The Tsundere and the DereDere

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  1. It's the first year of High School for many teenagers. Hitomi Natsuki is just another one of those teenagers. However, she has yet to gain any friends since Kindergarten, and she is certainly the only girl in her class who has yet to kiss someone. Young Natuski enrolled in an all-girls school to avoid facing this fact. But her natural beauty and tsundere personality have encouraged several of Natsuki's classmates to try and get closer to her-in a romantic way. Poor Natsuki is now troubled by the girls pursuing her and her lack of friends. Luckily, she is able to escape most of the girls using her wits and anger, but this time...she may not get them back.

    Natsuki Hitomi
    Age: 15
    Grade: 9
    School: Sakurakai High School
    Homeroom: 1-A
    Appearance: Short black hair that reaches just above her shoulders, Straight bangs, Blue eyes, Tanned skin, Freckles, 5 feet tall, Very skinny, Small chest she often complains about
    Parents: Hitomi Harukawa ((Mother)), Soumei Harukawa ((Father))
    Siblings: None
    Friends: None
    Likes: Reading, Piano, Art, Music, Manga, Anime
    Dislikes: Spicy foods, Bees, Perfume, Being alone at night
    Skills: Kendo, Karate, Kung Fu, Aikido, Cooking, Drawing, Playing Piano, Math
    Class periods: 1st period Mathematics, 2nd period Biology, 3rd period Home-Ec, 4th period Art, 5th period Lunch, 6th period Physical Education, 7th period English, 8th period Creative Writing, 9th period Japanese
    Clubs: Art Club, Track Team
    Job: None
    Dere: Tsundere

    Natsuki walked onto the school grounds, looking around nervously at the huge crowd of student gathered in the courtyard. Four large boards stood near the entrance of the school and tacked on them were every student's class. 'So many people...there's no way I'm going to find my class in this mess.' Natsuki thought. She moved her way through the crowd to the board and searched for her name. 'Hitomi Natsuki, Class 1-A...huh. I wonder where that is.' Natsuki hurried away from the board and looked around for a teacher.
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  2. Character Name: Yuna Zakuro
    Gender: Female
    General Appearance: Long brown hair that reaches middle back, Long bangs held back by a snowflake clip, Dark brown eyes, 5'5 height, Well rounded, Large chest she should complain about but doesn't cause she's too happy
    School: Sakurakai Highschool
    Cooking, Cleaning
    Class Periods:1st period Mathematics , 2nd period Music , 3rd period Home-Ec, 4th period Biology , 5th period Lunch, 6th period Physical Education, 7th period Japanese, 8th period Computer Programming, 9th period English
    Clubs: Cooking, Tennis team
    Job: None
  3. Yuna smiled as she easily pushed past the people to see her class. "1-A..."
  4. After about eight minutes of pointless wandering and teacher directions, Natsuki finally found her classroom. She opened the door to find that the only person there was the teacher. "Hey, Sensei...where is everyone?" Natsuki asked. The teacher perked up from her laptop, her unkempt blonde hair flopping in her face as she yawned. "They're all at the Opening Ceremony. Looks like you aren't going, and I can tell why. Those things are such a waste of time!" Sensei ranted, going off about how dumb the Principal's speeches were and how pointlessly stupid the entire Ceremony was. '...looks like someone doesn't like the other teachers, and they aren't a student for once.' Natsuki thought to herself. After Sensei finished talking, she gave Natsuki a seat next to a window in the back row.
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  5. Yuna wonders around trying to find her class. She is completely lost until she finally stumbles across it. ".... OH! The opening ceremony!" She frantically looks around for a clock. "I've probably already missed it..."
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  6. Natsuki looked out the window at the student's returning from the Opening Ceremony. Sensei put her laptop away, stuck her hair up in a messy ponytail, and tried her best to look excited as students came in. 'I really hate school...' Natsuki thought. She figured these four years would be just the same as all the school years before-lonely, boring, and uneventful. So far, no one was sitting next to Natsuki. 'And Sensei hasn't put anyone here...maybe someone's absent? Sensei was pretty sure there were enough students in this class to fill every desk...'
  7. Yuna after moping about the opening ceremony came back to her class and plopped down in her seat. She looked around and got excited again it was a new school year!
  8. Natsuki watched as someone finally took the seat next to her as the morning bell rang. It was a girl with very long brown hair that looked soft, and warm brown eyes. The girl was smiling as if she was having the best day of her life. '...weird.' Natsuki thought, turning to Sensei as she started speaking. "Welcome class, I'm Kisaragi Sensei and I'll be your Mathematics teacher. We start introductions from the first row. Go." Sensei said, and the introductions started with the girl closest to the door in the front row.
  9. Yuna glanced over to neighbors on her right was a girl she sort of recognized on her left was a girl she knew she had never met. She had pretty short black hair and sharp blue eyes. She looked like she was having a horrible day. When she looked forward again she frowned slightly. She wondered what was wrong.
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  10. Natsuki could feel eyes on her, so she turned to face whoever it was. As she turned, her gaze came into contact with the stare of the girl next to her, and Natsuki realized how cute she really was. '...kawaii...' She thought, blushing lightly. Sensei turned towards Natsuki. "Next!" She yelled. Natsuki stood up, earning snickers and whispers from some of the girls who had gone to the same Junior High as Natsuki. "Hitomi Natsuki, it's very nice to meet you." Natsuki said, sitting down and staring at her desk as some of the girls in the room giggled to each other. Natsuki had gone to this school praying that the bullying she had experienced in Junior High wouldn't follow, but it seemed that it had indeed.
  11. "Next!" Yuna stood up and smiled enthusiastically. "Zakuro Yuna! I hope we all can get along!" She sat down and bounced in her seat.
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  12. Natsuki flinched a small bit with Yuna's sudden outburst. Some of the other girls smiled, some laughed, and some just stared. Soon after, the introductions finished. "Now, we aren't going to do any Mathematics today because I'm in a bad mood and I forgot my handbook at home, so you guys can go ahead and have a free period. Do whatever you want just don't leave the classroom." Sensei said, walking out of the room. Natsuki facepalmed and took out her sketchbook. 'I'm curious about that teacher, she seems like she should be in a computer lab somewhere instead of in a school teaching Mathematics.' Natsuki pondered. She began drawing the city outside the window, the detail covering every inch of space on the page.
  13. Yuna looks over and smiles at Natsuki. "Hello! What are you drawing?"
  14. "...huh?" Natsuki looked over to see Yuna looking at her. "Oh, um, it's just the scenery's not that special." She said, looking down at her drawing with silent pride.
  15. "Wow! It's really good! I'm not very good at drawing myself~" She laughed.
  16. Natsuki didn't quite know what to do, so she quickly finished her drawing and handed it to Yuna. "Here, keep it." She said.
  17. Yuna took it surprised. "Wow really? Are you sure I can have it?"
  18. "Yeah, go ahead. I don't need it anyways." Natsuki replied, blushing over Yuna's smile. For some reason Natsuki felt as if she wouldn't hate school. The feeling went away fast as a tall girl from Natsuki's Junior High approached her desk. 'God damnit...'
  19. Yuna looked at her curiously. "Hello there! Do you need something?"
  20. The tall girl smirked. "Not with you, no." Natsuki just stared at her desk uncomfortably, knowing exactly what this was about. "So, Hitomi, I'm pretty sure you know why I wanna talk to you so come on!" The girl said, grabbing Natsuki's wrist and pulling her out of the room, ignoring what Sensei had said. 'God damnit!' Natsuki didn't want to be in the situation but didn't want Yuna to follow, so she smiled an awkward smile and waved at the brunette.
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