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  1. "Micaiah, this important. Are you even listening?" Spoke the young ebony haired woman. Her green eyes darted from tree limb to tree limb in search of the young boy. Her arms were crossed over her bosom and her hip was cocked out to the right. A giggle poured from the tree limbs and she huffed, "Your father is going to have my head if you aren't ready for the banquet. Two other royal families will be here. Now, down from the tree."

    The dirty blonde boy scurried between the branches as if he were born to climb them. His dark brown pants and cream colored shirt could be caught between the jostled green crown of the tree, "Relax, Selphia, father won't even know I'm not there. What could he possibly need me for?" The right year old reasoned from the branches.

    "My Prince, you should-" Selphia tried to reason but Micaiah interrupted her.

    "Selphia, father gets so caught up in the diplomatic issues that he won't notice my absence," he repeated but more specifically.

    "He may not," the new voice froze him in place, "But I will." He knew who spoke but as if he needed reassurance he peered down between the branches and caught sight of his mother.

    Queen Lizbeth Delanaye was a beautiful woman. Despite five children she had nearly as good a figure as Selphia had and Selphia was childless. She wore a beautiful purple gown that fell to the ground. Her blonde locks were pulled behind her head and held by several diamond created clips. Her blue eyes, while normally soft, were locked disappointedly on the frozen form of her son in the boughs of the tree.

    Micaiah began moving without his mother's prompting joint both her and a respectfully bowing Selphia. Micaiah flashed Selphia an apologetic look and then moved his own blue eyes to his mother. As far as looks came, Micaiah had inherited both his eyes and hair mostly from his mother. He was softer too, compared to his six year old brother, Connerly who looked harder. The one thing that proved he was his father's was the intelligence that shown behind those gentle eyes. Intelligence that screamed that he had been foolish.

    "Thank you, Selphia, I'll care for the young prince from here," the queen spoke, her captivatingly angry gaze locked onto her eight year old son.

    Micaiah was too fearful to dare turn his gaze on the young woman who could be heard leaving hurriedly, "Mother, I-"

    This time he was interrupted, "Micah," the name used only by those he held dear, and proof that his mother was not really angry with him, "Your father wishes you there so that you might learn. You'll be king one day and you must learn how things work."

    "I under-" he tried to get out of the conversation. He disliked it when his mother scolded him. But she interrupted him again.

    "I don't think you do. But we do not have the time for a lecture. You're filthy and the others will be here shortly. Head up to your chambers immediately and clean up. I took the liberty of laying out your clothes. I do not want to see you in anything else."

    "Yes, mother," Micah replied before his mother ran her hand through his short messy hair. Micah looked up into her eyes, all the anger gone. He smiled at her and she returned the gesture.

    "I love you, Micah," she told her son.

    "And I, you," he returned before he left her and scurried to his room.
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  2. "Ah, that was beautiful, Princess!”

    “That's the piece you should play at the dinner tonight. Please, encore!”

    “Play another for us, Quilicia...a sonata this time."

    The little princess sighed and bowed her head slightly as her fingers began a new tune for the ears surrounding her.

    Basking in the newness of morning, a slight change in the regular routine; Queen Nessarose called for breakfast to be served on the terrace off the east wing of the castle. The Music Solace, her favorite facing, carried the most spectacular display of the sea and sky, bouncing the sunrise off their surfaces. God and Mother Nature playing a simple game of handball, some would say; a natural sport, all the more amazing to witness at the beginning. With a slight breeze, the waves calmly whooshed as they broke upon the rocks at the cliff’s feet a distance away. It was a refreshing sight to host her guest on such an eventful day. All within the Pilaboo estate they were preparing their royal family for travel to a special gathering in the crown estate of the kingdom of Valdea; field games to celebrate new and renewed friendships. This will be little Princess Quilcia’s first official diplomatic trip. Such a simple event shouldn’t strike up nerves, but Queen Nessarose held plenty in the pit of her stomach as she watched her daughter’s natural charm dance around the terrace.

    “Um, I can’t believe how well she plays for such a little child. She’s only six, correct, Lady Nessarose?” Duchess Marisol Mzant sipped her tea as she listened to the girl tease the piano keys like a seasoned musician.

    “Yes, she is. But I dare say, she has a wonderful music instructor who’s guided her well up to this point and beyond.” Queen Nessarose happily sighed, “I’m so proud of her progress.”

    Honestly, the queen wonders still in amazement how her dear Quilicia has grown into such a remarkable young lady. Normally, she’s fighting her to keep her stockings clean and to stop slipping away to the stable barns where she muddies up her dress hems. Within the closed walls of the Pilaboos’ castle, the young Crown Princess is a roust to manage; too much like her older brothers, she is. They were 7 and 14 years apart from her and determined to teach her everything a strong girl should know about staying strong. But before the nobility of the kingdom of Biscanye, the peerage under her parents’ patience hand, Quilicia changes mask to stun their guests with her exceptional knowledge and talents.

    Quilicia turned and grinned to the ladies as she played, sitting all wrapped up in her fresh summer attire of creams and gold. The color carried to her golden hazel eyes teasing the specks of sea green within them. Tanned shoulder from many a romping on the beaches of Ossprey, were exposed for the sun to kiss while they were tickled by the ends of her wavy brunette locks. Her up-turned doo kept most of its length at bay in the breeze, but still a small tendril would loosen, drawing itself across her high cheek bones as the breeze snatched it. Her tiny finger curved around that one lock, pulling it back behind her ear unconsciously, as her mind followed the melody of the wind playing with the dwarf willows planted in the large pots at each corner of the terrace.

    Proconsula Jenivee Coulp watched her dear friend’s emotions during the princess’s performance. She clearly saw how the Queen’s eagerness mixed oddly with her fears and concerns. It’s not every day that a woman prepares their young daughter for their first introductions to new prospects. As every princess’s responsibility, the time has come to pull out the trump card. War – such a devastating event to any country, slowly threatens the doorstep of Biscanye. Even with her eldest son, Eigwin, assisting his father in maintain strong walls around their humble kingdom, and her dear Douglan assisted in diplomatcy by holding reigns of the Island provinces of Ossprey, they were still outnumbered and dangerously venerable to anything that floats at sea or air. Her husband, King Louris, is determined to see their lands, and their masses, grow; and what better way to do such is through good fortune.

    “She will be fine, Lady Nessarose.”

    A soft hand fell upon hers. Nessarose found Jenivee’s warm, wrinkled eyes upon her. The older noble, with her vast knowledge of embroidery and the heartfires of bound noblewomen; she would be the first to notice her silent struggles.

    “It’s not easy; it’s never easy, but the gods will see to it that little Quilicia is well comforted under the right household. Besides, the years that pass from now to then will decide fully how the world will run. Perhaps, a necessary pairing will become – unnecessary. Then, she’ll be able to decide for herself what her heart wants.”

    Nessarose shook her head, “Only in a perfect world, dear Jenivee. But, you know as well as we, that such times have not turned leaf just yet. And men shall have their war games…”

    “And woman shall remain pawns within them,” Marisol chimed in with her plump rosy cheeks.

    Nessarose grinned flatly. Even though Duchess Marisol and Proconsula Jenivee were such delicate sweethearts, especially when the need for a woman’s ear and a woman’s advice was appreciated; they were also powerhouse women in their own rights who knew how such heavy bearings can trample strong souls. These women, the queen clings to for support, for they do not spend their time on wasteful venture and have learned well in their time how to secure love and respect from their men and their people. These educated Ladies held more within their hearts than just the intricacies of embroidery. Because of this, she spoke her mind to them, knowing they would listen.

    Quilicia looked over her shoulder again in disgust. “Why are they ignoring me?” she thought. What were they talking about that was so important to completely ignore her presence? Quil was playing rather well, even though she’d messed up a few bars. But if they weren’t going to listen to her, then she rather go outside to play with Douglan and the squire boys. She could hear him and Tavian, her father’s squire, laughing and shouting from the courtyard below…probably playing with the hounds. Quil sighed before placing that pretty little grin on her face that always melts adults’ hearts, attempting to regain their attentions. But when she turned to look at her mother, she saw the look on her face…

    The women continued to reassure the queen; they did not hear the music’s pause or that Quilicia had stepped away from the piano. It took the young Princess a few tries to tear her mother away from the conversation. Settling beside her, Quilicia caressed her mother’s hand gently to finally pull her away.

    “Are you alright mother?”

    Nessarose did not start, only looked down in surprise for a second before giving her daughter a sweet peck on her forehead. “Yes…yes, I believe I will be,” the fair queen replied, cupping her free hand over the comforter’s.

    Quil’s face - a mirror image of herself at six; her daughter carried all of her positive attributes. All except for her eyes, her father claimed that trait, giving her his light hazels to prove her his. Queen Vivian returned to herself once her daughter’s attendants entered their zone, and seconds after, the cook’s assistants entered with breakfast.

    “Quilicia. No more playing right now. Return to your room and prepare for our trip. Don’t forget to keep your dress fresh; mine that, alright!”

    “Yes, mother; I promise I will.”

    The Duchess giggled, “I’ve heard that promise before…” The three women settled themselves with a round of modest giggles, while crisp white napkins were draped over their laps. The assistants worked quickly to display the variety of delicacies fitting for their delights. Quil wished she could stay to enjoy a tart or two, but her Governess, Madame Bianca, herded her out the door after she’d given her mother a hug and curtsied to their guests.
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  3. The balcony looking over the only entrance to the castle was far more decorated today than Micaiah had ever noticed before. Other than the massive draping green and white Valdean flags, his mother had ordered all manners of colored wreaths each one highlighting the colors of each of the other kingdoms that would be in attendance. The grey stone was barely noticeable under the colored carpet of floral. It was on the balcony the young prince found himself.

    He had scurried to his room as swiftly as his legs would carry him after his mother had scolded him. He had slipped into the black pants and white shirt. His black boots were tied tightly and draped over his shoulders was a small green cape with a white gryphon embroidered into it. The mythical creature was both a symbol of power and majesty, two things his kingdom desperately needed.

    His eyes trailed up to the powerful man he found himself standing next to. King Eldrian Delanaye was a proud man. His dark brown hair and piercing brown eyes were fixed on the courtyard below as he patiently waited for their guests to arrive. Micaiah sighed silently as he thought back on the reports he had over heard his father receive. Bandits had begun to terrorize the villages to the east and the king had been forced to dispatch a large number of troops because of how widespread the problem had become. The proud man would have wanted the military might of his kingdom present to show his strength to those who were visiting but cared more for his people. So the smaller army and the castle guard would be the only soldiers present.

    Micaiah glanced down to find the Guard scurry out of hiding and into the open. The sun reflected of their polished armor and their green and white tabards flapped gently with the breeze. One could mistaken the sharply dressed men as decoration, but Micaiah knew better. Each was a seasoned warrior and a mighty man of valor. He had even heard tales of how some of these men had held the line even in the face of certain defeat and death. These were the best of the Valdean army and the most trusted by the king.

    Micaiah's attention was grabbed by the giggles of his younger siblings. Sometimes he was jealous of them. He was the eldest of them all and was expected to behave as they future king he was. They were able to enjoy their childhood while he was forced to look regal and only remember he was a child when the gates were closed. He smiled as Ethanial, his only brother was elbowed by The only other sibling of his that was old enough to walk. Dia smirked as she saw Micaiah smile proudly over her deed. Ethanial was his father's favorite because he looked more like him with brown hair and brown eyes. It was a subject of many a fight between the two brothers.

    "Children," the smooth but stern of their mother straightened them out.

    "Micaiah," his father hardly ever used his nickname, "This is an important day. We will prove to the other kingdoms that we are a force to be allied to. They'll see our strength in our champions and our wealth in the land around us. Good fortune will befall us today my son."

    "Yes, father," Micaiah answered. Despite not being his father's favorite, Micaiah could not be more proud. His father was a just man and kind. Though he had his faults, Micaiah was are he would never find a better man in all the kingdoms. It was the same honor code that his father lived by that Micaiah had purposed to reflect in his own life. He wanted to be a good man just like his father. One that would make his siblings proud and eventually his queen proud. But for now, he was just a prince and the guests followed by the banquet would be arriving shortly.
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  4. "But, I didn't disobey, Biannie! Mamma told me to keep my dress fresh, and I did!"

    "Ah, but I believe she was speaking about more than just - your dress. Just look at cha, Quil!"

    Quilicia's eyes followed her Governess's, passing the delicate frills of peach silk and cream lace over her chest where the family crest of a swan and dragonsnaps was thickly embroidered. Her exposed golden shoulders were framed by layers and layers of this decor draping pompously around her short frame all the way to the floor to hide her feet.

    "I don't see anything." Her formal gown looked spotless, so what was Madame Bianca so worked up about?

    The woman lifted the hems of her dress to show off the scuffs of mud and hay coating her cream stockings and shoes. Quil's eyes widened as she covered her frown with her hand. To her dismay, when she'd thought kneeling in the hay would salvage her dress, she'd forgotten all about what lied beneath it.

    "Just…come along quickly; we don’t have the hour.”

    The two rushed down the hallway towards Quilicia's room. Behind them, unknowingly to the Governess, followed a faint ghost of fluff with large sharp ears, big violet eyes, and a rather puffy long tail. As Bianca's reprimand echoed off the walls, Quil would cut her eyes over her shoulder to watch the large invisible cat-like creature blink in and out of view with silly faces that caused her to fight off giggles. Bianca would have said something about the Princess's laughter over such a serious situation, but she eventually caught Vel, the sly shadow umbreon, mocking her from behind and decided to just go with it. Besides, Quil did keep her formal dress clean after all...

    "I wished you didn't go to the stables today like I asked." They rushed into the bedroom. Attendants were already waiting with a fresh pair of stockings and a new pair of shoes.

    "I know...but I didn't want to leave without telling the kittens goodbye. Mama cat would have worried too, if I didn't go check up on them. I'm sorry, Biannie. I won't do it again."

    Quil stood in the center of the room and waited for a chair to sit. Her attendants helped her remove the soiled stockings before she sat down for them to replace them. Head down with a downtrodden face, Quil knew she had done wrong, but her heart ached at the thought of the barn cat and her kittens searching for their young caretaker that day. Vel fazed back into view, this time in the size of a small squirrel, and climbed up the back of Quil's chair as the others worked. Slipping herself onto Quil's shoulder, she nuzzled her neck and wrapped her tail around her arm. She could feel the little girl's sadness and wanted to return her smile. Quil felt Vel's cold nose poke her on the cheek and she giggled. Vel's bright violet eyes widened with thrill and her ears perked right up.

    Madame Bianca could only join in with a giggle of her own, understanding how large of a little heart the princess has for the less fortunate. She's just like her mother, Queen Nessarose; a good attribute to have these days. With a sigh, the Governess leaned over to give Quil a peck on the forehead. "Your loving little heart can get you into a world of trouble, if you don't use your intelligent little head to choose the rights from the wrongs. Remember what I've told you before?"

    Quil and Vel gave each other a glance before Quil stood to her feet to recite, "Halt to think before each act; watch your feet before each step..."

    "And let rights guide your heart from wrongs. Would that have helped today, M'lady?" Quil nodded, and Bianca smiled. "Good. Now, let's get you to the carriage with your mother. I'm sure she would love to see how well you've kept your dress."


    After the long travel from Biscanye to the kingdom of Valdea, switching from carriage, to ship, to carriage again; Quil and Vel were both boiling with excitement at seeing all the amazing sites, to total exhaustion from exerting so much energy bouncing around where ever they went. Quil couldn't help but be herself when eyes were no longer watching her well-behaved self. She sat in the second carriage with her mother, Madame Bianca, Vel, and her baby brother, Tavian. Her father and older brothers road in the first carriage. Their attendants and her parents advisers road in the carriages behind theirs, and the royal guards road on horseback surrounding them and the cart carrying a special gift for their hosts.

    It was a showing of their strength, what little there was, as well as their overwhelming generosity; a traditional way to market themselves as worthy friends within a chaotic, trustless world. But Quil didn't know all that. She was amazed at all the powerful guards and the stunning attire and weapons they all wore. That alone told her that this trip was important, and the people they were going to visit were of the utmost. She must be at her best when there. So, letting out all of her tomfoolery now was a good idea and completely cleared by her mother who watched her daughter's delight with a tiresome grin. Soon, after several naps, a few snacks, and the twelfth 'Are we there yet?', their spectacular caravan entered the gates of the royal kingdom of Valdea. Instantly, as if someone blew out a candle, Vel and Quil's antics ended. They settled down in their seat beside Nessarose and Bianca as if they were intricate statues of perfection.

    Just as normal, the guards and attendants prepared the carriages for their exit. King Louris and Queen Nessarose stepped out first, along with their older sons, Eigwin and Douglan. They were followed by Tavian with Madame Bianca, and behind Quil stood Sir Dachelous, the Captain of her and her baby brother's personal guard - The Sevens. Vel, as always, sat on Quil's shoulder - completely hidden from view.

    Their group entered the castle with full pomp and circumstance, with banners raised, trumpets singing, and bows and curtsies. Quilicia has never been to an event quite like this - field games and big banquets are things her brothers usually attended. Vel mentally explained everything she saw so the young princess understood what was happening and why. This is the reason why Quil seem to hold the understanding and wisdom found in older teens, for Vel was of such an age. She told Quil about what games they will get to see, and that Eigwin, her oldest brother, was planning to compete. Douglan is also considering it, depending on if his father allows. Then Vel expressed what will happen at the banquet - the dancing and music, the jokes, magic tricks and storytelling. That was all well and good, but Quil was far more interested in the games. Still, she was curious about the magic tricks and storytelling.

    The castle they entered was far larger than their own, and there were tons of people there dressed in their finest. A few house banners were in full mass. Some of them she'd seen before at their own castle during big events. Through Vel, she learned that some of those families were already friends of theirs, and some were new to her parents' circle of allies. That told her one thing - this was going to be one extremely long day around tons of nobles and royals. All she could hope for is that the children of these families were nice.
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  5. "Micaiah, fall in line next to your father," Queen Lizbeth ordered. Micaiah move right away. As soon as all the royal families arrived, Kind Eldrian led his family into the tone room where they stood before their respective thrones until the other families arrived. Micaiah's was situated by his father and had been moved there at his father's order on his eighth birthday. It was a symbol of his future status as crown prince. That was something he looked up to and forward to after watching his father these last lo eight years. His father truly was a great man.

    One by one each family strolled into the large stone room lined with the Valdean colors on table clothes, thrones, and banners that hung on the walls, pillars and from the cieling. A painting of at he Delanaye crest sprawled across the floor in green and had recently been reprinted for the arrival of the guests. Father wanted everything perfect to impress the families and Micaiah believed his father had done just that. Everything was indeed perfect.

    Micaiah's mind returned to a memory of a lesson his father had given him in regards to the kingdoms that were going to attend the games.

    "Micaiah, listen to me well," his father took him by the shoulder and walked him through the castle halls, "There will be eight kingdoms in attendance to the games but on four that really matter."

    "Well, don't they all matter, father?" He replied.

    "Son, you will learn one day that, although the small kingdoms make good friends, it is the larger kingdoms we truly want to be on good terms with," the king returned. Micaiah nodded and continued to listen to his father. The first, and the one with the largest of armies is...

    The herald stepped before the king and bowed, "Might I introduce to you, the King and Queen of Sylbia, Fandor and Valeria Relpin and their prince, Alexander." Micaiah, unlike his other siblings who bowed for everyone, only bowed for the king. Those were his father's instruction.

    Alexander was a rough looking boy. Taller and more muscular than Micaiah was despite looking to only be a year older. Micaiah smiled ever so slightly in thought of all the exciting things the two of them could do to get in to trouble. His eyes trailed to his mother who gave him a knowing look. How did she always know what was on his mind?

    "Micaiah," he returned to his memory, "next and the wealthiest of all the kingdoms would be..."

    "King Darin Welden and his lovely new bride, Queen Yeltza, of Pelfindra," Micaiah bowed only for the king once more. Father had told them they were wealthy, but they had a young king. His parents had both recently died of an illness and he had just taken the throne and had much to prove. No doubt he would throw his money around to make friends. Whatever riches they had, they were soon to lose.

    "The final kingdom, son, is..."

    King Louris and Queen Nessarose of Biscanye. They have brought in attendance their children, princes Eigwin and Douglan and young princess Qilicia." Micaiah' eyes fell on the young princess and though he was not required he found himself bowing ever so slightly. She was a pretty young girl, but she carried herself to look much older than she was. A procedure most likely taught to her by he mother. Between little Quilicia and Alexander, this should be quite the event.
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  6. Quil tried her best to not glance around the large estate's throne room as her family was being announced. Walking with the grace of a swan, with her back and chest lifted, chin proudly high - yet, reserved; she followed her brothers. While behind them, short and unseen, she allowed her eyes to cut here and there to find the pretty things hanging from the ceiling and balconies. She wondered why the honorable of the kingdoms hold such large events. If they wanted to be friends, it shouldn't require showing off. Just a friendly 'hello' always seems to work for her. But, it's good to have something that the other person likes - that makes the friendship easier to grow.

    Quil knew the few friends she had within the castle were the children of her family's helpers. It was easy making friends with them, for they grew up together and knew what each other liked. That was fine, but mother told her she was old enough to have friends outside of the kingdom now...preferably, the children of their dear friends. She was unsure if it was possible to become friends with someone she barely knew. But, then again, a friendly 'hello' does go a long way.

    "King Louris and Queen Nessarose of Biscanye. They have brought in attendance their children, princes Eigwin, Douglan, Tavian, and young princess Quilicia."

    She waited as her family took their places, then when her name was called, she stepped forward, standing beside her mother, to show their hosts her graceful curtsy that Bianne taught her. She didn't even bobble. She lifted her head to look at the Lords of this castle. Their king was rather handsome, but her father was stronger looking in her eyes. Their Queen was so pretty, but only second compared to her mother. Her little eyes still placed her parents above all, but when they fell upon the children she would have to get to know as friends, she noticed one of them staring at her.

    Quil's eyes widened slightly before she quickly took a deep breath to calm herself. She gave the boy a slight grin, a friendly 'hello'; the silent version. One of the younger boys standing beside the Queen stuck out his tongue when he noticed her looking at his brother. Quil looking away; just another boy, she thought to herself. I bet I can beat him in a race!
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  7. The introductions were given for the visiting families then the herald turned his attention to the royal family of Valdea. The herald took a step forward and put a close fist under his diaphragm before he spoke. His voice carrying to every corner of the room without him shouting, "It is my honor to present your hosts, King Eldrian and Queen Lizbeth Delanaye. They're eldest son, Prince Micaiah Delanaye..."

    Micaiah stepped forward just as father had instructed him. He bowed, his eyes hardly leaving the princess after she flashed him that cute little smile. Something about her struck his curiosity. He would need to get to know her most definitely. Micaiah was so enthralled by the princess that his mother needed to tug gently on his shirt for him to step back and he had completely missed the introductions of his siblings. He looked up to see his father flash him an aggregated look before he stepped forward and gave his speech.

    King Eldrian rose a hand in welcome as he spoke, "I'm so glad you all could come. This contest of arms and wit as well as the time we will have for simple idle words are to serve only the purpose of bringing our nations together. The stronger we are, the better are chances for a better world," he smiled and held out his hand for his wife to join him, "Now, I do hope you enjoy yourselves."

    The king nodded to his servant who then hurried off. Moments later, an army of servants emerged all carrying some form of food or drink. The placed them upon tables and scurried off as the king and queen left their roost to mingle with their guests. Micaiah attempted to leave with his siblings when his fathers voice rang out and captured his attention. Micaiah turned to find his father asking for his attendance to meet the nobles. No doubt another one father's lessons. His mother flashed he an apologetic look and then urged him to obedience.

    They moved from family to family, Micaiah glancing toward Quilicia whenever he could find her in the crowd of bodies. Micaiah had never been so bored as he waited anxiously to get to princess Quilicia and her family. Even prince Alexander would be interesting but he was even more so drawn to the princess.

    Finally they had begun to move to her and were mere feet away when his father was stopped once more. Micaiah could only smile at how close they were but frown at how far away it was. A few more steps, but this guest would not part from his father. It didn't not help that he was not safer to leave his guest either. So all Micaiah could do was sigh and watch in anticipation of finally speaking with the princess.
  8. "Prince Micaiah Delanaye..."

    Again, this boy was staring at her, even as he bowed to her parents. She wasn't sure about that. Wasn't he taught that staring was rude and improper? Quil dropped her eyes again, trying her best to not stare at him back. But...well, it was strange that he was breaking a rule, misbehaving just to look at her. I know, it's a challenge! He must realize that I'm faster than any boy here - even in this dress! Well. challenge accepted! Quil knew she might get in trouble later on, but once the food entered she knew her time to leave would soon come.

    It was as if someone opened the flood gates! Diplomats, Noblemen, Ambassadors of the various kingdoms visiting scouted forward to seek the royals their kings wished to talk to. Her family had returned to the area they once stood before announced and waited as their ambassadors moved about the large throne room to congregate for her parents. Other ambassadors returned with theirs and requested an audience with their rulers. Quil wasn't quite sure what all of it was about, but it looked as if her parents and brothers were going to be quite busy. She was truly hoping she could sneak away and seek a nice kid her age to play with, but several times her mother reached for her hand to escort her wherever she went; shaking hands with queens of other lands as they smiled at her upturned face, inspecting her flawlessness and pedigree. Eventually though, everyone was moving to their seats for the meal as others continued to chat and discuss playful things, dumb stuff that Quil considered odd to talk about or simply boring.

    A few times she had a chance to meet some of the princesses from the other kingdoms. A few she already knew, like Duchess Francisca Pogue of Foneroy; a minor kingdom under the flag of Biscanye. Even though her parents' were the rulers of their kingdom, they were still big enough to stand with them at events such as these. Therefore, Francis and Quil had become great long distance friends, even though Francis was two years older.

    "Lady Quilicia," Francis stepped to her with a slight curtsy, giving her a big smile as a reminder that her silly side was still there within the stiff collar of her gown.

    "Duchess Francisca, it's wonderful to see you again." Quil curtsied as well, then reached over to give the older girl a big hug. She didn't care about formality. They haven't seen each other since two summers ago. The two giggled under their hands, trying their best to maintain the proper etiquette for the occasion.

    Francisca smiled up at Queen Nessarose, "Lady Nessarose, it's so nice to see you again. It's me, Francisca!"

    Quil's mother was so ecstatic to see Francis, that she gave her a peck on her forehead, "Oh, my; how you've grown into such a gorgeous young lady. How old are you now, 12?"

    "No, M'Lady. I'm only 8."

    Queen Nessarose giggled, "Amazing, I truly see a mature 12 year old young woman there under those big green eyes. Now, tell me where is your mother? I must praise her for growing such a beautiful sprout!" Francis showed her where her parents were sitting. Nessarose gave her another kiss on the forehead, and did the same to Quil. "No, you behave yourselves, young ones, and make friends. Quil, you stay with Francisca please, and if you need anything, you know Madame Bianca will not be too far away."

    "Yes, Mother, I will." As they watched Quil's family move on, and her brothers scatter with their friends, the wind ensemble began to play lively music to brighten the atmosphere.

    "Come with me, I want you to meet the other children here. There are a few around your age."

    "Alright, but they're all boys. There's no girls we can play with." Quil was all up for fun and frolic, but knowing this was a very important event, she honestly didn't want to embarrass her parents with her antics...knowing that they always caused problems. And besides, Madame Bianca was not far behind.

    "Ah, I know, but that's fine. You're tougher than any boy here, prince or not."

    Quil nodded, she wasn't going to argue with that. So, she slipped her hand into Francis' and followed her around the room.
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  9. Micaiah sighed as he waited for an opportunity to escape the fleshy prison of his mother's hand or the optic one of his father's gaze. Soon he would be free to in about with the other children. Think of all the things they could break! Or maybe all the outfits they could ruin. Tempting as it was, little Quilicia's dress was too pretty to ruin and perhaps she was too girly to play the way the rough boys played. Even prince Alexander had an air about him that seemed to read too stuck up for fun.

    Finally the hand fell free and the eyes quit watching. His mother smiled at him encouragingly as she lowered herself to address the young prince, "Enjoy yourself, Micaiah. Make friends and show them the your favorite things. He a good host."

    "Yes, mother," he nodded and hurried off. Where would Selphia have taken the others? He caught sight of Alexander and scurried over to the other prince. There were the children of other royals, but only Alexander and Quilicia seemed to grab his attention. He had spent so much time with just his siblings that the fact there was another prince and a princess in his castle made him burst with excitement.

    Selphia was urging the children toward the small field his parents had walled off so he and his siblings could play outside. It was in this section, his favorite tree stretched skyward. The very same tree his mother had retrieved him from earlier. A wide smirk spread across his lips as he stood at the base of the tree. His hands on his waist as he looked over the other children.

    "I am Prince Micaiah, expert tree climber, no one can climb this tree as quickly or faster than I!" It was a challenge. Who would accept!
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  10. Francis and Quil, along with several other children, followed the household's governess out to the a play yard area where the Valdea children romped around. It's a beautiful location, with trees and fun things to play on, all of which excited Quil to no end... But she was in a dress, and Madame Bianca, who now stood with the other royal governesses, continued to glance over her shoulder with that 'reminder eye', causing her to stiffen back into the proper attitude of a young princess.

    That irritated her, especially when there was so many things to have fun with. She watched as the younger boys romped around and goofed off in their very best, but the older kids, like Francis, took their time to play without the extra filth that comes along with it. The two girls decided, for the moment, to just sit on the swings and chat. Quil truly looked up to Francis, since she was older and much wiser than her, and the only older girl she knew who actually didn't mind having a little six year old following her around.

    As they swing and talked, the older Valdea prince entered the yard and leaned against a tree just fit for climbing. Francis noticed how he was watching them swinging, and even noticed another boy, Alexander, doing the same. That's when Francis realized exactly who they were watching and tapped Quil on the shoulder. "Hey Quil, do you like boys?"

    Quil wrinkled her nose, "Only to beat up... Why would you asked me that anyway? I'm a girl!"

    Francis giggled then glanced towards the eyes that were upon them, "I think there's a few princes here that have their eye on you."

    Quil looked up and around the yard, finding the older prince named Alexander standing at the fountain. He smiled and gave her a wave. Quil only hid behind Francis's shoulder. Then she turned and found that Prince Micaial, yet again, staring at her as he entered the play yard to lean against a tree. Quil looked down at her hands before sending her friend a confused frown.

    "Is there something wrong with me? They keep staring at me, and that's rude."

    Francis giggled, "Lady Nessarose never told you about what happens between princes and princesses?"

    Quil shook her head. Francis stood up and began to give Quil a little push on the swing. "They make a happily ever after. Well, that's what my nurse tells me, but it would be best for you to ask Lady Nessarose."

    Quil decided she will ask her mother about this 'happily ever after' and if that was why those two guys stared.

    "I'm Prince Micaial..."

    The announcement broke her concentration and Francis slowed her swing down in order to listen.

    " tree climber. No one can climb this tree as quickly or faster than I!"

    Quil's eyes brightened and her ear began to burn. She heard it - the call of the wild; a challenge. She stood when the swing fully stopped and stepped forward with the rest of the kids to huddle around the tree. She knew it was not a good idea to climb trees in her court dress, so she watched instead at two boys slightly older than her step up for the challenge.

    "I can beat you, Prince Micaiah," one kid stated defiantly. Another one jumped up next to claim the same. Quil giggled, they both looked like twigs - arms so weak, they wouldn't be able to hold up a leaf.
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  11. Micaiah smiled as the two boys stepped forward. Sure, both boys were tall, but neither of them had the strength to win against him. He could see it in their arms and legs. Weak. All the other children had gathered around the base of the tree and Selphia silently pleaded for the prince to retract his challenge. Queen Lizbeth would be angry should he ruin his clothes for pride's sake. His eyes fell on Princess Quilicia and it only super end to embolden him. He studied both boys one last time. This would be easy as pie. Or at least it would have been.

    Prince Alexander stepped forward, his eyes moved from little Quilicia to Micaiah, "I accept your challenge, Prince Micaiah." Alexander was older than Micaiah and more muscular. He would be the only real threat in this race. Micaiah nodded as Alexander moved to take a place next to him.

    One of the younger boys moved to them and held up three fingers, "On the count of three," he called out, "One...Two...Three!" His fingers dropped with each number and finally so did his arm.

    Micaiah spread a grin over his face as he quickly led the pack. He made it to the tree first, but Alexander was close behind. Micaiah climbed quickly, limb from limb having memorized the branches from his previous climbs. Half way up, he paused to check on his competition. Just as he had expected, both the skinny boys had yet to get into the branches. Alexander climbed slowly, but effectively. Micaiah had this in the bag.

    He looked back up the tree and hurried on. He was moving so swiftly that he didn't notice the branch he had used so frequently, had given to weakness. As soon as he pushed on it with his foot, the branch gave way, and Micaiah fell. He hit several branches on the way down until he fell flat on his back. Tears of pain and humiliation fell from his eyes as he struggled to return the air he had lost from the fall. His eyes locked on Alexander as he reached the top of the tree.

    "I won!" He called out wearing the biggest grin, caring ever so little that Micaiah had fallen.

    Finally able to pull in the needed oxygen, the prince began to cry. The rustling of Selphia's dress could be heard as she rushed to his side, "Micah!" She called out not caring that she had used his nickname in front of the other governess' and the other royal children. Her charge had fallen from the tree, he could be hurt.
  12. Quil was almost scared for the other competitors when the older Prince placed his name among the challengers. He was far taller than Prince Micaiah and the others, and stronger looking too. Prince Alexander can easily pull himself up with little effort. She knew there was no contest there, but Prince Micaiah had the upper hand. She could easily tell that that tree was well climbed, worn in various places where a hand or foot can carefully be placed. It was clear even to her little eyes that Prince Micaiah and his brothers have climbed that tree for quite a while and knew the tree's limits rather well. Therefore, he would be the victor. That alone peaked her interest in having a go at the stout tower herself.

    The countdown started the race and the four boys started up their side of the tree. All the kids began to cheer and clap. Even Quil and Francis joined in on the rooting as well. Quil wasn't sure which on she wanted to win, and she had her theories about who might win, but moreover she was just excited that they were allowed to be this rambunctious while in their courtwear. She jumped and clapped, shouted and screamed for all the competitors, but her eyes watched the two princes for they held the best favor for such a sport.

    She was so sure Prince Micaiah would be the victor, but that one slip-up, that one branch gave way - something no once could foresee; and Micaiah came tumbling down so harshly, Quil gasped and closed her eyes fearing he would not get up afterwards.

    "I won!" Prince Alexander called out from the top of the tree, wearing the biggest grin ever. A few kids ran to the tree, cheering his achievement while ignoring the looser. But Quil couldn't bring herself to ignore the injured. Prince Micaiah, after all, was the one she felt would win such a race upon his own tree.


    His Governess called out, running as fast as she can towards him, but Quil was already there, dropping to her knees (minding the hem of her dress), and stretching a hand out for him to take.

    "Are you alright, Prince Micaiah?" The look of worry and concern crossed her face.

    Madame Bianca began to head across the play yard, seeing her Quil, once again, tending to the Prince as if she'd found another stray kitten with an injured paw. "Princess Quilicia, your stockings!"
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  13. Micaiah looked up through blurry eyes at little princess Quilicia, she had hurried to his aid instead of celebrated with Alexander who had clearly won the race. She was such a kind little girl. Micaiah nodded as he finally pulled in enough air to finally begin to calm himself.he had climbed that tree so many times, how had he not known the branch would give?

    "Micah!" Selphia spoke in slight panic as she lowered herself beside her prince. Her hands searched his body for injuries but as her hands slid down his sides, he could do nothing but giggle. She was tickling him, "Stop laughing! You could be seriously injured!"

    "I can- I can't help it!" He pushed out between painful giggles, "That tick- tickles!" He called out as he squirmed away from under Selphia.

    "Micah, you must let me examine you properly. Your father would have me punished if I didn't do so," she pleaded.

    Micah sobered up and looked at Selphia and nodded, "I shall let you check me, Selphia, but know that princess Quilicia has made me better by just rushing to my side as you did?" He smiled at the younger girl.

    "Maybe so, but I should still have a good look at you. Come now," she placed her hands on his shoulders and steered him toward the exit. His eyes didn't leave little Quilicia until he could not longer see her through the stone walls of he castle.

    "She's a nice and pretty little girl, Selphia, I should like to play with her." He looked up at his governess. Who only smiled and nodded. She was too focused on ensuring the prince wasn't hurt.
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  14. Quil smiled with a tilt of her head when Prince Micaiah sat up, regaining his composure and breathing properly. It wouldn't be any fun if someone was badly hurt in all of this. She was happy to see that he was fine.

    His nurse, on the other hand, clearly couldn't see what Quil easily saw. She rushed to her charge's side and automatically began scanning with her hands all over him to make sure he wasn't hurt. But, for some reason, Micah began to laugh uncontrollably.

    "Micah! Stop laughing! You could be seriously injured!"

    "I can- I can't help it!" He giggled out, "That tick- tickles!"

    Quil fell into a fit of giggles of her own, covering her mouth at the silly sight while the prince struggled with the pleads of his nurse. Eventually though, he decided to obey her.

    "I shall let you check me, Selphia, but know that princess Quilicia has made me better by just rushing to my side as you did?" He smiled, and Quil's giggling stopped. She was confused.

    "I don't know how that happened... I'm not a healer, you know," she commented. Francis and Madame Bianca stood behind Quil and shared a smile, seeing the very thing Quil was completely blinded from.

    Prince Micaiah's nurse helped him up and escorted him away. Quil watched this, finding the Prince's eyes never leaving her to mind his steps. Again with all the staring, she thought, but instead of taking it as rude, she took it as his way of being nice. She beamed a brilliant smile his way and waved goodbye, hoping he wasn't hurt bad enough to decline a race challenge later that night. If he's that bad in climbing trees, then beating him in racing would be easy.

    "Ah, Leonni," Madame Biance chimed as she lifted Quil off her knees and began to brush off her stockings. "Good thing I brought along a spare. You must mind your stocking just as much as you do your gown, little one."

    Quil didn't register her nurse's words, for she had questions on her mind. "Biannie, why does the Prince stare? I thought it was not polite to do so, but I've notice that Princes stare at me to say Hello, rather than using words."

    Bianca smiled and kneel down to meet her at her level, "Boys are rather strange when they're young, M'Lady. But, one thing is clear; the ones who are shy rather than rude, tend to make the best of friends." And with that, Bianca released Quil to play with the other kids once more.
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  15. Selphia stood the young prince on e stool and began looking over his body for injuries. There looked as though there might be slight bruising on his back from the fall and one of his arms would bruise probably from a branch. He should be fine though.

    "You were lucky, Micah," Selphia scolded, "You could have been seriously injured."

    "I climbed the tree as I always had before, Selphia. That branch was always used to help me get higher. It must of just given. I'm okay really," he reasoned.

    Selphia placed her hands on her waist and studied the prince hard. Finally she nodded in surrender to the boy, "Alright, you should hurry and change so that your father won't notice."

    "Mother will though. She picked out is outfit," he worried.

    "Would you rather deal with your mother, or your father?" She smiled slightly.

    He nodded in understanding and quickly changed. He was beyond eager to play with the other children. Perhaps even get to speak with princess Quilicia without having to be injured to get her attention.
    Alexander lowered himself from the tree. He was the victor and yet some of the children worried about Micaiah. His father had always taught him that strength was far more important than anything and Micaiah showed nothing but weakness. The Princess Quilicia was even quick to run to his aid. It bothered him and he did not quite understand.

    Alexander marched over to the young princess and puffed out his chest, both to intimidate and to appear larger than he was. She was small, and pretty, which were two qualities his father had taught him were to be controlled through intimidation.

    "Did you see how well I climbed that tree, Princess? Micaiah fell because he was confident and he showed weakness by not getting back up and climbing. I won and yet, you've not given me any congratulations, why?" He raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms over his puffed out chest.
  16. Francis and Quil had eventually returned to the swings, laughing and flying high enough to lose sight of the garden underneath them. After a while though, Quil noticed someone standing under her sight. It was Prince Alexander, standing boldly in wait. The two girls slowed their swings to a stop and stood up. Francis wasn't sure what the Prince had to say, but it was quite clear to her that his ego was bruised because of Quil's actions towards Prince Micaiah.

    Quil stood before the Prince, finding herself raising her chin painfully high just to see his face. He was a mountain compared to her, but she did not stand back from him. Even though her mother had taught her to be demure and delicate before others, but her brothers taught her that if anyone stood before you to take command, you stand taller to snatch it back.

    "Did you see how well I climbed that tree, Princess?

    "Yes, I did."

    "Micaiah fell because he was confident and he showed weakness by not getting back up and climbing. I won and yet, you've not given me any congratulations, why?"

    "Well, you weren't hurt." Quil smiled, "Nothing was wrong with you, so you didn't need help."

    Francis stepped to Quil's side, holding back a giggle at her innocent comment.
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  17. Selphia guided the young prince back out to the play area in his new outfit. He smiled up at his watcher who gave him a stern look for a warning. He nodded silently and began to wonder back out among the children. His eyes caught sight of the snickering few who must have thought it funny to see the proud prince fall from the tree. He frowned, trying to find one who would play with him. Even young princess Quilicia had seemed to taken a liking to Prince Alexander, the victor.

    Micaiah wondered to the bench and sat down. Why did he have to hold that race? He dropped his chin into his hands as he propped his arms up on his legs. What would he do now? No one wanted to play with the loser. His eyes moved to Selphia, who once again had become engrossed in the conversation of the governess'. A glance his way every once in a while was the only evidence that she was working, however small.

    Micaiah watched the other kids play until his eyes fell on the victor once again. For some reason an annoying memory of a lesson his father had taught him came to mind. He hated it, for it was the most absolute show of humility and to the young prince, he had not learned why such a thing was so important.

    "Micaiah," his father spoke, "did you congratulate Selphia for beating you?"

    "Of course not, father, why would I do such a thing? He answered.

    "A good king knows when he ought to admit defeat. Even as royals, son, we show Humility to better our kingdom. If I were to beat you at a game and all I spoke of was how much better than you I am would you be comforted in your loss? Or if you beat me and all I did was complain about ow unfair the race was and such. Would you enjoy your victory?"

    "I suppose not, father. So we congratulate winners for their accomplishments and losers for their attempt?"

    "Now you understand. Now go, Selphia deserves a congratulations."

    Micah pushed himself to his feet and they moved of their own according. Alexander was still speaking with Princess Quilicia and another young girl when he arrived. He lowered his head as he cleared his throat respectfully, "Prince Alexander, I wanted to...congratulate you on winning the race." Micaiah spoke after looking up at the other boy.

    Alexander wore the biggest smile and his chest seemed to push out further, if it were even possible, "Perhaps next time, Micaiah! you will not be so foolish as to challenge the strongest, fastest boy to a race."

    Micaiah wanted to snap back, to tell the boy he would have won, but he could not let his anger get the best of him. He only nodded and Alexander hurried off. Having the congratulations of the loser seemed to wash away whatever he had come to speak to Quilicia about.

    Micaiah turned to the you princess and smiled slightly, again his head lowering, "Thank you for checking on me."
  18. Princes Alexander proved to Quil rather quickly that he enjoyed talking about himself. She was getting bored and wanted to step away, but she knew that to be quite rude - worse than staring, and stood there the best she could without fidgeting. That was very hard when she rather run around and play with the others. Even Francis was becoming restless at the older prince's constant chatter about how much better he was at little things.

    Quil cut her eyes behind Alex, finding Prince Micaiah walking their way. He was in a fresh pants suit and dusted clean, but the look on his face still portrayed one of defeat. It didn't look well on him. One thing Quil has learned, even in her short life thus far, that showing defeat only tells the world that you're defeated and always will be. Even if she loss a challenge, Quil will still keep a smile on her face, for she knows she'll win the next.

    Prince Micaiah cleared his throat to get Prince Alexander's attention, ""Prince Alexander, I wanted to...congratulate you on winning the race."

    Quil was shocked, and impressed.

    Alexander wore the biggest smile and his chest seemed to push out further, if it were even possible, "Perhaps next time, Micaiah! you will not be so foolish as to challenge the strongest, fastest boy to a race."

    Quil's brow folded in disgust. She's only heard such rude returns from those who are not comfortable with winning. To gain a victory, when unaccustomed to such, swells heads and hearts and mouths. Prince Alexander's head and heart, and especially his mouth, were swollen. But instead of expressing his opinion about this, Micaiah only nodded respectfully at the older Prince's advice. And soon Alexander left to boast to the other children what just transpired. Quil sighed relieved.

    Micaiah turned to the princess and smiled slightly, again his head lowering, "Thank you for checking on me."

    Quil beamed once more, "You are very welcome. I'm happy that you're okay, Prince Micaiah. It's no fun when the challenger who should have won, ends up injured. Then no on
    e else can challenge him to a race afterwards." Mischievous little Quil wanted to test her theory regardless if Madame Bianca allowed her to or not.
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  19. Micaiah couldn't help but smile at the young princess' words. She was kind and even issued a subtle challenge of her own. Micaiah licked his lips as he glanced over at Selphia. She was lost in conversation with the other women. So Micaiah turned back to the younger girl his smile broadening, "Im not too sure it would be a fair race, Princess, I'm am older and bigger than you," he crossed his arms over his chest, "But so am I to tell a princess, no? If it is a race you want, then it is a race you shall get!"

    He stepped next to the princesses and smiled down at Quilicia. His eyes surveyed the play area and then his finger raised to the wall on the far end, "The first one to the wall wins?" He questioned her as he leaned his wait on his leading leg.

    Small snickers could be heard and Micaiah's eyes moved to them. It was Alexander and a few of the other kids. Micaiah's cheeks darkened. Alexander stepped up after making eye contact with Micaiah, "You could win against boys your own age, so you've settled to challenge little girls to races," he teased from a distance.

    Micaiah stood back up and looked down at Quilicia and then back at Alexander. So what if he was racing Princess? She was the only child who had shone him kindness she he had fallen. As far as he was concerned she was the only one he wanted to play with now. If she wanted to race, then they would race. Micaiah once again chose to ignore Alexander's prodding and turned his attention back to the Princess next to him. He readied himself and smiled at her.

    His yes moved to the other girl, "Would you mind telling us when to start?"
  20. "Im not too sure it would be a fair race, Princess, I'm am older and bigger than you," Prince Micaiah crossed his arms over his chest. He was starting to sound like Prince Alexander, to her dismay, but that quickly changed with his next statement. "But so am I to tell a princess, no? If it is a race you want, then it is a race you shall get!"

    With a little cheer and a clap of praise, Quil giggled in delight, and turned to her friend. "Francis, help me remove my petticoat, but don't let Bianna see you. She'll ruin this for sure." With her help, Quil stepped out of the loop shirt that held her dress wide from her frame. Then, as she seen her mother do time and time again when she needed free range from her skirts, Quil dragged the front of her dress between her legs, lifting it up to the bow tied behind her. With a few tugs, she tied the hem into the bow to hold it in place. The little lace trims of her leggings showed at her knees, but she didn't care. She was going to race!

    "The first one to the wall wins?"

    "Don't feel bad if I get there first," she teased, grinning at the Prince for being such a gentleman - and a good sport.

    Another little crowd began to gather, lead by Alexander who snickered at the two. "You could win against boys your own age, so you've settled to challenge little girls to races," he teased from a distance.

    Quil's temperament rose slightly, she was fed up with his rudeness, but she didn't want to step over Micaiah since this was his playground - and his battle. But again, he ignored Alexander and ask Francis to call out a start.

    Before she did, Quil, setting herself for a speedy start, spoke without glancing behind her, sounding more like her father. "I was the challenger this time, Prince Alexander, and I challenge only those who are worthy enough to challenge and honorable enough to accept how serious I am." Then she cut her eyes his way, "I might be a little girl, but I race better than boys - your age."

    With that, Francis raise her hand, "On your mark...get set...GO!"

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