The twilight of hope and despair (OOC/Sign-up) Mk.3

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  1. PLOT
    Hope and Despair. Two sides of the same coin. the things that are the source all other emotions. And the two have their own Manifestations. The Guardria who take the form of small,cute,fluffy looking animals represent hope. The Desdra represent Despair. The latter have mostly stuck with monsters for most of the conflict they have had through the ages over existence. The Guardria have used various methods but the most successful is the use of Magical Girls. Girls who are gifted with powers fueled by their more positive emotions and given shape based on what the wish was that they granted in exchange for becoming a magical girl. however the Desdra learned through causeing a high and steady surge of their more negative emotions.they do this through some means. the battle is reaching it's peak. and it takes place on a city nation on an island. It seems to be reaching it's climax and end. So which side are you going to fight on? Hope? or Despair?

    1. Be Decent to eachother OOC
    2. No Marry Sues or Gary Stues
    3. Be creative with your powers and wishes
    4. No wishes for powers. most of them aren't aware prior to making a wish. plus the power is linked to the wish itself.
    5. Don't be OP
    6. Most important: Have Fun!

    Gender(males are allowed)
    Shool and Grade:(not all go to the same school)
    Race:(Magical,Corrupted or plain old human who is aware)
    Amulet:(the thing that let's them change into their other form)
    Appearnce:(pic/anime or description)
    Personality:(Include Strong and weak points. so they can fall or be redeemed)
    History:(How they ended up here)
  2. Name: Cory Aaron
    Age( 16
    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Lesbain
    School and Grade: Junior at Avaron's School for the Gifted
    Race:Magical Girl
    Amulet:A medallion shaped one with an emerald skull embed within it.
    Wish: "Please...j-just...j-just bring my f-family back!"
    Power:Ability to manipulate things relating to the border of life and death. such as healing fatal injuries, unleashing a ton of damage with dark energy, etc.
    Appearnce: She is definitely A punk and former street girl. The girl has long messy black hair with white streaks in it and spikey bangs the longest in the middle and touching her nose in between her pale blue eyes. her cloths are pretty shabby as it's developed into it being comfortable with pierceings in her ears and a snike bite one. wears a sailor uniform for her school and is pretty cleaned up. in magical girl form her dress is that resembles that of a Gothic loli with sheaths for her blades with one blade shorter than the other.
    Personality:(She definitely grew up in the streets with only now cooling down. she can be a hot head and leap into fights without thinking it through. she can at times be rather crude. she can also be quite tricky and slow to trust. however on her good side she is loyal and keeps her word. When her trust is earned she will stand by your side pretty much no matter what. just don't back stab her. she's bloody brilliant and warm hearted. Also she has a secret and deep fear of not being able to protect her friends and family and lose them once again.
    History: Once she had had a pretty nice life with her family of her mom,dad, and little sister. that all changed in a riot they caught up in where she was the only one of her family to survive. she fell through the cracks and grew up in the streets. she joined and left or avoided lock-up with many gangs. she has done most underworld jobs except selling herself. one night between gangs and hungry she was digging through a dumpster a wierd creature appeared and offered her a wish in exchange for becoming a magical girl. at first wanting to write it off as some fumes or revenge trip but something in her made her believe it. nearly breaking down she wished for her family back. it shortly disappeared and she resumes tossing it off as some wierd event. moments later her sister appeared and soon the rest of the family along with her amulet. that was 3 years ago and she has been keeping her end of the bargain taking out any monsters that cross her path.

    Name: Trista Regalia
    Age: 13
    Shool and Grade:Perideth's Girl's Academy,
    Race:Aware Human soon to be Magical Girl
    Amulet: a necklace with a blue tear shaped crystal in a cup
    Wish:" me save my friend!"
    Power: She can use the innate power of her hope to partially undo corruption with corrupted or deal massive damage to a monster.
    Appearnce: She looks pretty nice. light blue hair in a bob style and slim body frame. wears the standard uniform in school and off school with light blue jacket and white top plus black shorts. wears a dress much like a hero out of a fairy tale complete with a cape.
    Personality: Sweet and friendly. Ever an optimist she has a lot of hope but can be sensitive and the right words from the right person can wreck her. however is also willful. also can be really nervous and shy.
    History: She didn't have the easiest childhood. had issues growing up and was bullied rather badly. Then she made a friend. she tried to keep it back away and keep her put of it. she still found out and was able to miraculously stop it. even became a bit brighter. However lately something has gone wrong in her. she can't place a finger on it but it has happened. and she is determined to find out what and help her with it as her friend helped her with it as she was aided by her. however she soon found out her friend was a corrupted. she fled and was deep in despair however a guardria showed up and gave her a chance to save her. and she took it.
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