The True Nature of Lucifer.

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  1. I had this story Idea of the devil actually being a misunderstood anti-hero and I made up my version of his history.

    Fallen Angel If you have read the bible you only know little than half the story about the devil. Before God created man he created the first children or god. Beautiful all power, wise beings called angels. Among these angels were Michael, Gabriel. The.most beautiful, wise, and powerful of all these angels was Lucifer and he was known as the right hand of God before Michael. Lucifer loved his God and his fellow angels including his brothers, Michael and Gabriel. He also loved his wife who was just as beautiful as he and far loving and caring than he.

    When god created the earth, Lucifer loved it as well. He believed that gods creation was perfect like he was. He believed all of gods creation of the earth, plants, mountains, oceans, animals, were perfect. He believed god made this wonderful world for the angels to take care of and live in making a utopia in the garden of Eden. But then God made man.
    When God created humans God said that they were his chosen children to inherit the earth. But when Lucifer looked upon the humans he was consumed with disgust and anger. He saw the humans as less than perfect that they were a failed design. They looked weak and not perfect like he was. He did not bow to them. He thought it was an insult that they would inherit the earth and not he or his fellow angels.

    He grew more angry protesting to God that these beings were not worthy and would not follow gods will nor take proper care of the earth like the angels would. But god did not answer. Lucifer could not understand that God had bigger plans for the humans that they can grow and evolve into something more beautiful than God could ever imagined. All they needed was a guide and someone to protect them. Lucifer could not see his view he was too blind by their imperfections and anger. He felt cheated out of enjoying gods creation. So he made a plan to cheat himself.
    He went to Adam and Eve disguised as a serpent and convince them to eat from the fruit of forbidden knowledge of good and evil. Doing this he believed he could prove that god made a mistake and humans would never be able to follow his will. However doing this he betrayed God's will himself and was sentenced to be forever banished from paradise.
    Lucifer would not let himself be cast out he felt betrayed and grew angry and powerful. He waged war on paradise for he had many followers who would fight with him. But his brother's Gabriel and Michael were more on God's side and force to fight against their own brother.
    A great battle was waged and Lucifer was far stronger than his brothers when they fought. But just when Lucifer was about to give the killing strike on Michael his wife moved in the path of his blade and was stabbed instead. She sacrificed herself to stop the fighting. Lucifer was devastated and consumed with sadness as his wife died in his arms. But even in her last breath she forgave him.
    Lucifer quickly surrendered after that lost in grief and pain. Michael was chosen to cast him to a deep and dark place farthest from paradise along with his followers so they could never see God's light or his love. In this place Lucifer's hate and pain fester and create a terrible wasteland filled with fire and pain. It was here he created hell and would use this as a place to punish the human souls who disobeyed god.
    He swore that one day he would destroy the humans and finally claim the world for himself.

    The Prophecy/New Revelation Soon the.apocalypse was upon us. Soon a great battle would come to earth between angels and demons causing death to all mankind. But all hope is not lost. God had a plan he would first release his fallen son from his imprisonment in exchange he would partake in his last test for humanity. All he had to do was prove god was wrong by corrupt the soul of an innocent human. If he could do this before the apocalypse then god will let him claim the earth admitting he was wrong and give up his faith in mankind. But if Lucifer couldn't succeed then god would have him subjected to self reflection of his mistakes and have him fight on the side of good redeeming himself and saving humanity

    Secrets After the war in Heaven God did not for get about the angel that sacrificed herself to save all and was truly touched by her love. He did not forget her nor let her fade. So God saved her essence turning into a soul and this soul would be reborn as the chosen innocent that would represent all mankind in the test against humanity. No one knew about this, not even the angels. But god would foreshadow what was to come and help all to understand through the the coming of Jesus Christ and so on. Now 30 days before the end of the world the innocent, the reincarnation of the angel would be the one to partake in the prophecy to save the world
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  2. So where were you thinking of going with the rp?
  3. I was thinking that maybe he finally escape from hell around the right time the apocalypse was about to happen in 30 days. But he and God makes a deal. A last test of humanity given to him and a innocent human girl. The innocent girl will be chosen to represent all the humankind in the world. Lucifer will only have to corrupt her before the 30 days are up. If he could do this God will let take the earth and admit that he was wrong putting faith in humans. But if he couldn't Lucifer would be subjected to self reflection realizing his mistakes and must ask for forgiveness and seek redemption fighting the demons and save the world and humanity.
  4. Ok so I am really interested in this Roleplay it has a fantastic Idea and I can't believe I am the first to comment on it
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  5. Why thank you. I appreciate that. Come pM me if you wish. I also updated my thread after your question.
  6. awesome ^^ and sure why not?
  7. Ahh it was almost like I was reading my own perception of Lucifer :) I could totally use my character to take the part in this RP. Awesome idea indeed!
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  8. Ah I waited too long to reply! But amazing idea- too cool! Have fun!
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  9. I appreciate that. I'm still looking for a partner.
  10. Gwah! I would be willing to be your partner for this! If you would be willing to let me!
  11. Of course! Please Pm me.
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