The twilight of hope and despair (IC)

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  1. Cory started walking home after the bell rang for school to finally end. The walk was pretty quiet for once letting her mind drift. She thought about her past before becoming a magical girl. of growing up at first as a beggar than gang member. of how she did pretty much anything except selling herself to get by. Then on the Night she met her Guardria. how it appeared out of nowhere while she was dumpster diving and she trusted instinctively what it said. about how when creation began They became the embodiment of hope and the Desdra of Dispair and how they have fought a bloody war ever since. and it would grant a wish in exchange for becoming a magical girl, like that anime stuff. not entirely sure she gave her wish and it vanished, though would reappear later. thinking it conned her she had gone back to digging but then her little sis all grown up showed up. "man it's been awhile since i bawled like that." she murmured. she had held up her end of the bargain and had noticed something as the battles went by. this war was reaching fever pitch. and she would protect her family no matter what. then she shook her head "why am i thinking this stuff? man this so not like me..." she said to herself and continued on her way.
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  2. AMINA
    'Hey, Ami! Want to go for some karaoke after school?' Someone called out, and Ami turned in that direction, flashing a brilliant smile. It was one she practiced regularly -a perfect girl has to always look perfect, after all- and replied sweetly, 'I can't, I'm sorry! I have to help my sister with her work today. Maybe another time?' With that, Ami gave a little wave and left, long hair breezing behind her. Of course Ami wasn't helping her sister -nothing like that; she rather despised that snotty little brat, honestly. And why would Ami go karaoke-ing with a girl that tried way too hard? It wasn't worth her time. No, she would give a nice, perfect excuse and leave, free to do anything she wanted.

    Really, Ami's live did a complete turn around when she became a Magical Girl. And then she met her Desdra, and experienced Heaven -or Hell, really, because she was probably much close to that. I don't mind, she mused as she turned out of the school, periodically shooting smiles and waves to anyone that said goodbye without even bothering to check who it was, because it didn't really matter anyway -all those people were just little pawns for her to hop along on, if it's Hell I'm to go, it's Hell I will. At least I know I'll be the queen of that place as well.

    She strolled, casually, pulling her jacket closer around her. Letitia always took a rather long route home, the weight of amulet hanging around her neck reminding her exactly of why. Since she'd become a Magical Girl, Letitia had steadily built up a list of places she avoided because of bad residue left over from the past. The first time it happened was in a park she used to frequent, and Letitia took one step in it before very nearly throwing up. And she'd never -not once before that- thrown up in her life. Suffice to say, the experience rather shocked her, and she much preferred to simply completely avoid troublesome places from then on.

    Well, as it was, Letitia couldn't say that she despised being a Magical Girl. Things got tough at times, what with balancing fighting monsters and those Desdra influenced and whatever else it was that Magical Girls did, but Letitia did get her wish fulfilled in the end, which was all she had asked for. She was determined to carry out her end to its fullest.
  3. Cory soon came up to Letitia and raises her hand in greeting "Heya!" she said passing by her. "quiet day huh?". she said. she had been pretty friendly ,though her style of friendly involved a fair bit of teasing, to he and Ami back when Ami was one of them. "avoiding the house huh? you know the invite to my place still stands." she said. she was one the older ones in the area and helped in showing them the ropes of being a magical girl.
    'I'm afraid I'll have to decline. Again.' Letitia answered, nodding her greeting to the older girl. Cory had been a big help when she'd just turned, but now Letitia was rather trying to stand by herself, and not burden anyone else. Which meant not leaning on Cory for everything. Right. 'Perhaps next time, though.' Then again, she said that every time. Letitia was sure that Cory knew that too. 'Thank you anyway.'
  5. "Eh no biggie though should i start taking next time as never?" Cory says in her usual friendly teasing fashion though she knew how Lettia was with that sort of thing. hell she was pretty much the same 3 years ago before she became a magical girl. so she could see where she was coming from.
  6. Summer:

    She looked up at the sky, grinning from ear to ear. Today's a perfect day! Summer thought. She knew that every day from now was going to be like this, after all, her real wish, to make her friends and family smile, had been granted, and whatever being a magical girl entailed, it couldn't be that hard, right?


    In any case, Summer had to go get groceries for the house, so she rode into town with her bike and the awkward trunk like box tied to it, her helmet shading her eyes from the sun. She rode past a very pretty blonde girl, who looked to be in a good mood. "Hello! How has your day been?"
    'Perhaps,' Letitia laughed back, 'I might very well decide to accept one day, though.' With other people, Letitia might have just accepted and got it over with. But Cory never did really push her into anything, which meant that Letitia was free to accept and decline at her discretion. It was refreshing, after hours of going along with the flow. Musing over this as they walked, Letitia glanced around her. They were reaching her own house soon -a long route might be long, but it wasn't horrendously far- and perhaps Letitia should extend the favor herself. 'Would you like to come over to my house, then?'

    Was someone speaking to her? Ami glanced redhead that rode past, instinctively pulling on a brilliant smile. 'Hello,' she replied pleasantly, just the right amount of enthusiasm injected into her voice, 'My day's been going great. How about you?' The other didn't seem like someone Ami knew personally -a complete stranger in every sense. Why on earth was this complete stranger speaking to her, then? Perhaps she was one of those people, that randomly began chatting with strangers. Ami didn't deal quite well with that sort, honestly.
  8. Summer:

    "I'm doing quite wonderfully, thank you very much for asking!" Summer looked over at the girl. Somehow, even though the young girl seemed to be fine with having a conversation with Summer, she got the feeling that the blonde girl had places to be, and didn't want Summer stopping her for too long. Matter of fact, Summer got the feeling that this young girl didn't really like Summer, even though they just met. "Well, I don't want to get in your way for too awful long, so I'll be on my way! Have a wonderful day, Miss!" Summer rode off towards the grocery store, still smiling, and hoping that the blonde girl's day would get better. was I able to tell that she didn't like me, and that she wanted me out of her way? That's just weird....Maybe it's just my magical girl powers or something. It's not like I know what I can and can't do.


    She closed her book and sighed. A perfect ending to an almost perfect story, she thought quietly. She would have preferred that those two boys, Piggy and Simon hadn't died, but then again, it wouldn't have ended this way if they were alive at the end of Lord of the Flies, would it? Not that she hadn't known the ending, this was her fifteenth time reading the book, and she still enjoyed it.

    She looked out the window only to see two young girls walking by, one with long black hair, the other with...grey hair? She couldn't quite tell, but both were seemingly teenagers. They certainly seem to be having a lively conversation. I wonder what they're talking about....
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  9. "sure though not right now. gotta clear it with the parents. one thing i do miss about being on my own..." though besides a very few smaller things she didn't regret her wish one bit. Decria, Her Guardria, was to thank for that. and speak of the devil the little black fur ball was here "heya. another newbie has popped up. you know the drill right?" it says "yeah,yeah i got'cha. you can get back your exploration you love so much just don't end up road kill." Cory said. Her's unlike most Guardria didn't really stick to her house and play stuffed animal. Too much curiosity about humanity to stay in one place. "well gotta go find the newbie. you wanna come along?"
  10. May:

    May's expression went from curious to shock and anger as soon as she saw that little black Guardria pop up in front of the black haired girl. So she's a magical girl....I bet that her friend is a magical girl as well. I should probably follow them.

    She clocked out for her job, grabbed her coat, checked to see that her amulet was still hidden under her shirt, and locked the door behind her. She was determined to know who these girls were and what they were about to do.


    She got her groceries fairly quickly, seeing as she didn't need much. She walked over to her bike outside, opening the box that was her bicycle's trunk to put her groceries in, and hiding inside was that small, fluffy, orange Guardria that she had met in her dream two days ago who had granted her wish. She froze up for a few seconds, then relaxed.

    "Well, hello again! What are you doing here?" Summer asked.

    "You need to stay here, Summer! You can't go home just yet!"


    "No buts! You need to meet some of the other magical girls! They can help you out with your duties!"

    "Can't you just give them my address and we can meet there?! I have milk in one of my bags and ice cream in another! I don't want the food to spoil or melt or something!"
  11. Heading out to find her and Bringing Letitia if she wants to come and starts off looking for the newbie magical girl. also gets a sense of geting trailed by someone. someone not very friendly.
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    Letitia had tagged along -why not, after all, and she had time to spare- but she had been getting a strange feeling for a while. Like they were being followed. Letitia didn't glance around or check suspiciously behind her shoulder -nothing like that. After all, if there really was someone tailing them, they'd only get warned if she did that. Instead, she glanced sideways at Cory, murmuring, 'Do you feel that?' under her breath, loudly enough that the other could catch it, but softly enough that no one else was able to. Letitia was getting more conscious of the amulet hanging around her neck. If whoever it was was a Corrupted -like Ami became- then they'd have to fight. Letitia didn't want to do that.

    What a strange person. Ami stared after her when she rode off, eyes narrowed a fraction of a inch. She had the feeling that the stranger was heading to the same place as Ami herself was -grocery store, was it?- and Ami really didn't want to have to meet her again. For some reason, she felt intensely uneasy around the girl. Just like when she was around Magical Girls- wait. Ami froze mid-step, a thought crossing her mind, and then she hesitated for the tiniest moment before speeding up, walking quickly after the stranger.
  13. "Yeah." she says her hand going to the medallion shaped amulet that hangs under her uniform top. she also put herself more into a brawler stride. whoever was following them was extremely likely to be a foe. Corrupted rarely got redeemed totally willingly."And was looking forward to a quiet day too." she says grumbling with a sigh.
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  14. May:

    She followed them through the winding streets of town, trying to be quiet, so they wouldn't start fighting her. May got the feeling that they might know that she was following them, but she wasn't about to flat out attack them. No, she was lying in wait, waiting for them to make one wrong move before she would attack them. They're talking quietly now. Hmph. I wish they would be a little louder so I could hear them. Not that they'd want me to hear them, but still. I wonder where they're even going....May looked at her amulet. I suppose that since I'm probably going into a fight, I need to prepare to unlock my secret library....


    Summer pouted a little bit. She had bought some ice to keep the items in her trunk cold, but she got the feeling that it wouldn't last long with how hot it was supposed to get today. Her Guardria had told her that the magical girls would arrive within the next fifteen minutes, but time seemed to go by so slowly when she had to wait for people. She looked out, only to see the blonde girl from earlier heading straight towards her, two girls, one with...grey? Yeah, that was grey hair, and the other with black hair coming towards her from another direction. Far behind the twosome, there was a black haired girl wearing glasses, clutching something.

    "Um...I seem to remember you saying that there were others, but I wasn't expecting four other magical girls...."

    The Guardria looked up, then, it started panicking in a way that only a cute orange fluffball could.

    "Summer...there's only supposed to be two magical girls coming. Two of those girls aren't even magical girls anymore...they're...."

    "Just say it!"

    "Corrupted magical girls. I hope those two get here before the others do so they can help you figure out your powers before you have to fight...."

    "Corrupted magical girls? Fighting?! Nobody told me any of this!"
  15. seeing her the new one close by she speaks up to may. under normal circumstances she would give in to her mounting urge to stand and fight like she did before becoming a magical girl. but in all likely hood the new girl "listen under normal circumstances about now i would've transformed and attacked. but right now we got something requiring enough delicacy that we don't attack you outright. so i'll you one chance: walk the fuck away right now."
  16. May:

    May was slightly shocked at the magical girl's reaction. Back off, huh.... She noticed where they were going just then, towards a young lady with bright red hair in a ponytail. May could figure out easily enough, due to the Guardria next to her, that she was a magical girl as well. This is going to get bad if she gets near the three of us....

    "No," she responded. "If you want me to back off, then maybe you should back away from that girl over there, the magical girl, I mean. You were heading towards her, right? To do what exactly? Are you planning on hurting the new girl?" Not that I expect a straight answer from you people. May waited for her response.


    Those three girls were discussing something, and Summer could tell that they were making each other angry. Maybe that is part of my powers...being able to see what is making people happy or upset, and whether they're happy or upset. In any case, I should go see what's going on. Summer started walking towards them, trying to get herself a little less tense for what was to come, despite her Guardria's protests.
  17. sees the girl and sighs. how is she going to be able to do this? of she tells the corrupted would likely try and twist the newbie. and she was pretty damn sure that the girl didn't know how to defend herself from the cross-fire if she attacked. though seems The corrupted sensed with the new girl but not the fact she was new. then she notices she is approaching "Kid you may want stay back. things could go really down the shitter."
    'I'll deal with the new one,' Letitia murmured to Cory, making a decision, 'Try and stall the corrupted for as long as possible?' Letitia really didn't wish to fight -not a corrupted, and not in the middle of a bustling street. It wouldn't do good for any of their reputations, and besides, this one seemed to be -possibly- reasonable, at the very least. Unlike a certain other Corrupted both she and Cory knew, who was rather prone to trigger-happiness. Nodding at Cory, Letitia turned and close the distance between them and the new magical girl. 'Really, you might want to stay back.' She informed the other, gesturing at Cory and the corrupted, 'Your Guardian should have explained it -however vaguely- to you,' unlike Letitia's own, who, really, had some issues with things like responsibility and actually showing your face in front of your magical girl once in a while, 'but it really wouldn't cover the full of scope of what's going to happen if those two start settling their problem with violence and bad decisions.'

    Something was going on. Ami hurried forward a few more steps, then hid in the shadows of a nearby building to peer at the commotion. Oh, observational skills, how she missed them. If only Ami could simply transform then and there without bothering about all the passers-by on the streets. How bothersome. But, as it was, her regular eyesight wasn't half bad either, and if she squinted, Ami could catch a glimpse of- wait. Frowning, eyebrows furrowed, Ami peered closer. Ah. Something really was going on. It seems she'd met her old friends once again.
  19. May:

    "You two never answered my question. Why are you meeting this girl? Are you planning on hurting her, or something like that?" May saw that the other magical girl was very close to the group, and now, the other magical girl was getting closer to her.

    "Hey, back off from the redhead! What did she ever do to you?!" May yelled, grabbing the grey haired girl's shoulder. She started trying to pull her back.

    "Look, kid, for once, I'm going to agree with these two magical girls and say that you should probably leave. Unless, of course, you aren't the victim here. Then you need to get a lot closer."


    "Okay, what exactly is going on here? First you guys are making each other angry, then you're all arguing with each other about something, and I'm not sure what. Can't you guys just sit down, and talk it out? I mean, there's no need for all of us to be fighting with each other, right?" As Summer looked over the entire group, she noticed a blonde girl, similar to the one she met earlier. Matter of fact, despite the shadows covering her face, she was pretty sure it was the blonde girl she met with earlier.

    "Hello again!" Summer called out to her. "Do you mind coming over here and helping me sort out these girls' problems?"
  20. she lunges at may "Hey! Let go of my friend!" she roared. that did it. No one messed with her friend and li-no escaped unscathed. gotta put that gangland stuff behind her. still having issues. but right now her short fuse has gone off. she said to Letitia "get her out of here! i'll keep this bitch off for as long as i can!" she said getting her amulet out. the medallion with an emerald skull emblem in it. and she triggered the transformation via raising her hand up above her head and at a slant. The amulet released a spiral of energy that has scythe tips. as usual the clothes disappeared and the at first one piece soon took it's place and soon flared out to sleeves and skirt and energy wraps around her feet and a bit of shin to form combat boots with the sheaths falling down and affixing to her waist and she draws out her blades. she was in fight mode.
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