The Ultimate Championship League: Road to Glory

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  1. OoC

    "Hurry up and get ready, ya lazy bags of crap! Show's startin' in five!"

    Eddie called out, leaning out of his office door. The locker room was nearly filled with tonight's competitors, men of varied backgrounds, styles, builds, and more. Eddie was the promoter for the BWF, also known as the Borderless Wrestling Federation. He was known as a hard ass, but, a fair one. Tonight, he was looking to set up some new storylines and introduce some new talent. That was where two of the young men in the back of the locker room came in. Standing in the back, was a large man of indeterminate age, wearing a dark red velvet colored mask, his arms crossed in front of him.

    His expression was something akin to mild amusement mixed with nervous anticipation. He stood a full head over one of the men, and a couple inches shorter than the other.

    "Alright, kid. Tonight's the big night. I trust Mr. International here has gone over the card with you?"

    The young man he was speaking to nodded, glancing to his giant of a friend, flashing him a smile that betrayed how nervous he was feeling. This was the largest show he'd ever done, which was terribly unimpressive since this promotion was still fairly small time. It was the first step towards the climb to the UCL.

    "Yeah, Majesty, I got it. I just need to get ready. Glad I'm second on the card tonight. Don't quite have my bearings for opening yet." He answered with a chuckle.

    The large man, known as "Majesty" in the BWF was the head trainer, and had spent a great deal of time with the two young men, making sure the next generation of talent would be up to snuff. Of course, one of them had been involved with the business in one manner or another for many years, the other, only since high school.

    "Don't worry, Blood. You'll do fine. Just watch Barnes and stick with him, you'll be great. Speaking or, Barnes, you're up first tonight. Barry's a big guy, but, so are you."

    Majesty said the last part with a wink, patting him on the back.

    "Say your piece and get out there, your cue should be coming in three or so. Remember, you're going over tonight."

    With that, Majesty walked away, ducking into Eddie's office. The other newbie shook his head, looking up at his friend again.

    "You psyched, man? This adrenaline is intense. I'll be rooting for ya."

    Brian Irvine, under the stage name Brian Blood, or Brother Blood, as he was usually referred, was the latest addition to the BWF roster, having only been signed a few months ago, with tonight being his debut. While the tension was obvious, most of the other performers has been great to him, which he was undoubtedly thankful for. This was the next step to his dream coming true, and nothing was going to stop him now.​
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  2. "Its finally here."

    The noise of the awaiting crowds, the hushed excited whispers, and finally the plain static of anticipation was all blaring within Jason's ears. He had had some experience preforming live in front of some crowds, but it was simply the prospects of what this could mean. Giving himself a few slaps to the face he got up and grabbed his jacket to finish getting prepped.

    A few minutes afterwards he was standing alongside one of his friends since high school and another great worker he looked up to as his mentor. Staying in silence as he went over the different spots planned for tonight as Majesty walked Brian through the prep questions. His whole attire consisted of jet black jeans, a bikers jacket with a picture of the earth on the back, and a jet black glove upon his right hand. His outfit was pretty much fully dark save for the slight white streaks that clashed with the black color scheme of his boots.

    He looked back over now as Majesty began to talk to him about his match tonight. Barry was a big guy indeed that stood just an inch over him, but thankfully he had been training to be able to lift someone of Barry's size for a large planned spot between them near the end of the match. He was actually rather happy when Barry suggested he was the one to go over this time, but remained humble as he thanked him enough and showed it by at least making this one a close match.

    Watching Majesty walk back into the GM's office he looked down as Brian began speaking to him. "Of course dude! This is our big break to show everyone what we're made of. Also just try and get some pretty ladies to cheer as well because might be only bad if I have one male cheerleader."

    He turned around when one of the backstage workers flagged him down to get ready to enter. "Well the show is calling i'll see you on the other side brosef." Giving a slight two-finger salute he walked over towards the curtains waiting for his music to go.

  3. The music hit, and the crowd roared. Already in the ring, Barry stood in the right corner opposite the entry ramp, leaning back against the top buckle. Barry the Bucher, as he was called, was a bear of a man, built like a brick wall and about as difficult to take down. He was something of a veteran in the BWF, having been screwed over twice by bigger promotions, he stuck with the one that truly valued him. Of course, it worked our for the BWF, seeing as how he is a genuine talent in the industry, and while his aggressive appearance made him an easy Heel, he was actually as friendly as a kitten more often than not.

    Cheers filled the air, as Jason's music escalated in intensity. The stands were alive with jumping fans. Sure, the promotion was small in comparison to the UCL and a couple other independent promotions, but a crowd of hundreds was still plenty big enough for some. Then again, to performers like Barry, even a handful was enough. He loved wrestling, he loved the fans, sure, but it was always about the challenge for him. The giant of a man watched as his opponent made his way to the ring, the announcer doing a great job as always at keeping the e energy high with the latest entrant to the contest.

    Barry moved to the center of the ring, getting in his opponent's face in a show of aggression. With such an intimidating demeanor and appearance, it was never difficult to give the crowd the impression he was ready to break lose and throw the first punch before the bell. Of course, it was all part of the show. ​
  4. The moment that music hit it almost felt like stepping into another plane of existence. He felt the crowd's cheers more than he heard them as the intensity ramped up the moment he came into view. He of course put on his sunglasses before stepping out into the spotlights, so he wouldn't be too blinded by his own entrance.

    "And now making his way to the ring! Weighing in at 250 pounds, and hailing from Mombasa, Kenya! Mr. International! Jaaaaason Baaaaaarnes!"

    Taking his time as he strut along confidently to his music he gave some of the audience high-fives as he strode to the ring with a smug smile on. As soon as he got near the ring he paused and turned around to have his back face the camara being pointed at him to show off the picture of the Earth, and the Mr. International looped around it upon a white ribbion. He then grabbed the camara and made a show of fixing his hair and perfecting his appearance before being satisfied and patting the crew member as thanks for staying in place.

    As he made his way onto the ramp he climbed onto the 2nd rope near the turnbuckle and pumped his fist into the air giving a small shout of excitement that always got the crowd to follow along. Now that his pandering was done for a bit he finally climbed into the ring and was met immediately by the intimidating brick wall that was Barry. He simply gave him a friendly smile before tossing up his hands in mock surrender as he backed off a little bit. He then removed his jacket and sunglasses handing them off to a crew member on standby to recieve them. He then simply decided to wait in his own little corner as he awaited the bell to ring.
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  5. In no time at all, the ring bell rang. Barry wasted no time, moving towards his opponent in a menacing stance, his arms raised to instigate a tie up. Barry's considerable size and girth typically give him the strength advantage, however, with his opponent being Jason, he knew full well that it'd be a closer contest than he was accustomed to. The crowd was already excited, and it wasn't the least bit surprising considering the rising stars of the BFW were going to be on bright display tonight. ​
  6. Once the bell finally put the match in session Jason immediately sprung into action. He faced up against Barry as he watched his movement to see just how they were gonna open this match up. He quickly picked up that this would be a test of strength because it was only naturally expected out of two giants like them. He had been practicing such maneuvers against Barry contsantly to know exactly how much pressure to apply, and when to gain or lose the upper hand. Linking hands together he quickly began to push against him with a good amount pf strength, but pulled it enough to mke sure to match Barry's tempo. He heard the, "Let's go Jason!," chants kick up once the battle between titans commenced.
  7. Once the lock up was initiated, the two titans of muscle began to push against each other. Every inch that either of them moved affected the volume of the crowd. Cheers and boos in equal measure as Barry moved in, pulling the youngblood into a tight headlock. This close proximity was ideal for calling moves on the fly, which was something that the industry did quite often.

    "Gonna whip ya, kid. Counter in the rebound."

    After a second to let him register, Barry pulled back, taking the young man's arm and swinging him around, Irish whipping him towards the set of ropes opposite himself. He took a step forward after releasing, making it appear as though he was prepared to throw him over his shoulders.
  8. Feeding off the crowd Jason was giving his all within the little strength match up. He finally slacked off after a bit and relented to be put into a headlock by Barry which allowed him to hear his next verbal que. After being whipped towards the ropes he turned at the last second to increase his rebound velocity back towards Barry. As he neared his near prone state he put on the breaks and stopped short of ramming into him, but then proceed to pretend to thrust a knee at his chest as he also brought his hand down to create a slapping sound that echoed through the stadium.

    While he went down he quickly and quietly whispered the next spot. "I'll try for a rebound boot. Hit me with a clothesline on the return." Taking a bit of time looking down at Barry before rushing over to the ropes to grant himself momentum, and physced the crowd up for the running boot combo that he always set up for in positions like these.
  9. Barry took the hit, selling the blow appropriately as a pained expression crossed his face as he dropped back onto the mat. Of course, even the nicest performers sometimes swung a little stiff. After all, it made the show much more believable and downright enjoyable when the fighting was at least somewhat real. With this in mind, Barry heard his opponent's words, moving to his feet. He counted to three in his head, moving up before lunging forward in a fierce short arm clothesline.

    The crowd roared in excitement, a few stray boos ringing out. Barry took a moment to play the heel, raising his arms up like he had no idea why there were upset. He turned his back on Barnes, for a moment, turning back towards him, prepared for another quick turn of momentum. ​
  10. The clothesline did hurt a little bit as Barry did wait till the last second to swing, so he took some of the impact but at least it made the selling easier. He remained upon the ground for while Barry cheered at being able to put him down, and this granted him enough time to "recover" and spring back to his feet. The moment Barry turned back around he threw a small kick to his midsection which was the sign to bend in, and afterwards grabbed his head into a headlock. Thankfully now within a good range he whispered the action he was setting up for. "DDT. I'll try for a quick pin."
  11. So far the match was going well. The crowd was enjoying the show, they were both pulling off their moves fantastically, and being first match on the card gives some leeway, but not enough of risk complacency. You still have to be able to set the mood of the show. The first match sets the energy for the whole show, after all.

    As Barry turned, the kick was timed perfectly, and the giant of a man leaned into the hit, selling the impact to set him up for the next big move. Once the headlock was primed and the warning given, Barry almost invisibly touched his palm to his opponent's thigh, signaling the all clear while readying himself. Moves like this, even with the element of Kayfabe and preparation, they hurt. ​
  12. Once he had felt that Barry was ready for impact he gave him some more time to adjust and cushion the blow for him even more. He hid this by putting up his free hand to signal to the crowd with a singular finger pointed up, and then went into the drop as his hand came down onto the other side of Barry's head to make the impact look forceful, yet feel as safe as possible. Once the move was done he quickly went to flip him over and go for a quick pin. He leaned in close and kept his hold loose to make sure that he didn't have a hard time kicking out. "Alright on one toss me off of you hard."
  13. On impact, Barry hit hard, bouncing off the mat in spectacular fashion, falling onto his back almost motionless. Selling your hits was always a big part of the training, and frankly, a good deal of the fun. Once the cover was initiated, he had to the count of two, since the match wasn't ready to end yet. Barnes had other plans though. A kickout on a one count was fairly common earlier in matches, but, that was more a long match strategy. Unfortunately, this wasn't a main event match, so, they didn't have as much time to clown around as Barry was sure they both would like. Still, they had some have fun.

    On one, Barry pushed up on his opponent's torso, giving the appearance of him bench pressing him before tossing him up over him to throw him off. The impact would be minimal thanks to the short height, but it was always an impressive show of strength to do something of the sort. The crowd went off again as Barry moved, rolling over to get up to his feet. Waiting for him to get to his feet, Barry measured, and threw a hard right just as he turned toward him. It was time for a good old fashioned slug fest.
  14. Jason was indeed enjoying himself as he sold the thow a little bit over the top by flying up when he pushed. He rolled through with the blow after hitting the mat and stood up as he saw that Barry was looking right at him. He saw the look in his eye especially when he raised his hand to strike. A good old punching match as Jason a portion of the blow to help with the realistic value as he staggered back a step to enforce the power behind the blow. He then reared back and threw his own punch as he heard the crowd now enter the boo and cheer phase of the fist exchange.
  15. Jason's punch rang true, knocking Barry's head back with the impact, with some selling magic added, or course. Barry drew back, throwing another fierce punch as he stomped forward to add that signature look of added Force with the echoing impact on the mat. The exchange would continue for several punches, six on either side before he decided to keep things moving. Barry took a step back before nodding to him to warn him of in incoming move, before he moved forward in an attempt to do another thunderous clothesline. ​
  16. After their little slug fest that went down Barry made his next move to duck back. Supposedly to start building up the setting for his finisher, but he remembered quicky that he was going over so a counter was expected. The moment that the swing was supposed to impact he ducked under the blow and got behind him to push him towards the opposite ropes. Now was the time to go for their big spot as when he came back he was gonna lift him into a jackhammer...he tensed in preparation for having to hold him up for 10 seconds.
  17. Barry's hit caught nothing but air, prompting him to feign anger as he kept moving, bouncing from the ropes back toward his waiting opponent. It was about time to wrap this up. One more good old fashioned dodge before he retaliates and this thing is put to bed. The broad man wound back, throwing a hard right, leaving himself vulnerable to retaliation, and then a grapple to set up the Finisher.​
  18. Watching as Barry finally was coming back with the intention of surprising him with another whip clothesline. He then ducked under this one once more, but instead of running he stoped him this time and grabbed his head to give the back of it an uppercut to set up the next part of the plan. Once Barry was stunned he then went low and picked him up rotating him in the process so that his head was face down as he picked him up into a Jackhammer. He then did what few have ever done to Barry and held him there. Once he was sure he had a firm grasp he let go with one hand and did the countdown with one hand all the way slowly up to 10. Once he felt his hand fully have full five fingers on the second run through he went ahead and went ahead with a the slamming part of the move, but didn't pin him yet as the next part was to come.

    Shaking his fist as he fed off the crowd as they all knew what was coming as he got to his feet slowly and made his way to the other corner. He then began to make a camara like motion with his hands to set up his "Perfect Portrait".
  19. The crowd roared, getting to their feet to count along with the current crowd favorite. It was always a real crowd pleaser, but when you add to that the fact that Barry the Bucher is easily one of the largest members of the BWF, it was all the greater. The impact from the jackhammer shook the ring, sending a satisfying Shockwave of sound throughout the arena.

    Barry gasped out in pain, arcing his back to sell the impact before lowering back to the mat, moving around slowly to try and get back to his feet. It was evident the hit took it out of him, and this was the perfect time to finish things off. He has just about gotten to his knee when he looked up at his opponent in the corner. Here it comes...​
  20. Seeing that finally the picture was set he watched as Barry struggled to his knee, and decided that this was the time to take action. After finally getting everyone prepared for the final blow he took off the few steps that he needed to get momentum and lifted his leg to aim directly at Barry's face, but slightly miss to not full on punt his head off. Once he "connected" he made sure to go for the pin after Barry fell back to go for the final pin, and was ready to count along to the ref once he began.
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