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Freya sipped her tea quietly as she listened to the Commander's counsel. Although she had somewhat hated to admit it, she knew very well that he was right. She doubted that either of her brother's truly cared for her actual support, but they could not risk alienating the people by openly moving against her. At least, not at this stage in the war. This was especially true for Henry, who was hardly foolish enough to ignore that she had gained the support of the citizens over the past several years. That support had waned due to the increasing unrest and violence, but it nevertheless remained strong enough to warrant pause.

Frederick, on the other hand, was quite likely to be the fool, but Freya knew he had experienced strategists as his counsel. Those men certainly would not ignore her influence, though it would take some effort to convince him of her importance. Regardless, the Commander was right. It would be a detriment to all of them if she was caught, and she did not yet have the strength to take up arms against either brother. However, the older man's last sentence gave her pause.

"You must become a player on the board yourself."

Freya had never been allowed to even consider the possibility. By tradition, Frederick had been expected to be the next King, but he was never officially named heir to the throne. She blamed her father for that as well. Henry had always seen himself as superior to Frederick due to his intellect. As that superiority turned into ambition, he began to believe that he was the one who deserved the throne. No longer just playful rivals, her brothers began to completely hate each other--as if they had completely forgotten all their years spent playing in the woods outside the castle walls. The thought made her anger swell once more. Damn their short-sighted selfishness. They would destroy this kingdom and everyone in it.

But what if Freya had the power to stop that destruction? What if she became a contender for the throne? The very thought burdened her; she had never wanted to be queen. Thinking back, the loftiest position she had ever dared to hope for was acting as an advisor to the King--first her father, then Frederick.

Never once had she considered the possibility of ruling. She had not wanted to consider it. Not only was she undoubtedly younger, she was a woman. In her brothers' eyes, she was but a pawn to be married off in exchange for an alliance, just like her father had wanted for so many years. But Freya was more than just some noble bastard's wife. She was Princess of Callaecia. She had been fighting for her people, even when it meant defying the King. Not only defying but also deceiving him, making him believe that her strategies were her brothers' plans. It had been a crime punishable by death, if her father had chosen.

What had her brothers done? They had schemed against each other, dividing the kingdom and throwing it into chaos only moments after their father had been laid to rest. They had become selfish and cruel. Neither of them would bring prosperity to the kingdom after this bloody war...if there was even a kingdom left standing by the end of it. Every part of her warred against the idea of being queen. Freya wanted to help her people, but she had never wanted that sort of power. But did she really have a choice? If she failed to step up, her brothers would destroy everything, even themselves.

No, I can't do that. Another contender for the throne, especially a woman, would only throw the kingdom into even more chaos. She could not bear to do that to her people. And despite herself, Freya could not yet let go of the slightest hope that her brothers, whom she loved so dearly, would see reason. If she tried to make a claim, she feared that would only seal their current fate.

The princess blinked, realizing that she had been staring into her near-empty teacup for several moments without saying a word. Setting the cup down on the table, she looked into the Commander's eyes, her decision made.

"I do not intend to create more chaos by becoming a threat. I know there are nobles who have yet to make up their mind about their allegiance or who feel comfortable enough in their position to remain neutral. Rather than trying to gain their allegiance, I want to convince them of the disaster this war will bring. With enough support, we can form a council to choose the next king and bring an end to this madness. However, we need a safe place to stay; we cannot create a Kingmaking Council while moving all around the countryside. The late Queen's estates, as I said before, are out of the question. They are not well-fortified; it would be quite easy for my brothers to capture me there. Do you have any suggestions, Commander?"

She turned her gaze back to the map, now focusing her efforts on the lands that were still neutral. The Duke of Eire was the most notable; his support would inevitably be a deciding factor of this war's outcome. But it would take the support of many lords before he would agree to her venture. She made a note of several potential strongholds but waited for the Commander's counsel.

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"As the war has just erupted, I would wager your brothers will be too distracted to put a great amount of effort into trying to pursue you if you did elude their immediate grasp. Though the estates are out of the question in the long run, a rune-crafted longboat from Blanmouth travelling down the Arengin would deliver you to Carleigh within a week and half. It would be just the place to collect our resolve." As he mentioned the various places, the elderly lord moved his finger on the map to point them out. His finger paused briefly over the late Queen's lands, Carleigh Estates, allowing Freya and Caelan to appreciate how large they really were.

Though less than a full duchy, the entire estate was easily double the size of the regular earldom. The Carleigh port city controlled the mouth of the river Arengin which at seven hundred and forty-four miles was the longest river in Callaecia. The manor which would be the actual residence of the Lady of the Estate was called Rochetry and it saddled the smaller sister river of the Arengin river, the Launsey. These rich lands had been the dowry given to Freya's mother, the least a proud and beautiful Imperial Princess could expect to receive from her worthiest suitor. The late Queen had left it all to her sole daughter.

The commander's hand moved then to the Continent. "Perhaps more importantly, your Highness, the Arengin flows out into the Shimmering Sea. On the other side is the empire of your cousin, His Imperial Majesty, Otto the Second, Kaisar of Gotha. From Carleigh, you will be able to establish communications with him before your any of your brothers could hope to."