The Un-Identified Girl

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  1. "My name, It isn't important. Where I am, In plain sight.
    What I am doing, it doesn't concern you..."
    After the attack on TMB Military Base, city of Token has been silent. No reports of Bloody Sunrise. Many would have thought she would have struck somewhere by now, others thought she was preparing for a big surprise but no one knows. No one knows anything about Bloody Sunrise other than she was some chick dressed up attacking the government, and no one dared to ask for information.
    Three months later, there was still no signs of Bloody Sunrise or attacks. Some started to celebrate thinking she was dead. But if she was dead or captured, wouldn't there be a big thing on the media? Too bad for those celebrating, because when they were out having fun, she showed up....
    Bloody Sunrise walked down the streets of Token in plain view and shockingly she appeared unarmed. Her cloth belt lashed about in the gust as she strutted herself to the public, nothing was visible on her besides her pale white skin, and small glimpses of her emerald eyes. When she riled up enough attention, the officers arrived but before they even got out of their vehicles she was gone. Some of the officers stood in "Awe". Was it an illusion, were they not paying attention, or was there something more?
    In an ally away from most officers, some may have caught sight of her running off. Who was brave enough to go after her?
  2. OC- Briana Kellums, RP with Rita ArchFena.jpg

    Briana Kellums knew she was reckless. Hell, her own mother had told her that. Stupid, reckless, and too damn nosy for her own good was always how her mother would describe her when talking to her relatives. Briana was most certainly not ashamed of this though, for her recklessness stemmed from her curiosity, and her curiosity, in her opinion, was the best thing about her.

    This blind curiosity was what led her to completely stop doing her job, in a time of crisis nonetheless. She had observed a man in a cloak sneak down the streets of Token before stopping in front of a small house where a mousy women proceeded to quickly usher him inside. The woman then looked both ways down the street before swiftly shutting her door.

    Needless to say, Briana was intrigued. Thus, this was how she ended up in a rundown alleyway, peeking through the woman's window. Except they weren't even doing anything cool. They were playing freaking flutes. This was perhaps the most anticlimactic escapade that she had ever been on. Sighing she glanced over at the road, and by pure, blind luck, she happened to see a masked person running down the street. Well. That might be interesting. Without even thinking about it, she took off.
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  3. Bloody Sunshine hoped no one followed her as she ran off from the scene, but maybe it would be fun to have someone to entertain her. She looked behind her and spotted a woman running after her. Bloody Sunshine decided to have some fun...
    "If you know what is good for you, I would halt and turn around!"

    She jumped up on an escape ladder on one of the brick buildings and started to climb up to the roof tops. Her emerald eyes exchanged with the other female's then she laughed. Once she reach the roof top, Blood Sunrise made a mistake and climbed up the wrong one. There were other buildings, but were a bit far of a distance. Luckily she was able to spot one of her marks of a Red sun and a blue cloud, so she wasn't lost.

    Being nice she paused a moment letting the female catch up. She always thought she could use a bit more publicity.

  4. Briana was not, in fact, fond of the chase. Mind you, she loved the rewards that often waited for her at the end of her mini adventures, but no one could accuse her of enjoying work. And she most definitely hated running most of all. She kept running, however, because if her prey was still trying to flee, then that meant that he or she had something to hide. Perhaps if she had actually been attempting to do her job, instead of digging up dirt on her coworkers love lives, she'd actually know who in gods name she was chasing.

    Briana ignored her new friend's request to give up the pursuit, and instead followed them up an escape ladder on onto the roofs. Tired and panting, she seriously considered the idea of re-evaluating her life choices. She noticed that her prey had slowed down up ahead, and while Briana thought that was, in fact, the most stupid idea of all time, she was certainly not going to complain. Coaxing her legs to move faster, she attempted to make a grab for person in front of her.
  5. Bloody Sunshine heard the female's step come close behind her, then she noticed she was getting too close. The female brushed her coat as she swung around pushing the female back away. Now they faced each other, Bloody Sunshine managed to withdraw a small handgun that was hidden in the belt of her pants. The coal barrel of the handgun faced the female now,
    along with the eyes that glistened in the sunlight of the now appeared criminal.

    "You don't listen do you?"

    B.Sunshine focused her aim at the female, giving a cold stare, but her eyes seemed so soft.

    "What is your name?"

  6. Briana stopped dead in her tracks. Yep, definitely needed to look over those life choices. Having a weapon pointed at your person was such a strange occurrence, one may forget that they, too, have a weapon whilst they are staring down the barrel of a gun.

    If she hadn't completely frozen at the sight of the handgun, she most certainly did when the masked stranger asked for her name. Stalking she was all for; conversation, not so much. Stuttering, she forced herself to reply in order to lessen her risk of being shot in the face.

    "Bri-Briana. Um-mm yeah, Briana. Kellums. Yep. Lieutenant." By the end, she was practically squeaking.
  7. Sunshine shifted her stance in almost like a playfully manner and slightly lowered her gun.

    "Briana...Briana Kellums. What a pretty name. I wish I had a pretty name..."

    She grinned underneath her mask and was humored by Briana. She stowed her gun back in her belt keeping an eye on Briana, making sure she wouldn't get any spunky ideas. Sunshine then took out what appeared to be a bomb of some sort. Tossing it up and down within her hand she waited a moment before speaking again.

    "Tell your cop buddies, Lieutenant, the Bloody Sunshine gives her regards!"

    Without a moments notice, Sunshine threw down the canister causing a smoke screen hiding each other from view. When the smoke cleared, an image of a red sun was marked on the roof, and Sunshine was no where in site.
  8. Returning back to base that night was not, in fact, any fun at all. On top of not catching the psycho masked lady (who she learned, upon her return, was actually Bloody Sunshine, who she was being paid to catch anyways), she found out that she happened to be allergic to whatever the hell was in that smoke bomb, and spent the rest of the day the color of a strawberry. The icing on the cake, however, was being called into General Lionel's office. While Briana was afraid of normal people, normal people were afraid of General Lionel. Needless to say, the General often moonlighted in Briana's nightmares.

    He had his head in his hands when she entered. "Lieutenant Kellums," he addressed her without even glancing up. "Can you please explain to me how exactly Bloody Sunshine managed to escape when she was literally three feet in front of you?"

    Briana was already shaking. "R-right, well umm, she h-had smoke."

    General Lionel gave her an incredulous look. "She had smoke."

    "Yep. A-also a mask. And c-cape."

    The General sighed and massaged his temples. "Go back to your quarters, Lieutenant. Get some rest, and please, dear God, get your life together."

    Briana nodded quickly before fleeing the room. She was going to head back to her room and take a nice, long bath. With bubbles. And Gossip magazines. Only when she was done would she began her quest to find out everything there was to know on Bloody Sunshine.
  9. Sunshine retreated to her hideout, and unmasked herself. Her off-blue mask gently fell down onto the table, her guns were unloaded and placed on a metal round table, and she dressed down. She sighed and headed to the run-down bathroom she had, and prepped for a shower. Sunshine caught herself in the mirror, and remained emotionless as she stared at herself. Scars cut across her mouth that were far from invisible in her pale skin. The showed like fresh wounds. Only anger filled her, then stepped into the shower.

    She held herself against the wall and thought to herself.
    I am far from done, lessons shall be learned.It seemed like she in the shower for hours, deep in thought. Then her alarm went off getting her attention, it was time for her to get some sleep because tomorrow was going to be a fun day. Bright and early...
    Sunshine dried off and put on an oversized, plain black shirt and headed to bed.
  10. Briana sat ducked behind a plant, taking notes as two of her superiors discussed the current information on Bloody Sunshine. Most people would be rather upset from being practically invisible, but not Briana. To her it merely served as a tool to aid her in her snooping.

    "And I tell ya', everyone's just plain afraid of 'er. They treat 'er like she's a damn ghost or somethin', and I'll admit she pulls one helluva disappearin' act, but this is just gettin' ridiculous. Most of my men are afraid to go near 'er, says they don't wanna end up like Jenkins."

    Jenkins, huh? Interesting. She'd look into that later. For now, she had bigger fish to fry. The guards were changing shifts, so she had about five minutes to get in and take photos of Bloody Sunshine's file. If she succeeded, she'd know almost everything Token had on this masked marauder. If she failed, then she'd go to prison, but she tended not to think about those things.

    Quietly sneaking in, she grabbed the file and snapped a few photos on her phone, before quietly slipping out again, just narrowly avoiding the next guard. She nonchalantly strolled back to her quarters where she intended to read that file until she had it memorized.
  11. -Chirp Chirp, Rise and Sunshine! The sun is coming!-
    Sunshine's second alarm went off, as it was almost knocked of it's stand. She hated that thing, so annoying with it's high pitched chirping noise. She rose from her bed and swung around heading towards where her gear was. First she tied her mask around her face hiding her scars and most of her smooth, pale skin then would put on her jacket that reflected her personality, her pants then her off-blue cloth belt along with her combat boots. Sunshine didn't take her small handgun, she had bigger plans. Instead she walked towards a guarded vault and unlocked it. It was Christmas in that vault, she took a 12-Gauge shotgun, Silenced Pistol, Couple of flash grenades, smoke bombs, a sniper rifle and then a few daggers. One would ask how she carries all of that and still be agile. Practice was all.
    Sunshine flipped her hood and headed out. It was still dark so she had time to set into position. Her target: Token's Officer HeadQuarters...
  12. Briana had the very nasty habit of waking up early; no matter how hard she tried, she simply couldn't seem to condition her body to wake up any later than sunrise. Groggily, Briana headed down the still empty corridors. She vaguely wondered why no one was awake and doing their jobs, but then she remembered that she didn't care. She knew she only had forty minutes tops before rush hour set in and she have to beat off her coworkers with a stick in order to get to the coffee machine.

    As she was waiting for her coffee to be ready, she realized that she felt... off. Something just wasn't right, but she couldn't seem to put her finger on what. Shrugging it off, she grabbed her coffee and headed off to the meeting room. Setting down her stuff, she prepared for debriefing.
  13. The sun started to rise, and Sunshine was ready. She didn't put too much efforts in hiding though since she was directly across the HeadQuarters on another building. It was time...

    "So let the show begin..." She whispered to herself.

    She took aim with her sniper at some Officers that were just settling in, Looked like they were conversing. Bang, clunk.
    Glass shattered, an officer is down and one is panicking. Too easy, Sunshine took a grenade and threw it at the entrance doors blasting them open, equipping her shotgun, she jumped down from the building gracefully and hid in the smoke that was emitted from the grenade. Shouting was among the officers, when she was able to see some figures, she began shooting taking cover behind a wall.

    "Bang Bang Pow bastards! Bloody Sunshine is here! I am going to put you all to justice and uncover the truth!"

    Everything was slow motion to Sunshine as a showdown was between her and a group of men. Shotgun shells would fly past her face slowly and determination flowed in her eyes....
  14. They actually hadn't been getting much of anything done when all hell broke loose. At first the meeting had covered crucial topics such as defense tactics and of course, Bloody Sunshine. However, within just half an hour officers were still just getting in, but they had already moved well beyond inconsequential topics and had begun discussing prime-time television. Briana had given up on taking notes awhile ago. What could she say, Token didn't exactly have the most productive military force.

    Captain Brents was animatedly debating the merits of some actress that Briana didn't care about when the bullet went through his skull. The entire meeting room was silent for a mere moment before the panic kicked in. Suddenly Briana was surrounded by screaming; the entire office room was covered in little shards of glass. She vaguely comprehended a second officer going down in her peripheral vision. She was blindly crawling on her hands and knees in order to reach Brents to see if he was still alive; it was merely wishful thinking- she knew he was gone.

    She was right near the now open window when the bomb went off, the smoke rushing into the conference room. Coughing, Briana made a run for it, forcing open the doors and rushing out into the hall. She ran downstairs, and into a throng of men shooting at seemingly nothing. All of the sudden, she felt a searing pain in her shoulder. Looking down, she saw where the bullet was lodged in her shoulder, blood already pouring out. Ignoring the pain as best as she could, she pulled out her handgun and summoned up all of the reckless stupidity that dwelled deep inside her.

    She braced herself, then ran straight at Bloody Sunshine.
  15. As fast as she was shooting her shotgun might as well been an automatic then she ran out of ammo. She had to be quick in fast as she swapped to her flash grenades to disorient the remaining officers, but as she was about to throw one she caught eye with Briana. Sunshine's eyes widened.

    Briana here already? You would think someone like her needs her beauty sleep.

    Briana was coming straight at her, and it showed she wasn't very clever. Her firing officers could strike her accidentally numerous of times, Sunshine wouldn't be surprised if she was hit.
    Sunshine was stunned before Briana, for what reason, she didn't know. Then they clashed...

  16. Briana had expected Bloody Sunshine to move out of the way. She had expected the woman to shoot her, giving her fellow officers but a small opportunity to take down said masked assassin. She did not, however, expect Bloody Sunshine to just stand there, and so Briana ended up running smack dab into the taller woman's chest, knocking them both to the ground.

    Briana was losing a lot of blood, and she knew that she should probably do something about that, but her head was growing too light to think clearly. She blindly attempted to wrestle the gun out of Bloody Sunshine's hands, to no avail. If she accomplished anything, it was merely proving beyond reasonable doubt that Token possessed the single most inept military force in the country, as Bloody Sunshine was literally on the ground, and yet somehow didn't have a single shot hit her.
  17. "What a drag..." She whispered.

    Sunshine threw a flash grenade to disorient the officers then a smoke grenade for a clean get away. But what is she suppose to do with Briana? She decided to life her over her shoulders and dashed out of Sunshine's chaos. She would jump between building griping on to the bricks then jumping further up to the next building available. Sunshine didn't exactly have a choice on where to take Briana at this point... But she was sure Briana fainted by now so she couldn't trace Sunshine's steps.

    After approximately 10 minuets, they arrived to Sunshine's hideout. She took Briana inside and placed her on the bed that was still unmade from this morning. Her room was probably the nicest part of the whole place considering it was underground so it was damp and cold. Sunshine noticed she was actually shot and loosing blood rapidly. She shook her head and headed to get pliers and a needle and thread. Time went by as she worked on Briana, but she made sure it left little of a scar as possible. Once she finished stitching her up, she cleaned the left over of the wound then bandaged it. Sunshine set her things down, and walked out of the room and waited in the kitchen, unarmed but still masked. The place was silent except occasional water drops.
  18. Briana wished that she could say that she was able to remain calm after she awoke, but that would be a lie. Truthfully, she was completely and utterly terrified; she had used up all of her excess bravery rushing at Bloody Sunshine and- Dear Lord, she had rushed Bloody Sunshine. And seeing as that was the last thing she remembered, and now she was in a totally unfamiliar room, she could assume that she was either dead or had been kidnapped. She really, really hoped it was the first one.

    However, no matter how frightened she may be, her curiosity still always managed to take over. Before she even realized what she was doing, she had already begun exploring the room. Man, if she really was dead, apparently the afterlife looked exactly like an ordinary bedroom. She looked through a couple of drawers, and upon finding nothing of interest, turned her attention to the unlocked door across from the bed. Absentmindedly rubbing her injured shoulder, she walked over and examined the door. It seemed innocent enough. She took a deep breath to prepare herself before opening the door and venturing out of the room.
  19. Sunshine heard her bedroom door creek from her side. But she continued to look away, it was only common sense that it was Briana. Everything about her was hidden in her clothes except her pale legs under the table.

    "I see you are awake.... How is your wound, Briana?"

    Sunshine didn't know what Briana would do, but for some reason she didn't feel a need to point a gun at her and allowed her to take her own actions. She seemed frozen in her chair, but calm.
  20. Briana kind of expected Bloody Sunshine to be around here somewhere, so she wasn't completely surprised when she entered the woman's kitchen. Seeing the assassin without a gun pointed at her was new though. All of their previous interactions had ended up with Briana at gunpoint. She wasn't exactly eager for a repeat performance.

    She struggled to answer the masked woman's question. "Umm, it's u-umm fine, though, umm, s-sore. Just a l-little."

    She tucked her brown locks behind her, embarrassed that she could face Bloody Sunshine head on at gunpoint, yet still couldn't even have a coherent conversation with her.