The Typicality of Anime Schools

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    Aki didn't usually feel so anxious, but it was her first day of high school. In her mind, she had every right to be anxious. She stared up at the school before digging her phone out of her pocket. She selected the first email, Eris! We're high schoolers! You almost here?

    Aki and Eris had been penpals since way back when. Absently, she wondered if her other friends had ever kept up with the enthusiastic foreigner. The thought left her mind as soon as it arrived. She didn't like thinking about her old friends much. It usually put her in a foul mood. She propelled herself forward and raced up to the first familiar person. "It's a Sparkles!" she screamed at the top of her lungs and practically tackled taller girl. The two of them were some of the shortest girls in the school, not that Aki minded. She liked being short; it made her look cuter. She bounced away from Sparkles with a giggle, "Do anything adventurous over summer?"
  2. The girl walked slowly into the school grounds. She stood quite considerably taller than the typical student, her blue eyes and blonde hair immediately marking her as a foreign student. And yet, she held herself as if nothing were out of the ordinary. Her phone buzzed in her pocket, the telltale indication of an incoming mail. She opened it, and attempted to read it. It was difficult for her, but she had known it's sender, her best friend, long enough for them to figure out a way of being able to communicate. Just as she was about to reply, her gaze was drawn to a blur of movement just ahead. She slowed down and snuck up silently behind the girl, before tapping her on the shoulder. "Aki. Guess who?"
  3. "Yuudai, you know you don't have to go to school today, right? You can stay home if you're feeling bad. I can stay home from work--" His mother worried, wringing her lab coat in her hands. For a woman who's job was to work with dangerous chemicals all day, she was a huge worry wart. Her son, turned to her and smiled. "Mom, I'll be fine, okay? Now, I'm off to school, see you later!" He called over his shoulder as he jogged out of the house. He heard her calling something out behind him, but he didn't stop running until he reached the end of the block. If he had stayed his mother would have distracted him until he was so late for school, that attending wouldn't even have been an option.

    "Honestly..."He sighed, shaking his head. "I've been fine for three years. Why can't she just give it a rest?" He muttered to himself as he began the short walk to school.
  4. Nagisa

    Nagisa adjusted her over sized glasses and fiddled with the strap connected to her messenger bag. She was currently walking across the school courtyard, heading toward the building entrance. She was short, standing at a whopping five foot one. Compared to her classmates, she was a midget. It didn't help her stature was petite and delicate, almost doll-like. Sometimes, she felt extremely self conscious about her appearance. She believed her hair was too wavy. Her skin too pale. Her build too small. She lacked the prominent curves most girls pined for. Some girls in her position might feel ugly, but Nagisa was different. Despite her insecurities, she didn't care. She wasn't boy crazy or gossipy. Honestly, boys made her wary, especially attractive boys. She was too shy to develop crushes.

    "It's a Sparkles!"

    A smaller body barreled into her side, snapping her out of her thoughts. Nagisa released a soft, but terrified shriek, startled by her friend's presence. A blush dusted her cheeks, embarrassed by her reaction. "A-Aki, d-don't do that," she murmured. Her soft spoken voice stuttered, but she cleared her voice, gaining control over her words. "Nothing exciting," she admitted. After she detached herself from Aki, Nagisa smoothed down her uniform and adjusted her messenger bag. Normally, she didn't like being called Sparkles, but her small group of friends gained the privilege. Her childhood nickname originated from an embarrassing accident involving glitter. She preferred not dwelling on the incident.



    Nobuyuki was currently sitting on the ground in the courtyard, leaning against a large cherry blossom tree. He smothered a yawn with his hand and rubbed his eyes. He made a mental note to purchase coffee during lunch. For the past week, sleep eluded him. Unbeknownst to his oblivious classmates, he was experiencing gruesome nightmares. His brother noticed his condition when he visited, but didn't pry. Nobuyuki hated keeping secrets from his brother, but he didn't have the heart revealing the story behind his nightly terrors. He adjusted his ponytail and opened his satchel bag, retrieving a worn, dog-eared book. It was his favorite series, The Hobbit. Nobuyuki was fluent in English, so he didn't need a Japanese translation. The book belonged to his brother, but Akito didn't mind sharing. Since it wasn't time for class, Nobuyuki opted for fresh air. He opened the book and started reading. Despite his fatigue, his expression remained impassive. Due to his intimidating demeanor, most students didn't bother spotting the dark circles underneath his eyes. His porcelain skin enhanced the purple bruises. At this point, Nobuyuki was grateful for the lack of observation. Even if someone noticed, no one pointed it out. Having no friends made his situation better.
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    Kei stood in his living room, his eyes were focused and nothing would get him distracted. One arm held his violin in his arm and the bow in his hand, his parents sat in front of him sitting on their couch. "That will be all for today." Kei bowed to his mother and father then walked over and put his violin in his backpack. "Goodbye Mother and Father." The boy sighed as he walked out his door, Why can't they just let me have a break?

    But then Kei looked at his watch seeing the time. "Oh no I'm gonna miss the bus!?" Kei rushed out the door zipping up his backpack as he rushed to the bus stop, just in time he saw the passengers getting on, Kei shoved through to finally get a spot. "Phew that was a close one!"
  6. Nick woke up that morning it was his first day of Japanese high school. It was haed transition from the United states to Japan but he was making it work as best as he could. He got out of bed and took a shower he came back into his room dried off and got dressed. He came from a wealthy family so he always has the nicest clothes. He ran downstairs and made himself breakfast. His parents had already left for work. He sighed as he sat down to eat his breakfast. He walked out of his house with his bag and went to the bus stop. He got on the bus and took a seat as he waited to get to school. He didn't really know anyone so his could be a long year. He hopped through swimming and baseball that he would make friends here. The bus eventually pulled up to the school. He took a nervous gulp as he got up off the bus and headed into the school. He was one of the most popular kids in his school back in the states. Here he was basically a nobody not really anyone knew him. He sighed as it took him a while to find his locker. He finally found it and started to try and open it.
  7. Konami Tadeo & Hiro Osuna
    The door flew open as Hiro entered Konami's house. Hiro and Ko, childhood best friends, had already agreed the night before to ride their bikes on their way to school. When he passed by the kitchen he bowed and politely greeted Ko's father, Kazuo Tadeo, who was sitting by the kitchen table. Kazuo was on his regular morning routine with his cup of coffee and newspaper. His eyes looked up from the paper and the corner of his mouth tugged upwards when he saw the very familiar Hiro Tadeo. "Hiro-chan, can you get Konami up...I don't think she realizes that it's the first day of high school," Kazuo sighed as he set his empty mug on the table. He stood up and put on his jacket, "I'll be leaving for work now, you two have a great day at school," he said with a reassuring smile, "also, I'll be cooking dinner tonight if you want to come over," he offered. "Hai, thank you Tadeo-san," Hiro said as he looked back before rushing in to Ko's room.

    When Hiro got to Ko's room she was still sprawled in bed with her mouth slightly open. He could hear her soft snores and couldn't help but to laugh at her a bit. Before waking her up he cleared his throat, "KO-CHAN! THIS IS YOUR PERSONAL WAKE UP CALL!! TIMETOGETUPBEEPBEEPTIMETOGETUPBEEPBEEP!!" he yelled as he jumped on the edge of her bed. With the loud noise and sudden shift of movement of her bed, Konami yelped as she sat up quickly. Her eyes looked up at Hiro who was looking down on her with those ice blue eyes. She then groaned, "Did I really forget it was the first day of school?" Ko asked while putting on her red glasses that were sitting on her desk next to her bed. "You sure did, by the way, you have 10 minutes..." at that moment Ko ninja jumped off her bed, rummaged through her wardrobe for clothes in 5 seconds flat, and locked herself in her bathroom to change, wash her face, and brush her teeth, "...if we're gonna make it on time," Hiro finished his sentence as he stared at her bathroom door. When Ko got out of her bathroom within 3 minutes she began to frantically search for her messenger bag and school supplies but Hiro had it covered already while she was getting ready. The tall boy handed her the messenger bag, "I have some bananas and fruit juice in my backpack, we can eat breakfast on our way to school," he said. "Oh my God, lifesaver Hiro-kun! Let's go!" she said as they both walked out of her house.

    The ride to school wasn't too long and they managed to find some room for their bikes on a bicycle parking rack in front of the school's entrance. Already, seniors and juniors where greeting Hiro, he was of course a popular-rich guy and was fortunate to have a head start in meeting the students from high school. Back in middle school Hiro was invited by some of the head coaches of sports teams to play for their varsity teams in high school; he was that good. Hiro waved back while Ko just stared blankly at them.

    On the first day of high school Hiro looked confident and calm... while Ko, in contrast, looked nervous and worried from the new stresses of high school, but one thing for sure was that she at least had one dependable friend. Ko looked up at him and Hiro feeling her gaze looked sideways and down at her. The pair shared a genuine smile as they walked together towards the entrance of the school. The beginning of a new chapter in their lives....
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