The Ulden Powers: A New Beginning



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Long ago, a great magic permeated the ancient planet of Ziruna. The magic could be and WAS manipulated by many skilled practitioners of the Sacred Arts of the Uld.

This was a planet with Elves (The Uld), Dragons (The Dracis), and Humans (Humes). Most could do a little magic. Some were more skilled. But a few were perfect masters of the art. Humes eventually became disheartened with the rule of the Uld over the planet, and proceeded to destroy them and their allies, the Dracis, thus destroying access to that magic.

The Great Spirit hid away the magic for many aeons, and eventually, the humes died off. War had permeated the land. The planet lay deserted, revolving around its sun, for many millenia.


The year is 3034.

It is now the time of Interstellar Travel, but in order to travel, one must go into Cryogenic Stasis. This goes on for ages, until one day, The old planet of Ziruna is discovered, and along with it, strange combinations of Magic and Technology.

It is also discovered that this MagiTech, as it would soon be called, is capable of nearly instantaneous interstellar travel, when installed in the Drive Circuitry of a ship.

You are a member of the new MagiTechnik University. A Proficiency for use of the MagiTech has been detected, and you've been offered free education. Your Task is to learn and grow so that you can benefit the human race.

Ulden Powers are well known. How will you weild yours?


Use this Form for your character:




MagiTech Proficiency: (There are 5 major MagiTechniks. 1: ArmorTech - This includes all Defensive and Offensive Weaponry and Armor. There are Guns of all types, suits, even walking, transforming armor. 2: NaviTech - Any Ship needs a Navigator. This is a Technik that enables a Pilot to use his/her mind to pilot an interstellar vessel. 3: TruthTech - This Technik allows for several things. Minor Divination, Translation, and Truth-Telling, or lie detection. 4: MechTech - Included in this Technik are Mecha Pilots, and those piloting Large land based and water based vehicles. And 5: MusiTech - When MagiTech was discovered, it was also discovered that certain musicians could perform Telekinetic feats with this MagiTech.

You are allowed one Magitechnik. I will determine, based on a dice role, how powerful you are at the start. ArmorTech uses a 4d30 roll; NaviTech uses a 2d30 roll; TruthTech uses a 1d30 roll; MechTech uses a 5d30 roll; MusiTech uses a 3d30 roll. The roll will be converted into a percentage that will determine your proficiency. This is as fair as I can do it.

Back Story:


Now it's up to you. What will you do?
Name: Aragon

Age: 30

Gender/Sex: Male

Magitech Proficiency: MusiTech - When Aragon was young, he was well known for his singing and his ability to play the multilute, a 75-string instrument. When he was tested by the Magitechnik University, it was found that he could sing a shield into existence, or hide someone by singing over them, so long as he had the Magitech appliances attached. 35% Proficiency

Back Story: Not much to tell here. Aragon was a simple musician who was tested in school for proficiency. He's always had a love for the Space goer stories. Now, he's learning aboard the MU ship Marin to use his ability for the betterment of the human race.
There is a character here that is known by all, but his power is unknown. He is known only as The Professor. He is a MechTechician. He's also the head of the Student Services Division. All anyone knows is that he was one of the first to use MagiTech. Also his age is a closely held secret. His face is often seen, but he's revered and feared.
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Name: Targus Fellsong
Age: 18
Gender/Sex: Male

MagiTech Proficiency: MusiTech- 65% Proficiency. Targus used drums to motivate the members of his tribe in sports events, amp them up and make them feel stronger, faster and demoralize opposing tribes. He also used the drums and his voice to give depth to stories, making them quake fearfully or patter curiously. When tested with a Magitech device the results emboldend people, increased reaction time, and generated concussive blasts, among other effects. Targus satisfied the tests and was accepted into the University.

Back Story: Targus is from a large tribe where they believe music has power to affect heart, mind, body, and the environment. He is now required to go out into the world to become a man and was told he'd know when to return. He is proud of his skill with his instrument.
Name: Arthur Fenix

Age: 27

Gender/Sex: Male

Magitech Proficiency: Mechtech. Arthur is able to pilot underwater vessels of all kinds given that he had once been able to pilot them or read of them. Navigational skills acquired before going to MU allows him to be able to pilot into small spaces as well as land in and hover over tough terrain underwater. His Magitech allow him to engineer high powered thrusters with simple parts. 81% Proficiency

Back Story:

Losing his parents at the age of 4, Arthur was forced into an orphanage and without any other family willing to support him he was forced to reside there until his late teens. Found to be a prodigy in numbers, algorithms where easy for him to decipher and he came to love the idea of flight, to see the stars and be free instead of caged like his whole life guaranteed. At the age of 15, he snuck out into the streets with many boys from the orphanage and ran into the wrong crowd. Barely able to escape, he did so but not without injury to his face and leg but they were all able returned back without further incident or suspicion.

Suffering a fast growing infection, he hid the escapade instead of being outed and blamed needing to go to the hospital and infection on the living conditions of his abode, it being infested with rodents, dirty and crowded. His right leg, under the knee, was amputated due to the rotting flesh that could no longer be saved. So instead measures where taken to stop the increase of it. Surviving, but just barely from the fever, he was giving a low grade prosthetic almost too small for his frame and weight and forced to walk with a limp and more often than not, pain. And on his face, a light scar from below his left eyes to just above his top lip. In light of it, it ended his rebelliousness and he became secluded and closed off to anyone. He doesn't speak unless spoken to and would rather sit at a chair looking at numbers and flight sequences than associate with others.

When tested for his proficiency, he was found out to be a prodigy, better than most of the instructors and some regular veteran flyers. When recruited for Magitechnik University, he was given a grant to study for free and choice to also use it to receive a high grade mechanical prosthetic. Unfortunately having the low grade for so long left him with ghost pains and causes him to limp often, with grunts and faltering steps. He has to do physical therapy three times a week to work at optimal capacity and prevent injuries.

Currently on the MU ship Marin, he is furthering his education to able to serve his fellow man and further his dream of being able to be free and dependent.

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