The Truman Show 2: First Family

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Welcome to the largest reality TV experiment in history - the show that everyone in the world is talking about.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the Truman Family is on our screens. We watch them eat, we watch them sleep - we experience every moment of their lives alongside them. Millions of people in thousands of countries draw comfort from this family of innocents.

Inserted into the artificial town of Bluehaven, the Trumans have never known anything else. The illusion is kept in place by the efforts of thousands of actors, whose wages are paid through product placement. Every actor that surrounds the Trumans undergoes the strictest security checks before being allowed on the set.

For decades they have worked, and for decades we have watched the Trumans.

But now... the dreamworld is about to crack...

Choose 2 characters each. One family member and one set actor.

<table><tr><td>FAMILY MEMBER<p><br>Name:<p>Position in the family:<p>Appearance:<p>Job:<p>Personality:<p>Reputation: (what the global audience like/hate you for)<p>Phobia: (something the producers have "conditioned" into you to make you scared of leaving town)<p>Background: (what you've done during your time on the show. Feel free to have some interesting plot-twist about where the producers found you as a baby or how you're not even related to the other characters.)</td><td>ACTOR<p><br>Name:<p>Role in the Show:<p>Appearance:<p>Personality:<p>Secret role: (anything the Producers ask you to do in private - e.g. chloroform the actors if they find out the truth)<p>Reputation: (what the global audience like/hate you for)<p>Background: (what you've done during your time on the show. Feel free to have some interesting plot-twist about being a secret revolutionary trying to expose the truth, or some psycho who's managed to get through the security checks.)</td></tr></table>​
Name: Scarlett Celia Truman<o:p></o:p>

Position in the family: Mother, Alpha Female<o:p></o:p>

Appearance: <o:p></o:p>

Job: Matriarch

Personality: Scarlett is overbearing and driven. She only expects the very best for her and her family, and she is going to get it. She is very concerned with appearances, and makes sure that she and all of her children and husband are always dressed to impress. She has spent a great amount of energy into making sure her children have nothing to keep them from rising to greatness, especially her daughter, London, who she takes special care to make sure she accomplishes everything she could not. Though she is vain and overbearing, she really does want what is best for her children, even if her actions are misguided. Scarlett is a great mother, if her children manage to survive her.<o:p></o:p>
Her favorite things are: retail therapy, her BMW, botox, Starbucks, expensive cosmetics, being adored, her pilates instructor, and still being able to fit into her daughter's jeans<o:p></o:p>

Reputation: Audiences were dazzled by teenaged Scarlett because of her passion for dancing and acting, and her tireless drive to make all her dreams come true. However, after marrying Henry, her personality took a dramatic turn. Now audiences both love and hate her as the family's overbearing matriarch. Housewives everywhere secretly delight in her exploits into burlesque and infidelity. The manner she raises her children is constantly condemned and exalted on chatrooms and television shows. Her scandals have caused ratings to soar.<o:p></o:p>

Phobia: Scarlett tried many times to leave Bluehaven in order to make a name for her in show business. Unfortunately, that wasn't in the script. Her first attempt to leave was when she was 18, and just graduated from high school. Everything was set for her to go when suddenly; she became pregnant by her high school sweetheart, Henry. Unbeknownst to her, the producers had switched her birth control with placebos. Even after her first born, she tried several more times to leave, each attempt was foiled by an unwanted pregnancy. Though she has since had her tubes tied, Scarlett is afraid to leave Bluehaven because she secretly thinks she is too old and unattractive to make it as a star.<o:p></o:p>

Background: Scarlett is the illegitimate daughter of an unnamed famous glam rock star, her mother, a groupie, allowed the producers of the Truman show to adopt her when she was still an infant. Growing up, Scarlett always knew she wanted to be a performer, constantly dressing herself up in different costumes and always finding ways to make herself the center of attention.<o:p></o:p>

When she was in high school, she was already one of the most popular girls and excelled in dance and drama. She met Henry Truman when she was 16 and the two quickly fell in love. She loved Henry's creativity, and became a muse for him. More than once, she convinced the school drama department to host his plays. She always dreamed of the two of them running off to New York City, living together in a small apartment and each working together to make it big.<o:p></o:p>
However, things changed. When Scarlett turned 18, she quickly realized that Henry's strange phobia would prevent him from ever leaving Bluehaven, and decided to leave the town without him as soon as she graduated. That's when she became pregnant with their first son, and everything came crashing down.<o:p></o:p>

Unbeknownst to them, their first child was born with a disability, so the producers quickly switched him with another while Scarlett was still recovering from a hard labor. Their first son looks nothing like them, which caused rumors of Scarlett's infidelity to spread.<o:p></o:p>

Scarlett's love for Henry quickly twisted into resentment for her shattered ambitions.<o:p></o:p>

Name: London Page Truman

Position in the family: Daughter, 16

Appearance: Wavy black hair, dark brown eyes. Flawless pale skin. (Thanks to OxyMagic Face Wash! Get it in stores now!) 5'5" with an average figure. Favors trendy and stylish clothing and spends a lot of time grooming.

Job: 11th Grade High School Junior

Personality: London is an outgoing and popular individual. She has a sarcastic and witty sense of humor, along with little patience for what she thinks is "lame". She's not one to give in to peer pressure from others teens. She's more likely to be the one pressuring others and often has a little bit of a trouble-making streak. Like any teenage girl, London is prone to drama-fits and over-exaggeration of emotional moments. She is a "Mommy's Girl" in that she always tries to do what Mommy suggests. This HAS brought her to moments where she's not sure if she does things because SHE wants to, or if because she just wants her Mother to be proud. London loves her Father, but secretly wishes he would do something. ANYTHING. He's a miserable, boring old man with no ambition. Not like Mom. Her occasional trouble-makings are usually directly related to trying to get Daddy mad.

Reputation: London hits home with the teen crowd. Her spot-on timing for clever quips are a favorite. People watch as her mother tries to groom her in to the perfect woman and her struggles with insecurities compared to other Teens! Parents aren't thrilled with her trouble-making and think she can be a bad influence for their kids.

Phobia: The Forest, Camping, "Great Outdoors", bears, wolves, and wild monsters. There's a HUGE forest of trees at the edge of town. Her Girls Club would have summer camping trips in the woods. On one of those occasions she got lost and came across a fence. Just as she was getting curious, a pack of wolves showed up to chase her. A Park Ranger managed to scare them off and took her back to camp. On several camping occasions there would be wild animals or scary things happen. She eventually refused to go on anymore trips.

Background: London is Mommy and Daddy's REAL child and takes after Mommy in both appearance and personality. In her youth she was very adventurous. Always wanting to explore, travel and get in to things. Mommy always encouraged London to dress nice, behave well, and eventually leave town to do her own thing. After several bad camping experiences, London isn't too keen on doing any exploring around the town, but she still has big ambitions. When London wants something, she usually gets it. Mommy is always eager to help London succeed and Daddy can't say no to his pouting daughter.

Recently, London has found out her boyfriend of two years is going to be leaving the state and going to College elsewhere. He's not even going to be able to visit anymore. Lots of rumors have been circling around school that he's going to break up with her before he graduates High School. London is determined to find a way to be with him. She and mother have this great idea about her graduating school a year early and joining him at college. They've been working extra hard at her studies.

Her ultimate dream is to be a Broadway star. London LOVES acting, especially the dancing and singing kind. Her classmates are all very talented, so their school productions are always a huge hit. Getting to leave home a year sooner to pursue her goals sounds like a plus to her.

Name: Dallas Cambridge (His real name is Kevin Jennings!)

Role in the Show: Hot Bad Boy, London's Boyfriend

Appearance: Tall and lanky, with that angled jaw and cleft chin. Dirty brown hair cut really short, blue eyes. His clothes always have that disheveled and worn for days, yet well put together look.

Personality: On the show, Dallas is playing that lovable bad boy. He's the guy that takes London off to get in trouble - but in a totally safe and non-threatening way. Around the school he likes razzing the Populars, chills out with the laid back skater dudes, and has a very relaxed personality. Girls absolutely adore him and guys can't find any reason to hate him! Kevin the actor? Sure, he can find parallels here and there, but he's much more serious about his career. And himself.

Secret role: Sex is officially legal now that's she's 16! The producers have been nudging him to GO ALL THE WAY.

Reputation: The Audience loves his "don't care" bad boy attitude. Even parents find something to love about him, in his "I'm a bad boy, but my education is important!" and "Lets wait to have sex." roles. But lately, they're crossing fingers those rumors about him leaving the show are lies!

Background: Dallas the character moved in to town with his Mom two and a half years ago. He seemed to hit it off immediately with all the kids at school, except London. He really had to work hard to catch her attention. He started with little things, like the friendly-teasing about their "city names" and the bumping in to her. When the more obvious approaches of slapstick goofy gestures were just met with rolled eyes, the Show took measures in to their own hands. One tiny little staged accident had London thinking she knocked Dallas out a window and breaking his leg. She spent weeks helping him with chores, homework... and eventually fell in to crush! His big "thing" on the show is that he's really motivated to get good grades and go to college so he doesn't end up a deadbeat like his never-there Dad. That got lots of sympathy from London and from the audience!

Kevin, the actor, is getting hot and sexy and been offered lots of great actor jobs in big name movies. Now that his character is graduating High School, he's ready to get out there. About London? Pfff. Just a job. He likes her and everything, but not like THAT. He's a professional. This "go for it" thing the producers have been telling him, just haven't been sitting right with him. His character has been all knightly and waiting to wait for real love and all that crap. He feels bad and kinda hopes he can dodge it long enough for his contract to be up.
Name: Henry Truman

Position in the family: Father


Job: Travel Agent

Personality: Henry is somewhat downtrodden. He always tries his best for his family, but a lot of his dreams were put to one side because of this. He always wanted to be a writer, but the Producers had other plans for him. He is a good father and a genuinely friendly man, but he has never really stood up for himself.

Reputation: Henry is a model of good fatherhood to the global audience. He represents everything that is stable and well-meaning in family life. Most of the audience think he is boring, but the older ones remember him for his occasional moments of artistic passion or for the odd times that he has been firm with his family-members.

Phobia: Henry is afraid of heights, and all the bridges out of town are very high.

Background: Henry was the first of the Truman infants brought into the artificial world. He was the son of the show's original creator, Solomon Raines, though this fact is not known to the public. For the first 25 years he was used as a guinea pig for the show's early production phases. He actually witnessed quite a few faults in the set, but these were all conditioned out of him due to some skillful saves from the actors. Over the next 10 years he was manipulated into falling in love with his future wife and starting a family. And although some of his children may not actually be his, he remains 100% oblivious and 100% committed to his family. Perhaps at some subconscious level he knows there is something wrong, but his family is all he knows and he will protect it with his life.

Name: Officer Kathleen Kurtz

Role in the Show: Scary police officer who seems to be around the Truman neighbourhood a lot.


Fake Personality: Cold and borderline psychotic, prone to police brutality. Never takes off her sunglasses. Never shows her feminine side.

Real Personality: Really quite nice and quite naieve about what's going on. Likes the colour pink and loves cats.

Reputation: The audience know her as the local badass and love it when she hassles the Truman kids every morning.

Background: Kathleen, real name Sandra Dyson, was the trophy wife of one of the directors of CSI. She had a few cameos on the show, but was laughed off as a terrible actor. After splitting up with her husband, Sandra decided to audition for the Truman Show. By then she had something of a cult following on the internet because of her terrible CSI cameos, so the directors decided to give her a small role as a traffic warden. But Officer Kathleen shot to fame overnight when she had to intervene in an unexpected incident on the set. She used her badass persona to intimidate the Trumans and save the other actors from freezing. The fans cried out for more, and Kathleen Kurtz suddenly became a sergeant on beat patrol. The Trumans never noticed the switch.

Name: Steven Truman

Age: 18

Height: 5'5

Weight: 155

Position in the family: Son

Job: 12th Grade High School Senior

Personality: Travis has a brilliant gift when it comes to science, mathematics, and engineering. He's actually the student chairman of the three programs, and spends the majority of his time trying ti interest the rest of the student body in the need, and frequency of their use in life. Socially though he is an outcast by choice. He often feels like everything going around him is out of sync with him, and it sometimes feels like he's part of a bigger experiment though he's oblivious to the show being made of his, and his family's life.

Secretly he feels that those in his family aren't really related to him. Due to his general habits, and hobbies. He follows an odd code of beliefs ranging from general Geomancy, Buddhism, and Christianity. This alone makes him an odd ball to those he knows, and contributes to him retreating into his protective shell of being a recluse.

He sports a 4.0 GPA, however he doesn't have any desire to pursue college, or any other forms of higher education. He rejects the ideas of learning from material in a book to paper setting, and often teaches himself his school work by himself until he understands it. He secretly has a fascination with automotive mechanics, and is a skilled guitarist. He likes to sing, and is quite good at it however he tends to be very critical of himself. He is also fluent in German, being self taught.

Reputation: Steven is the shows socially awkward personality. Often missing the clues, or just derailing the moment through an ability to just not quite get what people are saying, or what they imply at times. Parents who have equally reclusive children often pity him, and try to dissect his personality, and actions, but generally approve of him for the comedic relief.

Phobia: Motorized vehicles or anything not powered by physical means. He developed this fear after taking his driving test, where the brakes failed, and the car began to accelerate. His instructor managed to stop the car by pulling the emergency brake.

Which is ironic considering he loves working on cars.

Background: Steven was the result of a brilliant mind making a bad decision. Between his mother Scarlette, and an unknown individual, Steven was created, and born into the world of the Truman Show. He's captivated the show in his own right as he developed a MacGyver mentality of being ably to create the complex out of the common. At the age of seven he built a Solar Battery from his dads old collection of vintage soda cans, some aluminum foil, and an old car battery amongst other things.

As he grew older he began creating more, and more complex items. At the age of eleven Steven managed to create Thermite which ended up igniting, and burning straight through the floor of his bedroom, and down into the basement, and then still farther down until the powder's light couldn't be seen. He impressed the audience even more when he seemingly mastered the ability to create a robotic device that hung from his closet's ceiling that was used to sort his clothes, and could be moved into various directions to store items all while being controlled with a remote. His parents are unaware however... due to the common mishaps that happen with his ideas, he has had a fear of telling them of it.

He befriended Travis Liez when he became a Sophmore in High School, and as a result, he's been slowly shedding away some of his shyness due to his friends more outgoing, and carefree attitude. Travis is the reason why he began smoking cigarettes which has been kept a secret from his parents, and siblings as he knows full well he would be destroyed by his parents anger at the habit.


Name: Travis Liez (Miguel Hayes)

Age: 18

Height: 5'8

Weight: 157

Role in the Show: Best friend of Steven Truman.

Personality: Travis tends to do what he feels like as he feels it. He's often getting into fights, and trouble with the police, but it's generally just punk level stuff, and doesn't threaten later more violent or extreme acts of crime. He's gifted with the abilities of Photo, and Audiographical memory. He's very aware, and intelligent under his laid back, and lazy exterior.

He tends to keep his private "Show" life under wraps, and has secretly develop a crush for London Truman, but hasn't made any real moves due to feeling inferior to Dallas's personality towards her. He also has some minor self esteem issues which is made apparent by his destructive habits.

Secret role: To push Steven into trying new more risky ideas while keeping him safe, and to get him out of the stale life he's begun to develop for himself. He's also being groomed to be that punk kid with a heart of gold that you wouldn't expect. He'd do anything to help his friend Steven, and has even pulled him from a collapsed building.

Reputation: The majority of the audience believes that he's more of a bad influence on Steven, but it's apparent that he wouldn't do or ask anything of his friend that he hasn't already, or wouldn't do himself. This seems to be his one saving grace, but for the most part, the fans don't really know what to think of Travis. He has yet to truly show himself.

Background: Travis was brought into the show as a transfer student from Manchester England, and added to the cast as a Sophmore at the Highschool that the Trumans attend after being adopted from an orphanage by the Show's board. He met Steven in Musical Theory 101 where Steven was acting as a teacher's assistant. The two seemed to just hit it off as they began talking about music, and horrible kung-fu film's.

As the last two years went by, Travis has considered Steven as the brother he may or may never have had, and has begun to understand what his friend is going through. Being an outcast with no real understanding just what he can accomplish or do. He's taken it on himself to get Steven to try any and everything he can but never force him to do anything.

At the end of their Sophmore year, Travis saved Steven's life after digging him out of a collapsed warehouse, and carried him six miles to the hospital. The act brought he gratitude of Steven's family, but they're still very suspicious of him as Steven's new hobbies are outside of his friends personality, and only recently began emerging after Travis' arrival.

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