all, continued to well up and build, the only thing tethering herself to who she once was, the queen of this god damned hell hole, as she continued to try and distance herself. Everything was gone, she just didn't care anymore, becoming a shell of her former self and letting herself get lost to her new addiction, the bliss that it coursed through her body, letting her forget all her pain, all her struggle. She just couldn't deal with going from the queen of the place, to the low life rat that scurries the hall, dodging extermination.

    additional information
    Connection to Kevin Hastings:

    Kevin and Serena dated for a short period of time, in which she was not hesitant at all to get intimate. However, for reasons only she knows, the situation quickly turned sour, and Kevin ended the ordeal. However, that was not enough for him, and he quickly sent all the provocative photos she had sent to him to the rest of the school. She became the laughing stock, bullied horribly and losing all popular reputation she had, forcing her to move back into the shadows. She hit the worst period of her life, everything she had was ruined, and she was in a new rut.
    Unknown to most, Kevin ended the relationship due to her worrying about him cheating on her. Whilst Serena never found out if it were true, there was strong evidence towards it, and she called Kevin out on it. When she tried to get answers he hit her repeatedly, with his hands and a broken glass bottle, digging deep into her as she tried to flee, forming permanent scars. She was knocked out by him and sent to hospital, where Kevin had said that she had gotten into a fight at a club and been knocked out. Before she could say her side, her reputation was ruined, and she suffered in silence, as if she said anything it would just be seen as trying to garner sympathy.


    -The real reason Kevin broke up with her.
    -Has an addiction to painkillers.
    -Has a lesser addiction on hard drugs.
    Relationships: OPEN

    Theme song: The Pretty Reckless- Kill Me

    - She has a pet dog, a husky called Minerva. She's the only other living thing that Serena lives with.
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  8. .


    mood | placeholder
    location | placeholder
    outfit | Serena Andrews Day 1

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, in sit ligula nisl, conubia pellentesque mi, et cras dui ipsum velit ut mauris, voluptatum rutrum lorem. Pede accumsan, lorem pellentesque lectus scelerisque consequat sit, ligula tristique tincidunt et, eget at in elit in enim adipiscing, duis litora curabitur mollis. Justo tincidunt ultrices odio sit, pharetra lobortis wisi nunc vivamus diam condimentum, turpis in blandit incididunt, aliquet suscipit quis metus sed eu aliquam. Nibh nunc, rhoncus feugiat etiam vehicula, purus cras adipiscing. Pellentesque accumsan velit, eros in est, egestas error non porttitor pellentesque lectus nullam. Sit pretium in donec interdum lectus wisi, lobortis metus vel, urna accumsan elit cras vel rutrum ullamcorper, eu sed nihil nulla.

    Quis ut. Ac semper sit, convallis ac etiam mauris tortor dignissim, vehicula mattis, justo est sapien eu eget ante in, consequat suscipit. Aliquam fermentum fringilla, nibh mi wisi, nullam augue faucibus turpis mi vestibulum. Ac turpis mauris, varius turpis magna curabitur mattis, bibendum molestie curabitur a sodales conubia at, vestibulum neque vestibulum dui volutpat arcu, tempor vitae. Sodales pharetra nonummy quos diam, scelerisque justo lobortis, feugiat faucibus orci vitae sed nulla donec, faucibus et ipsum in. Urna gravida curabitur interdum labore interdum. In aliquet vel sed est luctus. Vel est primis vestibulum conubia congue, nec tortor magna porta, accumsan quam risus molestie, dignissim voluptas magna, hymenaeos justo. Sollicitudin nullam velit eget venenatis donec eros, interdum amet mauris at id, dui adipiscing sed sodales suspendisse faucibus. Potenti potenti lectus, mus turpis a neque per. Hac dignissim et dolor a a urna, quam sit volutpat ac augue integer sed, ac odio, ridiculus arcu cursus.

    Ligula egestas enim eleifend aliquam, tortor sapien imperdiet iaculis nullam. In phasellus tristique, erat wisi penatibus in eu consequatur, ipsum nisl et nulla nulla et sed. Habitasse nec at hac proin, augue nec gravida. Ac convallis pellentesque commodo consectetuer aliquam, suspendisse diam sit, non sem, praesent orci odio commodo dui tincidunt sit, pulvinar facilisis nascetur ut lectus tortor. Faucibus neque nec mi imperdiet justo.

    Commodo neque urna dui. Vestibulum posuere fusce amet maecenas augue luctus, tristique sed etiam ornare consequat, porttitor ut nullam leo eget turpis turpis, laoreet vitae arcu vestibulum, cras tempor quisque mattis morbi. Sem turpis nulla tellus risus quis, id augue pede vestibulum interdum nec facilisi, consectetuer dictum, ut nulla integer. Ornare vulputate sollicitudin accumsan aenean in, sollicitudin ac eu excepturi, nonummy vivamus wisi commodo lectus bibendum bibendum, nulla est, vestibulum orci eget. Placerat congue aliquam rutrum dui mollis, condimentum occaecati. Ut vestibulum neque elementum malesuada, odio justo, mauris nullam integer tincidunt neque vitae imperdiet, sodales in pede ut in. Ac porta massa enim conubia ipsum, proin nullam et varius massa vel montes, lobortis urna eros, porta ipsum vel, ac nulla. Laoreet sed cursus quam nec ac, sed libero pellentesque.

    mentions ||
    interactions ||
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  9. Basic

    NAME | Skylar, Princess of Velemore|| NICKNAME | Skye, The Betrayer || AGE |19 || GENDER | Female || SEXUALITY | Bisexual || BIRTHDAY | 9th May || CLOAK ABILITY | None Currently ||


    Height || 5ft 7inches
    Build || Slightly Muscular
    Scent || Burnt wood
    Markings ||Bite mark on left leg, many claw marks across back and torso.
    Piercings || Black stud in each ear.


    Personality || Selfish | Manipulative | Blunt | Aggressive | Angry | Intelligent | Cunning | Cold | Treacherous

    Likes ||Power, Fighting, Exercise, Night Time, Drinking
    Dislikes ||The Crimson Guard, Her Mother, Gregor, Silver

    Hobbies || Fighting, Running, Practising
    Talents || Fighting, Arguing, Manipulation

    Fears || Silver, Death, Failure, The Crimson Guard

    Strengths || Strong, Fast, Heightened Senses, Cunning
    Weaknesses || Silver, Selfishness, Quick to Anger


    The second child of Queen Isabella, Skylar was always the second best. She knew that she would never be the first, the one in charge, and that made her angry. She wanted to be the favourite, she wanted the power and the glory and the everything. So, in the middle of the night one night, she made her way to the vaults. She stole one of the forbidden cloaks and ran, leaving the city behind, in search of somewhere she could get power, where she could be respected like she believed she was deserving of, to her uncle Gregor.

    It didn’t take her long to find him and his amassing army of wolves. She was attacked by the wolves, but activated her cloak wildly, subduing many. Then, her identity was revealed to Gregor as he approached.

    He was surprised to see her, especially donning a red cloak, but quickly she explained why she was there, willingly wanting to be turned; to become one of them and lead with Gregor to take down the city. Maybe then she could get the power she knew that she deserved; it was her birthright.

    Thus, she became one of them, with not only the power of the wolf in her blood, but also the abilities of a forbidden cloak. Unfortunately, Gregor feared that she was more powerful than he, with both the werewolf capabilities and a powerful cloak, so he forced her to lock it away, in return for him letting her be a powerful wolf within his ranks; and the promise that she would have to power she desired once the kingdom crumbled.

    She awaits for the day that their mission is complete, and she can finish of Gregor to ensure that the power is hers, all hers.


  10. Victoria Marchesa DeLoires

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Victoria Marchesa DeLoires

    Vikki, Victory


    Student Status



    100% French

    Birth Place
    Paris, France


    5ft 4


    Silver Blonde

    Eye Colour
    Grey Blue

    A small frame with ghastly white pale skin, quite lithe with little curves.

    Clothing Style
    Commonly black t-shirts, shirts or hoodies with black skirts or ripped jeans. Always wears a pair of knee high black boots.


    Septum ring, Studs in each ear, Industrial bar in right ear


    Victoria is an enigma, something of a mystery when it comes to her personality, Any who meet her leave with one of two interpretations; that she is either a nice, caring individual who is headstrong and leading; or that she is a demon from hell that will not hold her wrath back from anyone, or anything. To those that she doesn’t hate, Victoria can be seen as a girl who doesn’t play by any rules but her own, taking life into her own hands and making the best of any situation. She is incredibly confident, never backing down from a challenge regardless of the threat, be it going against a pureblood in an argument, or finding a formidable opponent during a hunt. However, her confidence can be perceived as arrogance in cases, an inability to know when she is beaten. Her anger is hard to bring out, being quite controlled in her temper, but when it does come out, primarily from being challenged, it is a fury unlike any other. Besides this she is quite relaxed, taking happiness in her small circle of friends; never one of the popular girls but never truly alone either, she is really a unique character. Her attention is short, especially in classes, and she commonly clashes with the authority of the school, seeing the old traditions as archaic and pointless. She can also be a bit of a flirt, although having a slight aversion to committed relationships.

    Positive Traits
    Relaxed, Controlled, Sociable, Flirty

    Negative Traits
    Impulsive, Arrogant, Sarcastic, Commitment Issues

    Breaking Rules, Music, Skating, Flirting, Rain, Swimming, Blood, Passion, One night stands, FWBs, Chocolate, Night time

    Lessons, Rules, Discriminatory People, Committed Relationships, Sunlight, Flying, Tradition

    Skating, Smoking, Flirting/Sex, Swimming

    Confident, Determined, Powerful, Headstrong

    Arrogant, Dislikes commitment, Impulsive, Addicted to smoking

    Death, Her family, Heights

    Nicotine Addiction






    Significant others



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  11. Victoria Marchesa DeLoires

    [​IMG] [​IMG]




  12. Dr. Harleen Quinzel



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  13. cooltext283234944623124.png


    • "Welcome, agents of Overwatch. I am Winston, head of the recruitment and scientific branches of the Overwatch organisation. If you are receiving this video message, it is as congratulations for passing your preliminary trials. As such, you have been accepted into the Heroes Initiative.

      As many of you know, our numbers dwindled after the Talon Conflict, and we now require additional heroes in our efforts to aid the global community and capture the last remnants of the Talon organisation. That is why you, great heroes who have shown valour, ability and teamwork, are being brought out to Watchpoint Gibraltar, ready to become part of the team.

      I look forward to meeting all of you personally, Winston signing off."

    • Welcome, Agents of Overwatch. After several long months of training and trials as part of the Heroes Initiative, you have finally been accepted into the Overwatch organisation. As the next generation of heroes set to defend the world against the threats posed to it. Even after Talons fall, the work of Overwatch was not done; they were even busier if anything, returning to their once high point and being revered as heroes. They were tasked with protecting countries and people all across the world. But, their numbers had dwindled after the Talon Conflict, and thus the Heroes Initiative was created.

      That is where you come in. Having participated in months of training and trials conducted by members of the Overwatch organisation, you now find yourselves with invitations to the group, for the final part of your trial. Once arriving, you will finish training and then become full members of Overwatch, ready to be sent on missions and uncover the darkness returning in the world.

    • 1.All standard Iwaku rules apply.
      2. There will be violence and fighting in this RP.
      3. Romance is a-okay with me, just ensure that it's put in a spoiler if it gets too hot and heavy.
      4. Drama IC is fine, Drama OOC is not. Please be friendly with each other.
      5. At times, I will push the plot along with possible time skips or story advancements. Plenty of notice and discussion will occur before these happen.
      6. Discord link is Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers

    • On June 30th, 2078, the organisations of Talon and Overwatch engaged in a bloody conflict on the grounds of Watchpoint Gibraltar. After a failed strike at a Talon base, Overwatch had gathered at the Watchpoint to plan their next move, giving Talon the perfect time to strike. Led by the Talon elite of Doomfist, Reaper, Widowmaker and Sombra, an army of operatives descended upon the Watchpoint. Automated defences managed to hold them at bay for a while, but eventually a bloody conflict happened outside of Winston's research laboratory.

      The battle ended after many fell, the forces of Talon near destroyed. Reaper had slain his former friend Soldier: 76, but he himself had been cut down in turn by Genji Shimada. Ana and Fareeha Amari both fell to the precise aim of Widowmaker, who was captured later by Overwatch and is undergoing correctional therapy to return her humanity. Doomfist was captured by Overwatch, his weapon now in storage with the group, and the man himself now imprisoned in an undisclosed location. The remaining operatives, Sombra and Moira, managed to flee the combat. The two of them are still evading capture, presumably together, and are regarded as the single biggest threat to Overwatch.

      After the conflict, many members of Overwatch were left scarred and changed. Genji Shimada dissapeared from the organisation, later found within Hanamura reconciling with his brother. This left Overwatch at a great shortage of members.

      • Lena Oxton, Tracer, had assumed the role of acting commander after Reinhardt Wilhelm finally retired due to old age and grief.

      • Angela Ziegler, Mercy, continued her post as medical expert within Overwatch, although haunted that she was not able to save her allies.

      • Torbjorn and Brigitte Lindholm worked together to further the technological developments of Overwatch, assisted by the child prodigy Efi Oladele.

      • Mei-Ling Zhou returned to the northern ecopoint, rebuilding with a new team to continue their efforts.

      • Winston kept his position in Overwatch, assisting those who remained, and developing the Heroes Initiative.

      The New Operatives (Your Characters):

    • Picture
      Callsign: (Name they use on the field)
      Eye Colour:
      Hair Colour:
      Deployment Outfit: (What they wear when in combat)
      Positive Traits:
      Negative Traits:
      Fighting Style:
      Reasons for joining Overwatch:
      (Anything else you want to include)

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