The Ultimate Question.

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  1. Apple Juice or Orange Juice.

  2. Apple Juice >=}
  4. Apple Juice. I used to drink more Orange Juice, but now, I'm more Lemonade kind of guy. Weird how I only drink Lemonade, Chocolate Milk and gallons of water now.
  5. They both suck.

  6. I live in Florida.

    Orange Juice. Extra pulp..
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  7. The answer is 42. Nuff said.

    On a more serious note, though, Apple juice is better.
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  8. I like both! I tend to drink oj more, but that's because we have that consistently in our fridge.
  9. Orange. Okie doke
  10. Apple juice cause oranges try to kill me (literally)
  11. 100% Orange Juice.

    (Someone please get the pun)
  12. Beermosa.
  13. Screwdriver.
  14. Lemon juice Nuff said
  15. ORANGE JUICE!~ :bouncy:
  16. Neither, pear juice.
  17. Fresh Squeezed!
  18. Sunny D .. All the way!

    orange Juice FTW! <3
  19. Orange juice. Most apple juice is too sweet for me.
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  20. Between those two I'd say apple, but we all know that grape juice is the supreme beverage ;P