The Two Captains

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  1. Captain Henri Nathans moved behind his communicator's chair, watching as he tapped out a series of beats into the telegraph, pausing after a second to listen through the headset. Turning in his chair, the communicator said, "They're granting us access, sir, but say that they'll need to see the letter as soon as we land."

    Henri nodded, relaying the instructions to his helmsman while he found the letter he had received from Her Majesty not a week ago. It read:

    Dearest Henri,

    It is with great regret that I tell you that both you and your counterpart's former mentor, Iron Harry, has recently resurfaced in European waters, as fierce and deadly as he was when he first went traitor. Already, in the few days he's been here, he has destroyed four airships under the Union Jac
    k. I fear that he will continue in his killing spree until he gets to his two loose ends. Your job now, instead of simply attacking France and Spain's airships, is to bring me back his flag and his head. I know you wouldn't be able to do this alone, so I have sent a similar summons to your counterpart. She should arrive at the Royal Flagship by the end of the week, as should you. Make haste, dear Henri, I don't know how long Iron Harry will remain as he is, dormant.

    Sincerely, Her Majesty

    Now in the fore deck, Henri gazed out of the windows as his ship, The Axis, moved underneath Her Majesty's Royal Flagship. The hooks came out of the hole in the loading bay and connected with the sides of his ship, hoisting it into the enormous airship. Stepping out of the main hatch, he produced the letter and its royal seal, and was promptly taken to the meeting hall where the Queen would be waiting.
  2. As she spun in her chair, being dragged around by a cabin boy, Sayomi Chi looked at the map. "My young Daniel.. Do you think that this the Majesty just trying to smite me for everything bad that I have done?" She said casually to the child. He was nine now. He had been sailing with her since he was 4. The crew had happened upon him on one of their adventures into Spain. He was an Englishman, that some how managed up there.

    "Nah Miss Sayomi. You should have known that you and the other captain would have to be brought together for some reason. You may be better, but he is just shortly behind me." The young boy said, laughing as she flung water from her bottle at him. She found the child very entertaining, and nice to have around. Cause he was a child. He didn't understand much of what was going on. Other then that he needed to clean.

    "You are a kind boy, Daniel. Let us go and see if the chef actually is making that pie we told him to!" She jumped out of the chair, her unnaturally red hair flailing about.

    The two walked out of the room, ignoring the men as they worked. They started to walk below the decks, to the kitchen when the boys 'boss' came up to take him away. All she did was place a hand on his shoulder, and lead him down the stairs. As she walked down, she could feel as someone reached out and tapped her on her shoulder. She motioned for him to carry on then turned and looked at the man.

    "Captain. We are getting ready to arrive. You need your letter. According to our sources, The Axis and her crew just arrived." She was told, being handed her letter from the Majesty. Sayomi took it and nodded a thanks as she walked off.

    Her green eyes hit the sun, and she squinted. "Change the flags! We no longer need the pathetics called the french flag!" She screamed. They had recently went into French waters, trying to take out what they could. They left their ship behind, and laid claim to this pathetic one. It was fast, but was not a fighter. "Raise 'em up!" She screamed again, her smooth, and nearly seductive voice rang throughout the ship.

    She watched as the sail of her Majesty was raised up. She clipped her heels together, as did everyone, as they watched the flag raised up.

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  3. Henri sat down at the end of the table. Her Majesty wasn't there yet, he supposed she was off posing for portraits or something of the like, so he had the room all to himself, at least for a while. If I didn't know better, thought he, I'd say Her Majesty is just doing this to spite me...Straightening his clothes, he ran a hand through his dark brown, almost black, hair before placing his head in his hands.

    His crew had recently been in the North, near the Nordic countries, overseeing trade operations, but German ships had tried to intervene. Three days straight they had been fighting, and he'd lost a lot of good men, but in the end, it was he and The Axis who won, sending the Germans back to where they belong. However, despite the grand victory, it had been tiring work, and had it not payed out like it had, he would have feared mutiny.

    Knowing that she would probably have multiple ships, he had brought along a smaller, Spanish ship, but hid it among the clouds, just in case she tried anything.

    As he was waiting, he began focusing his spyglass. It was something he did often, when he was bored, and was probably perfectly focused, but he always found some imperfection in it. Getting bored of that easily, he found that the chairs were on wheels, and quickly began spinning around in his, laughing like a child as he did so.
  4. Slowly, the ship went in for a landing. They had finally been able to get the ship completely under control. As it was tied down, she jumped up onto the railing, hanging on by a rope. She watched, making sure that everything was done properly. But her crew and herself had been sailing together for many many years. The last addition was Daniel, her young cabin boy. "Ay! Someone fetch me Daniel! And a piece of pie!" She yelled spinning around to the crew. Someone ran off to get the two. She then looked at the rest of the many many men.

    "Alright my men! We have arrived with no complications! The Martison should be arriving shortly! I don't want anyone to leave the ship until that happens, and I come back. We do not know what Henri and his men might try and do!" They all gave out a yell, understanding, and not willing to chance their ship to the other crew.

    Daniel came up, smiling, holding her pie. "Why thank you!" She said as she took the piece, eating it as she started to walk. He knew to follow her. Her held high, she walked down the ramp, leading onto the dock. "Cook did a good job with this pie. I was worried cause we were running out of supplies that it wouldn't be that good. But is delicious, don't you agree, young one?" She asked him as she took the last bite. All that he did was nod his head, shoving more of his into his mouth.

    She handed the letter off to the Majesties guards. "Do expect the Martison in some time soon." She said as she was lead to where she would have to wait.

    Her boots clicked as she walked into the room. The made her a good 5 inches taller. She already stood at 5'11''. She was tall for a women, but had a perfect figure. She was not stick and bones like some of the girls, she had a healthy amount of fat on her, and very good muscle tone. She looked the way she looked.

    "Well, hello Henri." She said with a chuckle. "I would expect such things from young Daniel here, but not from someone who is suppose to be one of the top captains in the English army!" She said as she hazed him. She wouldn't admit that she was just doing the same thing not long ago, only being spun around by a ten year old.
  5. Henri was silent until the chair he was in stopped spinning and his vision returned to normal. Finally speaking, he said, "Still wearing five inch heels, I see, Sayomi," he said, a slightly condescending tone to his voice. "Honestly, when will you learn that you're not any more pretty with those on?" He knew it was a low blow, but wasn't in the best of moods, and it didn't bother him terribly. "'Supposed to be the top captain in the English army'? Sayomi, dear, I am the top captain in the English Armada. The sooner you realize it, the less it will hurt when Her Majesty finally fires you." He smirked, his clear blue eyes dancing. Just as he was about to say more, the doors opened again, and the queen walked in.

    Queen Sheila Upton was the second youngest person ever to be named queen, at only twelve, and was almost always escorted around by three or more supervisors and attendants. Today, she was with two, surprisingly, and young man and an elderly woman, who remained silent as she entered.

    "Your Majesty," Henri said, standing up and bowing his head in respect.
  6. "Well unlike you, most people see how tall I am, and quiver in their small boots. At least people fear me. They look at you disbelief and laugh until your men finally do something. At least I do my own dirty work." She hissed at him. She knew that she wasn't very pretty. She had known it for many many years.

    Sayomi was suppose to be married when she was 16. It was an arranged marriage, but it would promising to both parties. Her Father was a Duke. And his a Duke. Sayomi's father was an engineer, and was coming up with someone big. She didn't know about what the other suiters family did. She was not put in on it. The day of the wedding, though she was not excited for it, the man took a look at her, and her bright red hair, and piercing green eyes and laughed. He ran off with one of the brothels whores to get married to her. He hasn't been heard of since.

    How Sayomi dealt with it was different. She grew angry. Her self confidence dropped, and in turn so did everything she cared for. She was well educated, and knew how to play the piano, cello, and violin. She dropped everything, and one night, ran. She didn't know a thing about sailing, or fighting. She went to a lowly bar, and drank herself away. It was the same car that she met her mentor. Iron Harry. She fought off multiple advances, and finally, decided she was angry enough to physically fight. He must have seen potential.

    A Year after he took her in, she then set off on her own. And shortly was brought in by the Queen to fight in her flight.

    Shaking out of her memories of everything, she was about to spit something else out, when the Queen walked in, she curtsied, and pushed Daniel's down into a bow. The boy could do nothing but stare at the queen in awestruck.

    "My Queen.." Sayomi's sultry voice rang out. She wanted to argue more, but was now forced to wait.
  7. "Your looking beautiful as ever, Your Majesty," Henri said, his voice dripping with charm, but also a bit of irony in his voice, to dig his blade deeper into Sayomi. He didn't let her words faze him, he was used to the verbal abuse by now.

    He had been only five when he had been kidnapped from his home in Essex. They'd been Turkish slave traders, and he'd spent the better part of his childhood in some airship above Turkey. On the eve of his fifteenth birthday, a pirate ship, led by Iron Harry, raided the ship, and subsequently saved him. Most boys on Turkish ships didn't live long, and that must have struck something with the man. He was offered a job on the ship, but was soon recruited by the Queen's men, when they realized how valuable he was as an ally, and how terrifying he could be as an enemy.

    He didn't let his experiences in life change him. No, he shoved them down to the recesses of his mind and forced himself to forget it all.

    The queen traveled around the table, sitting down at the head. Henri returned to his seat at the end of it, listening politely as she spoke. "As you learned in the letter I sent," she began, her childish voice not suited to the words she was saying, "Iron Harry's been seen in English waters and around Europe. Both of your jobs is to work together to bring him down. Okay?" She smiled, her age showing through. Standing up, she promptly left, not leaving the two with anything more.

    Henri was left in an array of emotions. He absolutely couldn't stand Sayomi most of the time, and the thought that the two would have to work together was terrible, but his love for his country outweighed it.
  8. Sayomi had to stop the roll of her eyes, as he had flattered the Queen. She was only young. It wasn't as important to her as he had thought. She was 12 at one point. It seemed like so many years ago. She had met the queen more then a few times over the last year. The Queen knew how Sayomi was.

    As she walked around the table, Sayomi went and sat on the opposite end of the table from Henri. Daniel stood behind her, resting his hands on his shoulder. Sometimes Sayomi felt like he was the closest thing to a husband that she would have. The moment that the Queen told them that the two captains would be working together, she could hear him gasp. Sayomi sighed and put her hand on his.

    "I understand your Majesty. We will do our best to bring him in as quick as we can." She told her. Only for her to smile and leave. Sayomi sat in utter quiet, trying to figure out what to say.

    She got up, and went over to Henri. She sat down on the edge of the table, crossing her arms. Her she ran her hand through the curls her hair. "Look, I know that we do not get along.. But I have my father's funeral tonight.. I know you do not have reason to really do me the favor of waiting or anything. But please.. I haven't seen my father in many years. Please at least give me his funeral.. I want to say a proper goodbye.."

    Sayomi practically poured her heart out into trying to explain that she had her father's funeral. "I will be getting ready on my ship, which seems to have arrived. If you need to talk," She turned, and just walked away. She was going whether he wanted her to or not. She walked out of the room, and just made a straight line to her chambers. Daniel following her, then went to go clean.

    She locked the door to her room. She sat down on the stool, and flung herself to the other end of the room. She began to listen to some music. It was nothing by a violin, playing slowly. One of her father's favorite songs.

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  9. Henri didn't say anything as the Queen took her leave, simply running his hands through his hair as he attempted to make light of the situation. At Sayomi's words, he remained silent, still fuming. Her words only seemed to make him feel worse, it seemed. He'd had no father to speak of, not anymore, and what she was saying only brought up painful memories. Swallowing them along with the rest of his doubts, he waited several minutes after she left before standing up, knowing that he had his own funeral to attend.

    During the fight with the Germans, Henri had lost several men, and though they were unable to retrieve all of the bodies, those that they did deserved final rites. Leaving for his own ship, they promptly left for calm and clear waters, an ideal place to let the ashes go.

    Standing upon the only open air deck on his airship, Henri collected everyone there, standing upon several boxes to be seen among his crew. Holding up a clay urn, he said, "Ivan Williams, helmsman. He was a gentle fellow, a pacifist some might call him, but for all that he was, I know for certain one thing about him. Ivan was a good man, and a great friend. While he hated the thought of fighting, he came through the moment it mattered most..." he chuckled humorlessly, "but I suppose fate has an ironic sense of humor."

    With that, he let everyone say their final goodbyes to Ivan's ashes before spreading them out into the sea. They continued the actions for the rest of their dead, Henri all the while composing in his mind how he would contact their families, if they had any. When he finally was finished with everything, he requested his new helmsman to move them back to the Queen's flagship, so that they may meet up with his new partner soon.

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  10. Spinning in her chair slowly, Sayomi brushed out her hair. The curls becoming less noticeable. She took the bright red lipstick that she had on, and put on a soft pink, looking nearly natural. Taking off her short dress, she put one on that he father always seemed to enjoy on women. It was cut in the front so short, but long in the back. He always said that it had showed enough, but still left a lot to the imagination.

    She took looked down at her usually brown boots, and took them off. Trading them out for some with not so much heels. she put on the finishing touches by adding on a necklace, and the same veiled hat that she wore to her mothers funeral so long ago.

    She quickly scribbled a small note onto a piece of paper, and put it into an envelope. She then got up and left. She quickly walked over to Henri's ship. She had only looked around for him slightly, and wasn't about to ask one of the crew members. They all just glared at her. She went into what she knew would be either his planning room, or his rom in general. She put the envelope on the nearest table.

    I do Apologize for not having stayed to talk. But I didn't think that something like this was going to happen. And I am not going to miss my father's funeral to talk. I do though, offer you a nice meal, and a place on solid ground to sleep. If once you get this, and you leave to go, then you could make it to my father's estate minutes before I do.

    I am unsure if this sounds interesting for you, but everyone needs a bit of time off the ship once and awhile.


    Quickly, she walked off, and then got into the carriage that was awaiting her.

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  11. Henri, after returning to his quarters, found the letter on his desk. Opening the envelope, he quickly read the note. Hating the idea, but knowing that they would have to plan what they were going to do, he changed, putting on fresh clothes. Taking his smaller ship, he told the crew aboard The Axis to meet him outside of the town where Sayomi's father lived, in the nearest Skyport. Landing there, he quickly made his way to where he knew her father lived, having his spies give him the location within minutes. Walking down the road, he walked along it until he found her family's estate, going to the door of the large building and letting his knuckles rap against the wood. He wasn't sure if anyone was even there, she had told him that she would be a few minutes after him, but it couldn't hurt. Besides, if anyone was there and he simply walked in, whoever found him might name him a robber.

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  12. When the knock was heard, Jeremy, the butler, opened the door. "Ah. Captain Nathans. Yes. Miss Chi told me that we would be expecting you. Please, come in." he said with a bow, opening the door to allow entrance. The house was far from small. It was actually very large. It was extravagant , marble, crystal and china. The works. No one had seen where she grew up. Because if most people knew, they wouldn't be so scared from her. They would just think that she was playing games.

    "Miss Chi should be arriving shortly. May I offer you a drink while you wait? They should arrive in about five ten minutes. The funeral ended about half an hour ago." He explained, walking over to the bar, awaiting orders on what to make.

    Sayomi sat in the carriage, her head still held high. It was more then obvious that she had been crying quite hard. Across from her sat a man who was only slightly older then she was. It was her father's lawyer. He had the will, and a bunch of paper work to give her. He kept eyeballing her, and she was getting rather creeped out by him. She held her composure. Being back on the ground, it was almost instinct to act like a diplomat. She was not about to disgrace her father, especially while she held her father's ashes in her lap.

    "So Mr. Smith. After we get there, I must talk to my husband-to-be. Then I will come out and talk to you about my father's will." She said to him as they arrived. He only nodded.
  13. "Coffee, if you have it," Henri said, stepping inside the house. During his days as a slave, he had seen many mansions like this, and it brought up bad memories, "if you don't, then I'll take tea." Although he had given a second option, it was clear by his tone of voice that he wanted coffee. He knew already that he would end up spending several nights awake, trying to find his former master. Getting started with caffeine now would probably be a good idea.

    Sighing, he tried to get his emotions under control. He was furious that her father's funeral was this very night, when the Queen needed them most, and couldn't relate to her feelings as he hadn't lost anyone dear to him in a long while. At least, not dear enough to drop everything. However, he was deeply worried that his former mentor was worse than when he'd left, and after what he'd done to him, he couldn't imagine what Iron Harry would do to him if he was caught. Just the thought of seeing him again was enough to make his heart pound in his chest. Sighing again, he sat down, wondering when Sayomi would get there.
  14. Jeremy bowed his head, and went back into the kitchen. Wheeling a cart back out shortly after. He poured the captain a cup, and handed it to him. "I do not know how you prefer it, sir. So I have brought cream and sugar. Miss Chi likes hers with some Cinnamon and nutmeg, so I have provided that too." As he told the captain what was available, he heard a carriage, "It looks like Miss Chi has just arrived." He walked to the front door.

    As the door opened, Sayomi got out of the carriage, followed by the lawyer. "Miss Chi. So glad to see you again. And you too Mr. Smith." He hissed the last part. The lawyer was not very welcome there. "Captain Nathans is in the late masters drinking room." He told her where her fellow captain was.

    "Thank you Jeremy. She said as she walked in. "Mr. Smith. I must see my husband-to-be" He nodded, and waiting to follow her. He was not convinced. She turned and walked, growling softly. She just went into the room, and saw the captain. She sighed. She walked over to him. And whispered in his ear.

    "This man is odd, and I just want to punch him in the face. Just go with this for like 2 minutes." She kissed his cheek, her eye twitching. She hugged his arm, then looked at the lawyer.

    He grimminced and then went out. The butler closed the door, and Sayomi let go of his arm. "Sorry. That guy... I just.." She said with a loud grown. It was bad enough that she actually looked like a lady. She smelt of Lavender and vanilla, which was nothing new. But it actually matched what she looked like.
  15. Henri drank his coffee black, enjoying the pure taste of it. When Sayomi walked into the room, and whispered into his ear, a lightning strike of worry coursed through him as she told him to just go with it. His worries weren't irrational, as she placed her lips upon his cheek, almost making him choke on his coffee.

    When the man left, Henri was more than glad to have her off of him, and was not attempting to hide his frown as she spoke. His eyes traveling to her clothes, confusion filled his eyes. Had she been anyone besides his top rival, he would have been able to call her pretty. His wit coming back to him, he said, "I assume there was a reason for that besides the fact that your absolutely infatuated with me?" There was a glint in his eyes and a slightly mocking tone in his voice, but they both disappeared as he took another sip of coffee.
  16. Sayomi with held a laugh as he spoke. "Yes my dearest Henri. I am completely in love with you and have just been hiding behind it." She was able to actually give a genuine smile to him. She found it more funny then taunting. She figured it was because she had spent most of that afternoon crying. She was always daddy's little girl.

    "He was a very odd fellow. I don't know if he actually found me attractive, or if there is something he knows of my father that I do not. He was always secretive." She look and noticed coffee and gave another smile. She has missed Jeffrey's coffee. She walked over and poured some. Adding nothing but cinnamon and nutmeg. She turnes, looking at him once more, holding the warm coffee in her cold hands. "I am surprised that you came honestly." She paused, still looking at him. "Thank you."

    She sat down on the couch, and sipped on the coffee. "So let us begin." She carefully said. She could hear that Daniel had arrived by the shouts of glee coming from the back, and sofa barking happily.
  17. Henri was silent as she spoke, his face an expression of polite false interest. However, he was forced to speak when she thanked him for coming. "I only came because we need to strategize for our duty. Nothing more." Taking out a sheet of paper and pencil, he drew a simple map of Europe. "Iron Harry probably came in from the Caribbean, where I last saw him. I made a few telegraphs, and found out that he's been seen above Spain, Italy, and in Wales, so based on the patterns of it, if we triangulate the position, the most logical position would be above France." He paused, only seriousness in his eyes. Taking the moment to drink the rest of his coffee, he swallowed it, grimacing at the taste of the dregs.

    "We need to work quickly, else he might move positions."
  18. Sayomi could feel the giddyness wearing off. She always felt this need to act all big and tough around him. "I was just in France. There was not a sign of him." She went over to the wall, pulling down a map. "This was a conference room." She looked at the map, thinking. She was surprised to see little Orange pins sticking out of it.

    She ignored them, and kept looking. "That could be. Or.. he is trying to change what he is after. He always talked about Germany. He thinks that as a whole they would be a great force, just dumber then a gypsy monkey."
    She then looked at him, removing her half veiled hat.

    The light hit her face, showing how fair her skin really was. "I really dont think that this is worth arguing. So we will just go to france, then if that is not the answer,Germany."

    She shrugged and walked out of the room.
  19. "If he gets the Germans..." Henri muttered, shuddering as he imagined what could happen if he did. Lost in his thoughts for a second, he snapped back to attention when she said that the topic was not worth fighting about. His eyes narrowing, he said, "It's definitely worth arguing about! If France isn't right, he might have enough time to leave Germany for another country, maybe Russia!" But Sayomi was already out of the room, and he was shouting at nothing.

    Chasing after her, he grabbed her wrist, turning her to look in his eyes. "Sayomi, you can't have made me come here just to discuss what we could've said through telegraphs. Why am I here, what's the point of this?"
  20. Sayomi's eyes grew wide when ahe was grabbed. She looked at it, then at him. "Personally I thinly he will be going to Germany. He wants France, we know that. But him against France will never work. He needs help. So Germany makes sense. Individually, they are week and passive. But together we have seen their strength. He admires that, and knows that with the right leader, they could all be united, and nearly unstoppable. Cause with them comes Russia, and the Persians. He could start making his way down to Africa. He may want France, but he also wants the world!"

    She took a breath and looked at him. "I brought you here so you could see where I came from. Yes, I could be wrong. But so can you. I am not uneducated I grew up with a father who thank outside of the box, and knew how the world worked. All I want is for you to listen to me. We may have been fighting to prove who was better, but now we have to qork together, or life as we know it will change."

    She looked sternly at him. She wasn't angry, she wasn't trying to be the best. She just wanted him to know where she was coming from. To be understood, and at leaat for now, treated as an equal.