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  1. Leyanne sat on her pure white steed, dressed in a white dress lined with fur to keep her warm in the cold air. Her pale blonde hair hanged down her chest on both sides and it reached down to her ribs, she had kind and gentle eyes which possessed an emerald green color and they were looking around curiously as she and her guards made their way to Winterfell. She didn't look so old though, perhaps sixteen summers at most. Her pale skin was hidden by the fully covering dress and she had a hood attached which she had pulled up to cover her upper facial features, only her nose and mouth being visible from underneath it.

    She was nervous but that was rather understandable as she was being escorted to Winterfell to marry her husband, not one of her choice, but one that had been chosen for her as her family wanted to connect the bond. She was the youngest child in the Dayne family and even though she saw it as a huge honor to become the bride to the King of the North, she was still nervous as she had no idea what he was like, she had never even seen him before.

    Leyanne looked up once they arrived at Winterfell and they were instantly allowed entrance and once they were inside the walls, people had begun to gather slightly to get a look on their King's bride.
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  2. It had been nearly twenty years since the War of the Five Kings had finally ended. Rickard Stark, named to honor his great grandfather, was a mere nineteen years of age, but he had been given immense responsibility as the King of the North. His father, Brandon the Cripple, had been deceased for nearly a year now due to his illness. Rickard was now expected to marry as well, which did not really bother him too much. He had laid with women before, and tales of the natural beauty possessed by the Daynes of Starfall eased any discomfort. Still, he did not feel ready for such a commitment. There was so much that had changed within the last year, and it was all coming so quickly.

    The looking glass displayed his strong features as well as he had always known them. The sturdy chin his grandfather, Lord Eddard, possessed was clearly present, as were the dark hair and eyes of the northmen. His mother, Meera, was busy jostling his siblings in line to look presentable to the Dayne royal escort. Edric was only thirteen years of age and still had much to learn from his older brother, and the nine year old Mya was very keen to take after her now deceased aunt Arya.

    Rickard looked over his features and his neatly trimmed beard with approval. His tunic was a brilliant white with a golden stripe running diagonally from his right shoulder to the left hip. The design was meant to signify the union between their historic houses.
  3. Leyanne looked down at one of her guards as he held up a hand towards her to help her down from her steed. She placed her hands in his before she dismounted her steed and she then looked around in order to get more used to her new surroundings.

    She blinked a few times as a few children ran up to her and they excitedly began to ask her questions. She did her best to answer them while she crouched down and then listened to the stories that the children had to tell before one of the guards reminded her of the reason she was there. She stood up straight and swallowed once as she looked towards the keep and she took a deep breath as she now became even more nervous, she was barely able to make eye contact with any of the Starks because of it.
  4. As the procession entered the court before them, Rickard fixated his eyes carefully on the young woman in the middle. Her face was not yet visible due to the hood overlaying most of her face, but if word around the kingdom was true, then she was supposed to be quite pleasant to look at. The knights surrounding her were decorated in the shining silver-plated armor, the chest plates baring the sword across the silver star, the historic sigil of House Dayne.

    Rickard stood and spread his hands wide, a gesture of welcoming his new guests. "It is an honor to be in the presence of the noble men and women of Starfall. You are family to us and will be treated as no less." He had practiced the words carefully and was fairly satisfied with the way he had spoken them to his audience. He glanced to his left and received an approving nod from his uncle and Kingsguard Commander, Ser Rickon Stark. After the King in the North had become an official title once more, many insisted on establishing a northern Kingsguard. Ser Rickon had been given the honor of Lord Commander on his last name day after the old age death of the veteran Bronze Yohn Royce.
  5. "Thank you, it is an honor to be here in your presence." Said Leyanne as she pulled back her hood, she didn't want to appear rude by hiding her face and as the hood slid down to rest on her shoulders, she looked up at Rickard with her hands now resting over her pelvis and she offered him and the others a gentle smile. Her voice was soft and gentle, much like the expression in her eyes. She bowed towards Rickard and her guards did the same to show their respect towards him.

    It was visible in her eyes just how nervous she was as she had a hard time to try and maintain eye contact.
  6. Rickard smiled as she removed the hood. The rumors had been true enough as it turned out. She certainly displayed the characteristics of a beautiful highborn lady. One might even suggest that she was more radiant than a woman of her past bloodline: Lady Ashara.

    "The wedding will take place five days from now. Until then, Lady Leyanne shall have the chambers that once belonged to my father during his brief reign." He glanced at Maester Veryn, who nodded for him to continue on with his speech to the guests. Rickard inhaled deeply and continued. "But before we begin the preparations, I must ask you a question, my lady. Why has the rest of your house not traveled with you?"

    He was fairly certain he knew the answer already, but helped to hear the words from a first-hand witness. Word had already spread of King Jon's inability to handle the issues Westeros still had with Essos. Many of the problems dated back to the time of Queen Daenerys' exile. It was obvious that the Iron Throne desperately needed its close allies, like the Daynes, in these troubled times. Rickard prayed the Gods would not let the conflicts turn violent soon.
  7. "They had other business to attend to and I apologize on their behalf, they would've wanted to be here but with what is going on, they were unable to accompany me, My Lord." She said and she bowed her head in an apologetic manner towards Rickard.
    Even though her voice did not sound of sadness, it was evident on her expression as she talked that her heart was burdened over the fact that her family would not be with her as she got married.

    She looked towards her steed as he let out a ferocious and restless neigh before he began to trample on the spot, she took him by the reins and the steed instantly calmed down while he dragged his hoof across the ground. "I apologize for Varasties, he is quite energetic. Would you mind if I stable him before we continue inside?" She asked in a curious manner.
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  8. Rickard smiled warmly. She was truly quite youthful both in age as well as in personality. It almost felt like he was marrying someone too young for him, though there were only three years of age separating them. "Allow Maester Veryn, my lady. He is as good with animals as any man in Westeros." Maester Veryn stepped forward and bowed as much as his old age would allow him to.

    "In the mean time," Rickard continued, "let us go inside. Surely you must be cold, this being your first journey above the Neck. Our handmaidens would be more than happy to assist you into more comfortable clothing." He glanced at Maester Veryn, who was already drawing in the reigns of the large stallion. Rickard was a little surprised to learn that a woman of Leyanne's size could sit a horse that size.

    He approached her with a practiced elegance and extended a hand to her in offering. "I am glad you have come. I look forward to getting to know you for many years to come."
  9. Her steed let out a loud neigh in protest and he snorted slightly as Maester Veryn took the reins and Leyanne patted Varasties on the side which calmed him a little and he then walked with Veryn.

    Leyanne then turned towards Rickard as he stepped closer and she blushed slightly at his words before she inclined her head gently towards him. "I have to say that I agree with you." She said while a gentle smile formed on her lips and she then placed her hand in his. "I am quite comfortable with what I am wearing, however I am curious to take a look at my new home." Said Leyanne as she looked up at Rickard and she placed her free hand against his upper arm in a shy manner. "And even though it is cold, I find it a nice change. Besides, I have to get used to it sooner or later, no?" She asked while she let out a brief chuckle.
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  10. He smiled with admiration. She clearly knew the part she had to play, and she was doing a tremendous job. It was almost as if she was actually happy to see him. "I trust your journey was safe and unimpeded then?" he asked as he led her into through the great gates. They had been rebuilt into a much grander entrance after they were infamously burned by the Boltons during the war.

    Inside, Winterfell was the same as it had been for the last ten thousand years. Or so he assumed. He could not recall any time he had been told it was rebuilt or refurnished, not including the burning by the Boltons of course. The stables were still worn but sturdy, the forgery was hot and fuming with smelted ore and metal, and of course the great brick walls were as strong as they had always been. It was always home to him, and he felt a sense of welcome every time he stepped through the gates. "I trust you are aware of the tourney that has been planned in your honor. Some of the most brilliant knights from all over the North will be here in a fortnight to earn their share of glory."
  11. "Aside from a failed ambush by a couple of thieves, the road here was surprisingly calm." She said with a smile as she walked with him and she took the time to also look around. "Oh? Is that so?" She asked in a curious manner as he told her about the knights that would arrive from all over the North.

    She narrowed her eyes as she felt a surge of pain going through her head and she staggered slightly before she gently leaned on Rickard for support. "Forgive me, it appears as if my body is feeling faint." She stuttered and she raised one of her hands to rest on her forehead.
  12. Her sudden near collapse caused everyone to gasp, and her guards rushed forward with urgency, having not expected something like this. Rickard held her up with ease, but the suddenness of the situation unnerved him. Where did that come from? It was a most disturbing onset to say the least. She needed to be taken up to her chambers immediately.

    "Quick, retrieve Maester Veryn!" he ordered two of the guards. They rushed off toward the stables as some of her own guards lifted her and carried her into the stronghold. Her chambers were up three flights of stairs, and the guards rushed her up quickly, with Rickard and Meera following close behind.
  13. She sat down in the bed as she was placed down and she leaned back against the back of the bed. "I-it I nothing to be alarmed for. I'm sure it's just that my body is slightly exhausted from the journey." She stuttered, although her face had gotten slightly paler and she was running a slight fever.

    Leyanne looked down at her lap and her hands rested on her stomach, she felt as if she had given a rather bad first expression, were they now going to think that she was weak?
    She shook her head to get rid of the thoughts and she then looked up at Rickard. "I apologize for worrying you." She then said.
  14. Of all the things Rickard had been expecting upon his new queen's arrival, this was certainly not one of them. No one had warned him that she might collapse out of without warning. She seemed healthy enough to him when he looked at her. Was there a greater mystery behind it that he had not been told about?

    The guards placed her on the bed and had her lay down. "Worry not for me. It is you we should be concerned about right now." He placed a hand on her head, both as a gesture of concern as well as to see how ill she might be. Her skin was warmer than it should be. Perhaps the cold was more than she had expected it to be. He exited the room as Maester Veryn began to mix some herbs together in a bowl. He hoped this was nothing more than a simple illness caused by the weather difference. He was not inclined to delay the wedding for very long.
  15. She looked up at him as he placed his hand on her head and she then lowered her gaze slightly as he left the room. Leyanne laid down on the bed and she looked up at the ceiling before she looked towards Maester Veryn. "Maester, if I'm allowed to ask... what is My Lord like? He seems very kind and gentle." She said as she looked at him, although she spoke with a hesitant voice as she did not want to offend.

    She brushed some hair from her face and then let out a small sigh as she closed her eyes, she didn't want to be sick! Not now!
    Leyanne opened her eyes again and she looked up at the ceiling in an absent manner, deep in her thoughts as she felt that the fever was luckily only a minor one so it was nothing serious, she figured that it was because of the weather difference that she had gotten ill, nothing else.
  16. Maester Veryn continued to mix his herbs together and peered down at her with a friendly smile. "Lord Rickard is quite a special man, and I don't just say that because I work for him. He is a man of great skill, both in fighting and in craftsmanship. He is by no means the most skilled fighter in Westeros, but he may get there one day. He is young and still has time. But he is also a kind man. He does not shout, nor does he get angry often. But sometimes I find him to be a little to merciful." He frowned slightly. "His grandfather, Eddard, made the same mistake. You would think Rickard would have learned from his ancestors' follies by now."

    He put down the spoon he was using to mix his concoction and placed the bowl against her lips. "Here you go, my lady. Drink this, but slowly. It will help to ease the fever." He tilted it slowly and let the remedy pour into her mouth.
  17. She listened curiously as he spoke about Rickard and the more she heard, the more she felt her feelings grow for him. She had been worried that perhaps he would've been someone that she had not liked, however to her relief it was the complete opposite. Leyanne placed her hands on either side of the bowl and then drank the remedy at a slow pace and she then lowered her hands once she was done. "Thank you for your aid, I'm sorry that the first thing I had to be was a burden." She said with a gentle smile and she couldn't help but to chuckle slightly.

    "If... If he isn't too busy, would he come inside again? I would love to get to know him better." She then said in a slightly shy manner and she felt her cheeks beginning to blush. She had never had feelings for another person before but she had often heard about it from her mother, was she truly in love with Rickard after just this brief meeting?
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