The Tudors

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  1. Anyone? Anyone at all...? *^*
  2. I watched the first two seasons when they aired, but then I never got around to watching the rest. Those two seasons were pretty fucking great though. I've heard it described as Game of Thrones with less death and magic but more sex, and I feel like it's pretty accurate.

    I should really get around to finishing the show. At this point I should just watch it from the start because it's been so long, but I have so many things on my to watch list, ugh.
  3. Haha well good luck with watching the rest! I only started on it a few weeks back but I'm barely near the ending of the first season! Darn school... >__>
  4. I thought about watching it. I think, not entirely positive, it is on either Hulu or Netflix.
  5. Ah, then I'll have to take a look, of course this means finishing other series too. I was in the middle of The Borgias.
  6. @Ragnar Lothbrok I have that on Netflix as well. Would you recommend it? I haven't started it yet but it looked interesting to me.
  7. From what I've seen it is pretty good. Corrupt by all standards but watching the characters do what they must in the situations they are given is what made me continue to watch it. Also, I like Jeremy Irons as an actor. Definitely watch it. They also have another series called Borgias, I think it is based on the one we're talking about or the one we are mentioning is based of it. I only briefly glanced at it. If you have Huluplus I recommend Vikings, if you haven't seen it already. They started streaming it from season 1. Great series too.
  8. Coolio! Now back on topic...

    Does anyone have a favorite character from The Tudors? :D

    I really like Sir William~ :3
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