The Ultimate Comic Book Roleplaying Universe: Dark Reign (see inside for details)

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  1. Alright, I've got a much larger and more 'in-depth' explanation of this idea, but here's the general outline to see if we can get some interest;

    So if you think you've seen the title before, that's because this is a reboot/continuation of an older RP I had running here that shared the same name (minus the 'Dark Reign' bit). The basic idea of this RP was that almost anything and everything comic book related was allowed to exist in this universe (Marvel, DC, Darkhorse, and even a few properties with famous comic book interpretations such as the TMNT or G.I. Joe, to name a few) and it would basically be an amalgamation of tons of ideas. There was a lot of small intricate stuff involving character creation and whatnot, which I'll be bringing over here (it's all pretty simple, we shouldn't have an issue).

    But unfortunately due to people mysteriously dropping out/lack of posting, the RP never really got a lot of momentum. We managed to almost reach the end of the 1st 'Arc', but things didn't work out like I had initially hoped. So now, I'm rebooting it once more (which is in part due to both the Civil War and Dawn of Justice trailers, as well as me loving the crap out of the Deadpool movie :3)

    But I thought I'd take a different route to handle the plot then I've done in the past. I wanted something more focused then just a generic superhero free form Roleplay. So after getting some ideas from old comic books, I stumbled across this little piece of history:


    After the famous 'Secret Invasion' storyline that Marvel ran back in the 2000's (which was centred around a Skrull plot to invade the planet by posing as superheroes), they gave us an event known as the 'Dark Reign'. The basic idea behind this event was that after Norman Osborn (formally the Green Goblin) kills the Queen of the Skrulls (effectively ending the invasion), the U.S. Government basically makes him the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D., which he disbands to form his own agency known as H.A.M.M.E.R. Norman recruits a legion of super villains ranging from Doctor Doom to a female Loki to help him keep his newfound power while the superheroes try to stop him from doing villainous things. There's more to it then that, but I'll let you read it for yourself if you want (or you could skim through the Wikipedia page and get the cliff notes version :3).

    But essentially the event dealt with some of Marvel's baddest villains getting put into a high position of authority, allowing them to virtually control the world at large by using the demented image of the Avengers (Dark Avengers) and other such super groups to go about accomplishing their own nefarious deeds. It's somewhat similar to what DC did with 'Injustice: Gods Among Us', in that there's a significant change in the natural order of how the superhero world should be run and who it should be run by.

    But I also got around to watching the film version of "X-Men: Days of Future Past" to prepare for the newest film, which, in combination with another viewing of 'Age of Ultron', gave me an idea to expand upon the Dark Reign idea:

    What if, all at once, the super villains organized a large scale strike? Everywhere. They take the heroes by complete surprise, overwhelm them with sheer numbers, and completely obliterated the 'good guys' of their world? What if the villains finally won?

    There would be millions of heroes and anti-heroes murdered in cold blood, remorseless cut down by a collection of their so called 'rogues gallery'. Some of the heroes might have even turned against their fellow heroes, as might some of the villains. It would be an all out Civil War, but a short one at that. One, swift blow... And the world would be in the hands of the villains.

    But what if that world had one chance for redemption? What if somebody could go back and set things right, to help prepare the heroes for the upcoming threat? To travel back in time and warn them of the impending doom?

    And what if the villains learned of this plot? Surely they would not be willing to give up their power. So in turn, what if they built a machine to send themselves back and help their past selves in conquering the planet to assure their total victory?

    Well, we're about to find out.

    I think for this RP I'll probably allow 6 players, but each of us is allowed to play 3 characters if we so desired. We can also talk about this since we're in the interest check stage, but I'd like to have two distinct character types: Silver-Age Characters (those who existed/were still alive in the past before the 'Dark Reign' began), and Legacy Characters (those who existed/survived the war and traveled from the future to prevent the 'Dark Reign' from happening).

    For the Silver-Age characters, I won't allow anyone to play a Villain (but anti-heroes are allowed) mainly because we're all on the same side. However, Legacy Characters have the option to be Reformed Villains (now anti-heroes/heroes) who are aiding the past heroes in stopping their total annihilation.

    Since we're on the topic of characters, I'll get this out of the way; you can play an established character (ex. Peter Parker as Spider-Man), an alternate character (ex. Jamie Thompson as Mr. Freeze), or a Hybrid character (ex. Pietrov West as Kid-Quicksilver).

    As you can probably guess, established characters are just the regular versions of a character who have been established in the comics, movies, or TV shows.

    Alternate characters are essentially OC's, but they get to have a pre-existing alias. Here's a few more examples for reference's sake; Samantha Desantos as Lady Deadpool, Erica Bourgois as Shazam, Bill Wheaton as Man-Bat, etc.

    Now, Hybrid characters are unique. They're exactly what you think they are; the combination of two characters into one. I'll describe the example I used above; Pietrov West as Kid-Quicksilver. Kind of simple, but that's the result of me combining Kid Flash (Wally West) and Quicksilver together. You can also do this with other-company characters (Bruce Wayne as the Sorcerer Supreme, Bat-Mage), or you could just take one pre-existing character and give them an alternate identity (ex. Gwen Stacy as Venom, Jim Gordon as Batman).

    I'm also going to be pretty strict with Multiple-Versions of the same character/similarly designed characters in this. I'll use an example to show what I'm talking about. Let's say that somebody decides to play Iron Man. Then, somebody else comes along and wants to play War Machine. The only difference between the two characters is that War Machine has a miniature chain gun on his shoulder, so I wouldn't allow that. However, if somebody wanted to play Spider-Man and somebody comes along asking to play Venom, then I'll allow that. Even though Spidey and Venom share similar powers, Venom has the whole 'symbiote' thing going on for him, plus he's got a different playstyle then Spider-Man.

    But now I'll leave the character creation stuff at that just so I'm not clogging up this thread with little details that don't really concern the plot.

    If you're interested/want to throw you two cents into the mix about how we should approach this, let me know below! As mentioned before, we'll only take on 6 people, so if you're interested you'd better get posting!

    Feel free to ask me any questions about the idea, I'll do my best to answer them all ^^

    (For references sake, I'll be claiming a Silver-Age 'Alternate' Spider-Man).
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  2. This sounds pretty cool, and you've clearly thought things out a lot, I'm interested, I have an AU version of captain marvel (i refuse to call him shazam, shazam was the wizard, not him) i've been meaning to finish that would work for this.
    one thing i wanna say though, the "villains worked together to wipe out heroes but something worse happens after" thing sounds kinda exactly like the plot of dc universe online, not that i'm complaining it's a good idea, just wanted to point that out.
  3. I actually based this off DCUO a bit as well. Originally we were going to be in the 'Dark Reign' timeline where either Osborn or Ultron reigned supreme. :3

    And mind telling me about this alternate Captain Marvel? Do you mean alternate powers wise or just alternate in the context of OC stuff?
  4. well alternate context like who the person behind the hero is, the powers themselves are the same though I altered the gods of the shazam acronym (including several other pantheons in doing so in addition to greek and egyptian), the biggest thing with her is the difference in shazam himself and the equivalent of black adam, her version of black adam killed shazam and stole his powers so the gods of the world bestowed power onto a mortal to fight him, that's the gist of how she got her power, that sound ok?
  5. Yeah that's fine. Is she from the Future or the Past?
  6. well for this... hm... past is probably best
  7. Okay then ^^
  8. i'll play jean grey. this sounds like fun.
  9. Cool! From the Past or from the Future? Also, is she going to be possessed by the Pheonix force or is she just Jean Grey?

  10. I'll take Wanda Maximoff ( Scarlet Witch ) and James Barnes ( The Winter Solider ). I think for Wanda it'll be the future version of her while Bucky's would be from the past.​
  11. Alright cool!
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  12. you guys are making me feel weird for using an AU i wrote myself >.>
  13. It's fine, don't worry about it! It'll be an interesting take on the character, I'm going to be doing a similar thing with Spidey (using some of the un-used concepts from his past like a few additional abilities like night vision), so we're in the same boat ^^
  14. well that's good, that's part of the reason i don't rp with my online friends anymore, they always insist it's fine that i prefer my OCs or AUs but then not one of em ever uses anything but regular canon and it makes me feel incredibly out of place (the other part being they never wait for you to get back to continue... impatient butts >.>)
  15. I get that, I've had that happen a few times. But I think that as the RP goes on I might open the roster to include more characters, which could potentially lead to even more AU characters ^^
  16. Alright, just as a reference, we have:

    4 Marvel characters and 1 DC character, leaving us with a grand total of 4 players.

    We also have 5 "Silver-Age" characters and one character from the future.

    Depending on how things go, I might create an additional character for myself, but I'll take the time to remind everyone that we can each play up to three characters, so if you want multiple roles then just let me know ^^
  17. here's to the ultimate comic book RP universe returning!

    I could play Past!Bruce Wayne, whose anger at the death of his parents at age 8 attracted the Venom symbiote that had just recently crash-landed on Earth. It bonded with him, becoming his constant confidante and companion. After years of training and globetrotting, he wages his one-man war on crime with his brilliant mind and the symbiote as VENOM.
  18. Haha, hey Raz! Thought you were dead. You look good :3

    And sounds good to me! Think you're just gonna roll with Venom or are you gonna have a future character too?
  19. naw, just roll with venom for now
  20. Sounds like a plan!
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