The Twin Blades



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I had an idea for an RP, kinda based around Masamune and Muramasa. The idea is one day two friends/siblings/lovers come across an ancient and forgotten grove. There they discover two blades. Each is drawn to one and picks it up

One picks up Masamune, the 'good' blade. It brings out the natural kindness and good in them over time
The other picks up Muramasa, the 'evil' blade. Over time it brings out their natural aggression and darker nature

At first they just play with the blades and have some fun, but as time goes on and they both begin to be affected by the blades, their alignments pit them against each other

Ideally I'd like to set the RP in some form of Japan, most probably modern day but twisted to our needs. Furthermore, I'd love someone who's comfortable with using Japanese honorifics, but it's not essential

Feel free to post here or just PM me =)


On a completely separate note, but intertwined with my love of Japan (and Animanga), I'd love to do a Sailor Moon RP
PM me if interested in that and we can discuss ^^

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Sounds cool. If it's still free I'll play this with you


Original poster
It is ^^
PM me and we can discuss?