The truth about Jack Shade.

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  1. [​IMG]

  2. Jack Who? Oh gawd a furry. KILL IT.
  3. ...This made me laugh so much harder than it should have.
  4. Well in light of this furry evidence there's only one thing to do. *Grabs a shotgun off the wall*

    We have to fucking kill Jack.
  5. All right, everyone, let's not be unreasonable...

    We have to figure out who Jack Shade is, first. And then we kill him slowly.
  6. But we know who he is now, Kitti.

    We've asked the proverbial question into my Google searchbar the dark of night: Who is Jack Shade?

    And the answer has echoed back to us...

    ...A furry.
  7. Oh, well then.
    Prepare the sulfuric acid vat.
  8. Lets pluck him, skin him and roast him!
  9. WHAT IS THIS...?

    I DON'T EVEN....

    OH GOD....!
  11. I always thought Jack Shade = John Galt.

    OH THANK GOD I WAS WRONG. *throws Ayn Rand books into the fire*
  12. lol jack's a faggot
  13. Just like everyone but you, right Dorkness?
  14. .......

  15. I've been a faggot, in my darkest times.
  16. It wasn't enough that he stole his identity from Disney's Robin he steals my former name as well?

    By my self-titled rank as Captain for this month, I won't stand for it.

    Thank god he told me where he lives so I can claim my name again, Highlander style.
  17. [​IMG]

    I'd tap that furry!

    Haturs make us famous!

    I'm a furry too, okay? Are you going to kill me too, and call me a fag you homophobic pricks?! Or do you even kno I woold acutlly enjoys that!

    So what if I'm i'ma little kinky ppl? Is that reason to h8 on us? What so ur going to be haTING on ppl who have Nazi pedophile fetishs too now?

    Well IDGAF so SmyD and Ima gurl.

    This is my as a furry, hoes!

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    And heres a shout out to my pedobear nazis and especially pedo natzi furs!

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    I hope you get nightmares you paranoid parrots!
    * Note: All art is the property of the artist Ekaetriana. You may not use it to fap.
  18. Paranoid parrots...that one's going in the 'consonances to use' folder.
  19. ......
    *hands out the pitchforks and torches, gets out the gasoline, and leaves the Kroot unfed*

    Iwaku, i think it's time to riot.