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  1. Hello everyone. Here for round two on the group roleplay train. Only the second one I ever hosted, and I am eager to try again! The first one didn't work out so well, I couldn't get the member base I needed up. I plan to change that this time around! So without further wait for you lovelies, I will explain the idea I had in mind.

    The plot that I was working on is still very vague. The reason? I want input from you guys. I want you to feel free to add twists and turns in the plot, and I want you to feel comfortable in changing the base plot as well, or at least running the suggestions by me. We will see where things go! The plot itself if a sort of victorian fantasy if you will. Well, i'm not even sure you'd call it a victorian fantasy. If you have ever seen Howl's Moving Castle you will know what I mean. Towns and such that are Victorian style, but most advances in technology and such are due to advances in magic. So what is going on here is that there are three kingdoms. Theses, Penndragon, and Bloodsbane. These three kingdoms are at war with each other. The war hasn't yet reached the kingdoms. It's fought mostly with magic in the outer planes that lay in the center of the triangle these kingdoms make in correlation to each other. Theses is a kingdom focused on primarily on the people. Refugees tend to frequent this kingdom and they have great numbers. This one works towards the people's will very closely. Whether that's a good decision or not has yet to be seen. Penndragon is a very profitable and wealthy city. It has loads of riches and is a sea side city, and they also house the biggest magic academy out of the trio. Bloodsbane is the city of warriors. They have warriors that aren't so much trained in the way of magics, even though they have their fair share of magic users, but rely more on tact and strength within the body rather than the mind. Because of this, their ground troops are brutal.

    Notice I left these places open ended. Especially Theses. That's so that you guys, the players, can help me settle a solid base for these places and a feel about them.

    The three cities used to be good friends and allies. The three kings ruling these cities are in fact brothers. The three kingdoms, or the Trinity as they used to be called, at one point all belonged to their father, but not wanting to choose between his three beloved sons, he split the kingdom into three equal parts, and from there conflict formed.


    This plot will basically be a story about what happens in the war and in the cities as the battling gets more intense and wears closer to the towns, and it will be a story about the interactions and relationships of the people forced to live through this difficult time.

    • There will be a sign up/character sheet thread, an OOC thread, and the IC thread. I require that you fill out a character sheet (One will be provided for you) in the sign up, introduce yourself in the OOC, then you may post in the IC thread.
    • I require that you post at least two paragraphs. It keeps things going and gives us all something to respond to.
    • SITE RULES STILL APPLY! That means that although I am accepting both teen and adult members into this roleplay, basic site rules about smut still apply. Just a friendly reminder.
    • If you wish to roleplay smut, and you are of age to roleplay smut with the person you wish to do so with, please leave some sort of a temporary outro for your character on the IC thread, and do it over PM, or, just skip it if you wish. Because there will be mixed company and ages in this roleplay, I don't wish to get anyone in trouble.
    • You get THREE DAYS to write a reply post UNLESS you have notified me ahead of time in the OOC, profile message, or in a PM. I will try to read all the OOC messages, but if there gets to be a lot of people, you may be better off to post to my profile, or to leave me a PM. I would prefer profile posts. IF YOU CAN'T DO ANY OF THAT you may still get back in as long as you come to me and explain hey sorry I was gone so long, but this happened or some such thing, and I will approve your character to come back in.
    • All sexual preferences and ages are accepted.
    • Your character may be whatever species you wish.
    • ROMANCE IS ENCOURAGED! I GET BORED WITHOUT IT! Just throwing that out there.....You'd hate for me to get bored and run away wouldn't you? ;_; Right.....guys?....
    • You must read all of my rules, and if you have, you get a cookie. To let me know that you have read them, please let me know your favorite cookie!

    Sign Ups/Character Sheets-
    OOC Thread-
    IC Thread-
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  3. Oooookay, I think I'm interested because chocolate chips is the best cookie in existence. NO ARGUMENTS!!!! >:D
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    Also, the CS is up. ^o^
  5. Just finished reading the plot and jesus my eyes hurt. I need to stop reading so many things at once. ;-;.
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  6. Have you read my rules before I accept your character? Is there anything specific you have a favorite of? >:)
  7. Yes, indeed I've read your rules. Any favorites of what? Characters? Plot? Rules? You're not being specific hun. xD
  8. One of my rules were to tell me your favorite cookie. lol
  9. Oh. Oh. Ohhhh.

    e-o. -- Is gonna Re-read Rules 'Cause this idiot blanked. --
  10. LOL I will approve your charrie when you're done. :3
  11. OKKAAY. Re-read them. Site rules apply, Smut is allowed but with the same Age group as yourself, reply within three days unless notified and my favorite cookie is Pumpkin.
  12. OOOH PUMPKIN XD That's unique.
  13. xD Hahaha. Yeah, I guess so.
  14. My favorite thing ever is pumpkin smoothies
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    Omfg. Maybe I should change my Characters Race. 'Cause I had created the sheet before I read the thread with the rules and I thought that she could now be like a.. Chinese Elf, or something. I don't know. She can still make herbs and stuff, but the Picture and Race would change.
  20. If you wanna change it change it lol
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