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  1. {setting undead asylum}
  2. He used to be a force to be reckoned with. He used to be hired by the most ruthless of killers and world leaders. He used to be somebody, but look at him now. His armor was chipped and broken..his weapon taken and tossed away..his pride as one of the best assassins around all he had left..and here he was sitting in a cell.....left to rot.
    Did it matter that he was living and not one of those abominations? Maybe..maybe not. All he knew was that he was locked in here...had been for quite awhile. How long? He didn't even know.
    All they told him was when his food arrived... if his food arrived.

    He sighed as he leaned against the wall. If I had my bow and some arrows, those undead wouldn't stand a chance and I'd be long out of here! Don't see any chance of that happening though.

  3. It was a quick occurrence, light shown down from the ceiling, the hole where the "others" dropped in more rotting rat meat or other members of the undead.
    But what dropped was a half rotted body.
    And a key, a cell key.
    A face looked down at this rotted former glory of a man, if he could even call him that.
    It glowed off of the ever forgetting sun.
    A head, coated in armor,
    It was a knight, who dropped this gift from the heavens.
    But, as quickly as he came, he shut the ceiling quickly.

    "he's on his own...."
    The night Lazarus said clanking away from his drop point.
    "if he can even last longer than that wretch (referring to the dead man dropped into the cell) then he might be able to get out of here."

    He moved his way to where the cell block of the asylum exited to an open hallway.
    Where he sat and waited.

    Lazarus was once a very proud knight, notable, and respected. But, after the war, and becoming undead, he was confound here.
    Although he escaped his cell, and had made a ability for him self blending in with the other "guards" who where hardly ever present.
    He had been looking for someone to escape here with.
    Just not able to walk out the front door, the monster at the front gate wouldn't let him pass.
  4. The sound of the body crashing against the floor made him open his eyes and glance first at the body, then at the hole it dropped from. He caught a glimpse of a knight before it sealed shut. Why did he toss a deceased undead in here with me? Jerk...
    He was ready to continue his nap until a glint of metal shone on the body and he stood, crossing to it. It was a key. The guard was letting him go...but why?

    He didn't waste any time with possibilities. He rushed to the door and unlocked it, swinging it open and hearing the creak echo down the moss covered hallway. He leaned down and grabbed a broken hilt of a sword. Melee wasn't his forte, but it would do...for now.
    He burst down the hallway, the moans of the undead filling the air. Most were too far gone to deal with him, but he knew there were that knight..who still had their senses about them. They would be the challenge.
  5. Lazarus waited rather lazily at the end of the long passage, the air was crisp with the fall air. It was pleasant feeling it through some of the spacing's in his armor.
    His broad sword, which was as of late, an over used hunk of metal. Was curled up, laying against his shoulder. His shield laying against the wall.
    He drew out a big sigh as he reclined more on the stairs ascending to the second floor of the asylum

    "it's only not even 45 yards... how long could it take...?"
  6. He peered round the corner and saw the guard waiting for him. He could tell it was the same guard. Was he waiting for him? Only one way to find out...
    He passed through the corridor and faced the guard. "I assume you're waiting for me." His hand gripped the broken sword hilt. It barely counted as a weapon.
    "Why did you throw down the cell key with that corpse? What do you want?"
  7. "try and put two and two together friend, this place is damned near abandoned. There are no guardsman around here, just the occasional deliverers who bring folks like us here to wait the end of the world."

    He stood, sheathing his broadsword and popped his visor up, showing off his same "dead" features as the rest of the sorry lot whom where locked up

    "I wanna get out of here, just like you"

    He gave a gritty smile as he extended his arm, with a creek of the age on it

    "I looted this off of a few former knights whom where brought here, after a while, I got my own suit"
  8. He sighed as he relaxed a bit. Once he saw the man was an undead, he wondered what this man wanted even more. "I'm not your friend..least not yet anyhow."
    The mans undead features disturbed him..all the undead did. Made him glad that he was still human. "This place does seem for the few wanderers and ourselves. What is stopping you from leaving...but i guess more importantly, what exactly makes you think I can help you get out of here?"

    He helped him escape the cell, waited here with an offer of partnership...but why?
  9. "you ... didn't hear it stomping around in there...? That big monstrous THING?"

    He looked baffled for a moment, but recovered.

    "I thought you where an undead as well... hehe, can't really see well down the drop hole yah? It was to my knowledge that all they Kept was undead down here.
    But considering you've retained your humanity...? This is just perfect..."

    He grabbed his shield and propped it on his back.
    "we're gonna get out of here together because there is something I want to do. "

    He flopped down his visor and moved to a wooden support beam on the wall, it was weak, so he yanked it off, giving it to this new comrade.

    "I can't leave this place because there's an dragon at the gate. And we're gonna kill it. We'll talk more when we get to some resting grounds yah?"

    He stepped aside, and motioned for his comrade to continue forth.

    "the world has changed quite a lot sense you've been locked away."
  10. He sighed as he took the beam. "I'd do better with a bow and some arrows..but this will work for now." He got ready to toss the weapon aside, but decided to go with a weapon in both hands..his right holding the beam and the dagger-like hilt in his left. Now he was better equiped to deal with the for this knight.
    He figured if this knight was genuine about helping him get out of here..then maybe he's alright. He understood if he wanted some help killing off a monstrous dragon.
    "Alright..i'll tag along. I want to see this creature for myself. Care to tell me your name? Mine's Kat..with a K."
  11. "my name is Lazarus.... with an L "
    He chuckled at his sarcasm. Gingerly jumping up steps to the bright outside air.
    Turning the corner though to a gated door, with rather murky water seeping out from the bottom of it.
    "sewage is broken in here. That nd the bodies mixed in...."
    He opened the door for him.

    "you first... try not to make to much noise, that beast is through the bared windows "
  12. Kat glanced through the room, seeing no danger nearby. He slowly entered, not seeing a beast or undead anywhere. He stepped quietly as per the knights warning. even though he saw nothing, the ominous sense of being watched crawled across his skin.
    "You were right Lazarus..this place is quite empty."

    He didn't know what was making his nerves on edge more...the eerie silence or the possibility of the dragon being right around the corner. Guess he'd have to continue on and see for himself.
  13. "no kidding"
    He shadowed Kat close behind, stepping gingerly. "I'm worried... I haven't a clue where the dragon is... "

    Then two where going rather well, seeing as they where treading through the sewage and keeping rather quiet.
    But of course, their luck would run out, as they passed through the final stretch of hallway, there was an eerie creak,
    Then a large slam, and a god forsaken screech.
    An undead who seemed rather upset about his living situations was wailing through the bared cell.

    That's when it happened, like thunder the monster dropped from another level, it was a big burly thing. It looked like a dragon who had to much to eat and the most pathetic wings. But the things mighty hammer he had made up for that.

    Where he was was a center piece of the asylum, a floor that could me roamed around in a 360 degrees.
    This dragon appeared to be playing the role of some kind of warden.

    Already Lazarus was against a none windowed part of the wall, hugging it as tight as he could.
    The warden was coming to investigate.

    "HIDE! QUICK!"
  14. Kat didn't need the hint. Seeing such a ferocious, if not disgusting, creature appear from nowhere was enough to jar his senses. He pressed against the wall and peeked to see the creature glancing around. The undead had gone silent as the wardens arrival, but now the dragon was checking where he could for stragglers.
    Great...just great. This knight's going to get me killed. He looked over at the knight and pointed to a open jail door. It probably led to a different part of the asylum..maybe to someplace higher.

    "Get ready..."
    Without warning, he ran out behind the dragon and stabbed both his weapons into the beasts hide. It didn't do much, but it did draw his attention. The beast roared and used his pathetic excuse of wings to flutter around and face the archer. Roaring, he lifted his club above his head to strike.
    Kat rolled out of the way and glanced over to the knight, gesturing him to go ahead and he's join after.
  15. The knight was gone.
    Only thing left was the trailing clanks of his armor, he was in a dead run;
    Away from the situation.
    He had abandoned the archer, and left him for dead,
    Or so he thought.
    The beast wasted no time in flailing his club around like an angry animal. Hot air blasting from it's nostrals, when suddenly it leared back and prepared from a mighty swing.
    When the night lept from the highest spot of the asylum entry way; rearing back his broad sword when he drove it right in between the mosters eyes.
    It wasn't happy.
    It flailed what was hopefully it's dying desperation and the night was flung off.
    Hitting the ground with a heavy slam.
    The knight rolled over stunned from his fall.
    "did we get it....? "
  16. Kat watched the dragon be impaled on the knights broadsword and begin flailing about. Blood was dripping down his face and eyes and the dragon roared angrily. Kat took the initiative and went on the attack. His weapons wouldn't do much, but he could still do more now that the dragon was distracted.
    He took hold of his weapons and attacked the dragons hide over and over again, dodging the frenzied strikes the monsters giant weapon crashed upon the ground. After a little bit of effort, the beasts thrashing grew still and the corpse crashed to the ground..quickly vanishing into nothingness. Kat picked up the broadsword and walked over to the knight.

    "So..partner..what do I call you?"
    He smirked as he handed the sword back to him.
  17. "call me lazlo, Lazlo of firerine."
    He sat up, bits and pieces of his armor cracking, but when he took his beaten up broadsword.
    It snapped in two.

    "OH CURSE IT!"

    He whipped the thing across the open cathedral.

    "I think you an I deserve a rest yes? Shall we leave this place? Or do you wish to sight see just a bit longer?"

    Sneering with a sarcastic chuckle.
  18. He rolled his eyes. "I'd be happier if we left this place. I got my time of sightseeing in my cell."
    Both men opened the large doors and headed to the cliff. It seemed like it overlooked the entire world. Suddenly, the air filled with a giant screech and Kat looked up to see a giant crow descending upon them. It snatched each on them in one talon and flew away with them.

    To say he was terrified was an understatement. He was in the clutches of a giant bird overlooking a drop that seemed to descend into eternal nothingness.
    Wonder where this blasted bird is bringing us?
  19. Lazlo was about to question the same thing, but before a thought could even pass through his head. The bird dropped him.
    And be fell crashing down, his armor completely shattered now. He slid on the greenery and whaped against a ruined wall.

    "ugh-" his voice trailed out in a frustrated moan, everything of his was shattered now.

    And his comrade was lucky enough to have a graceful landing.



    There was a few stragglers, all human having their wits about them,
    Some looked like royalty, some looked like commoners.

    "okay... I haven't a clue where we've landed..."

    Lazlo got up shedding the broken bits of his armor off. Showing off his chainlink under armor.
    He spotted one man by a set of stairs propped against a pot, rather big and bulky but his armor was regal, or at least that of a noblemen.

    "hey, go ask that guy if he knows where we are, and where we can get some more gear."

    even though Lazlos armor was busted, he was determined to keep his helmet on.
    He didn't like his face.
  20. Kat landed roughly, but still more gracefully than his partner did. All he could do was wince as he watched the knight crash to the ground. "Yeesh...never learned to be like a cat did ya?"
    He watched him stand and discard his busted up armor, save for the helmet. "Why are you...." He quit mid sentence, he already knew the answer.

    "Nevermind..let's just get going." His eye caught a couple entrances. One leading to a bunch of ruined buildings, another leading to what looked like a courtyard of sorts.
    "I'll let you pick our first route. Just let me know...hopefully we can find me a bow and some arrows along the way."
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