The Trouble With Michael

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  1. Anthropomorphs now compose about 1/5th of the total world population. Michael is among them. He's a Wolf with a bit of Dragon in his blood. He hates to be angry, and wants nothing more than good friends, and a steady home and job. Unfortunately, humans still are not as forthcoming as they likely should.

    Recent legal decisions have made it possible for Anthropomorphs to be -officially- given legal equality with all other humans. However, prejudice still reigns, and the established governments have little infrastructure to deal with the influx of hate crimes.

    In this morass, Michael and others try to make their way. The few people who are allies of the "Furries", as they are known, are also given trouble, but throughout this hell, some lead happy, well fulfilled lives.


    In this RP, what are you? What is your Species, whether Human or Furry? If you are a human, are you an enemy or ally? How will you interact?

    Let's see what happens in the lives of our people.

    Michael sat on the stoop of his old, haggard travel-trailer, in the parking lot of a huge truck stop. His van was out of fuel, and he was too. Hungry, hot, and exhausted, he sat where the breeze could blow in his face. His fur matted against his skin, and his tongue lolled out, as he panted.

    Occasionally, a passerby would either walk by and shake their head, or yell and jeer, something which did nothing for his mood. He reached inside the door for a bottle of water, which was lukewarm, and drank it thirstily. He shook his maw, discharging the excess droplets from his muzzle. He sighed, and waited.
  2. Mason walked around in the hot heat blazing on his face and skin. He watched as some fur like creatures roam about as if human. I mean they basically were? with just some fur?. He cleared his thoughts out of his head and slightly pulled up his cargo shorts that were hung low off his hips. He pulled off his t- shirt and breathed heavy as the heat was making him rather thirsty. Reaching into his bag he had on his back he pulled out a cold bottle of water and drank some while pouring the rest on his hair and chest.

    He was planning on just wandering about the city or mabey into a small town of such, he never really had a particullar destination on late days especially fridays. Those were the more adventerous days so to speak. Walking for a good hour he spoted some human messing and teasing the "furs" what he liked to call them. Shaking his head he kept on walking till spotting a truck spot. He was planning on bribing someone to help him on his travles. Whem he walked in he saw a fur sitting out in the blaxing heat obviousally thirsy he walked over and handed him the cold bottle of water " here drink up"
  3. Juniper slouched, slowly walking down the street. The suns strong rays beating down on her fur, making her only wish she was at a pool a pond. Something to keep her cool. Her friends, most human, were off with their families on a summer vacation. While her family never really did much like that. The local pools seemed to be against anthropomorphs. A large "NO FURRIES" sign was posted up on the gate to make it very clear. "I wish we had a pool," she mumbled to herself. Coming to a hault.

    Her hair was up in a messy bun, with only a tank top and a skirt on. She finally reached the outskirts of town. Heaving a sigh, she turned around. "I can't believe I got this far before even noticing it." She put a furry hand above her eye's trying to shield them from the sun. "I guess it's alright. At least I don't tan or anything like most humans." She said, talking to herself. 'Not that I don't already have enough of a strange pattern,' she thought, referring to the panda like fur. Black and white like most panda bears, though not exactly a bear. It was the only thing, she felt, that gave her every right to walk around with the humans, and not locked up in a cage.
  4. Michael looked up at the human, and smiled. "Thanks, man. Too damn hot for this wolf." He took the proffered bottle of water and slowly drank it back. He looked up at the human and introduced himself. "Hey. I am Michael. I was traveling and ran out of supplies, so here I am."
  5. Mason laughed at the fur's comment and watched as he drank from the bottle " yea i know what you mean its blazing out here today". He nodded his head and smiled warmily " im mason and i was out wandering if you got nothing to do your welcomed to join me".
  6. Rose looked up at the sky and slowly wiped the sweat from her brow. Days like this she wished she had a home to go to or at least someone to talk with so the journey didn't seem so long. As she walked past the huge truck stop, she noticed a human and a fur conversing. "Might as well try to make friends..." she thought to herself as she walked over to them.
  7. Michael stood, stretched, and said, "You are more than welcome to join me in my travels. I just need to find some money for gas, and to refill the propane on my trailer. Once both of these happen, we will have shade and air conditioning." He waved at the female human walking toward them. "You are welcome into the trailer too, miss."
  8. "Really? Thanks sooooo much. My name is Rose by the way. What's yours?" she says as she walks inside the trailer behind the fur and the human guy. "It's been so long since i have seen another living creature."
  9. Kinzee stumbled out of the forest and stared into the bright light. Where had it been all these days? The thick canopy of the forest must have covered the sun from streaming through. She sighed, happily. There was a trailer just ahead of her. Squinting she looked at the three people standing around it. Should she aproach them?
  10. Masom nodded and looked at Michael and then the girl named rose. He used his shirt as a towel and he looked around " I was heading tword the lake to cool down yu both can come".
  11. Rose looked a little nervous and more than a little embarrassed. "I...ummmm....I....don't know how to swim." she said, her cheeks turning a bright red.