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  1. PLOT
    Hope and Despair. Two sides of the same coin. the things that are the source all other emotions. And the two have their own Manifestations. The Guardria who take the form of small,cute,fluffy looking animals represent hope. The Desdra represent Despair. The latter have mostly stuck with monsters for most of the conflict they have had through the ages over existence. The Guardria have used various methods but the most successful is the use of Magical Girls. Girls who are gifted with powers fueled by their more positive emotions and given shape based on what the wish was that they granted in exchange for becoming a magical girl. however the Desdra learned through causeing a high and steady surge of their more negative emotions.they do this through some means. the battle is reaching it's peak. and it takes place on a city nation on an island. It seems to be reaching it's climax and end. So which side are you going to fight on? Hope? or Despair?

    1. Be Decent to eachother OOC
    2. No Marry Sues or Gary Stues
    3. Be creative with your powers and wishes
    4. No wishes for powers. most of them aren't aware prior to making a wish. plus the power is linked to the wish itself.
    5. Don't be OP
    6. Most important: Have Fun!

    Gender(males are allowed)
    Shool and Grade:(not all go to the same school)
    Race:(Magical,Corrupted or plain old human who is aware)
    Amulet:(the thing that let's them change into their other form)
    Appearnce:(pic/anime or description)
    Personality:(Include Strong and weak points. so they can fall or be redeemed)
    History:(How they ended up here)
  2. Name: Amina 'Ami' Hergrove
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Unsure
    School and Grade: Peridith Girl's Academy; Eighth Grade
    Race: Corrupted Magical Girl (newly turned)
    Amulet: A pink flower amulet. It's known as the 'Flower of Aphrodite' and is supposed to represent love, beauty, and transformation
    Wish: 'I want to be able help my friend', which gradually distorted into 'I want all their attention! I want to be the most popular!'
    Power: Ami can draw the attention of everyone within a ten meter radius (twelve, if she strains) to herself and, upon drawing their attention, charm them into doing exactly one thing she orders them to. The effect wears off either until Ami stops concentrating or naturally, by itself, after a few moments. She also has what she calls observational skills, which is that Ami can 'see' everything around herself, without physically setting eyes on that area. That is, if she was standing in a city area, she can 'see' -or have a sense of- all the buildings and people around her. It's not as if she has enhanced eyesight or anything, however, which means that she can only sense what she would be physically seeing if she turns around. The last thing that Ami can do is sense intentions; she can look at a person (it has to be directly, though, and not with her observational skill), and sense what they intend to do, whether it's something they're only going to do years later, or if it's something they intend to do immediately. This extends to their goals and hopes as well -applied to other magical girls, this means that Ami can get a vague sense of their wish.
    Bright and perky, Ami is entirely different from how she was before becoming a magical girl. She's outgoing and enthusiastic about things, usually exulting a cheerful exuberance for everything and anything. Outwardly, she appears to be a sweet, optimistic girl -always helping others out and settling conflicts with naught but words- and Ami works hard to maintain that image. She's extraordinarily conscious of how other people view her, and will do anything to keep up the illusion that she's a good, perfect girl. Deep down, Ami is a rather twisted, scheming little thing. She's cunning, with a sharp wit, and harshly critical of everyone else around her, although that's not something she ever says out-loud. Ami can be said to be self-absorbed, and extremely selfish. She is fiercely possessive, subtly staking her claim on things and seeking revenge on everyone that dare touch what she considers 'hers'. More than anything else, Ami loves being loved, and can get meanly bitter if she's not the center of attention. In the end, though, Ami just has something of a complex about how people look at her. If it had been proven to her that people would still like her even if she wasn't perfect -despite her rather bratty, critical true personality- perhaps Ami wouldn't have become the way she was.
    History: Ami used to be a bullied girl. No one ever hit her or physically harmed her -no, she was simply pushed away by the people around her and ignored, her personality being as it was. As it was, Ami spent much of her life alone. At home, her younger sister would chatter -innocently- about her school and friends and, seeing how their parents constantly praised her sister for her popularity and ignored her, Ami came to hate her personality.

    Years past, with Ami's self confidence dropping more and more, and then -miracles of miracles- she made a friend. It was tentative, at first, a simple 'Would you like to eat with me?', and progressed to a fast friendship. Ami's friend was a shy, stuttering girl, herself not exactly the epitome of popularity, and they grew extremely close. And then one day, Ami found out that her friend was being bullied, worse than anything she had ever experienced herself. She wanted to help her friend -she really did- but Ami herself never dared to approach the bullies. She wished, deeply, that she could have the strength to help her friend. That she could have the charm to pull in everyone's attention, rally the people against the bullies, and be able to watch her friend's back, that things might never get that bad again. Ami blamed herself, see. If she had been able to sense the bullies' intentions, if she had watched her friend closer, maybe the other girl might never have been bullied.

    Ami got her wish granted when she met with her Guardian one night, who offered to grant Ami's wish in exchange for her becoming a magical girl. Ami agreed almost immediately, without even thinking things through properly. She became a magical girl, and solved her friend's problems. For a while, she used her powers for good, helping others stop their bullies and integrate them into life with friends that would stand by their side, as well as taking out monsters whenever she needed to. And then Ami got too used to the powers. She begun to need it, need the attention she received by helping others out. It was a downward spiral from there on, and eventually Ami became the way is currently is -hungry for attention, for people to like her, and willing to do anything for it. A Desdra took notice, offering to give Ami all the attention and adoration that she craved, if only Ami went against the magical girls and took the side of despair instead. Naturally, Ami agreed.

    Name: Letitia Evea Woodsman
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Bisexual
    School and Grade: Harolt High | Tenth Grade
    Race: Magical Girl
    Amulet: A red amulet that she always wears as a necklace
    Wish: 'Please, just let me meet her one more time'
    Power: Letitia can see the past. She can look at a person and unravel their entire life story -although doing that takes far too much energy. Most of the time, Letitia has to pick a specific time in a person's past (example: Mary, age 21, at the beginning of Spring). The more specific the less energy she has to use, and the quicker she can see the past. And, from a person's past, Letitia can pick out specific memories -particularly those that are prominently something a person loves or hates- and send it into a sort of 'rewind' mode, where someone is forced to go through those same memories over and over. Usually, unless a person is sleeping, the memories will just linger at the edge, and a person can ignore them entirely -if their will is strong enough, and if they know to avoid it. If someone is sleeping and Letitia rewinds memories, that person will experience it in a dream until their wake up. Similarly, she can show a particular portion of the past -any past, as long as she's seen it before herself- to people, whether they were part of it or not -like a illusion, really. Apart from that, Letitia can also pick up 'past residue' on objects or places. For example, if the public library has a certain -either very extreme (such as murder), very odd (such as someone riding a bright red bicycle blasting nursery rhymes through it) or very important (maybe an essential meeting once took place there between governors)- scene tied to it, Letitia can sense its presence and also unravel its happenings -i.e. she can feel that the place has something, and can see what happened.
    Calm and collected, Letitia is just about the very essence of still water. There's nothing that shows on the surface, but you never know what's lurking below. As it is, Letitia doesn't do it on purpose or anything like that; she just isn't someone that shows their feelings outwardly. Most of the time, Letitia will simply choose the option that requires the less energy. Which is to say, if she can see that someone wants her to choose Option A, she'll totally choose Option A, if only to appease them and save herself the trouble. As a result of this, she usually prefers to work alone, because spending all your time simply letting others do what they want can get rather exhausting at times. Letitia can, actually, read people very well. She's good at discerning their true personalities and such, and usually adjusts herself to cater to their needs. Being a very passive sort of person, Letitia will stop and think things through before taking action -and she can take action, too, because Letitia has been learning various forms of martial arts since young. She just chooses not to. Although Letitia usually has a seemingly infinitely amount of patience, get her angry and she can be a right demon. She turns cold, cruel, and callous, and her words can be absolutely scathing. Letitia is usually nice enough, though she tends to keep the deepest secrets firmly to herself, never sharing them with anyone, even if she really should. She also doesn't let people in easily, and will try to take everything upon herself, carry it alone if possible.
    History: Letitia comes from a big family with a long, grand history behind it. Her branch of the family excels in martial arts and fighting, and Letitia was brought up in that kind of environment. Her aunt was the only person that didn't condone forcing her into it, and rather wanted Letitia to do what she wanted to do. The rest of the family ignored her, however, and Letitia wasn't given a choice in the matter. As she was growing up, Letitia's parents and siblings were cold, distant figures. Her aunt was the only one to actually come close to her, and that aunt brought her up more than any of her parents did. When Letitia turned ten, however, the aunt moved away and Letitia never saw her again, though she wanted to dearly. Every time Letitia came close to asking for her contact information so as to give her a call, she found something 'more important' and forgot all about the matter.

    Eventually, Letitia finally inquired about her aunt, only to find out that the other had died long ago, in a foreign land. The funeral had been done and over with, too -a small, quiet affair. Her aunt hadn't been liked in the family, but Letitia had loved her. She mourned after that, wishing that she'd asked for the information a long time ago, and that she could see her aunt one last time. At night, as she was staring out her window, a strange creature approached her, flying in from the night sky. It claimed that it would grant her wish if Letitia became a magical girl. Letitia refused to believe in it at first, but the creature refused to leave, and instead spent an hour convincing her. Finally deciding that playing along wouldn't hurt, Letitia agreed, only to find that she could -in fact- see her aunt once again, in memories. Letitia began to fulfill her end of the bargain from then on.
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  3. Please do inform me if there's anything wrong with the characters, because I'm not very sure about them :'D
  4. @Duridun OMG i'm so sorry for not looking earlier. didn't get alerted. will do so stat!
  5. well not too bad. however 2 things: both lack a description on how they encountered The Guardria and the second one is Ami dosn't technically count as a corrupted. while true she is twisted it is under her own mind. not Desdra influence. they will use what they can to twist them. so feel free for use of methods. oh also they tend to be a bit darker and more corrupted especially as they sink deeper but look very similar to a normal one early on. Also she would possibly have some exprience in fighting monsters.@Duridun
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  6. Ack, okay, thank you for telling me :'D I wasn't actually very clear on what to include and what not to. A few questions, though, if you don't mind, so I can edit the bios properly:

    1) The Guardians take the form of cute animals, right? How do they generally appear in front of their chosen Magical Girls? Would they have the ability to appear out of thin air, or do they have to physically make their way to their magical girls? Come out from a bush or some such? Would they straight-up ask 'Do you want to be a Magical Girl' or would they start with 'I've hear your wish--'? Does it depend on the Guardian?

    2) If someone is Desdra influenced, does that mean that they never had a Guardian approach them, but a Desdra instead? I was working under the assumption that one first becomes Magical Girl before negative emotions gradually leak into their wish, and a Desdra spots their chance to take over, which is probably why Ami doesn't count as a corrupted ahaha In her case, I was going more for a 'she got herself all twisted up, and then a Desdra took over because of the rampant negativity and things went to hell from there'. Ah, does this mean that a Magical Girl can have either a Guardian or a Desdra, and can't switch from one to the other, then?
  7. ((1. depends on the Guardria. some walk and some teleport. 2.kinda. while some take direct control other are more the influence type. but they do go after those who are already magical girls. sorry about not answering sooner was doing my CS with this and my net crapped out. plus was busy at Ren Fair IRL. @Duridun
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  8. @Duridun ^ in case my late adding of your screen name dosn't trip the alert.
  9. Name: Cory Aaron
    Age( 16
    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Lesbain
    School and Grade: Junior at Avaron's School for the Gifted
    Race:Magical Girl
    Amulet:A medallion shaped one with an emerald skull embed within it.
    Wish: "Please...j-just...j-just bring my f-family back!"
    Power:Ability to manipulate things relating to the border of life and death. such as healing fatal injuries, unleashing a ton of damage with dark energy, etc.
    Appearnce: She is definitely A punk and former street girl. The girl has long messy black hair with white streaks in it and spikey bangs the longest in the middle and touching her nose in between her pale blue eyes. her cloths are pretty shabby as it's developed into it being comfortable with pierceings in her ears and a snike bite one. wears a sailor uniform for her school and is pretty cleaned up. in magical girl form her dress is that resembles that of a Gothic loli with sheaths for her blades with one blade shorter than the other.
    Personality:(She definitely grew up in the streets with only now cooling down. she can be a hot head and leap into fights without thinking it through. she can at times be rather crude. she can also be quite tricky and slow to trust. however on her good side she is loyal and keeps her word. When her trust is earned she will stand by your side pretty much no matter what. just don't back stab her. she's bloody brilliant and warm hearted. Also she has a secret and deep fear of not being able to protect her friends and family and lose them once again.
    History: Once she had had a pretty nice life with her family of her mom,dad, and little sister. that all changed in a riot they caught up in where she was the only one of her family to survive. she fell through the cracks and grew up in the streets. she joined and left or avoided lock-up with many gangs. she has done most underworld jobs except selling herself. one night between gangs and hungry she was digging through a dumpster a wierd creature appeared and offered her a wish in exchange for becoming a magical girl. at first wanting to write it off as some fumes or revenge trip but something in her made her believe it. nearly breaking down she wished for her family back. it shortly disappeared and she resumes tossing it off as some wierd event. moments later her sister appeared and soon the rest of the family along with her amulet. that was 3 years ago and she has been keeping her end of the bargain taking out any monsters that cross her path.
  10. Ah, don't worry about not answering ahaha I shall fix my bios now -also, uh, I'm planning to give Letitia one more power because she seems pretty much useless in any sort of aggressive action, even though she's got training. What with being against powers and all.
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    Name: Summer Elliot (Tiger Eye when transformed)
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Asexual
    School and Grade: 11th grade, Homeschooled
    Race: Magical Girl
    Amulet: It's less of an amulet and more of a ring. A simple, oval, tiger's eye ring, with a thin silver band. It's on her right middle finger.
    Wish: "Let me help them smile!"
    Power: Summer can summon light beams out of nowhere, along with a little tiny bit of mind reading (as in, she can tell what is making someone be in a good mood or bad mood, and how to cheer that person up). The light beams are definitely useful offensively and defensively.
    Appearance: Red, shoulder length hair in a ponytail and blue eyes, Caucasian, usually wearing a blue and orange striped long sleeved shirt and a pleated orange miniskirt
    When she's transformed, she is wearing a orange, pretty, short, long sleeved dress with a few tiger's eye gemstones decorating it, along with orange boots and an orange crown.
    Personality: Summer is extremely naive, but she's kind hearted and will be completely loyal to people. She believes things easily, so she's easily deceived. She is very smart, and can figure out almost every problem that's handed to her. She's happy almost all the time, and wants the best for everyone around her.
    History: Summer has worked all her life at her parent's geology and expedition shop. She always helped everyone out with a smile, and a laugh. However, when she got older, around twelve or so, everyone who came in seemed so sad, including her parents. She later learned that her parents were in severe debt, and she wanted to help them out, and have them happy and smiling again. She wrote down her wish in a small notebook that she started carrying around with her when she was about ten, and that night, when she went to sleep, she met one of the Guardria in her dream that night who granted her wish, and when she woke up, she realized that she had become a magical girl. Not that she knew how to be a magical girl, but oh well, right?

    Name: May Tran (Velocity when transformed)
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Asexual
    School and Grade: Sophmore in college, Green Glade University
    Race: Corrupted Magical Girl
    Amulet: A black key that can be used to access any library, and, in doing so, unlocks her corrupted magical girl self
    Wish: "I want to meet my favorite characters in books so I won't be alone anymore!" which changed to "I want what happens in my favorite books to happen for real."
    Power: May/Velocity can recite any line from any book, and make what happens in the line, happen, and bend the line to suit her purposes (for example, if she recites the part of Animal Farm where the windmill is blown up, and she has something in mind for what will blow up, like a building, the building will blow up). She also retained her power from her regular magical girl days to call upon any fictional character to help her in battle. She also has a magic hammer that is shaped like a book for the hammer part and a key that looks similar to her amulet, but isn't actually her amulet for the handle.
    Appearance: Long black hair that goes down past her waist, a orange knit pullover sweater, pink pants, and small glasses. When she's Velocity, her hair goes up in a bun, and she has bangs that neatly fall to the sides of her face. The glasses come off, and she is in a black and pink halter top with some flare on the back, and in black shorts over pink bootcut pants. She wears black ballerina slippers on her feet when she's Velocity, and sandals when she isn't.
    Personality: She's actually nice to people if they like books, but if they aren't...she will get very angry, and will either go evil magical girl on them or find a way to hinder them in some fashion. She sees everything as black and white, and is surprisingly (at least, to others who don't know that she was pretty much a street urchin) resilient and stubborn. She also hates all magical girls, and most of the corrupted magical girls.
    History: May never was around other people as a kid, because she was abandoned in the street, a "foundling" as they would say in The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, that was never adopted. She always had her nose in a book, because nobody really made friends with her other than the librarians, and she always was able to find friends and enemies in the books she read. She was always lonely, and the only one she could talk to was the librarian. Throughout public school, she was always alone, reading in a corner. Her grades were good enough to get her into the prestigious Green Glade University, where she currently works and studies as a librarian. However, after twelve years of having her friends only be the librarian and characters in books, she was sick and tired of being alone. Naturally, she thought this while she was reading a book in the library near the beginning of her seventh grade year, and a small Guardria approached her while she was reading, and asked her what she wanted, more than anything in the world. She wanted to meet the friends and enemies and characters she met in books so she wouldn't be so alone anymore. Things got better for a while, after all, she was able to actually talk to her favorite characters, and actually made friends with some of the other magical girls. But around freshman year, things changed for the worst. Her magical girl friends, and a few of the corrupted magical girls, made fun of her because her power was based of of something other than herself, specifically books, which they all considered to be lame. She got bullied more and more about it, and she was on the brink of despair, not even being able to protect herself. Around the third anniversary of her being a magical girl, a small Desdra came by, asking her if she wanted to not be bullied anymore. May replied by saying that she wanted horrible things to happen to them, like in the books she reads. The Desdra granted her wish, and May never regretted it. Now, she has been a corrupted magical girl for well over five years, and knows how to use her powers well.

    Edit: Fixed Summer's bio and added May's bio.

    Second Edit: Fixed May's bio. Sheesh, it's long!
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