The Two Kingdoms

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  1. Hello :) I'm new to this site, but not new to role playing. I've been doing it for about 6 years. If you would like to message me, go ahead so we can work on the plot if you don't like this one.

    Oh shit....I'm going to die. That was his first thought. His second was a little scrambled from the wave of panic. His name was Dean Thomson. And this is his story.

    One summer's night, a feud began with two kingdoms. That was twenty years ago. Since then, the two kingdoms have had daughters and sons. One kingdom, Nydardosa, had a son and three daughters. The other kingdom, Prein, also had a son, and five daughters. The two kingdoms have sent their armies out again and again for the same land, but it was no use. They were too much alike. Same knight training, same weapons, same armor, same shields. It was always a draw. That's how it always was. That is, until the sons were old enough to go into battle themselves. They always went against each other, but every time they fought, they started growing hesitant and confused with each other.

    Dean Thomson was very confused on why he hesitated with this fool. His stomach always had a sick feeling to it whenever he was to strike, and his heart stopped beating when he hit the damn idiot. Why was this happening?

    Name: Dean Mike Thomson
    Hair color and length: blond, shoulder length
    Eye color: blue with green flecks
    Skin tone: pale
    Body: skinny but fit. Well toned
    Personality: courageous, smart, funny, thinks outside-the-box, caring, loving, a great friend, brother, and son.

  2. Name: Ark Sonal
    Personality: Energetic, shy, keeps to himself
    Skills: Master of swords
    Powers: Fire, Quick recovery, resistant to super hot and super cold temperatures.
    Picture: [​IMG]

    Ark was in the field training by himself. His body was being pushed to its limit and not even flinch. The prince wanted to prove himself as a powerful warrior despite being a prince. Since he was gifted with some powers it helped, but even this was not enough Ark thought. He needed to keep pushing and not stop. Swinging his sword and running as fast as his legs would let him while doing somersaults and round houses. There was nothing that was to much in the training field. The young prince looked over his shoulder seeing the sisters stand and stare. "Can I help you?" He asked in an annoyed grunt. "You are going to come in for dinner? Its late." "Yeah! You been doing this all day! Give yourself some rest why don't ya! The kingdom is going to be yours one day! We need you in good shape!" "One Anna the sun has not even set. It's still on the horizon. Not full set yet. Also Isabel why do you think I train so hard? To get fat? How about going and getting me some water. If not then leave me alone to my training." They all scoffed and walked away from him. Stubborn one he was. Keeping true to form keeping his loner status alive and strong.
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    "Father, we need to train the troops more. If we are to defeat our enemy, we have to advance." He said breathlessly to his father as he trained. His father was watching silently, observing his son. "Our troops are fine, Dean. They are strong and work as a team. They observe and establish plans. Now shush and keep training." "Yes father." He said as he continued to spar with one of his soldiers. His sisters ran into the room, gathering around their father and wanting to play. His sisters were Arie, Sue, Belle, Illa, and Reba. There she's varied from three to sixteen.
  4. (I dont see the photo)

    The boy was continuing to train his body. Tomorrow the boy planned on sneaking into the armys numbers to join the battle. This would be frowned upon and stopped by the royal family if they knew, but Ark would not let his kingdom be defended. What is a leader if he does not throw himself into the same situation with the people. Tomorrow morning came and he sneaks out of the castle into the soldiers quarters. The boy wore thick clothes and masks to hide with their numbers. This was his chance to not only see action, but see how his people fought for their kingdom.
  5. Dean hurried to his room and shut the door. He had planning to do. He placed out a map across his desk and his tools. He scanned the map for a moment before he started tinkering with it. He didn't need to do any planning, it was mostly done by his father, but today he wanted to. He needed to if this kingdom was going to stand and overcome victory. He smiled almost cruelly and started drawing some things on the map, then he tucked it away in a safe spot and went to the armory.

    He would be in this fight. It's wasn't a question. He stepped into the armory with a hood over his head and paid the blacksmith off, then began setting things up. They were going to do a raid, and they were going to win.

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  6. [BCOLOR=#ff0000]It would not be a question of how only a question of when they will win. Now with the prince in their numbers the man planned to go hard core balls to the walls fighting. Suiting up in heavy armor that would save his face the prince was making his way into the battle with his numbers. Marching forward with his sword ready to burn anyone who dare opposed his kingdom. [/BCOLOR]
  7. Dean grinned while he was helped into his suit of armor. He rolled his shoulders a bit, then grabbed his weapon and sheathed it. He assembled his troops and headed out, riding on his black mount with their kingdom flag attached to its saddle. When he saw the enemy fleet, he stilled his army and halted. He narrowed his eyes and waited for a moment, talking to his second in command.
  8. The sharp sword was drawn. The enemy was approaching. The prince was not going to let his kingdom be taken. Flames shot out of what seemed like nowhere and they started to get shot at the enemy soldiers. "Dodge this you pieces of trash!" The male was not a good shot despite having powerful flame magic. Some came up and tried to kill him, but sword skills prevented that from happening. Keeping the fight going on the prince was moving through the numbers coming up to a guy who was dressed very different from the rest of the crowd. "Are you the leader of this band of ignorant rebbles?!"
  9. Dean was surprised by the huge balls of flame coming down on his army. He charged the enemy and he hopped off his horse, coming face to face with the people who have tried to bring down his kingdom. He came to a stop when he saw one of the stronger looking men, cutting down his soldiers from his path. He growled when he spoke, steadying his sword. "Rebels? Your mistake, these are the men who will bring you down."
  10. The prince shook his head and laughed in amusement. "You say you will bring us down for what?! Defending ourselves from oncoming attackers who would dare see my kingdom ... I mean my king and queens palace taken down?! Your forcs have bothered us since the beginning of time and couldn't be happy with us just minding our own business!"
  11. "Minding your own business?!" The Prince yelled, his sword poised and ready. "You have just come out onto the field as fair game, trying to attack us without us knowing, correct? How would that be minding your own business? I will fairly declare that I will protect this kingdom!" He yelled before lunging towards the other, his sword swinging down.
  12. (Hey. Sorry for not responding for what seems like forever. Not sure if you seen my status upon my profile wall, but I've been dealing with a fever and felt not myself at all. Then my mom had her gallbladder removed and wanted to be there for her for that ((she is fine btw if you care.)) and it has been insane three or so days. However now I think all is great and want to get back into this roleplay full force!)

    Ark swings his body back to avoid the sword and jumps behind him. "SERIOUSLY?! Your kingdom kidnapped our king a hundred years ago and murdered him! Forcing young king george to take the throne when he knew nothing about how to run a kingdom! We attack because you attacked us! Turnabout is fair play gent!" Ark shoots fire behind him.
  13. (It's totally alright and I'm glad you and your mother are doing well)

    Dean growled and jumped out of the way, rolling along the ground and landing on his feet, crouched into a defensive stance. He glared at his enemy, but when he was told this news and registered it, his eyes widened. He never knew of this. "Then I believe all this is necessary. But do not believe that I will be taken without a fight." He yelled, yet he did terrible in performance when he tried to attack Ark, always slipping or swinging too hard. As if he wanted to be captured.
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