The TRUE TRUTH that THEY don't want you to TRUTH

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  1. So (open)

  2. Oh great now they know that you know!
  3. But do they know that I know that they know?
  4. They might be distratec by what they are doing.
  5. Delicious Philadelphia Experiment.
  6. Gotta love cream cheese.
  7. I always did think that Queen Elizabeth was pretty reptile-y.
  8. Fuck it. Agnosticism.
  9. So one of the ones I haven't heard of is Clinton Body Count... Anyone got an entertaining summery?
  10. Gasp! I did not know Grumpy was one of THEM too! He is clearly posting this because he wants us to think that only these conspiracies exist!

    On the more serious side, I do not really know any of these conspiracies, but they look strange and bizarre. This will make a worthy google investigation subject one day.