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    Greetings true believers, and welcome to the Ultimate Marvel Roleplaying Universe. Or, "Earth-1212" if you want to get technical. This is a new style of super hero RP, taking the Marvel Universe and basically giving it a reboot of our own.

    Now, the idea would be to start off with a brand new universe where superheroes and villains are already established. We can choose to play specific characters from Marvel Comics and reinvent them for a new world. Preferably, we would play canon versions (ex. Peter Parker and Jean Grey), but I'll be willing to allow OC and Alternate identities (OC: Damien Edwardson as The Hulk. Alternate: Gwen Stacy as Spider-Girl/Black Cat). The option of allowing super villains to be played is up for debate, but we'll discuss that more once we're ready to start.

    In addition to making a new version of the character in a new universe,
    I'll also allow the option to have an Origin Story Arc. What this means is that you can choose to either have your character already established in the world and put their origins inside of the character sheet, or take the time to actually make them a hero ICly. The problem with this is that it could take a bit of time to start the larger issues, but with a healthy dose of established characters, we can continue with smaller stories and establish the universe a little more until everybody is caught up. Note: I will dis-continue this option at a later point in the RP once we get into more established stories. If the origin of your character revolves around the event (such as a Symbiote character or a clone of another character similar to the infamous Spider-Man: Clone Saga), then I may allow it. The origin will have to be shortened though so we can continue the story without slowing down for certain people.

    There's also the option of playing non superhero characters such as Jarvis (computer system or human butler) or Mary Jane Watson. These characters, while not powered up, are vital to the story and will actively participate in the events of the RP. There will also be the option to give these characters powers, much like the Alternate Hero/Villain idea I spoke about earlier. Having these characters would also help to balance things out and would be interesting to be player controlled as opposed to NPC's. If certain characters worked best together (ex. Harry Osborne with Norman Osborne/The Green Goblin), then you communicate in the OoC and help create ideas of your own for stories that can be personalized. Again, its really up for debate.

    Now then, onto the plot. As with every new comic universe, new problems are ever present. The progression of the plot would be achieved by splitting up various later issues into "Story Arcs", with smaller ideas and conflicts laying inside. Much like how proper comic arcs work, all the characters will play a part in the continuation of the story, ending with the grand resolution when the arc is done. The plots 8 have (which I will list later) are actually concepts for starting arcs that I've already come up with (set in a linear order, but they can be moved around) based on popular Marvel stories and other media sources based on Marvel (video games, the cinematic universes, television shows, and amusement park rides).

    Although we'll be playing characters within the Marvel universe who may not normally be associated with teams like Punished or Elektra, this will not be a Freeform RP. In fact, the very first main story arc (and pretty much every one after) will involve heroes/villains either joining a team or being forced to work with others. You can still have individual stories and smaller arcs involving a group, the primary objective of that particular chapter would be to resolve the primary arc (ex. In the "Spider Island" arc, the main conflict would be to save Manhatten from the spider mutants, but a smaller story arc might be that She-Hulk and Ghost Rider team up to track down Nightcrawler who's been kidnapped by Weapon X in an attempt to extract mutant genes for military use).

    Anyways, that's really all I have to say right now. This idea is still in its early stages, but once we get this going it'll flesh out. I encourage you guys to ask questions and bring up ideas, it really helps me out come up with stuff as a GM. We'll probably get into more detail concerning this idea when we have at least 3 people (not including myself) attached. The maximum cut-off point for this would be 12 I think, but I'm willing to allow more if there's interest.

    I also didn't mention that, like most of my RP's, you'll be allowed a maximum of 3 characters. If you find yourself reaching 3 characters, you'll be allowed to kill off/drop a character whenever you want, but the GM (me) must approve of it beforehand! That way, I can write in a proper goodbye scenario for this character based on their current situation. The characters that get dropped will most likely be turned into NPC's so another person can play them if they want, but if you're keen on killing them off, go right ahead. Just get my permission first.

    Now that that's all wrapped up in a nice little packet, let's see if this can garner some interest! Post below if you're interested and include a character reservation. I'm officially reserving Peter Parker aka "The Ultimate Roleplay Spider-Man"
  2. Oh my god, this sounds awesome. Sign me up.
    Reserving Daredevil!
  3. Reserving captain America! How's this for an idea, a revived Steve Rogers who, still suffering from cryogenic sleep, finds his body is no longer the peak of human ability. Instead of being the legendary fighting man, he lives up to his commanding rank and helps orchestrate battles as a mission control character?
  4. So he'd be more like Nick Fury then he would Cap?
  5. should they then instead be <gasp> the SAME PERSON? holy crap, that sounds like it'd be amazing reboot material
  6. Sure, if you want. Nick will probably still be on SHIELD, maybe in the same position as Maria Hill: second in command to Rogers.

    But would Rogers still act as Cap with the shield and all, or would that hero ability fall to somebody else?
  7. Well, Cap was a shield director temporarily and still had the shield and costume and all. It would leave the possibility to have him return back to the field at some point.
  8. Alright, sounds good. All we need is one more person for this and then we'll be able to really get into details.

    I'm kind of hoping we get some female characters as well. You know, balance thing's out.
  9. I can switch characters to a female, if you'd like. There's a bunch of girls I'd love to play.
  10. Well you can play multiples if you want. I'm not pressuring people to play certain characters, its up to the individual player ^^

    Out of sheer curiosity, what female characters would you want to play?
  11. if daredevil is the street level hero
    and captain am is the mid level hero
    then naturally oxo ought to be a heavy-hitter hero like carol danvers, she-hulk, or the like to complete the trifecta

    ...what? it makes logical sense
  12. That's true, but I say they can pick whoever they want. Just because a character isn't being played by somebody doesn't mean they don't exist.
  13. i'm just being a smart-ass. having a street-, mid-, and heavy-hitter hero was the basis of how i built parties in Marvel Ultimate Alliance. because otherwise i'd constantly field only the Marvel Knights team.
  14. Haha I know, just messing ^^
  15. She-Hulk would be fun, but I'd also like to play Rogue, Storm, or Elektra.

    And I know she's not usually a hero, but Mystique would be fun too.
  16. Those could be fun. Having those characters might be interesting, but you can totally play Mystique if you want.

    So, what do you guys think? Should we allow villain characters to be played?
  17. If you do decide to allow villains, I'm definitely changing my reservation to Mystique instead of Daredevil. :u

    Perhaps you could have some sort of arc where the heroes and villains have to team up to fight some bigger problem.
  18. Everyone can decided. I personally would allow them, but I like group consensus
  19. If we assume that super heroics has been happening in earth 1212 for a while, yes.

    If this story is about the dawn of the superhero age, I would say any villains should be rebooted as anti heroes instead.

    The hero/villain team up would be the logical conclusion to the story or another story arc all it's own.
  20. Oop my bad, sora s first post already says superheroes are already established.
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