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  1. Plot

    The world of wrestling entertainment isn't for everyone. It's a struggle. A series of intense challenges every single day for your entire career. But, for those who make it to the big time, those elite who join the UCL will all say the same thing. "Wrestling is my life, and I would want it no other way."

    You are a young up-and-coming star in the wrestling world, having been a member of a small local promotion based out of the greater Chicago area. Even in this lower level, the business has been grueling. Between the real feuds with other performers, jumping through hoops to appease the top brass, and the intense training and matches, you know full well the trials and tribulations of your dream career. You know the time is fast approaching that your promotion is going going to be sending it's biggest performers onto the fast track to the UCL, and you are determined to make certain that you are one of them.


    Choice Matters. Throughout the rp you will have a great deal of control, being able to do virtually whatever you want. However, every decision you make will have consequences. You can choose to turn a match into a full on fight, refuse to go over in a match, change the plan for a match at the last minute, etc...Be mindful that promoters and fellow performers alike don't like it when things become complicated.

    Losing is Possible. If you displease your promoter too much, or are found guilty of breaking the rules set in place by the promotion you are in, you can be fired. You can also be injured. However, as with legitimate wrestling entertainment, your first out need not be your only chance...

    Be Respectful. I really dislike it when players are rude to other players. Please be kind to each other. We're all here to have fun.

    No Power Playing. I am going to provide a stat section to the sheet, and may also be doing rolls throughout the rp to determine certain events. This is to keep things fair, and prevent any players from getting a proverbial big head and claiming their Character can't be beaten for whatever reason.

    What I Say Goes. I know, it's a dictator thing, but, it makes the whole thing go smoother when you have a particular voice to help settle disputes. I promise you, I will be fair with the Npc's and will not play favorites. The largest part of this will be promoter behavior. So, please don't argue with me if your Character winds up punished in some way and you don't agree. After all, it may be a "work."

    Standard Iwaku Rules Apply.

    Terminology. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with some of the word usage you will see here, I will provide some vocabulary for you.

    Work - A pre-planned outcome or event, usually entails storyline details.

    Shoot - Choreography is only important for pivotal moments in a match, and sometimes, very little is pre-planned. A shoot is, simply, an unscripted fight.

    Stiff - Used to describe blows that aren't held back for effect. These things hurt, but, it's part of the game.

    Go Over - To go over is basically to win. The term is typically used when scripted wins are involved.

    Squash - When a match runs short because one performer is the clear winner and dominates the opponent, that is a squash.

    Kayfabe - The illusion of wrestling. Essentially, the entertainment part. This involves not breaking Character, keeping your on stage persona and life separate from your personal life. Remember, this is every bit as important as being a good athlete.

    Character Limits. I would prefer players use no more than two characters. Overcrowding has been a problem.

    Gender?! I am allowing male or female performers, in of, that you may play female wrestlers. The male and female performers are kept mostly separate with no co-ed action or locker rooms. Exceptions have been made for storylines, however. Don't expect the ladies here to be like the Divas. I aim much higher than that.

    I will add more if necessary.


    Personal Information

    Birth Name:

    Stage Name: (Performers often use false names)

    Aliases: (Present or Previous)





    Class: (Light Heavy, Heavy, Super Heavy, etc...)

    Alignment: (Face, Heel, Neither)

    (40 points to distribute)

    Strength: (How strong you are. +1/4 to Power Moves.)

    Speed: (How fast you are. +1/4 to Aerial Maneuvers.)

    Stamina: (How much endurance you have. +1/4 to Resilience.)

    Awareness: (How alert and able to react you are. +1/4 to Mat Skills.)

    Coordination: (How coordinated and efficient at direction you are. +1/4 to Teamwork.)

    Charisma: (How charismatic and easy to like or dislike you are. +1/4 to Promo Skills.)

    Technique: (How technically skilled you are. +1/4 to Striking)

    (40 points to distribute)

    Power Moves: (Effectiveness with heavier lifting and slamming moves.)

    Mat Skills: (Effectiveness with more technical based maneuvers like traditional wrestling and holds.)

    Aerial Maneuvers: (Effectiveness with top rope moves as well as more acrobatic maneuvers.)

    Teamwork: (Effectiveness at coordinating with a partner and double team moves.)

    Resilience: (Effectiveness at resisting damage and kicking out of pin attempts.)

    Promo Skills: (Effectiveness of your mic skills and your personality.)

    Striking: (Effectiveness of punches, kicks, etc...)


    Specialty: (Power Moves, Submission, High-flying, All-rounder, Striker, etc...)

    Finisher: (Your primary move. Only need the name here.)

    Preferred Match Type: (Single, Tag, Table, Weapons, etc...)

    Entrance Music: (Can just be a title or sound effect. If you want to actually find something, go for it!)


    The sheet can be added to and adjusted if necessary. Additionally, if you request any additional information, I will gladly help how I can, and add to the post here. I'm looking for two additional people, but, will settle for less and allow more. If more people, we will not be accepting more than one character per player. Maximum of 8 characters here. For now.​
  2. [​IMG]

    Personal Information

    Birth Name: Anansi Alazhadeji (A-La-Zha-Deji)

    Stage Name: Jason Barnes

    Aliases: "Mr. International"

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Hometown: Mombasa, Kenya

    Weight: 250 lbs.

    Height: 6'7

    Class: Heavy

    Alignment: Neither


    Strength: 8

    Speed: 4

    Stamina: 6

    Awareness: 4

    Coordination: 4

    Charisma: 10

    Technique: 4


    Power Moves: 10 (+2)

    Mat Skills: 6 (+1)

    Aerial Maneuvers: 2 (+1)

    Teamwork: 4 (+1)

    Resilience: 9 (+1)

    Promo Skills: 8 (+2)

    Striking: 9 (+1)


    Specialty: Power Moves

    Finisher: The Perfect Portrait

    Preferred Match Type: Hardcore

    Entrance Music:
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  3. Personal Information


    Birth Name:

    Brian Irvine

    Stage Name:

    Brian Blood


    "Brother Blood"






    Ann Arbor, Michigan


    210 lbs.





    (40 points to distribute)















    (40 points to distribute)

    Power Moves:


    Mat Skills:


    Aerial Maneuvers:






    Promo Skills:








    Bloody Spiral

    Preferred Match Type:


    Entrance Music:

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