The Trinity Chronicles

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  1. I thought this music was perfect. Captures the slightly creepy feel I wanted from the beginning child's nursery rhyme I made up, and it also captures the sadness of the split brothers. I've always loved the song Greensleeves though. :) Listen while you read and enjoy!

    Once upon a time,
    There was a kingdom split in threes.

    Penndragon, Bloodsbane, and Theses.

    A wise king is dead,
    and three sons were left to head,
    the lands once called The Trinity.

    Magic, Swords, and Democracy to rule,
    Each prince was left to pick his tool,
    One to the east, one to the west, and one to the north at the sea's edge he rest.

    Of the deadly sins, they found greed was the worst,
    For it was the middle brother who sought to rule first,
    So divided became the lands once called Trinity.

    One brother made a fortune,
    One made a fortress,
    And one made a place for people to flee.

    Divided they stand,
    For the brothers still demand,
    The whole of the lands once called Trinity.

    We enter our story in a battle between brothers. Three of them to be exact. A brother of wit, a brother of brawn, and a brother of heart. While each had their similarities, they were all completely and utterly different. They were raised the same, but it showed just how much someone could differ based on personality alone. They had a good life. They grew up well, and their father showed no difference among the boys. He saw to it that his dearly beloved sons, as well as his people, were comfortable, and the land was happy.

    His passing was sudden and tragic. No one had expected it, and it had even taken the medics by surprise when he had passed. The once happy and prosperous kingdom fell into darkness on that day, and the kingdom wept. The boys were left alone, and the funeral was swift the old king's advisors in a hurry to see who he'd left as heir. The obvious choice was the eldest of the trio as it was his birthright and he was perhaps the kindest of the young princes, and he was definitely the one with the most life experience.

    They were all shocked. The king didn't like making any sort of a difference in his sons, so to avoid conflict, he'd had it secretly written into his will that upon his death, the trio would receive equal parts of this land. This vast expanse had earned its title as The Trinity back whenever they realized the lands fell in three geological phenomena. The northern part of the kingdom was all mountains, rocks, and vast expanses of caves, lakes, and abundant in magical creatures. The kingdom's eastern lands consisted of ocean front of a lovely town on the coast. The western lands were grasslands, and they were abundant in fertile ground, and wonderful for farming.

    The eldest of three, Ellidil, being the most compassionate of his brothers, was entitled the most fertile of the lands because their father knew that he would do well and prosper with it. The middle brother, Syris, being the most brutish of the brothers, was entitled the lands to the north. The king knew that he would fit best here could handle the harsh terrain, and after his bad experience with magic, he hoped the lands here being plentiful with him would help him face his fear. The youngest of brothers, Alexander, being the most hot tempered, but wisest of the brothers, was entitled the eastern lands next to the sea for the king knew that not only would be able to manage the high maintenance sea-side city, and he knew that it might be able to teach him patience. Thus was born the kingdoms of Theses, Bloodsbane, and Penndragon.

    Today was a particularly rainy day within the kingdom of Penndragon. The rain was coming down at a moderate pace, enough to make one miserable, but not enough to discourage business within the kingdom. Outside the castle walls was a young mage by the name of Kieara. She was a beautiful young redhead with aqua colored eyes, and she was not one of the wealthy nobles in town. She was poor, and it showed. She stood at her meager potion stand no umbrella to even shield her from the rain, she wore a white dress stopping thigh with tall boots and a cloak with a hood. Her clothes were dirty, and she was cold, but she kept smiling trying to remain positive and coax someone into buying from her.
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  2. [​IMG]

    "Your Majesty, more stragglers are coming into your lands. They are seeking aid and shelter-" Rikard. One of Ellidil's Advisers, was once again, advising him that he was allowing too many refugees into his Kingdom. They had no where else to go, they were fleeing from Penndragon and Bloodsbane, how was he suppose to send them back to where they came? They would rebel against him, calling him a brute, that he was worse than the two Brothers.

    "I know of this Rikard. We will shelter and feed them. We have the lands to support the Military and the People. There is no reason for us to horde the food, only to let it spoil because we are the royal family." Ellidil, who knew of the troubles of making sure their was enough, wasn't in great need of food. His lands didn't hold dangerous terrains like they did in Bloodsbane, but more fertile, farmlands that could support him and the people for years if the war lasted that long. Even Ellidil's Army was posted on the Theses borders, protecting the farms and travelers, but so far Ellidil has not started a Campaign against one of his Brothers yet.

    Ellidil and Rikard stood on the balcony of Theses Palace, in his chamber room where he slept. It was early in the morning, yet Rikard thought it would be a good time to speak to the King about these pressing matters of food and shelter. "Your Majesty, if some of the farms were destroyed...then we couldn't support as much." Rikard was trying to justify his actions for trying to keep refugees out and begin to stock on the grain and wheat. "That is why we have the army posted on the Borders, and if we can't even protect our own borders at full efficiency, then our Kingdom is doomed anyways." Ellidil advised Rikard, his tone letting the man know he didn't wish to discuss this any further.

    "As you wish, Your Majesty." Rikard gave a bow, gathering himself before leaving the king's chamber.

    ∴ One Hour Later ∴
    Ellidil sat upon his throne, adorning his armor, it was rather odd for such a Noble and kind King too be wearing such intimidating armor. It was his choice, and his reasons alone, he decided to wear it in this time of war. His sword, Endrix was neatly placed against his side, resting in its sheath. He was currently having an open court for his Nobles, they came with pressing matters and concerns for Theses or ideas to win the war. It was like a council, except he didn't bring them all into one room at a time because that would be more of headache. So he decides to listen to their complains, plans, and ideas one at a time so no arguing ensued.

    Luckily, only one Noble seemed interested in coming today, and it was about how there was too many refugees in his lands. They weren't in the way, he just didn't like them being there. Of course, he accepted that they would not be moving, and it almost seemed like Ellidil had a plan to turn all these refugees into some sort of Military. Of course not, but to others it would seem like that. All the refugees and citizens loved him, and they would die for him.
    ∴ Two Hours Later ∴
    He was standing in the courtyard, looking at the beautiful flowers and shrubbery that grew in his lands. His personal guard stationed around the courtyard, watching over him and making sure no one dangerous approached. Of course he could take care of himself, but he appreciated the concern of his people, and it would be suicide for an Assassin to come into his home and try and murder him.

    "I think I'm going into the town today. To visit the people, see how everyone is doing..." He spoke to himself. He frequently visited the town that rested outside of his Castle Walls, and sometimes he even traveled to all the towns that were under his protection. To boost morale, give hope and inspire them to join and fight for Theses. He was clever, but it was under the guise that he was gentle and caring, which he was, but a sword can have two edges cant it?

    He turned from the flowers he was gazing at and began to move towards the Castle Gate's, the gates opened for him as the operator knew of his frequent visits to the town and didn't even ask why he was leaving anymore. A few of his Guards decided to follow, and he didn't mind. They were doing their job, and it made him feel appreciated. "Let us go see what my people think of me..."
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  3. Alexander the Young King
    The City beside the sea

    On a dreary day like this one the king was unavailable. Many people seeking an audience with the young king left the castle disappointing. The guards turned them all away, proclaiming the king unavailable. They know not why, only that it was their duty to see the civilians away. In fact no one really knew were the Alexander was. His closest advisers knew that he had left the castle, only one other man knew why however. Yes the king sometimes enjoyed to sneak out of the castle to walk the streets for his own leisure. However on a day like this were only gray prevailed in the sky, the only reason the king would leave his home was for business of the most importance.

    That is how the great king Alexander found himself hiding under the shadow of his hood, standing in the miserable rain, his boots sinking into the mud. Most peasants have never seen the king. Only knowing any of the royalty by rough description. Alexander left his crown cloths and jewels behind. Borrowing a old cloak from a trusted guard. He wore the cloths of any other peasant. More patches then cloth, covered in dirt. Thankfully it wasn't out of place to keep his hood over his head at all times. Still, if it wasn't for the fact that Alexander didn't trust anyone enough to do this but himself he would of at least have brought a umbrella.

    Thinking of importance brought Alexander back to the task at hand. The man was late. Alex had spent 20 minutes standing idily waiting for a man he was suppose to meet here. It worried the boy greatly. If the man did not show, it could mean many things. None of them good. Months earlier he had sent a single spy to infiltrate the Bloodsbane Castle as a knight to learn what he could. Today was suppose to be the first of many meeting to discuss what the man had learned. If the man was caught, then it could mean the death of the poor souls family. Only two men knew that spy was sent. In case of spys within his own walls.

    Alex couldn't stand still anymore. A scowl painted on his face, he began walking through the market. Watching as his people went on with their business through the miserable rain. He wondered not for the first time how his people thought of him. If they believed like him that it was the young kings duty to reunite the kingdoms. Lost in thought Alexander found himself away from the main throngs of people, in the less populated part of the market. The first thing that caught his eye was the small potion stand and the young women that stood with a smile that didn't reach her eyes beside it. He edged closer, curious. He always enjoyed the magical arts, potion making no exception. However he never had any practice in the art. Curious he stood in front of the stand examining the goods for several moments before turning to face the women. making sure the Hood cover most of his face he spoke to her. "Ma'am pray tell. What sort of potions do you sell?"
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  4. Kieara looked up and the passion entered her eyes for her work. She smiled more her white teeth showing as shenrecealed blue eyes and red hair looking upon him. She had no idea he was royalty. Of course she like the others had no idea what the royalty looked like.

    "Oh these? These ones on the table are meager potions of various types. Some to enchant fishing rods with the power of attraction some to give the user the ability to sleep well and various things but I have more powerful ones if you're interested in something specific." She informed.

    "I am kieara. Is there anything in particular you seek good sir?" She asked. Each of her potion bottles were labeled and laid out with the utmost care.
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  5. Aryll Devora

    Aryll woke to an unspectacular day in Penndragon, the sky showed no sign of beautiful blues and the silence in her house filled with no music or laughter outside her window. On most days, the spectacular days, animals and other folk from the kingdom could be heard from her bedroom window as they celebrated the day. Today was normal and Aryll felt the loneliness of her empty home.

    As she kicked her feet out of bed the red and beige sheets crumpled around her feet, tangling her up and making her stumble to the floor. She laid there but for a moment to reconsider her decision to even get out of bed on a day like this. No, she knew she needed to go the Academy today. After all, on a day like this she could always brighten classrooms by making the plants seem more vibrant with a touch of magic. Yes, she was needed to keep a calm and peaceful feeling. That was her role, the peaceful little elf who kept a level head and cool surrounding.

    Finding her strength she untangled herself and began to dress for the day. Aryll pulled on a long vanilla coloured dress, one with three layers which the bottom one hugged her skin and the other two flowing outwards. She brushed the average coloured brown hair of hers and washed her face. She stared at herself in the reflection of the mirror, her sapphire blue eyes stuck out the most about her. All of her life she was exceptional, in magic, school, and anything else. Her looks though seemed to be her flaw. She was no exceptional beauty, just an average brown haired blue eyed elf. Her pale skin was to pale, her round face was not fat but it was just plain with an almost pointy chin, and her small button nose seemed to be drowned out with her larger eyes and thin lips.

    Her looks matched her personality, and if anybody could really get past her exterior (personality and looks wise), then she would know she had found a true friend. Though as luck has had it she has not been able to really make a connection with anyone, not like she minded, it just got lonely on occasion. But to see a student smile when they mastered a spell, yes, that was Aryll's real joy. She didn't need to be close to anyone if she could only help people learn magic and see them blossom. She would worry about herself later, she would always push it off.

    Aryll, deciding she was ready for the day, grabbed a very pale and thin blue cloak on her way out of her home. The home she lived in seemed to extravagant and empty now that her parents were gone. Money had bought them a wonderful home, one that was meant to be occupied by laughter and family, but now it only held the esteemed daughter. She liked to leave the home behind as soon as she could in the mornings and return as late as possible at nights. Only really using her house to sleep and dress nowadays. Hopefully one day, and one day soon, she could leave it behind to travel to Theses. There she could teach under privileged people how to control magic.

    Leaving behind her thoughts she went down to the kingdoms heart, she had some time before having to get to the Academy, so she thought she would spend it looking around.
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  6. Alexander the Young King

    Alexander stared at her with interest. Anyone could see that her work meant much to her. The passion in her eyes as she told him of the potions she had on display, the confidence that she could work even higher feats of magic. Alexander couldn't stop the smile from breaching his face. He grinned brightly under the his hood, shifting from foot to foot as he examined the potions even closer. Crouching down he Pulled one from her stand he popped the cork and smelled the contents, the sweet sent drifted to him, the thought of a long night of rest entered his mind. He shook the thoughts away as he corked the bottle once more.

    "I have been having trouble sleeping recently. Nerves and all." He said, looking up back at the women who introduced herself as Kieara. Standing up he quickly fished out several gold coins, more then enough to pay for the potion he still held, and tossed them to her. "This should do me wonders, thank you." He slipped the potion in one of his many pockets and was about to turn away when a thought struck him. "You know," he began turning to face her again. " I know several guards at the castle, You should go there tomorrow and ask for the king." He smiled again lightly touching her shoulder, "I am sure you could make much more money working for the king, I heard he has a soft spot for magic."

    With that he turned and walked away. As he turned his back, he began mouthing a silent incantation. If she was sensitive to magic around her, she would be able to feel the enchantment take effect as the Alexander walked away. The feeling would quickly vanish but after that moment, not one raindrop would fall on her for the rest of the day, no matter how hard it would rain.

    Alexander made his way back to were he was standing not a few minutes ago, when out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a hooded man, the mans body faced toward Alexander. The young king paused mid step, his hand reaching for the other thing hidden underneath his cloak, a small dagger. His hand fell to his side however when he recognized the signet ring on the mans finger. He changed direction, walking past the hooded man into the alley he stood by. The man silently followed, knowing they had much to discuss.​
  7. Grigor could hear the children downstairs already making a ruckus for breakfast as he awoke. It's a cold day again. I'm probably going to have to find some more things to burn for a fire later on. He thought to himself as he arose from his bed. Of course, his whole life had been on a rather cold and harsh mountain range, so it was just a colder day than usual.

    He was practically already dressed. This was more due to the fact that Grigor's teachings involved wearing little as a way to keep more in tuned with himself, while still looking somewhat presentable of course. The only part of his usual attire he didn't go to sleep in were his metallic knee guards and bracers. He covered his head with his hood as he made his way downstairs. They many years spent training himself to defeat any opponent were useless against the horrors that awaited him at the bottom.


    Only half-way down the stairs and he could hear their yelling more clearly. These were the orphans of those who lost either mother and father as a result of war and had nowhere to go. Sure most of the fighting was far away from the kingdoms, but those who fought still had families, lovers, lights of heir lives. As a man slightly opposed to the war but still patriotic, the least he could do to help the effort was to care for the ones that the soldiers died to protect. As much as he disliked the way the children acted, the fact that they were there at least yelling meant they were alive and healthy, which put a smile on Grigor's face. Over the yellings of the children a louder, older, more commanding voice of a woman bellowed across the building.

    "Quiet down you little brats! Breakfast will come AFTER you all sit down!"

    He made his way over to the yelling lady. She was the head mistress of the orphanage, and his employer.

    "Oh Grigor, you're finally up you good for nothing. Go make yourself useful and get us things to burn. I don't pay you to do nothing!"

    "Yes madam."

    She was a nice lady despite her outward attitude. She was the one who spearheaded this orphanage and wanted to pay Grigor more than what he asked for. She was one of those types that could never express her true feelings. That attitude is probably the reason she never found herself a husband, not that he'd ever say that to her face.

    Listening to her orders, Grigor left the orphanage and wandered the city of Bloodsebane to buy some flammable objects.
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  8. Grand Bloodsbane Castle
    The Sword King was standing still as he had been told to, spreading out his arms in the middle of his private chamber. The Queen of Bloodsbane was no where to be seen, and the two male armor experts worked in silence. Each piece of armor was a complicated work, but every part was made to keep the bearer alive. First the King equipped the chain mail made of pure steel. Upon it came the real body armor, that had to be put on like you was solving a puzzle. The two men carefully installed each enchanted plate of iron, that all had been enforced with titanium. The larger piece on the King's left upper arm and the three horns served to improve the King's defensive capabilities. The right side was kept light, ensuring that his sword arm was free. The area below his abdomen was protected by hardened wood and also enforced with titanium. The King's legs was only protected by hard leather and light steel, but that meant he could move faster on the battlefield. Once the armor was fully equipped, it made for an impressive view. Carrying it require great strength, but for a man like Syris it was just a reminder of his responsibility. Once the two men was done, they offered their King his sword and shield.

    First the Dragsoul blade. The only relic from his father that he had decided to keep. Forged with unknown metal, this legendary weapon could only be wielded by an expect. It is said that the man who forged the sword, captured and inscribed a Dragon's soul directly into the blade. With this sword in hand, he would reunite all of Trinity under one banner. Syris was sure.

    Next came the Dragon Blood Shield. An item belonging to the Bloodsbane area. Another weapon that takes from the powerful dragons to serve its wielder. It is capable of withstanding enemy magic, even high levels spells. With this in hand he will fight his biggest fear; Magic users.

    Satisfied, the King thanked the men. He placed his sword in his scabbard carried by his side, and placed the shield on his back. The two men bowed their heads as the King left his chamber to walk to the throne room. The noise of men, armor and weapons became louder as Syris got closer. The moment the King made his appearance however, the many soldiers quickly silenced and moved to their positions. The Queen was still no where to be seen, but that woman likes to lurk the shadows he thought. Syris stood by his grand throne and looked out over the many men. "Soldiers and Knights of Bloodsbane, today we march to join our brothers by the Three Spear Mountain". The men rejoiced loudly in approval. "My father was a great man, but he made one mistake. He tore apart our nation and our unity. Without food from Theses we cannot support our families. Without magic from Penndragon we cannot support our machinery. What we need is unity! And we shall have it!" With a large roar the men raised their weapons in the air. The Second in command, the previous lord of Bloodsbane came up to Syris while the soldiers moved outside. "We are ready. But what did you do with the spy?" Syris made a wry smile as he put on his last piece of equipment. "I sent him back with a message. The young Prince will either hide or met us on the battlefield". The golden crown on Syris's head shined brightly in the light from the candles. In the midst of crown laid a deep red gem in the shape of a triangle.

    The outskirts of Bloodsbane
    By the foot of the Three Spear Mountain that marks the beginning of the Bloodsbane Kingdom, a military camp was slowly growing. The many hundred tents laid disguised against the grayish white rock, and only the camp fires dotted around here and there revealed the army of Bloodsbane. The army was obvious not hiding this close to the Penndragon and Theses border, but it meant a possible scout would underestimate the number of men. Today however, most of the soldiers was inside their camps to shelter against the weak rain. Only units of Drake Riders was forced to walk outside in the cold weather, as they slowly patrolled the area around the camp. Soon their King would join them.
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  9. Maenith Braern

    Maenith woke in her small chambers,one of the smaller ones in the castle and she shared it with another maid,and sighed softly. She did not want to have to deal with the refugees today,she could only take care of so many wounds and most were wounded because of their travels here,to Theses. She rolled out of her small bed and stood,stretching while bringing her happy smile to her face. She looked at the other maid who was getting up as well and nodded to her before quickly heading to the physician's area,where a long line of people waited for her.

    It was early in the morning and yet,so many people were there already. As she walked down the line of people,she was astonished with the amount of small children that were lined up. She nodded at the guard slightly and said softly. "Make sure that the women and children are in the front,they are my priority today,not the men." The guard nodded and started to fix up the line. She walked into her small area and couldn't help a smile. She loved this room,it may be small but it was hers.

    She stood in the middle of the room for a few seconds,using her small amount of magic to calm her nerves before nodding to the guard who let the first child into the room,making her heart drop. The worst in her mind was when children were hurt,she hurt for them,no child deserved to be hurt. She sighed softly and immediatly set to work,she loved doing this,making people better and happier in the process.
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  10. Luna had made her way from her kingdom to another, it wasn't clear to people as of yet that she was a run away from her land or that of her being a Princess. Luna was a loving princess but her father saw that as her being Weak. She wasn't how can showing kindness be weak maybe she was trusting and let what people say to her pass like it was a fly buzzing around her. she makes her way into someone Kingdom and it shocked her to see so many people she knew about the war and how many people let there family's and friends and even there home to it.

    Luna makes her way about with a dark brown cloak cover's her body and a hoodie that cover's her face she didn't want anyone to notice her as the Princess that ran away from her home.
  11. Kieara the self-taught Mage

    Kieara had found herself selling more and more potions of sleep lately. She'd also had to learn a few for battle magic. This war was getting her business, but she'd much rather be selling potions of a simpler nature to a happy kingdom. Like a preventative for pixies. Or perhaps the potion for fishing rods that held the luck of the sea. It didn't seem that these times would be returning any time soon however.

    The man's offer took her by surprise. Did he really feel he had enough sway with the military and the king of Penndragon that he'd be able to secure her a job as the potion brewer there? There was really no need for more than one. She smiled at the prospect. "You really think so? I shall have to try then. If that doesn't work, perhaps he'd still be interested in buying from me." She said not wishing to get her own hopes up for something that may or may not happen.

    She usually travelled between the three kingdoms, but it would be nice to finally have a place to settle. It was getting more and more dangerous to travel the borderlands between the kingdoms. She'd found Theses to be the city that seemed the safest from the battalions of men from Bloodsbane or Penndragon, but Penndragon had been her original home and she found it hard to leave a place that she loved so dearly and had so much history with. Penndragon was where she felt comfortable. It had all the potion ingredients she needed, and if she could study magic more from her father's books, then perhaps she would one day be a great wielder as he had been.

    She felt a magic presence growing, but almost as soon as it came it was gone. It didn't take her long to discover that this stranger had shielded her from the rain. She smiled softly to herself. She wasn't the best with incantations as she'd not read about any in her father's books, and she had not been able to really grasp them well from the beginning, but a person of such magical prowess should have no problem making their own potions. No matter, she wouldn't complain. He'd paid her well for it, and she was thankful for the kindness.

    She spent the rest of her day in the market until the business flow stopped before packing up her cart.
  12. Queen of Bloodsbane, Raven Krona

    The Queen of Bloodsbane was...different from her people. Some might say she had enchanted the king, Others think it was a match made in Heaven. She herself knew that he saw who she truly was, and knew that she would serve best to govern his people at his side. Even if it had taken a short time for him to love her back...she knew that it would all work out in the end. She had been there, as the kingdom was rebuilt, unseen, but most certainly not unheard, no no. She had been behind everyone, making sure that the voice of revolution died before it even gave its slightest whisper...Even if a few of her people had to...disappear to do so. Raven might not be proud of the acts she has done, but she didn't do them for herself. She did them for Bloodsbane.

    Today was a dismal day for her...She quite enjoyed her morning tea...but they had recently run dry. It had put her in a foul mood, but she knew it wouldn't do her good to keep that up. What got her even more mad, was there was no morning kiss for her, no...She had been met by a cold, empty bedside. That wouldn't do, even if he was going to go fight out at the front. She now stood in the grand hall behind a pillar, watching as Syris gave his speech to all of the men in the army. He wasn't the best public speaker...but his words were inspiring. She had to slightly cover her ears to not cause them to deafen from the roars of the men, who were ready to fight, and die for his cause. As they cleared out and left the King alone, she stepped out of her cover, and grabbed him by his armor. She didn't let him turn around, and placed her chin on his shoulder plate. "You will return...You shall not perish on the battlefield. I will be eagerly awaiting your return..." She whispered and gave him the faintest peck on the cheek, before walking back to a long hallway. He would return...she knew it. And when he did come back...He would have a large surprise awaiting him.

    (I did my best, Sorry if it is not enough)
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  13. Alistair got laid out in two seconds flat. It really wasn't fair. The man he’d been confronting had hit him from behind, but it didn't matter in the end. Lying on the tavern’s floor, he groaned, hearing the cacophony of laughter around him at his pain. These city-people really are assholes. No wonder we never came into town. With a sigh, he stood drunkenly. Already having several glasses of mead in his belly, he was feeling rather belligerent. Granted, he had brought the attack on himself by using some choice words, but, still… “Tha’ wasn't very nice of you.” His thick Highland accent made him hard to understand, and brought more laughter.

    “Oh, shut your mouth, you stupid cunt,” So the man that had punched him had friends, apparently. “Go back to your fucking tents.”

    Alistair cringed mockingly. “Oh, you really got me there!” He said before upper-cutting the man. The townsman staggered backwards and spat out a few disbelieving curses. For a moment, the whole tavern got quiet. Before he knew it, though, Alistair found himself flying face-first into the dirt of the market of Penndragon. He coughed, before shouting over his shoulder, “Ah, fock you!”

    He stood and brushed himself off, muttering curses in his own tongue, before approaching the nearest vendor, who just so happened to be Kiera. “Lass, you wouldn't happen tae know where I coold fiend a good place tae stay, would ya?”
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  14. Kieara the self-taught Mage
    Kieara was taken by surprise when she heard a voice. It sounded slurred and drunken. She had her head in the bottom shelf of her cart rearranging a few things and the more sensitive potions so they wouldn't be disturbed during travel. She jerked and when she raised up, she bumped her head on the top of the cart causing the few left on top to rattle a little. A muffled ouch was heard inside the cabinet door on the side of it that she was placing the potions in, before the girl emerged her head poking up over the table top. She straightened up and offered a smile.

    "Pardon? It's hard to hear inside that cart. I was just putting a few things away." Almost as soon as she said that, she recalled what was said after thinking it over and spoke again. "Oh! You want directions?" She thought for a moment. She could see that the man appeared to be in her boat. He didn't seem to have much money. So she didn't really know where to tell him in town except for a cheap inn. She was naive, yes, but she was so much so that she didn't see the danger in bringing a stranger home.

    "There is an inn that only asks 10 coins a night two streets over."
  15. A grin crossed his face when he saw her. Well, hello. He kept his thoughts to himself, though, deciding to be perfectly to polite. "I cannae afford tha', lass. Anythin' cheaper?" In all honesty, he was rather wealthy because of his profession. He was just cheap as all Hell and too fond of his nomadic lifestyle to change anything. This was just a temporary arrangement.

    He was clad in his usual rags, and he hadn't shaved in weeks. His hair was below his shoulders. It wouldn't surprise him if she thought of him as broke.
  16. Grigor perused the marketplace, looking for the cheapest things that can catch fire the easiest and for a good amount of time. I wonder if that wood merchant is here at this time of season. Actually the merchant sold staves, but they burned good like any other piece of wood. Times like these made him wish he was better at magic. Sure he had the ability to set a log on fire, but he can't make a sustainable fire out of thin air like those guys at Penndragon. Thankfully his hopes were answered, as the staff merchant was still in town. Counting the coin he earned the past few weeks, he walked up to the man.

    "Hey, think I could buy... thirty of those staves?"

    "Thirty of them? I don't see why not, but do you really have that many fledgling mages in this city? I woulda' thought they would venture to a better place."

    "Something like that, I have some use for these to teach some children about the power of fire."

    Grigor payed the man out of his own money rather than the spending money given to him by the mistress. Besides being taught that money was the root of all evil, he also had no real use for it. As it turns out, unarmed combat was very cost efficient, maintenance was free for the most part and any broken pieces repaired naturally. He put the bundles of wooden sticks into a makeshift holder. "I wonder what else I can find around here." He said to himself as he wandered the marketplace. "Maybe I can find something sweet or warm for the children."
  17. Evelyn Northwood
    It was another miserable day in Penndragon. The weather had been awful for several days and as Evelyn stepped out of her home she silently cursed the rain as it poured. Couldn't the sun shine for once in a week? All this rain made it harder for Evelyn to do her job and right now it was as important as ever. It wasn't just a random person she was trying to heal; it was her mother, the woman who had taught her everything. And, unfortunately, Evelyn was stumped when it came to treating her mother's symptoms. This strange illness presented as something similar to a flu but the usual treatments just weren't working. No matter what Evelyn tried- potions, magics, and even good old fashioned rest- her mother's fever just wasn't breaking.

    With a frown settled on her usually soft features, Evelyn made her way into the city market. She needed to find some more potion ingredients. Evelyn would much rather collect them for herself, but the rain was making that harder to accomplish and her stores were running dangerously low; there was no other choice but to buy the items she needed. The woman wandered the streets, searching for her usual vendor but after a good while of walking Evelyn realized that the merchant must have decided no business was better than being out in this weather. He was no where to be seen. With an angry, frustrated sigh, Evelyn ducked under the shelter of a nearby building's overhang. She stood there and stared out into the rain, trying to decide what to do now. There wasn't another place in town that sold quality ingredients and Evelyn wouldn't waste what little bit of money she had on inferior products, but she couldn't exactly go home empty handed, now could she? Without those herbs Evelyn's mother had no hope of getting better.

    The rain had picked up now and it was coming down in sheets, forming huge puddles that rivaled ponds in the streets. Evelyn was being buffeted by the wind where she was standing and she was no longer being sheltered from the elements as the weather got worse. Still perplexed over her current missing-merchant-situation, Evelyn hurried across the street and into the tavern. Nothing here would help her find a solution to her missing merchant problem, but Evelyn figured that thinking while dry and warm would yield better results than thinking while cold and wet. ​
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  18. In her latest attempt to gain an audience of a king, Ishmea donned the gaudy and bright garb of a bard, wearing a mask to keep her features secret. Her body was heavily perfumed to mask the brimstone smell. She stepped rarely to avoid leaving a smoking path. She had spent weeks altering her gait to be as much a dance as a walk, causing a lengthened stride that drew attention away from the smoke. All this time spent basically fell apart when she noted the front gates opening and someone walking out. The genasi was indeed quick with her thoughts and formed a new plan, a more hopeful one. She made her way a bit closer, sensing the auras of what she assumed to be a guard around a very important person.

    Deciding to gamble it all, she began her routine. Her fiddle nestled against her neck and the bow scraped along old but sturdy strings. The notes coming were soothing, slow, and long. She accompanied the fiddle with her voice, singing of minds weaving spells and dreaming up new things. Her choice of song was no accident. It was the same song she often sang to the boys to initiate their lessons. She hoped that Ellidil would remember. Her positioning was non-threatening, but it was very close to the guards so she could keep them within range of her aura sensing.
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  19. King Alexander
    The Outskirts of Penndragon

    Alexander knew something was wrong the moment the spy had revealed his face. Hie had only just pulled the hood off of his head, unleashing his face to the elements yet his face was already wet, it was only took the king a moment to realize why. The man was crying, his face streaked with tears. "M-my lord," He began but Alexander did not allow him to finish. His hands had clenched the front of the mans shirt, pushing him harshly against the buildings wall. The hood falling off his head his face inches from the other mans. "What happened?" He almost roared at the man, which only made the man cry more.

    "I-I don't know how he found me out, but weeks ago he had his men put me in a cage. H-he forced me to tell him who I was working for. H-he sent me here with a message." Alexander looked at the man in disgust. He couldn't hold back his anger, He shoved the man harder against the wall, letting the man drop to the mud. "What did he say Octavious! What message did he send you here with?" The man sobbed for a moment before wiping his face with a mud covered sleeve. "H-he said that he would meet you at Three Spear Mountain. " Alex turned away, deep in thought. His anger had already gotten the better of him, now of all times he must keep a cool head. "So today is the day. Alright brother. I will see you there. " He left the man crying in the mud walking back out into the street, back into the rain.

    He had alot to do to prepare. First on his list however was to apologize to a certain vender of potions. He walked directly to her stand, a drunken man standing in front of her speaking to her. As he walked bystanders already began to recognize him. Many knew roughly what he looked like, with his hood off, and his full face in plain sight, some were beginning to connect the dots. It didn't matter anymore to hid his identity, so he aloud them to gossip as he walked passed, sidestepping around the man to address the vender Kiaera directly. "Yah remember me? My name is Alexander, I have to cancel on our meeting tomorrow, but I will be in touch soon. I will have work for you but something has come up. A war must be fought. " With that he left stopping the the first lone horsemen he found and making him give up his stead for the kings. As he said he had a war to fight.

    Hours later.

    Alexander stood alone in his chambers. His men were giving their orders, already his vanguard was on the move to the The Three Spear Mountain. Scouts already giving reports at the possible troop numbers of the enemy. He main force would all arrive by the sun touched the horizon. Already his men had helped him don his armor. Chain mail covering his upper torso, a bright steal breastplate with his personal seal adorning his chest. Hard leather leggings covering his legs, gauntlets of steal covering his hands. Over his armor a different cloak was pinned, pure white with blue trimming, an assortment of arcane symbols and amulets hung from it. Several sources of magic that he had poured reserves of energy within months prior.

    He stood silently looking down at a glass case holding one of his most prized objects. A sword the blade and sheath a pale blue. Torrent, he had named it many years ago. The longsword was crafted by his eldest brother years ago as a gift. The enchanted blade has served him well. As Alexander unlocked the case and strapped the blade to his side, He could not help but wonder if it would serve him well in the battle that was to come. He waled out of the room adorning the golden crown that marked him as the king of these lands. Walking through a silent Castle to the grim solders in the courtyard, a horse waiting to take him to Bloodsbane.​
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  20. Kieara the Lone Mage

    Kieara could hear the whispering get louder and louder among the townspeople. Something was off. Someone was approaching and they were abuzz about it. She looked herself and saw none other than the youngest of the trio and ruler of these lands, King Alexander. Her mouth fell open a bit in disbelief, but the intensity in his eyes betrayed a bad mood lingering with him. She pulled herself together as he stopped directly in front of her. She curtsied as he spoke and then as soon as he was there he was gone.

    She was confused, but at the same time concerned. She hadn't even had time to respond. She wanted to help her kingdom, and her home lay in the outskirts between Bloodsbane and Penndragon. She was located near the base of Three Spear Mountain. Even though she didn't know that this was where the battle would take place. She wanted to guard her home, and she'd aid if she could. She wasn't a strong warrior, but she had to do something. She felt the king was her friend, and she didn't want to let him down.

    She looked back to the drunken man in front of her and gave a nervous smile before quickly depositing fifteen coins into his hand. More than enough for a room and a decent meal at the inn. "Consider it on me. No need to repay me. Just go and enjoy your stay. I must bid you farewell." She informed him and she quickly packed up the rest of her potions into the cart and headed home.

    Hours Later
    What Kieara found there was heart wrenching and possibly the most frightening thing she'd ever saw. She stood on her porch of her home staring up the mountainside at little fires dotting the mountain range. It was a testament to numbers. And she was certain there would probably be more than she could see. This would be a bloody battle.

    She went inside gather what she could find to be useful. She had meager magic skills because of her lack of a proper magic reservoir in her body, but she wasn't going to let it stop her. So she gathered the only possession her father had left aside from his books. His staff. She had faith that it would see her through this rough time.

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