The True Goddess: Nadya

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    The annual tournament hosted by the True God Libra is now about to being. All of the competators have been choosen and have been transported to their respected temples. The True God, Libra waits for his followers in his own temple. Once again, the followers of Nadya stand alone in their temple without their beloved Goddess guid them. This year is different though, a note has arrived and waits at the alter of Nadya inside of the temple. The scroll is stained with blood, and it is written in the ancient language that the followers of Nadya created to talk in private and not be understood by those of hate and evil natures. The message seems to be instructions on how to save the Goddess Nadya from her prison. Could it have been written by the Goddess herself?
    The bells chime two times.
    This signifies that the preparation round of the tournament has started. Each team has as much time as they need to prepare for battle, and once they were ready they are to ring the bells at the top of the tower in their temples three times. Good luck to each team, and may the love of your God or Goddess be with you.
    "I hope my message has reached them..." A weak and beaten Nadya sits in a cage high above in a large underground cavern built by Libra himself. This has been her prison for many years, and she finally has been able to send a message to her followers; If there still are any. She hopes Libra has finally left for the tournament, because after being drained of more power only hours before, she does not want to deal with him. The love she once had for him is now gone and sorrow and sadness occupy her heart. It has been too long since she has ever felt the feeling of love, and over time she has slowly forgotten how. Without love, her powers are useless to her. Could there be anyone out there who could save her?​
  2. Kazumi Stood in her Gods Temple. Leaning against a wall and waiting for the others to arrive. Kazumi was a Beast Tamer. She could tame Beats from hell and use them as her minions. Currently the only beast she could have with her the temple was a little guy named Mitosu. He looked like a little ghost boy. His appearance was that of an Asian school boy, but his eyes were white and mist, hair black and wispy, his body seemed to be a mist. He sat on the ground playing with a ball of black mist. Kazumi heard the others coming and her god entering the Temple. She walked to the large shrine that stood in the middle of the temple and bowed before her God.

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  3. Kaguya was kneeling in front of the small, sad altar of the goddess that was in the temple. She was praying, asking for her blessing. She looked out through a small window. A small ray of sun was shining in, as if it was a response from the goddess herself.

    "The moon is in a favourable position" She thought to herself. "Half moon and on the incline..."

    In front of her was also the bloody scroll. The participants had all read the contents of it, and they knew what to look for. It had been decided that in case anyone needed to rest, Kaguya would stand guard outside the temple, since her powers were stronger at night. As such, she would take it easier during the day, and save her energy for when she most needed it. She looked out the window again, and a small tear fell down her cheek. She knew that all the people of the moon were rooting for her, and that they hoped and prayed that she would return safe with the goddess. The people of the moon had been very blessed by Goddess Nadya, which allowed them to live in a place with otherwise such a hostile environment in peace and prosper. They had also been relatively unscathed by the huntings of the followers of Libra, due to their favourable distance from earth. No one from the moon had previously entered the tournament, but this time, Kaguya had signed up voluntarily. She wanted to help end this, once and for all.
  4. Saul wasn't really paying attention as he smoked on his cigar, walking slowly towards the temple. He quickened his pace as he noticed a familiar aura and went straight for it not noticing the others coming to the temple. He was excited because one; he knew for sure was a female. He didn't really care for the other thing he sensed because it was male and dead. Not really worth his time. He got closer and closer and smirked a little when he looked up and saw her. It was Kazumi but he didn't know her name but one thing for sure, at least he has a backup meal in case the other team is sparse in females. He strode towards her with confidence, and exhaled a ring of smokes in her direction to get her attention and slowly flicked his cigarette.
    "Hello there beautiful,"he greeted her as he extended his arm out to her.
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  5. Vince walked up to the temple slowly watching someone go in before he did, he was excited for this years tournament he didnt know why tho as he walked he played with a deck of cards but these where not normal cards there was something different about them a deathly sense, as he walked in he smiled there where two others here obviously for the tournament he smiled a deathly grin at them and watched"wanna play a game" he asked in a raspy voice
  6. Saul turned around quickly. When he noticed the man playing with a strange deck of cards; he knew he was bad news. At first he was going to say no, but than he realized something and smirked and replied, "Thats why we signed up to be in this tournament right? To play games with the Goddess followers right?"
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