The twilight of hope and despair (OOC and Sign Ups)

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  1. PLOT
    Hope and Despair. Two sides of the same coin. the things that are the source all other emotions. And the two have their own Manifestations. The Guardria who take the form of small,cute,fluffy looking animals represent hope. The Desdra represent Despair. The latter have mostly stuck with monsters for most of the conflict they have had through the ages over existence. The Guardria have used various methods but the most successful is the use of Magical Girls. Girls who are gifted with powers fueled by their more positive emotions and given shape based on what the wish was that they granted in exchange for becoming a magical girl. however the Desdra learned through causeing a high and steady surge of their more negative emotions.they do this through some means. the battle is reaching it's peak. and it takes place on a city nation on an island. It seems to be reaching it's climax and end. So which side are you going to fight on? Hope? or Despair?

    1. Be Decent to eachother OOC
    2. No Marry Sues or Gary Stues
    3. Be creative with your powers and wishes
    4. No wishes for powers. most of them aren't aware prior to making a wish. plus the power is linked to the wish itself.
    5. Don't be OP
    6. Most important: Have Fun!

    Gender(males are allowed)
    Shool and Grade:(not all go to the same school)
    Race:(Magical,Corrupted or plain old human who is aware)
    Amulet:(the thing that let's them change into their other form)
    Appearnce:(pic/anime or description)
    Personality:(Include Strong and weak points. so they can fall or be redeemed)
    History:(How they ended up here)
  2. The sayings of hope and despair remind me of the dangan ronpa series. Can I join?
  3. sure though it more is in the vein of madoka magica.
  4. sweet! Any specific pictures you want people to use or do you prefer detailed descriptions?
  5. Anime if pics or description.
  6. Name: Ophelia Verselis

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Orientation: bisexual

    School and Grade: High school junior; Saint Maria's Private high school

    Race: Magical

    Amulet: [​IMG]

    Wish: "I wish for people to see the real me and not just an item to live off of!"

    Power: Able to create a mirror that is able to see the true image of an enemy that confuses them for a short amount of time. (I tried >.<;)

    Weapon: [​IMG] this sort of spear. The name was never given.

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    [​IMG] (please do not deny me this majorly cute card captor outfit.)

    Personality: Ophelia is a relatively kind girl usually seen with a small smile on her face and is soft spoken. Underneath that though, she is cynical and self hating. All she sees is the darker side of things ever since she was a young girl and can't help but feel that everyone is in it for themselves, even those who granted her wish. Though through it all, she tries to work past her darker ways of seeing the world and trying to find the light in her dark life.

    History: Ophelia was born in a low middle class family that was always having problems with finances, that sometimes had her worry about if her family was going to lose her home. Their luck soon turned around when it was discovered that she could play the violin masterfully as if she had been playing it all her young life. At first she was happy that they were now living better off than before and she continued playing. Soon, she saw that her parents began to care less and less about her wants and kept arranging concerts for her one after another, using her as a cash cow for their high-end life, and she grew to hate her gift. It was her freshman year of high school when she found a Guardia and, without a second thought, made her wish. Ophelia still views the world as a dark and greedy place but since her wish was made, she has started working on trying to find the good in everything instead of just the bad.
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  7. yep.
  8. good except the power has to relate to the wish. also the outfit in maical girl form would be nice. as for orientation it's whom she's attracted to gender wise.
  9. Name:Annabel rose
    Age(12-19) 18
    Gender(males are allowed) female
    Orientation: homosexual
    Shool and Grade:(not all go to the same school) Cronus high senior in highschool
    Race:(Magical,Corrupted or plain old human who is aware) corrupted
    Amulet:(the thing that let's them change into their other form)
    Wish: "I wish to have the strength to prove my worth to all. That i am worth some thing. To show them that no one but then should feel the pain that they made me feel."
    Power: ability to control creat manipulate, and make phisical objects out of shadows at her will
    Appearnce:(pic/anime or description)

    Other form:

    Personality:(Include Strong and weak points. so they can be reedeemed) Annabel is a quiet and distant girl. She's very quiet and shy that makes most think she's mute abd socialy disconnected but truthfully she's very vulnerable to most things. Peere pressure,manipulation, ect. On the inside Annabel's truthfully a genius with a kind and carrying heart but that aspect is usually hidden because of her history and the people she grew up around.

    Some redeeming quality a would have to be her truly pure reason for such a dark wish. She wants to prove she is truly a good being and that she has some one in the world she can care for Hens the reason she searches for her mother or some one that will care for her.

    History:(How they ended up here)
    Annabel was born into a poor and weak family with her father being a drunk and her mother just not being there. Growing up like this didn't turn out well for her when school had started, always fighting and getting in trouble with the school or her father made life hard but she found comfort in being alone so she spent most of her time avoiding people but even that was hard when your bullied. They always seemed to find her and tease her about her family or that she wasn't good enough which made her hateful towards most any one. That was her hole life till her second to last year of school on a date full night when she had been walking alone, it had been a hard day and she was ready to end it, end her life. She had stumbled soon a desdara and found thats the beeings words could help her. letting him twist her and her wish made her what she was when she had had made her wish that would change her life. Since then she has mostly looked for her mother hopping to find some one who cared.

    Personal quote: some times the darkness has to come out before people can see the good.
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  10. eh alright. couple of things though: a few things are missing, assuming your going to finish, also put in some redeeming qualities to her. Also Guardria are wish granters with Desdra twisting them and the wish.
  11. Ok sorry for missing some stuff and could you please elaborate on what you mean by "the desdra twisting them and the wish" please?
  12. And what exactly had I missed?
  13. Simple: they find real at risk ones and well bring out the more negative emotions a lot. Of course that can twist the wish and magical girl form. Your missing school and grade.
  14. I will fix up my character soon. At school right now.
  15. thank you and ill twist her history to fit the derara
  16. it's fine though need a name for said school same for you @daniel reaver
  17. Okay. Any specific types of schools from the anime or do we just make up a school?
  18. make it up.
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