The Twelve Mentors - Chapter 1

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  1. Argo had been pushing hard against the kingdom of bastards, as he called them. His current standing with the Syndicate left him unable to join the ranks of his people in the war. Still, he grasped his family sword intently, swearing in the new members of the cause. The cause, in case, was a weak one in comparison, to the bastards; The Twelve Mentors. Argo's life may have become boring, but at least MORE new recruits were due soon later
  2. Sweeper: that's what they called him. He carried a straw-broom with him everywhere he went. It's how he got his name. Even as the man was to be sworn in, he swept the tiles beneath. His gray eyes seemed as if they were elsewhere, staring vacantly and unblinking. But Sweeper's mind was alert. The choice to join the syndicate was not made lightly. As he swept, Sweeper meditated on the reason why he chose to involve himself. The few memories he had left brought him to this place. Those precious few would have to be stored carefully. It would be better to sacrifice newer, less important memories for the time being.

    "It is an honor to serve."
    He spoke dispassionately. With little in his mind to reference, there was little passion to muster.

  3. Argo smiled at the broom carrying man. "Its an honor to have such a well known Mage in my court," he said with much revere. He pulled his sword and did the traditional knighting ceremony. Several of his guards knelled at the new recruit in congratulation to Sweeper. "as tradition goes, recruit, it is now your duty to put my guards at ease.
  4. The old man came, and the quick ceremony was said. All the guards kneeled, but one moved out of sync with the others, hastily kneeling after them. That was Demiata, one of the many thieves of the Syndicate Disciple. Her delayed reaction was due to surprise, for as the newcomer was knighted, he was called a Mage. She had realized the lowered bodies of all the others, and had quickly gotten down on one knee, but she kept her face up and tilted towards the man. Her lean face was probably the only one looking up, a sign usually seen as disrespect, but she could not help herself. As her silver-blue eyes stared at the man, a silent word rested on her lips. “Mage.”</SPAN>

    For years she had been in search of a Mage of renown, and for years she had been rejected when she asked for training. This broom-man would probably have to help her, now that he was in the Disciple! Soon realizing her rudeness, her face hastily looked down, before she rose, this time in sync with the others.</SPAN>
  5. A well known mage: what a strange thought. Perhaps the man swearing him in was embellishing, or perhaps Sweeper had simply forgotten. He was prone to memory loss. Such is the drawback of being a mage. One always has to pay a unique price for their unique powers. Few, aside from mages themselves understood the cost. In Sweeper's case he paid in memories. The greater the spell, the more precious the memory. But even basic memories were valuable. One should spend wisely, and at their own discretion; never at the discretion of another.

    The Syndicate. It was one of two memories that remained from the time he could remember. He went there seeking answers but quickly found himself empathizing with their cause. There was a reason for it, but he just couldn't recall why. As he knelt down, Sweeper set his broom on the floor. Argo took his sword and placed it against each shoulder and the man became a member of their organization. Standing up again, Sweeper met eyes with their commander.

    “Tradition. I understand. But how would I guards at ease? I would prefer not to wantonly cast magic.” His words, again, had very little emotion. Expression was difficult for Sweeper. He may have even misunderstood the question due to a lack of mental reference. Yet, as he turned to face the others he caught one of them, a girl, mouthing something. Their eyes met for but a second, yet Sweeper's smiled, although very subtly. He caught a glimpse of something, perhaps a memory? He didn't have time to pry before her gaze shifted quickly to the floor.
  6. Argo shot a glare at Demiata, but then bringing a smiling gaze back to the new member. "Welcome to the cause. One of my servants will show you around the castle." He motioned to one of his trusted servants to do this for him. He turned to the servant, "Treat this man as you would treat me."


    Yusif Kalwreathe was the leader of the Twelve Mentors. a High Paladin of Tigersigh. he had intel that the Syndicate would be weak this evening, and therefore he set a counter attack. It would be no small feat, as it would be expected. He already had 10 men inside of the city walls. He used a mirror to send the signal. It was about to get serious.

    5 men climbed the walls of the Syndicate Castle, sure to be quiet and they opened the hatch on the roof and began to sneak in. the 4 guards that guard the back entrance into the throne room were killed easily. Meanwhile, the other 5 soldiers burst right through the front door, swords ready. The army of 100 men outside the city walls loaded cannons and fired barrage after barrage at the city walls as 2 siege towers approached the city slowly.