The Umpteenth Rp Idea

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  1. Just got another idea (with more ideas to come). Please have fun with this whoever is interested. ^^ Now, onto the bad clique summarizing... T.T


    After high school, (your character’s name) decides to go for an arranged marriage set up by her parents and Ren’s older brother, Teneel. Strangely, she requested the arranged marriage because she felt that it would introduce her to someone that she probably would have never met on a regular basis. Her parents went along with it, thus why they helped arrange the event, but before marrying their daughter off, they decided that it would be best to test their compatibility by allowing them to live together in Teneel’s vacation house for a month first. Although, upon meeting, the girl finds Ren quite attractive, Ren finds her very beautiful, and they both seem to like each other personality-wise, there’s a huge problem. And she realizes it after taking a closer look at Ren. At first, she merely thought it was a coincidence that he had the same name, but it wasn't. The guy standing before her was the same boy she absolutely couldn’t stand back in elementary and middle school. They were complete enemies and Ren used to do all he could to bother her while she’d occasionally get her revenge. Ren also realizes who she is, and this puts him off just as much. Well, specifically, they both had a bit of a comedic love-hate relationship with one another. So, they do secretly like one another, but recalling how much Ren used to bother her and how they used to supposedly despise one another is giving them mixed feelings. They’re still stubborn about admitting that they like each other, in other words. Alas, they’re both stuck at the vacation home for a month, which means they’re going to have to put up with each other until then. Will they continue to supposedly get on each other's nerves, or will they learn to accept their true feelings for one another?

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    I THINK I LIKE IT. >:3

    Can I has a RP? -insert kitty eyes here- Pwease?
  3. Yes~! Of course you can--it’s all yours! XD I have already written out most of the IC thread, so I should have it posted by tonight. I will post a link to it here when it’s complete. ^^
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    Any requirements? ^^
  5. Nope, there are no specific requirements. Just that she should be around 18 or so since they just finished high school. That's about it though. ^^
  6. This idea is still open, so if anyone else is interested in this, I can definitely take on another partner. ^^