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  1. Ok, I wasn't sure if I had to state in the title that this RP is closed, so I did anyway. Where I normally role play I always have to put whether the RP is open or closed or they will lock the thread, so I figured I should just say that this is closed. Better safe than sorry...

    Name: Rhea Cross
    Age: 16
    Year: 6th
    House: Slytherin
    Blood status: Halfblood
    DOB: October 12th 1977
    Personality: Rhea is particularly good at charms but doesn't really let others know that. It's probably the only class that doesn't make her want to chew her arm off just to get away. She can be very sarcastic, but often times she is reserved; not because she has nothing to say but rather because she chooses not to relay her thoughts to everyone.
    History: Rhea's mom was a witch, her dad was a loser muggle. Rhea didn't really have anything against muggles, her dad was just really a loser. Although, her mum wasn't too much better. She tried to be a good mom, even left her boyfriend (Rhea's dad) so they could get a better life; things just didn't always work out that great. Rhea was glad when she got her letter that she would have somewhere else to go besides muggle school and her house. She didn't typically go home on break, but other than that she felt like she had a pretty normal life during her time at Hogwarts.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Jamie "Jay" Andrews

    Sixteen | Hufflepuff - Sixth Year | Half Blood

    - Jamie is from a mixed heritage, her mother is a Muggle and father is Pureblood. She was raised to appreciate magic, even though it created an estrangement between herself and her mother. Jamie is extremely close to her father and they often spend a majority of their time together. In fact, Jamie doesn't seem to take after her mother in any regard, an upsetting fact for her mother to accept.

    - However, Jamie inherited a rare genetic abnormality from her mother's side of the family. All the women in the Smithson bloodline are cursed to have white hair after their fifth birthday, when their naturally dark hair falls out and regrows in completely white.

    - Jamie is excellent in Herbology and Transfiguration. When it comes to Potions, though, she is responsible for her fair share of explosions in Snape's lab. Jamie absolutely adores Qudditch and is an avid supporter of the Irish, much like her father as well.

    - She is the ideal Hufflepuff student, demonstrating all the qualities someone would expect from that house. Yet, Jamie does have a temper and when provoked to the right degree, she can become very frightening. ​
  4. George Weasley held his breath as he sat beside his brother, waiting for the names of the champions to be pulled from the Goblet of Fire. There were hundreds of candidates that could be chosen as the representative from Hogwarts, but only one would get the chance. He watched as a scrap of paper flew out of the goblet and landed in Professor Dumbledore's out stretched hand. "Our champion from Durmstrang... Viktor Krum!" He called out in his deep, booming voice and cheers could be heard throughout the Great Hall, and not only from the Durmstrangs. Many students from Hogwarts were applauding the Quidditch player as well. Moments later another name floated out of the cup. "From the Beauxbatons Academy... Fleur Delacour!" George could feel his hands get sweaty with anticipation as the girls from Beauxbatons clapped daintily. It seemed to take forever before the last slip shot out of the cup and rested in Dumbledore's hand. "And the final champion from Hogwarts..." George held his breath, waiting, watching. "Fred Weasley!"

    George felt his heart drop to the pit of his stomach as all of his peers around him cheered his brother on. He was able to muster a grin that he flashed at the new Hogwarts champion. George knew he couldn't be upset with his brother, Fred deserved the eternal glory just as much as he did. There was no way though that he could stop the jealousy that coursed through his veins. The thought of three life-threatening, adrenaline pumping tasks thrilled George to no end. Since Fred's name was the one that was picked, he couldn't help but feel as if he was so close to being a champion, yet at the same time, so far (as clich├ęd as that sounded, even to George). He figured that his best bet would be to ignore any hurt feelings and be there for his brother throughout the tournament, George figured he would need it.

    - - -

    Rhea Cross leaned forward in her seat, staring intently at the flames from the goblet. The moment that the headmaster read out Weasley's name though was the moment she lost all interest. Why did it have to be a Gryffindor that was representing the school? She could think of at least 10 good candidates from Slytherin, or even other houses, that would have been the perfect champion. But, the cup had the final word and that was that. After the three students were in the back room, probably being told what it exactly meant to be chosen for the tournament, everyone else was allowed to stay in the Great Hall until curfew or go straight to their dormitories. Rhea chose the later of the two.

    None of the excitement from the previous night had died down by the time she got to the Great. Hall for breakfast. There were people everywhere, placing bets on who they thought would win or handing out buttons with the various champions' faces on them. There was no way she'd ever be caught dead with a Weasley badge pinned to her robes. For all she knew it was rigged with some kind of explosion... Since the champions had been announced she had pretty much lost all interest in the tournament. Krum was too thick, Delacour was too girly, and Weasley, well he was a Gryffindor and that was enough reason for her. She really wasn't rooting for any one person, which dulled the excitement drastically. Rhea took a seat at the Slytherin table, already wishing that the year would be over.
  5. He was chosen.

    Fred Weasley was chosen to the Hogwart's champion for the Triwizard Tournament!

    Expecting his twin to share in the excitement of such an event taking place, the fortunate brother eagerly ran to the bed where his identical sibling was still slumbering peacefully. A few of the fellow Gryffindor students that happened to share their room were already dressed for classes. As Fred had expected, they welcomed him with cheers and encouraging pats to his back, even one or two students seeking information on how the twins had even gotten their names into the Goblet. That secret, however, Fred would never tell. It had been a joint effort with his twin and thereby, not for the public's knowledge.

    "George!" He bellowed loudly, having knelt down beside his brother's ear and positioned himself perfectly. "Wake up, mate!"

    Fred quickly returned to his normal stance, a wide-set grin placed on his lips. That grin nearly tearing his lips apart in the process. "George! Can you believe this? It worked! I got selected to be Hogwart's Champion!"

    Overly enthusiastic first thing in morning? Sure, but understandably so. The twins should have, rightfully, been restricted from even entering their names into the Goblet to begin with. Did that stop them, though? No. Now, much to Fred's delight, he'd been chosen to represent Hogwarts in the Tournament! A huge honor!

    * * *

    The table of Hufflepuff was lively as ever, students chatting and consuming their breakfasts per the usual. However, one of the elder males seemed to be brooding this morning and his sour expression quickly caught the attention of Hufflepuff's only white haired witch. "Cedric?" Her soft voice, barely above a whisper, reached out to him. She knew something had to be wrong. He frequently wore a smile, a lovely one at that. "What happened?"

    "Psst," another female, Hannah, hissed loudly beside her. "He's upset that Fred got to be the Hogwart's Champion."

    Oh, now that makes sense. Perfect sense, actually.

    "You shouldn't feel bothered by that, Cedric," she tried to comfort him with a gentle smile. "The Goblet draws names randomly, it doesn't judge students by their potential or talent. You're a marvelous wizard and don't allow yourself to think otherwise."

    Although not exactly in the mood for her optimism, Cedric accepted her kindness and offered a faint smile of his own in reply. "Thank you, Jamie."

    A few of the students, along with their yellow and black robes, were sporting Gryffindor colored badges with 'Weasley' printed along the front. Showing support for their school, but almost furthering Cedric's humiliation and discomfort at his own table. Jamie, the white haired witch, sipped at her juice casually with eyes surveying just how many Hufflepuff's decided to wear that badge. To her amazement, a majority of the house did.
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