The Trouble with Duty.

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  1. Aura knew who she was off to go and get she had known him when he was just a teen she hadn't been much older herself, I cant believe this out of all the villains to give a second chance to why him why Mist and why do i have to be the one to babysit him. As if him killing the man of my dreams wasn't enough now I have to be stuck with him for who knows how long. Aura thought then she started to think of when she had been given the news by the police chief and when he had the audacity to tell her she had to be the one to be his parole officer she lost it telling him there was no way in hell she could do that. Then having him tell her that it was her duty to do so.

    With a sigh she looked up and noticed the place where he was being kept nothing fancy but some how they had managed to stop him from using his ability, at least that's one thing she thought as she started to walk down a stair case she made out of the air that she controlled.Air was always with her and ready to do as she asked or just thought she liked to have it moving around her even if just to move her hair every now and again it made her fell better. Once at the door she leaned against the chain mail fence and waited for Mist to be let out.
  2. The news that Mist was going to be freed from this prison had come as a shock, but a very welcome one. That is, until the repercussions of that news came. He wasn't the only one who had been told this bit of news, though he was the only one in the prison who would be released on this special new kind of parole. There were no others like him in this place, and by all rights, he shouldn't have been in this place to begin with. Special prisons existed, ones where the inmates all had abilities no normal human should have. But since the hero who had caught Mist had discovered his power's fatal flaw, the justice system had made full use of that.

    For the six years that Mist had been locked away in this prison, they'd kept him blindfolded. His illusions, powerful though they were, were dependent on Mist's ability to see. If he couldn't see, he couldn't make an illusion. And the special blindfold they'd made for him--it locked so he couldn't remove it--had been far cheaper than sending him to a prison he actually belonged in.

    The day of his release mercifully arrived, and Mist was escorted out of his cell and through the corridors of the prison to the exit. He was given some ratty old clothes that not even a homeless person would want, and he was given a couple minutes to change out of his orange prison garb. The clothes he'd been given were too big on him, making him look even skinnier than he already was. Mist had always been thin, but these years in prison had made him even thinner. The blindfold remained locked in place, the guards not intending to take it off him. They'd be giving the key to Mist's new babysitter. It would be her choice whether she let him see or not.

    Mist only realized that they were outside when he smelled what was unmistakably fresh air. He could feel a gentle breeze blowing his near-shoulder-length black hair around, and the warmth of the sun on his face felt very good. But better than all of this was the knowledge that he was out of that hellish place. He was free, and he hoped he'd never have to go back in there again. Ever. There was no doubt in his mind of what would happen if he was sent back there. The comments and jeers from the other inmates as Mist was being walked out had made that perfectly clear.

    The guards on either side of him led him along the path to the gate where Aura was waiting for him. Mist hadn't been told anything about his parole supervisor, other the fact that it was a hero. Male or female, name, abilities... He knew none of it.

    "Here he is," one guard said to Aura when they reached her. He unceremoniously pushed the twenty-year-old forward, making Mist stumble and nearly fall before he recovered his balance. "He's your problem now, sweet cheeks."

    "Here's the key to the blindfold," the other guard said before handing the aforementioned key to Aura. "Word of advice: don't use it. Keep that thing on him. Don't want him to go on another crime spree, now do we?" The guards grinned and left Mist and Aura standing alone. Mist had yet to say anything. He was beginning to think that his supervisor was female. That "sweet cheeks" comment wouldn't really fit otherwise.
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  3. Aura watched as Mist was lead out of the main door's she didn't want to say anything she couldn't trust herself not to just tell them there had been a mistake and to throw him back in and losses the key to his cell as well as his blindfold.

    Aura could feel hatred crawling up her body as she saw his face the moment he realized that he was in fact outside, with out a word she called air to her to help calm her feelings. Upon feeling her element rising up her long booted legs and swirling around her stomach and chest all the way up to her waist length blonde hair she could breath as air was running its unseen fingers through her hair and calming her mood, she started to let go off the hatred.

    As the guards approached she moved from her spot against the fence and stood there listening to the one who was talking taking the key from his hand she placed it on a chain around her neck and smiled, When he called her sweet cheeks she rolled her eyes being use to having men looking at her like she was nothing and could be as powerful or as strong as the male hero's. Aura had mixed feeling when they left she was pleased to see the back of them but also it meant she was now alone with Mist.

    Walking closer she noticed his clothing hung off him and was very ill fitting on his slight frame, "I see you haven't put any wait on over the years then Mist."
    Aura knew the moment he heard her speak he would probably recognize her voice.
  4. It had been a long six years, and Mist probably could have only recognized the voice of the hero he'd feuded with, the one that had eventually caught him. That hero's voice would stick with Mist forever, especially the horrible things the man had said to him before knocking Mist unconscious.

    Still, Mist had recognized the voice of this woman. He couldn't remember her name or anything, but he could have sworn... Oh. Oh no. This voice... This woman was... No way. No way they'd convinced her to do this. Or had she volunteered for it? Had she wanted to be in charge of him, just so she could sabotage him and make sure he got sent back to prison for the rest of his life? If he screwed up this parole, he was done. The only way he'd be leaving that prison was in a body bag.

    "You..." he said quietly, his voice barely above a whisper.
  5. Watching Mist's face as realization set in was hard she wanted to hit him how could he forget what he has done to me how the hell could he forget she thought as her temper started to flair again but air was already with her and was moving around her. As the anger started the air cooled her temper, with a deep breath she looked at Mist.

    "Yes it's me, just so you know this does not mean i forgive you but its my duty" she said the word duty through gritted teeth."I'am your parole officer, if i have any reason to bring you back here I will do in less then a heartbeat, I just felt you needed to know that."

    Aura could feel the key on the chain there was no way she was going to take it off not until he gave her a reason too. With one last deep breath she walked closer to him knowing he would fall over if he tried to move to her.

    "I suppose I had better get you away from here, before I throw you back in and let the other inmates have you."
  6. What little color there was in Mist's face left it immediately at Aura's last comment. Letting the other inmates have him... The thought alone made him pale visibly, and he immediately felt nauseous. He took in a deep breath to keep himself from being ill, not wanting to give this hero any reason to suspect that something was very wrong. Of course, he couldn't have helped that color drain. She had to have seen that, and Mist was even shaking slightly.

    As much as Mist wanted to tell Aura to get him the fuck away from this place, he kept his mouth shut. He just hoped this hero was going to take him away from this place soon. Just standing there wasn't doing anything to help Mist's nerves.
  7. Aura noticed that Mist paled at her word's that's not like him he was always so confident of himself she thought. Aura took one last look around her and shock her head to get rid of the last few nasty thoughts.

    "Come on then we have a place to go where we can talk" Aura was taking him back to her home the chief had told her it would help with his rehabilitation if he was in an established home, of course she had tried to fight the fact but nothing she had said was working so in the end she had agreed to him staying with her.

    With out another word she took hold of his arm and called her element to her she wanted to get home the sooner this start's the better she thought to herself as air lifted her and Mist in to the sky and started to move them at a normal pace across the city.
  8. Mist flinched when Aura grasped his arm, even though her grip wasn't painful. One could write it off as him just being startled, but there was a lot more to it than that. Thankfully, Aura was very unaware of the real reason Mist had reacted like that to her touch.

    The feeling of being lifted into the air jogged Mist's memory the rest of the way. Aura. That's the name of this hero. She manipulated the air, which had given Mist some difficulties when they'd encountered each other before. Mist had prevailed in those instances--he'd even killed Aura's lover--and now she had a chance for revenge. She could make his freedom as hellish as his imprisonment had been, and that thought made that feeling of nausea return in full swing. It took every ounce of self-control that he had to keep himself from being sick.

    "For what it's worth," he said, his voice still quiet, "I'm sorry about what happened to your lover." And it was true. Mist had never meant to kill anyone. He knew it was only a matter of time before someone caught him, and he hadn't wanted something as serious as murder to be on his record. Those deaths had been accidents, largely in part to his illusions getting out of his control. When he made an illusion real, it wasn't so easy for him to control. He would have been perfectly content with just being a thief. He hadn't wanted to become a murderer.
  9. Aura heard his voice barely "Just don't OK" she didn't want to think of it she couldn't it still hurt to much, ever since that day she had never looked at another man in the same way she had given up on ever being happy, on that day a part of her had died along side ... she couldn't even think his name let alone say it.

    Aura could feel the tear's in the corner's of her eyes but she held them back. "Were nearly here, I'am use to landing but you may feel a bit strange" She didn't have to be nice she knew that but she didn't want to prove the other's right with what they said as soon as they heard about whom she was looking after. The whispered word filled her mind, she is not capable of dealing with him with out hurting him, she will kill him in less then 2 days, and on and on the voice's went. Shaking her head she got ready to land with Mist being taller then her she had to move her hand down his arm to his hand so she could land first.

    Landing as slowly as she could and helping Mist to stay on his feet "Are you OK?" she didn't ask because she cared one way or the other she just needed to know if she could move into her home quick or if she would have to wait for him to be steady first.
  10. Mist found the landing very awkward, but this wasn't the first time he'd come down from being supported by something else. He'd used his illusions for purposes like this before. Still, this was a little different. And it had been a long time, anyway.

    He took a few moments to get his balance back, using Aura for support as much as he dared to. He didn't like that she was still touching him. That physical contact was really stressing him out, though it wasn't as bad as the guards touching him had been. They'd been cruel about it. Mist felt sure he was going to have some bruises on his arms to show for it, along with the other marks he no doubt had collected these past six years.

    "Fine," he lied.
  11. Aura could see he wasn't fine but if he wanted to pretend she was fine with it. Still holding his hand she started to move him from her back garden to the back door. "Just give me a moment I would say don't run off but I'am sure you wont." With that she let go of his hand and opened the back door I still cant believe his going to be here she thought as she went into the house to open the windows and curtains.Aura always opened everything when she got in so air could move around of it's own free will.

    Walking back to the back of the house she looked at Mist something is going on with him but i have no idea if he has changed or if he is still the same as he always was. Aura thought as she reached the back door.

    Taking hold of Mist's hand she warned him "Watch your step there is a small step into my home, Oh and this is my home so please respect it" she had no idea why she even said that it wasn't like she wanted him here and he was a bad guy after all so dose he even know what respect is.
  12. Mist waited where Aura had placed him. It wasn't like he could do anything else. He was still blindfolded, after all. And while he could feel around and get some idea of what was going on around him, that was no substitute for his eyesight. Assuming he could still see at all. He greatly feared being blind for real. If the blindfold came off and he still couldn't see, he didn't know what he'd do.

    He let Aura lead him into her home, being careful of the step that she'd been kind enough to warn him about. There was one thing he wanted to do as soon as he got inside, but he'd need Aura to guide him once again.

    "Could me to a bathroom?" he asked, finding the question even more awkward to ask than it had been to think about. "I would very much like to take a shower..." He had a feeling the clothes they'd given him were very dirty. That, and he wanted to scrub himself until he no longer felt so disgusting. Which would probably take a long time...
  13. Aura was speechless when he asked to use the bathroom she wouldn't stop him she didn't like him but she was still one of the good ones. "Amm yeah sorry I well I didn't think" Aura blushed slightly she was glad that Mist couldn't see it she didn't want him to have anything to use against her.
    Still holding his hand she walked him to the down stairs shower room there was a toilet in there and there was no bath to try and step over so it would of been easier for him. As she opened the door she blushed even darker, "Do you need help I mean can you wash yourself if i get the shower going?" If he needed her help she would do it but she didn't relish the idea.

    Aura looked at the state of his clothing "I also have some other clothes upstairs for you for afterwards they maybe big on you but they will be clean." The chief had sent them to her the day before when she was getting her home ready for Mist to stay.
  14. Mist visibly tensed at the question, the thought of someone else seeing him naked and touching his skin greatly distressing him. He was very quick to answer, "I can wash myself," before he unceremoniously pushed Aura out of the bathroom. He knew the direction to the door, and he quickly shut the damn thing to put a physical barrier between himself and Aura's gaze.

    He was shaking badly and breathing in quick, ragged gasps after banishing her from the bathroom, though he hadn't locked the door. He hadn't felt a lock there, but he was sure it locked somehow. Hopefully Aura would stay outside, though. He couldn't deal with her being in there right now.

    After forcing some self-control back into himself, he said, "Please get those clothes and leave them right outside the door..." He'd grab them after the shower. Assuming he could figure out how to turn it on himself.

    If Aura had gone through the clothes in that box, she would have found a note from the chief taped to the bottom of it. The note said simply: "If you want Mist to have any chance at actually becoming a decent member of society, get him help." No reason for that help was given.
  15. Aura was about to say something but was shoved out of her own bathroom before she could say another word. Hearing him asking about the clothes she went upstairs. who the hell does he think he is coming into my home and pushing me I was only trying to help him, she thought as she went through the box of clothing. On finding the note she couldn't help but laugh "Yeah I'am sure he will love the idea of talking to someone about what ever is going on in his head" she said to herself.

    Aura hadn't touched male clothing for a long time but she managed to find what she was looking for, most of it was just plain black but it wasn't like Mist had a choice in what he was wearing now, so what would it matter if he liked these it wasn't like he could see them.

    Walking back down the stairs she went to the bathroom door and left the folded clothes outside the door "Just so you know i have put the clothes where you wanted them and don't worry i'am going back upstairs to unpack the rest of the stuff that came for you." Aura didn't wait for a reply she just turned on her heel and went back up to put his stuff away in his room.

    Aura finished putting the few items of clothing away and walked in to her own room, with a sigh she looked at herself in the mirror "Well so far so good, but we shall see what you do when he get's out of the bathroom and you have to talk to him like a person" with another sigh she sat on her bed and waited to hear the shower go off.
  16. Once Mist had figured out how to turn the shower on, it took a long, long time for it to be turned back off. If Aura had wanted to take a shower today, she probably wouldn't have any warm water. Mist had used it all. And he hadn't just been standing around in there. He'd tried quite desperately to make himself feel clean, but that wasn't going over so well. He'd found the soap easily, but no matter how many times he washed himself with it--soap bubbles galore--he still felt so disgusting in his own skin. He ended up slamming the soap bar down on its small ledge in frustration, hissing a few choice curses along with it.

    He turned the shower off eventually, and he groped around for a towel to dry off with. There were two hanging up, and he had no idea which one was Aura's. He found that he really didn't care, though, and he grabbed one at random to use.

    The clothes outside the door were easy enough to find, and he quickly put them on. They were of a better quality than the things he'd worn to get here, and he was actually somewhat comfortable in them. Despite them being a little too big.

    He left the bathroom, though he waited right outside the door. He didn't want to feel his way around the house.
  17. Aura heard the shower go off but before she went back down the stairs she waited to hear the door close and then re-open she really didn't want Mist to think she was spying on him, and with him now living on his nerves she needed to tread slowly. Upon hearing him moving out of the shower she went to the upstairs hall the air around her smelt of her favorite soap my he has used a lot of soap, he must of been filthy she thought as she walked slowly down the stairs.

    Once Aura was at the bottom she turned to see Mist standing by the bathroom door "Is that better?" she asked knowing it probably wasn't but she needed him to start talking to her. Moving closer she saw that the clothing he had on now fit him a lot better and made him look almost like himself to a degree. "You look better then you did" she said as she walked up to him "Listen I understand I'am one of the last people you want to be around and I can understand that I feel the same, but we have to at least try to make this work, so do you want to sit down on your own or would you like me to help you?, by the way there is nothing small on the floor so you should be fine I moved everything to try and help you." she had done so as much as she didn't want him around she knew that she had to play fair.

    Aura didn't move she was waiting for Mist to make the first move the more he done on his the better it would more then likely be for him, but she was there if he needed her.
  18. Mist kept quiet, just making his careful way to a couch to sit down. At least once he was sitting, he could relax a bit. Maybe. As it was, he didn't think it was possible for him to truly relax. Not with that blindfold on.

    He didn't answer Aura's question about if he was feeling better. In truth, he was. Very slightly. He still felt disgusting, but he knew it was in his head now. His body had to be clean now. He'd certainly scrubbed it enough.

    Sitting didn't last long. It took only a few moments before he moved to lay down. His head rested on a throw pillow, and he felt like he wanted to fall asleep.
  19. Aura watched as Mist made his way slowly to the sofa, she could tell that he was slightly more relaxed then he had been when she had first seen him his shoulder's weren't as punched up as they had been when he had first walked out of the prison. Aura was still worried about what was going on in his head but she was sure if he wanted to tell her anything he would and as neither one of them had much trust with the other she assumed it would be later rather then sooner.

    While watching him laying down on her sofa she wondered how long it had been since he had a good night sleep, if prison had been as bad as what she had heard it could be, if he has been through hell and back while being inside he may have changed or this could all be an act and his just trying to play her so she would take the blindfold off of him she thought while Mist was laying down.

    "Amm if your tired there is a bedroom upstairs with your name on it, there is not much in there just a bed, wardrobe and a chest of draws but it is attached to a small bathroom, if you would like i can help you up the stairs? or if your happy there you can stay there I honestly don't mind." Aura didn't know if he was awake or if he had already fallen asleep, she also needed to talk to him about being let out of prison but she could wait for that it wasn't like he was going anywhere any time soon.
  20. Mist tried to keep himself awake, but lying down on the sofa felt so good that he was quickly falling asleep. His bed in prison had been extremely uncomfortable, and he hadn't gotten much sleep there at all. Only a few hours a night, if he was lucky. He had a lot of rest to catch up on.

    He gave Aura no reply, having fallen fast asleep on the couch. The only indication that he had fallen asleep was his slow, steady breathing.
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