The Troubled Minds Of Shady Haven High(OOC)

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  1. "My name is Troy Dela Vega, I'm seventeen years old and I live with my brother Jason. I moved to Shady Haven when I was about nine years old when my parents were killed in car wreck. It was than that Jason took legal custody of me and moved me up from Manhattan. You see my brother is a lot older and is an officer with the U.S. Army. Jay is a real by the book kinda guy and thought that by moving me from the rough streets of New York to this small town in New Hampshire would do me a lot of good. But to tell you the truth, it's really done the opposite. Ever since mom and dad died, I went into this deep depression and ever since, been one of those troubled kids I guess you could say. Last weekend started like any other I suppose, funny thing is I can't remember a damn thing. It's so freakin strange, I just suddenly woke up on a seemingly ordinary Monday morning, my head pounding from a seriously delayed hangover. I try to get through my normal routine and head off to school at good ole' Shady Haven High, but things just seem off. I mean hell I didn't snort that much dust Saturday night, at least no more than usual. All I remember is heading out to the lake for a late night bonfire rave and meeting up with the usual doped out crowd I usually chill with. There was about five or six of us out there, we drank and talked a little before we broke out the powder, than everything goes fuzzy. I mean shit, I've done a few bad lines before but never anything that would floor me for damn near two days. We must've gotten a screwed up batch or something.

    Well anyway, I was tryin my best to make it through my classes, when we got the shock of our lives, when a gaggle of cops show up at school. Turns out that one of the chicks we had been partyin with that night had been found drowned near the lake. The little rich girl, Cassie Rushton, had been found by some fisherman floating in the lake the morning after the party, dead. Now everyone who was there that night is a suspect, including yours truly. The police are bearing down hard and no one knows who to trust anymore. Odd thing is no one can exactly recall what happened that night. The heat is on to figure out who done it and a lot of strange things have been happening surrounding the investigation. Somehow I get the feeling this is just the beginning..."

    The small town of Shady Haven is a quaint and picturesque hamlet in northern New Hampshire. But for a group of troubled teens who attend Shady Haven High, a night of partying and drugs has turned their lives into a waking nightmare. The daughter of a prominent family has been discovered drowned in a nearby lake and all suspicion has focused on them. On top of the relentless police scrutiny they have begun to experience unsettling incidents such as cryptic messages left in their lockers, unnerving e-mails from unknown persons, terrifying nightmares and the eerie feeling of being watched. Things are about to get even worse as they are about to be thrust into a shadow world of intrigue, conspiracy and murder.

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  2. Name: Lina Stronghold
    Age: 15
    Height: 5'
    Personality: Loud and boisterous, loves to hear herself talk. She has her serious moments, but tries to make light of everything. Lina hates random and repetitive noise, unless it's actual music. Adores rock music, and is usually found listening to queen or the like.
    Occupation: Fellow Student
    Bio: Lina was born in Shady Haven and has lived there all her life. Her favorite thing is attracting people's attention, due to her parents always being out at work. Almost everyone at school knows her name, despite being only a Sophmore due to the fact that she dated a Senior as a freshman. She had gone to the party in the mood for some excitement after a long boring week, and hadn't even meant to take any drugs, except maybe a glass of beer.
  3. Name: Troy Alejandro Dela'Vega
    Age: 17
    Height: 6'0
    Personality: Depression prone, solemn, moody
    Occupation: Student
    Physical Appearance: 11193376_881685688558884_3203029934203218990_n.jpg
    Bio: Troy Dela'Vega was born to lower middle class parents on the rough streets of Manhattan, New York. He led a somewhat normal life, until the age of nine when both his parents were killed in a tragic car accident. After their deaths, he was re-located to a sleepy little town in northern New Hampshire. He went to live with his older brother Jason, who had a successful military career as an Army Captain.

    But the change of atmosphere did little to brighten the young man's outlook. Soon after he fell into a deep depression, which he never really recovered from. Over the course of the next eight years, Troy descended into a destructive kind of lifestyle. He became a regular drug user, did poorly in school and even had a few criminal misdemeanors under his belt. Troy hangs out with a bunch of other rowdy and rebellious teens from his town. Despite all Jason has tried to do to get Troy back on track, his attempts and warnings fall on deaf ears.

    Name: Jason Miguel Dela'Vega
    Age: 34
    Height: 6'2
    Personality: Analytical, consummate problem solver, dedicated, loyal, by-the-book
    Occupation: Army Officer (O-3)

    Physical Appearance: 562582_3049468133376_2020473751_n.jpg
    Bio: Jason Dela'Vega, unlike his younger brother, had his goals set at an early age. His idol was his uncle, who would regale the family with tales of his days in Vietnam. Jason decided from the tender age of six, he wanted to be a military man, like his uncle Javier. He buckled down, and put his mind on his studies, eventually graduating high school with honors. The day after, he enlisted in the Army and has never looked back.

    While in the military, Jason excelled in the highly structured lifestyle. He earned a college degree while serving, enrolled in officer training school, gained his Army commission and has steadily risen in the ranks to his present rank of Captain(O-3). When his parents died suddenly, he found himself taking on the role of both father figure and care giver to his younger brother Troy. Jason was stationed in New Hampshire, in the small town of Shady Haven. Jason was financially stable, had a nice house and could afford the means to look after Troy. He hoped the change of scenery and the stable environment of the quaint little town, would help Troy get over his grief at losing their parents. However the more Jason tried to help, the more Troy seemed to pull away. He descended into his own shadowy world of drugs, partying and rebellion. Now Jason is desperate to set his brother on the right path and help to overcome his demons...
  4. April, good character...accepted.
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