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  1. You can go into as much detail as you want, but I made mine pretty basic. ALSO I know this picture is a little on the risqué side, but imagine the white is a dress that goes to about where the tops of her boots are. Not too big of a change, but enough to cover her lady bits lol.


    Name: Kieara Biaer
    Age: 24
    Species: Mixed Magic User
    Sexual Orientation: Straight, Likes men
    Profession: Sells potions
    Special Abilities: Has a higher ability with magics that require powerful minds.
    Weaknesses: Her magic wells haven't built up good enough yet
    Personality: Sweet, quiet, kind, niave, is a romantic
    Background: She had her family taken in the war, and she has just gotten into magic. She hasn't really messed with it much, and has no money for formal training at an academy, but her father was a wizard, and she has been reading his books. She lives in the outskirts of Penndragon, and she is very lonely.
    Other: N/A
  2. Gale Ravenscroft, yellow

    He usually wears a mask as a sort of 'brand image'.
    He uses a short sword made of magic-infused steel.

    Age: 27
    Species: Runeguard (Magic-using warrior)
    Sexual Orientation: Straight, Likes women

    Profession: Mercenary
    Special Abilities: Exceptionally skilled in mixing magic and swordplay
    Weaknesses: Women (Abides by a code of chivalry but also ironically enjoys their... 'company')

    Personality: Sarcastic, snarky and seriously not serious. Gale may sometimes annoy people with his tendency to make light of situations others ordinarily deem 'serious'. Nevertheless, when people are able to see past that, they may enjoy his caustic brand of humor.

    Background: Left on the side of the road as a child, Gale never knew his parents and never cared. The band of mercenaries that raised him were sufficient. Through them, he discovered camaraderie. Through the aged leader, he discovered a sort of parental love. So as the years went by, the small lingering longing for his birth parents faded and vanished. In its' place grew a loyalty to the mercenary group, which made it especially hard on him when the aged leader pass away and the leadership began to change.

    Gale left amidst the politicking, deciding that now was better time than ever to roam the lands. This was the life he kept up for several years. His most recent destination is Penndragon.
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  3. Accepted. :)
  4. [​IMG]

    Name: Alistair Brianne

    Age: 30
    Species: Nomad (Fast survivalist)
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

    Profession: Assassin
    Strengths: Very talented at sneaking around and generally gathering information about his targets. He's good with a knife and knows his way around poisons. Alistair likes to think himself good with women, but this is mostly due to his confidence.
    Weaknesses: Extremely arrogant. Not the best in head-to-head combat. In reality, he is atrocious with women; he just believes otherwise.

    Personality: Arrogant, rude, and generally full of himself.

    Bio: Alistair was born into a tribe of nomads as they crossed by a rather dangerous part of the world. Attacked by a group of purists, his family barely escaped. Raised by a family now on the run from the people seeking to 'protect the purity of their race', he was taught to avoid his opponents and strike from behind.

    After leaving his family at eighteen, Alistair has had a fairly successful career as an assassin.
  5. Accepted :)
  6. Accepted.
  7. [​IMG]
    Name: Alexander Tetrial aka Alexander the Young King

    Age: 21

    Species: Human, Magic Wielder

    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    Profession: The Young King Of PennDragon

    Special Abilities: Alexander began his study in magic with Transmutation. It was with this did he find his gift in the manipulation of matter and the transfer being their states. (Liquid to solid ect.) He has all but mastered water and Ice magic and is now dabbling into the manipulation of the earth itself. He has also been studying the art of war and martial combat since the age of 8. Making him an adept swordsman.

    Weaknesses: The king is young, quick to anger and rash actions. He is also vvery slow to trust new people. He is also faster on his feet preferring not to confront someone head on wear the strength of his arm would fail him.

    Background: Born in the capital city of PennDragon, Alexander has not known much outside his castle walls. He was born with a spoon in his mouth like any prince is. His father wanted a heir that would lead his nation. So Alexander and his two brothers were taught magic and sword craft to be a great commander but his father also made sure to teach them how to be a smart leaders as well. Alex has never wanted anything else then to please his father. He threw himself into his studys devouring any knowledge that came his way and mastering the art of war.

    His father long in tooth knew he did not have much to live. However seeing each son skilled and qualified in their own way he couldn't choose a heir. So he died and the kingdom that was once whole broke apart, each son vying for control. Alexander the youngest of the trio was devestated by their fathers passing saw the greed in his brothers eyes and knew that he could not allow them to have their fathers legacy. Though his age betrayed his wisdom people still rallied around him. His brothers never happy until they had it all waged war on each other and him in order to claim the trinity.

    Other: Alexander very much likes to disguise himself and travel through his country. Finding it easier to trust people and laugh and smile when they are not trying to use him for their own gain. He also enjoys any kind of sweets.
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  8. -- Your picture is ceased to be known, also I like your Character.
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  9. Love your character. Accepted. Also, you're aware he has two brothers in the neighboring kingdoms yes? Also, your picture is broken
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  10. I deleted the first one. FOrgot where I found it so I'll get another one in a moment.
  11. That works. Might change it in the future before the rp starts but I need to go to work ^^
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    • [tab=King of Bloodsbane]
    Dragsoul - The Dragon Slayer Sword
    -Dragsoul, a sword that have been passed down in many generations.
    The legends say that his very sword once captured a Dragon's soul.


    Dragon Blood Shield
    -Syris's protection against wild magic. This shield have been forged to withstand the
    power of magic. Crafted with dragon blood, the Dragon Blood Shield belong
    only to the man who rule Bloodsbane.

    -Due to the rocky terrain, normal horses have a hard time traveling in Bloodsbane.
    That's why the wingless Drakes have been tamed. From head to ground, these
    beasts stand taller than two man. The hard scales are magic resistant, and
    are thus favored in war against magic wielders. They are only
    found in the mountains deep inside Bloodsbande.


Name: King Syris Krona of Bloodsbane.
Also known as Syris the Sword King or Syris the Sword Prince.
Age: 25
Species: Human
Sexual Orientation: Straight.
Profession: King of Bloodsbane

Special Abilities:
Powerful sword wielder. Likely the best among the brothers when it comes to sword battle. His strength suppress a normal human's.

Magic is his biggest weakness. He have little experience with it, and thus likes to keep a distance from it.

Other: He like cookies with white chocolate.

OOC notes: Any players who wish to interact are welcome to discuss with me. Possible titles could be lords, ministers, advisers and ranks in the military.

  • Personality:
    Knight and soldier of high honor. His ideals and ideas have turned his part of the nation into a small war machine. He believe magic is too unstable for practical use on a battlefield, and refuses to work with it himself. He got a bit of tsunder in him, but he actually isn't that bad once you get to know him. He strongly believe he is doing what's in the best interest of the entire nation. His belief also include control and unity. Dominant.
    One of the older sons of the Great King. Like his brothers Syris began studying early in his childhood. However, one day while training magic a accident occurred. Syris refused to work with magic after that event, and took a big distance to anything magic and witchcraft related. To this day he never speak of what happened so many years ago. His father had no choice but to let Syris study something else. Syris was then taught swordsmanship on a higher level than that of his brothers. He showed great talent, and their father even gave Syris his most treasured sword upon his death. Syris however, was shocked to hear the decision to slit the land, and in response founded Royal House Krona of Bloodsbane.

    The Great King had gifted Syris the mysterious north. The surface here lies covered in rock, and settlements are far between. When Syris arrived on his mount, the people was suspicious of their new leader. These men was warriors, and no untested fine noble should dare order them around. The lord who had ruled the land under the Great King, challenged the Prince to a duel. Syris not only accepted, he won as well. With his strength proven, the people accepted him as one of their own. Syris soon showed that he had much higher ambition than that of the lord who became his second in command.

    He improved and upgraded the Grand Bloodsbane Castle. The surrounding land was fertilized, which meant the city could support more people. Mines was digged, bringing up iron and coal. But most importantly, soldiers was trained.

    Syris would be the first to start posting soldiers close to the neighboring Kingdom's borders.

  • Bloodsbane Kingdom

    City of Bloodsbane:
    The City of Bloodsbane is in no way a rich city. Located far north from the sea, the Bloodsbane Kingdom consist mostly of rocks, with a few lakes here and there. The harsh condition have given the people a stronger build, but given them little time to toy around with magic. While magic is well known, are magic users a rare sight here. That doesn't count for the magical creatures however, who can be found many places around the Kingdom. Magical lakes and caves makes great homes for those animals and beasts.

    Perhaps the great King gifted this part to Syris on purpose, knowing that only he could turn a small fortress into the grand castle it is today. The small settlement have seen rapid growth as well, and merchants often come to make a good coin.

    The Knight Academy:
    Syris have dedicated part of his castle to the Knight & Sword Fighting Academy. People can train here for free, if they in exchange form a three year contract with the Bloodsbane Army.

    The Mounts:
    It is no easy task for normal horses to travel over the rocky terrain. That's why the Bloodsbane have tamed wingless Drakes for transport.

    The Endorin Dragon:

    Few know of the Dragon sleeping in Three Spear Mountain. But many have heard the legends of winged beasts. The Dragons from the stories are always intelligent and wise. But they are also greedy, and the Endorin Dragon is even more so.

    A deal have been made with this old Dragon. But the King hope there will be need for its use...
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  • Aryll
    Name: Aryll Devora
    Age: 23
    Species: Elf
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Profession: Magic Teacher at the Penndragon Magic Academy
    Special Abilities: Magic wielding elf, specializes in earth/nature magic.

    Weaknesses: She has a tendency to not take care of herself. Meaning she forgets to eat and often pushes herself really far in her magic which can take a toll on her physical and mental health. She can't admit when she needs help.

    Personality: Aryll likes to keep up the appearance of a peaceful elf. At first approach she has a cool aura around her, polite, well spoken, etc. It's the little things she implies when she speaks though, very few people ever catch the slight smiles or laughs. And very few also notice when she speaks she always has a hint of mischievousness behind her voice.

    Aryll has a problem with attachment, she understands people and emotions quite well. But when it comes to herself she barely feels anything towards other people. When her parents disappeared she felt distressed for a day but quickly over came it. Despite not wanting people to get close to her she enjoys company of those who talk intellectual and can have a humorous side.

    Aryll was the only daughter to a very rich family in Penndragon and she comes from a very long line of elves. Her family was known and well respected mostly because they never got involved in politics. They were all about magic and teaching young people about magic.

    Aryll strived to be the best she could in magic, always pushing herself further and further. At a young age she was having small magic wars with her father in their backyard. Coming from such a strong line of elves it was assumed she would be powerful. And she was no let down to her family, she even kept a calm and level head about her powers. She rarely ever had a backfire happen or let her powers get out of control.

    When Aryll turned 18 her parents disappeared with only a small note, telling her they had business to attend to in another kingdom. She felt this was suspicious because they never traveled and as far as she knew they knew no one over in the other kingdoms. And with war, how were they going to get there? Aryll may be of a human age of responsibility, but because elves live longer lives she felt like she was no more ready to be left alone then a teenage human.

    Nevertheless, Aryll kept a calm head about this and continued her magic studying. A year later she was asked to start teaching at the Penndragon Magic Academy. She gladly accepted and her parents became less and less of a worry because she found a love for teaching people about magic. She never thought she would be a good teacher, her patience can run thin on occasion, but the only thing she really enjoys more then teaching is practicing magic herself. Through teaching she realized her dream to be able to go to other kingdoms and teach magic users and be a traveling teacher. (Though Bloodsbane is questionable, since they don't really have magic users as much as the other two kingdoms). She feels that she could be help also the war, but she would love to see more of the world and get more life experience before she begins to help out.

    Other: Something about a cookie here? I like sugar cookies. I'm sure Aryll does to.
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  • [​IMG]
    Evelyn (Eve/Evee) Northwood
    Human (Healer)
    Sexual Orientation:
    Healer & Potions maker
    Special Abilities:
    Evelyn learned the craft of healing from her mother and she is able to manipulate magic to aid in the process. As part of being a healer, Evelyn is skilled at making potions from herbs and she sometimes sells them to her patients.
    Ironically, Evelyn is prone to sickness and she has chronic migraines that are impossible to treat.
    Evelyn is generally kind and understanding and she's usually very perceptive to others' emotions. She can be sarcastic and witty at times and she likes to get straight to the point. Doesn't like liars or people who try and take advantage of others.
    Evelyn has lived on the outskirts of the capital city of Penndragon all her life. She often dreamed as a child of attending the academy there, but those dreams never became reality as her family was very poor. Her father died in the war when she was young and so she depended on her mother for everything. Evelyn learned how to heal from her mother and has been taking care of people ever since.
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  • Raven (open)

    Name: Raven Malanor (Maiden Name)

    Age: 23

    Species: Human

    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    Profession: Queen of Bloodsbane

    Special Abilities: Quick with wits, and knives. She knows the more strategic side of battle, tries to plan them out for the Kingdoms armies.

    Weaknesses: Not strong at all, preferring the more quiet side of battle. This has caused a few to question her as king, but that is between Raven and Syris. Can only fight with small daggers and knives, nothing bigger

    Personality: Raven is smart, and fast. She is generally happy, and can keep a cool head. Sadly, She can be a bit prideful some of the time.

    Background: The Queen was born to a higher class family in the area of Bloodsbane before The Great King had died. This means she grew up, learning how to fight in brutish ways, but they never really stuck, while as she preferred speed over strength. Growing up she climbed her way through the villages youth, showing unseen tactics to the people. When she was nearing an age that would be past marriageable, The Great King died, and the three brothers split apart. Joining her family as they joined the middle child of The King. Soon, She fell in love with him, and he with her. The two got married, and she helped restore the castle to its rightful place, doing more of the background work as to be less noticed.

    Other: Likes cookies with hazelnuts.

    Dagger and Crown (open)
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  • [​IMG]

    Name: Maenith Braern

    Age: 21

    Species: Elf

    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual but she tends to stick with men since they are less complicated in her mind.

    Profession: Maid in the palace of Theses but is more relied on as the court physician

    Special Abilities: She is amazing with people and loves to help in any way that she can. If she can do something that is asked of her,she will do it no matter the consequences. She is also very knowledgeable in the field of the sciences which gave her the place as court physician even though she is referred to as a maid.

    Weaknesses: She is incredibly gullible and cannot fight at all,she can only use a small portion of magic and that is only used in her physician position. She will believe almost anything that is told to her and needs to be provided with proof for her to stop believing in anything.

    Personality: Maenith is a very sweet girl who strives for excellence in both of her fields. She loves to be around people and loves to be able to help. She is extremely gullible but cannot hold a grudge against anyone. She is also incapable of staying mad at anyone for more than a day and that is even a stretch for her.

    Background: Maenith was raised in These by a rather poor family and was only put in her position as maid when she was noticed by one of the advisers of the new king. She was placed in her current position only a few months ago and works very hard to be able to help her family since they are still struggling with finances. She lives in the palace but in the lower levels as she is not much protected or really valued in the court despite how much she helps around the palace.

    Other: Maenith looooves chocolate chip cookies when they just come out of the oven and the chocolate is melted.
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