The Un-identified Girl

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    "An unidentified woman is attacking the base! We need back up!...."
    "Roger. Sgt. Jenkins, do you have a description of the woman?"
    "Jenkins, do you read? Jenkins? Answer me damn it!"
    News Herald
    December 22nd,2017
    On December 21st 2017, an un-identified female appeared at the TMB Military Base in Token Outpost
    200 miles East of Ashton killing many soldiers and officers. Reports say that it is the same
    female that attacked a shipping dock not far from the capitol of Ashton in Fure and several secured bases around the local area. There is no given idea of what this mysterious and violent females intentions
    are against the government and military. Locals claim to have glimpse of the female at sunrise when they are heading to their jobs. Locals have begun calling this female;
    Bloody Sunrise for her unusually attack patterns
    and clothing that some say remind them of a sun in a blue sky.
    One Local claims to have spoke to this female and tells us this;
    "I swear, she just came out of no where! I bumped into her and got mad, but when I saw her I got scared and right as I was about to scream she said: 'Sorry...' and vanished like in thin air!"
    Anyone who have seen the suspect in orange and blue gear or anyone suspicious is to call their local authorities immediately.
    In other news today....

    You have caught glimpse of the Bloody Sunrise, you hear about her everywhere attacking military bases. But what are her intentions? Is she a criminal or is she trying to do something good? Look! There she is! Where is she going?
    This roleplay can be played by anyone male or female and you can choose your own actions. Make a personal enemy, make a friend or friendly sibling, romance anything goes. You can play as anything you like under realistic terms. Are you an officer who wants to take her out/understand her intentions and fall in love? A boy/girl who admires her? A kid looking for an adventure? Or another criminal who wants to kill her/team up with her?
    You choose.
    I'm excited to do this roleplay, any takers?
  2. I'm kind of interested in attempting this as a female character. I'd like to try that officer who falls in love with her option if that's good with you. It'd be my first time with a FxF pairing, so you'd have to be patient with me.
  3. Sure, I don't mind that. Let me see a character sheet, and we can get into a more indepth plot.
  4. Sure thing:)

    Name: Lieutenant Briana Kellums
    Appearance: about 5'6", with wavy dark brown hair that falls a little south of her shoulders, dark green eyes, and moderately tan skin
    Personality: Very reserved, but also very curious. She likes to stick her nose where it doesn't belong. She's a sucker for gossip, and is very good at blending into her surroundings, so if you're looking for information, she's your gal.
    Positive Traits: Rather intelligent, good at getting information, extremely loyal to the few she holds in high regards
    Negative Traits: Generally keeps to herself but still can't mind her own damn business.
  5. Thanks for giving the sense of your character. Ill post something, and see if you can flow into it.
  6. Alright, post the link to it here if you could, and I'll give it a go.
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