The Truman Show 2


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Henry lifted his cup of MoonCheese Coffee and inhaled the dark, rich aroma of juniper dew on an Arizona morning. It was the taste of a cup slow-blended and lovingly matured, like the America we once knew when times were simpler. And at just $15 a bag it was the choice of the wholesome family who appreciate that the best things in life, like grandma's hugs, cost only a little but last a lifetime.

Having taken a sip, he put the cup back on the desk and smiled at his customers. They were an odd group: a man who couldn't sit still, a big-breasted woman and their teenage daughter.

"Okay folks, it looks like the old machine has come up with something." He clicked his mouse. "So, in your current price range, I can get you a return flight to Paris next week."

"That's awesome!" said the father in a scratchy, manic voice. "You, my man, are a wizard of the airways, the man with the plan, the terrestrial guardian of the super speedway! I love ya, buddy!"

Henry watched the customer fidget on his seat, then gave a nervous laugh. "Er, yes." He looked back at the screen. "Well anyway, the price here will cover the airport tax."

"Tax? Move on! Next! You can't tax me. I tax myself. You couldn't possibly afford my tax because my money is like the money of God, man!"

The wife leant forward, her breasts nudging the table and making Henry's coffee spill. "Please excuse him. Too much tiger blood this morning."

Henry glanced at her boobs. "Oh, okay."

"Paris sounds great. I love France. It has great bays."

Henry glanced at her boobs. "Er... yes maam, it does."

The woman glanced at the fax machine. "I like watching bays."

Henry glanced at her boobs. "Oh, me too."

The woman glanced at the fax machine. "I love a good bay watch."

Henry nodded, not sure what else to say. The woman looked again at the fax machine and there was an awkward silence before Henry went back to his screen. "Right. So, yes, the flight departs next week."

"What day next week?" asked the daughter, with a strangely fixed smile.

Henry checked the screen. "Er, let's see now. That's the 15th."

"Is that a Friday?"

"Er, no... that's a Thursday, honey."

"Friday comes afterwards."

Henry looked at her. ""

"Fun, fun, fun."

Henry mopped up his coffee. "Oh yes, my kids are fond of Fridays too."

"Do they look forward to the weekends?"

She still had the same smile. It hadn't moved an inch. He wondered if the kid was simple - clearly the father was on drugs and the mother had some sort of silicon addiction. It couldn't have been the best of upbringings.

"They sure do, honey."

"Okay man," yelled the father suddenly, his hand flailing out and hitting his wife's left boob, "Hook us up, compadre! Click that button and beam us through the airways to the realm of Franceland. In fact, don't even book the flight! I'll fly us there myself, on my wings of fire that I sprout from my veins! And all the Frenchmen will be like 'oh my god!' and then go to bed with their plain wives and their ugly children and think how much their life sucks as I fly above them with my burning warlock wings!"

"Er... so... is that a yes?"

"It sure is," said the wife to the fax machine. "I think this will be the breast holiday ever!"

"We so excited," added the daughter, still smiling blankly.

Everyone looked at the fax machine and Henry took a big gulp of his coffee.

It was going to be a long day.


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CherryBerri Lip Gloss in soft rose? Check! Hair pulled up to the side with a sparklie barrette currently on sale at Maurice's? Check! Her favorite top that made her boobs look all perky and caused Dallas to shift uncomfortably even though he couldn't stop staring? Double check!

London slammed her locker closed as she hefted her backpack up over her shoulder. She stalked down the Highschool hallway like a woman on a mission. There was no curiosity at how the crowd of teens always seemed to part out of the way with perfect timing. London accepted that as a benefit to her social status. High School was like an African jungle, and she worked her butt off to make sure she was on the top of the heap. Mother always said, only the pretty popular girls get the man.

Speaking of man, having her target in sight, London plopped against the lockers next to Dallas as he rummaged around pretending like he didn't see her coming. "What do you think about sneaking out with me tonight? I finished all of my homework during third period."

Dallas cast her a sideways glance. He was definitely checking out her shirt, but whatever he was doing in his locker, he seemed to be pretty determined to keep on doing. "Isn't it the Truman Family Dinner night? Oh, hey, take a listen to this." Out of his locker came the latest of Ipod Nano, in a super edgy lime green. He helped her plug on of the earphones in to her ear and showed her how to use the easy to navigate playlist system.

"Yeah, all the more reason to sneak out!" she muttered. A little video played on the screen, London giving a dubious raise of her eyebrow. The stupid lyrics were almost as bad as the monotone singing. "Rebecca Black? Seriously?" London rolled her eyes before handing the player back to him. "Anyway, I'm totally gonna tell my Dad I have a project with Susie due on Monday so I have to go to her place to study. We can meet over at the Bluff and make out in your caaa-aaaar." With her sing-song voice she tugged gently on Dallas' sleeve to give him that puppy dog frown he couldn't resist!

Just like she expected, Dallas cocked that sideways grin. He leaned down to kiss her cheek and much more to her pleasure snuck a nip at her neck, making her giggle and several students in the hall lean for a sideways peek. "You got it, babe. Just come packin' that little red skirt and I'm yours all night."

"Sweeeet! I'll meet you there!" London all but bounced off down the hall. This was perfect. Tonight she was going to show Dallas why leaving to college without her would be a terrible idea. She left the school singing those song lyrics. Damn thing was catchy!

"Friday, Friday, gonna get down on Friday!"