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    After centuries, the people of the world of Shalin Mo have worshiped the Goddess Nadya. Despite her dark appearance, she was gentle and kind to her followers but that didn’t change the fact that she had a dark side. She fell in love with a human during the middle ages, but he betrayed her and imprisoned her. After stealing some of her powers, this man was now powerful enough to call himself a God even though he could be easily killed. Like any other man with power, he surrounded himself with mindless followers and muscle to keep him alive. Every century he would feed off of her power to keep him alive, and since she is unable to die she lives in suffering in pain under the world which she loved and cared for. After one thousand years, and new beings walking the earth, they have forgotten about the Goddess who loved them with all of her heart, and are forced to live under the rules of this false God. Only a handful of followers remain, and each year the false God holds a tournament with a few of his most beloved followers and a few of the remaining followers of the Goddess Nadya. This tournament was more of a survival game; each faction must work with their teammates to stay alive. The living faction would win the love and gifts from their God or Goddess. Needless to say, the followers of Goddess Nadya have yet to win. This year is different. After the factions have been chosen, a letter arrives at the temple of the Goddess Nadya. The note has blood stains, but the writing is in a language that only her followers can read.
    “Beloved followers of Nadya, I bring this message to you in hopes of finally seeing peace for our world which dies at the hands of this false idol. The Goddess is being held underground the tournament grounds; do not question how this is known. A secret entrance has been found, and you must find it to finally set her free. Look for the old willow tree near the center of the grounds. Its trunk has the language of the Goddess carved on it, just like the language this message is written in. Only a drop of blood on the old willow from your youngest member will open the door. From there, you shall hear the voice of the Goddess. She will guide you to her rescue. It will be dangerous, but you are the last surviving members who can free her. If you cannot complete this task, all is lost.”
    - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ -
    For the followers of Nadya your first objective is to make your way to the willow once the tournament has started and begin your journey to save the Goddess.
    For the followers of the false God, your first objective is to stop them at all costs. Try to intercept any hand written messages throughout the underground city to slow them down.
    - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ -
    Character Sheet

    Sex: (False God is male)
    Follower of: (The Goddess, or False God) [This is not needed for False God applicants]
    Appearance: (Pictures are welcome!)
    Special Abilities:

    - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ -
    - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ -
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  2. [Saving space for Map and Goddess Character Sheet]

    Also, I think I was unclear in the post above. Only those wanting to apply as the False God should pm me their character sheets. ^^
  3. Name: Reelixa Valium
    Age: 17
    Sex: Female
    Follower of: The Goddess
    Race/Species: Forest Elf
    Special Abilities: Uncanny ability to move without the slightest sound. Exceptional marks-man
    Personality: She is normally very kind and witty, but when it is needed, she attitude is as sharp as the tips of her arrows. She is quite deadly when threatened and has no remorse when she is angry. Only after her anger subsides does she feel the guilt.
    Biography: Reelixa was raised in the household of one of The Goddesses most prominent, well known followers, yet she is not the daughter of this woman. Reelixa was found in the forest near the place where The Goddess was once worshiped by the forest people, (The Elves), which are sadly becoming more and more scarce. They lived and thrived on the healing and magic that The Goddess provided for their forest homes, and without her to protect them, the forest is dying, along with the remaining Elves. Reelixa was raised by this follower, but was always said to be destined to save The Goddess. She herself doesn't believe she was destined to save her, but is still quite willing to help none the less.
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  4. So when can we start the RP?
  5. I planned on waiting for a few more to apply, Plus I have to finish up the map :3
  6. Oh Okay, No problem
  7. [​IMG]
    Name: Saul Maximus
    Age: 20
    Sex: Male
    Follower of: False God
    Race/Species: Incubus
    Special Abilities: A silver tongue, fire magic; becomes stronger depending on mood and also after he gains energy from females;, and great in bed
    Personality: He can be a bit playful but in actuality he is cruel and harsh. He is arrogant about his strength since he is not a human. He sees women as food and will not be kind to those who are in his way of his delicious meal. He will do ANYTHING to get what he wants from the prize to a good ONE night stand; literally.
    Biography: He was raised to believe in the False God and he likes his way of dealing with women such as the true Goddess idolizing him as a real MAN. He feels great and doesn't feel regretful about killing many women for energy because, why should he? He gets energy from them and he prefers them over actual food; he believes he has better taste that is all. He loves to enter tournament because the Goddess always has great female followers and he just loves the gifts. He looks forward to EATING the competition this following tournament.
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  8. Name:
    Celine Freed
    Follower of:
    The False God
    Disclaimer: Art belongs to its respective owner.
    { Eyes } Misty Grey
    { Hair } Caramel brown with slight green hue
    { Height } 5'11"
    { Weight } 146 lbs.
    { Complexion } Fair
    Special Abilities:- Siren Singing -
    Celine bears the ability to put a person in a trance by singing a specific song and as instantaneous the effects sink in, the person will do whatever they're told. Her musical ability is potentially dangerous, especially if she is in possession of a harp. It'll only go downhill from there.
    Of course, the only way to suppress her bloody song is to have all ears plugged and pray for the best. However, there is a drawback to her rare ability, it's the fact that sirens are fated to die if someone heard their singing and escaped them.
    Born and raised in a world where the sinful prevails, Celine was influenced to follow the herd without knowing the truth of her idol; the False God. Her devotion and love for him is all based on blind loyalty and is unfortunately submissive when it comes to his desires. She has a strong sense of right and wrong, but all rational reasoning instantly flies out the window once she is convinced that what the False God says is absolute. Taking his personal opinions too seriously, Celine will even go against her own comrades when meeting casualties. Don't be fooled; the False God is the only one she admires, everyone else is below the ground she walks on. Yet, for all her undaunted faith, Celine can surprisingly be sensible and self-composed. In spite of all the reckless antics she'd pull off just to please her 'God', Celine's obedient behavior towards him should not be mistaken for gullibility. Having lived years under the False God's wing and brainwashing others for her selfishness, Celine is well experienced enough to know whether a person is attempting to swoon her over petty compliments or if a person is being dead serious.
    She leans more to the disturbing side than anything else. A smile will come into place for whatever reason she may have. Even if her life may be in jeopardy, she'll smile wickedly through all the burning pain. Whether her smiles are considered pure or candid remains a mystery.
    As a toddler, Celine was thrown away by her misfortunate parents after they witnessed her singing to another girl before suffocating the child to death and had then believed children of the sirens brought nothing but tragedy. In a vain attempt to preserve their relatively pleasant life, Celine's parents decided to sacrifice their only daughter by abandoning her in the forest to be mauled by its vicious predators. But fate took a different turn of events when she was found by one of the False God's henchmen. Knowing just what she was the moment he saw her sunken eyes, the man believed she would become useful to the False God. And useful she was.
    Caged like a bird inside the safe premises for countless of years, Celine never experienced unconditional love from anyone other than the constant affection showered to her by the False God himself. Having only communicated with him her entire childhood, Celine looked up to him like an older brother despite finding out he has stolen half the true Goddess's powers. Even so, she stood by his side and never turned back.
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  9. [MENTION=5349]Jillian Marks[/MENTION] [MENTION=5331]vampdevil[/MENTION] [MENTION=5397]unicornx[/MENTION] All accepted! ^o^ I love your characters!
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  10. Name: Kazumi Rin

    Age: 20

    Sex: Female

    Follower of: The false God

    Race/Species: Beast Tamer/ Succubus

    Appearance: (

    Special Abilities: Sucks the life out of others, tames Demon Beasts and uses them to any advantage she sees fit. can summon Demons she has already tamed from hell to do her bidding. However any harm done to the beast is also done to her.

    Personality: Kazumi is very independent. She likes to follow her own rules and do things her way. She is very seductive however to either male or female. She is also rebellious. Beauty is something that matters most to her, if she find something repulsive she will do all she can to make it beautiful. even if death is the only way to bring beauty. She has a thirst for Blood. When she starts to kill it is very hard for her to stop.

    Biography: Kazumi grew up in a very elegant part of her world. Her father was a beast Tamer, her Mother a Succubus. Her Mother left her family after she was born. Leaving the curse of her mothers thirst and desire for sexual needs. Her father taught her to tame beasts at a young age, for that was all he was good at. Once she was able to Kazumi's father left to work do work for the false, which her father had worshipped his entire life. Kazumi found the False very alluring and knew the first time she laid eyes on him that she would serve him one day. Kazumi follows him loyally and blindly, walking into any disaster he points at.
  11. [MENTION=5412]WhisperInTheWind[/MENTION] Accepted! ^^

    Also guys sorry for not posting anything on the map and such. I only have internet at work, and hardly ever at my house. Planning on getting my own internet soon, so until then we will wait on more to apply! Still looking for a co-gm to be the false god! ^^
  12. Yay. Thank you for accepting me!! cant wait for this to get started.
  13. Looks interesting, I'll post a chara sheet soon! I'll play a Goddess follower to even the numbers out. I would apply for apply for the False God, but I'm not good at playing evil characters, sorry.
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  14. Name: Tsubasa Ricane
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Follower of: The Goddess
    Species: Air Nymph
    Appearance: pictures/wind.jpg
    Special Abilities: Has good control of air magic. Can switch between 'wind form' and 'true body form' at will. Has high agility.
    Personality: Tsubasa is a kind-hearted person, who rarely does anything wrong- he can thank his love filled childhood for this trait. Yet he is free-spirited, and will often harmlessly ignore society's conventions, instead doing things his own way. Despite his wild/free nature, he is very loyal to those close to him, and will never do anything to upset them. To betray a friend means banishment in air nymph society, but Tsubasa is actually more worried about losing his precious friends, who he considers pieces of his heart. Tsubasa is rather creative, but sometimes he focuses so much on being original, that what he does becomes totally illogical. Still, he's an exciting person to know, and it's never dull around him!
    Biography: Tsubasa was born in the Great Mountains, where The False God's influence is little. His parents (who were strict for air nymphs) taught Tsubasa compassion and the need of nature. School didn't exist for Air nymphs- parents taught them what they needed to leave- so Tsubasa spent much of his time caring for a secret tree-based garden half way up the mountains Tsubasa began travelling the world when he was 17, when he discovered the evil doings of The False God. With his upbringing supporting justice, Tsubasa decided to join The Godess' followers, in an attempt to restore love to the world.
    Other: Tsubasa is currently dating a water nymph named Okiren. It is the only thing that's upset his parents which he's continued doing. Also, Tsubasa's favourite hobby is leaf art- a traditional air Nymph past time, where you make leaf figures dance, etc.
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  15. [MENTION=3175]E-Claire[/MENTION] I can't see the rest of your personality and I just wanted to read it ^^
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  16. I was about to say the same thing lol. [MENTION=3175]E-Claire[/MENTION] accepted! ^^

    As I said before guys, I plan on getting my own internet. Looks like it wont be for another 2 weeks though. Once I find a co-gm and post my characters then we can start! ^^ I can only get on when i'm at work btw.
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  17. Hehe, thanks, it's there now. In fact I added a bit just now.

    I'll ask a friend if they want to sign up, but if not I hope somebody joins soon so we can start.. It looks like a fun RP!
  18. I actually just got an application for co-gm. Waiting on a response and then i'll probably post my profiles tomorrow at the library. Ill post the map once we start! ^o^
  19. Can't wait! ^.^
  20. We got a False God! They will post their character soon and tomorrow i'll be going out of town to get groceries... Ill stop by the mall and nab the free wi fi and post my characters/map and make the IC. Ill be getting internet in a week an a half so this should be fun!
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