The Tulpa Phenomena

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  1. This is simply a very rough idea that, although incomplete, may have some potential in it. The plot is still not entirely set but in the process of being written. However, before I take it further, I would like to know if there are any players that would be interested.

    Well, basically, the story would revolve around humans and their tulpas. Now, an explanation is in order since maybe some (if not all) of you do not know what a tulpa is. A short and simplistic definition would be:
    -"A tulpa is believed to be an autonomous consciousness, existing within their creator’s mind, often with a form of their creator's initial choice and design.
    A tulpa is entirely sentient and in control of their opinions, feelings, form and movement.
    They are willingly created by people via a number of techniques to act as companions, muses, and advisers."-

    Frankly, it is related in some ways to the imaginary friend. However, one major difference would be that tulpas do not always comply to what their creator asks them to do. Tulpas are an independent thoughtform that can prove potentially dangerous if allowed to do as it pleases. Not only that, but its personality can change as well as its relationship with its human. Tulpas are intelligent and easily form opinions.

    The appearance of this entity is usually defined by the way the human imagines it. The same goes for personality. Yet, sometimes creating a tulpa can happen accidentally. Nevermind that. After the being has been created, its 'owner' can communicate with it. This can happen either verbally or mentally. Furthermore, despite the tulpa being a manifestation residing in ones mind (or more specifically, in a certain fantasy place referred to as 'wonderland') sometimes it can be projected into the real world.

    A lot more things can be said about this particular phenomena of the mind. Yet, it would be better if I simply explained the outline of the plot. As I stated before, the story revolves around the relationships between the tulpas and their creators. A human can have more than one tulpa; it could be consciously or accidentally created; it may have existed prior to the beginning of the story or the human may have had other throughforms in the past; etc. The human and tulpa aren't really... allowed to belong to the same player since that wouldn't really be any fun now, would it? I also have to state that the appearance of the entity would be either that of a person or not (though the later is not really a good idea for a list of reasons, which include the fact that supernatural beings of any sort can be hard to control and maddening).

    The players will be living in the same town, though some of them may not have been born or raised there. Additionally, the humans shall meet with each other throughout the roleplay (if they weren't acquaintances form the beginning) and interact. The same goes for the tulpas.

    ... Frankly, this is the basic information about the whole roleplay idea. Lastly, since the tulpas can be more than one, I must say that there will potentially be a limit to the number of people... So, yeah...
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  2. Count me in! Just a question - what should the CS for the tulpa consist of? And should we make one for the actual 'owner' of it?
  3. Well, this is just an interest check thread so the CS for both humans and tulpas will be posted later on, in an OOC one. Also, the person can decide if they want to make their tulpa in accordance to who they will 'belong to', though I personally think that this imaginary entity's personality shouldn't exactly fit in with their owner's. That would be because tulpas are a 'separate' thoughtform and don't need to have too much (if anything) in common with the creator... I hope this answered your question, though I am not quite sure what exactly it was that you wanted to know regarding your second inquiry. Sorry if I messed up...
  4. Ah, thank you. I'll be awaiting the OOC thread. And by the second question I wanted to ask if we were to play in this roleplay, do we have to be both the tulpa and the owner (which, by the description, is a 'yes' in my mind). If so, should we make two character sheets (for both) or just for the active character(in my case, it would be the tulpa)(but the owner is supposed to be the active one)(goin' against the rules!). Yeah, my question was dumb and so was my reply...

    P.S.: YOLO ~
  5. Your question is not stupid! It is an important one and I am sorry I couldn't answer it accordingly. The thing is that, unfortunately, there would be no point in someone playing an owner and its tulpa all at one. Though a player can create both a thought form and a person, they may not belong to each other. Hope this is understandable...
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  6. Thank you~ That actually answers my question. By the way, what is the limit to the owners and tulpas? I mean both per person and in total for the whole roleplay, cause I think you mentioned the number of players is limited. (P.S.: I'm waiting for something, by the way)
  7. Glad I was able to answer you this time! Also, the limit of the humans in the roleplay will be set after I see how many people are willing to participate. By the way, there is the option to create a person that doesn't have a tulpa but proves to be important to the story (examples would be a psychologist, close friend of someone in possession of a tulpa, etc.), though I kind of doubt that anyone would want to take on such a role. (PS: I am very well aware that you are waiting for something, yet there have been some... complications).
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  8. TOTALLY INTERESTED. Love the idea, really. And I was gonna be a bit mad if you didn't mention the tulpa's being played by a separate player.. I mean, it makes sense that they would be played by someone else, right?

    A few questions though. I know this is rough planning but I guess answer if it was a real set up roleplay:

    How many characters/tulpa's would you have as a limit?
    Would the creator of the human character be able to request a sort of character-type for the tulpa? Like say your human's history involves a lot of violence and misfortune caused by said tulpa. Would you be able to request for someone who can create a tulpa fitting that concept?
    And of course the creators of the humans and tulpas would have to work together if they are played by separate people... would you assign players together or would it be voluntary?
    Do we have to have someone else play our tulpa or can you play your own?
  9. Thank you and I apologise for the late reply. Guess I got timezoned.

    Anyway, concerning your questions:
    The limit to neither humans nor tulpas is set yet. In the future, it will be based off how many players are interested in participating, and so far that is unknown. However, I can give an example of the relation between the number of 'owners' and tulpas. Lets say we have 4 humans. This would mean that the thoughtforms will probably end up being at least 6 or 7, depending on the quantity of entities that the owner wishes to be in possession of.

    Next up, it will be pretty epic if one could request his tulpa to have a certain characteristic. Yet, for that to happen, there need to be players, willing to take on a challenge and base their character around set qualities. If anyone would like to do so, then it will not be an issues. Additionally, the human gets to chose some things when it comes down to their tulpa. Examples would be the number of entities, if it was created consciously or accidentally, how long they have had this intelligent being, what an impact it has had on them, etc. Meanwhile, the thoughtforms get to decide on the interior of their 'wonderland' (the place they reside within their creator's mind).

    Furthermore, when it comes to assigning partners: at first it would only be polite to let people chose who they want to be with. The human characters will be able to... adopt their tulpas, if I dare say so. Yet, if someone is left alone, then a player will have to volunteer and team up with them.

    Lastly... I am having kind of an issue figuring out exactly what you are inquiring but will give my best shot at answering. Frankly, your character's tulpa (if they even have one) has to be played and created by another rper. Yet, if you make up a thoughtform yourself, then you would be the one taking on their role. Consequently, that would mean that the tulpa you made cannot belong to your human, since then it would be pointless.

    Hope this helps and thank you for all the questions. They really help me flesh out the whole concept of the story.
  10. mmkay. Count me in for this. I'm busy for the next few days and have a terrible cold but I'd love to join!
  11. Okay then! Hope you get better.
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  12. I am intrigued by the idea behind this concept. Especially the whole Tulpa thing. Though I must admit having someone else in my character's head or being that someone else is a novel concept for me. Which is an added bonus for me.
  13. Glad you like the concept and that you are okay with working with another player!

    (Also, the whole thing with the tulpa and human being different roleplayers actually has a meaning behind it. In real life tulpas behave as completely separate entities and the whole experience of having one can be, well, freakish and alien to an extend. So, it would be more realistic to let the thoughtform and 'owner' belong to different people.)
  14. Well, I am a huge jerk that FINALLY got around to finishing up and posting an OOC thread... I really have no excuse for completely neglecting this roleplay, for which I apologise. Just hoping there there still remains some interest in all this.
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  15. I am totes still interested (and am freaking out because I thought it was dead and it's not omgomgomgogmgomgomgomg) but not sure if I can join, cause I've (stupidly, probably) joined like 4 other roleplays. And I'm trying to limit myself to five. But this comes off as being uber cool. And a good opportunity for me (I'm a writer and I need practice desperately. Yup.). So I'm still interested and may/may not join. Depends on how many other people do I suppose
  16. This still has my interest. Think I might go the route of being that someone else in a person's head.
  17. Okay then! By the way, the reason that you may not be able to participate in this roleplay is completely understandable and I respect the fact that you were considerate enough to inform us of this.
  18. Extremely glad to hear both those statements!
  19. If/when I do join I'll probably want to play a human with a crapton of tulpa's. Preferably ones that hate eachother. Sounds fun.
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  20. Very interested. I will await the OOC.
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