The Trickster and The Thief - Loki - [Thor 2 Spoilers]

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  1. NAME: Nedan Jordatter
    AGE: Appears about 24 from a Human perspective
    GENDER: Female
    ORIENTATION: Straight
    SPECIES: Troðajǫrðigr - "World Walkers"
    ABILITIES: Misdirection. Slight of hand. Telekinesis. Telepathy.
    OFFENCE: Infiltration. Murder. Attempted Thievery.
    PERSONALITY: Greedy. Unsatisfied. Disloyal. Dishonest. Bored. Adrenaline junkie. Deceptive.
    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Stands at 6', with a thin, albeit rather muscular frame, and fitting curves. (Not like a beef cake, but you can see muscle definition.) Long, black hair, with dark honey highlights, from the time spend in the sun. She has assorted dreads, braids, and beads, etc woven through her hair. Somewhat darker olive skin, with an even tan. Dark green eyes, emphasized by long lashes. 2 thin scars across the top of her left cheek. Assorted scars on her body. She's a pretty girl, and to most; that is deceiving enough.
    The girl doesn't really know where her people had originated from. They had always called themselves Troðajǫrðigr; World Walkers. They wandered, planet to planet, and forged a life for themselves. It was never an honest living, but the creed between their people was a strong one. They never stole from one another, and any disagreements were promptly settled. Nedan had been born of two of the most masterful thieves their people had to offer. There was no love in the union; merely the genetic selection for a child. They often did this; you were encouraged to have a partner of love, but any offspring were to be directly planned for the greatest success. Any children that came of an unplanned union were put to death.
    Nedan was raised to be the best thief she could be; as were all children. But sights were set on her. She was, after all, the child of their two prized members. Her very name meant "Underneath. From below or beneath." The pressure didn't bother her. She welcomed the push to be better. The girl fought her way to the top, and when she was there.. it just wasn't enough. She started looking for a more challenging task. She began stealing from her own people. On one occasion, she had left their camp, and made way for a relic of untold power. The Tesseract. The girl had found her way to Asgard, and deceived her way past many guards. It wasn't until the sight of her greed was in view that she was discovered. Combat skills were abundant to her; she hadn't always been so good at keeping undetected, and often did have to fight her way out. But there came a defender she had not foreseen, and Thor had put an end to her moral scrimmage. She was locked away.
    She had been so close.
    Nedan had never felt such shame. Thor's grip on her bound arms was enough to bruise, and she didn't blame him. That isn't to say that she appreciated it, however. "You're hurting me." she stated in a bland voice.
    "You killed my friends." Thor growled back, leading her down a set of stairs.
    This wasn't looking good, in her eyes. As of this moment, the girl wasn't aware of her sentence. She wasn't ready to die. Her pulse was very apparent, as it pounded in her ears. The sweat coating her skin now was nothing compared to that of the effort in combat. It was a dizzying thought; being put to execution. It had not occurred to her before. Never before had she feared for her life. It only showed how sure she was of herself. Or how foolish she was. The thought of Asgard was never one of fear. It was of fortune and glory. A great victory, and personal gratification. Her people would be struck with awe, and herald her as the most masterful thief of all.
    Now, however, that reality seemed so far off. With ever step, a nervous anticipation coiled in her stomach, and soon, her steps began to falter, as she believed she would be sick. "Forward, girl. I have no time for your deceptions." Thor demanded, tightening his grip, to force her to continue.
    The steps seemed to go on forever. Honestly, Nedan was unsure of how long they had been walking. Time was warped, and her thoughts were clouded with anger, and fear. She felt cornered, and by the time her boot had hit the final floor, her heart was ready to burst. That is, until she had received a sobering jerk. It was a prison. There was a long corridor of cells, but no apparent means of death.. aside from the blonde with too tight of grip.
    "You're not going to kill me?" she wondered aloud, relief apparent in her words.
    Thor didn't answer. He marched her down the hall, and she stared at each cell she passed. Some were full. Some were empty. All were undecorated, and impossibly clean.
    "Stand back." Thor's voice boomed to the prisoners of a cell, and unsurprisingly, every occupant of the cell retreated. The shield lowered, she was tossed in, and just as quickly, it raised, making her dash attempt rather.. painful.
    Without a second glance, or word, Thor turned heel, and left. She wasn't sure how to react. The field had deflected her to the floor, and after a moment of lingering after him with a bitter glare, Nedan turned to her new cellmates. They looked her over; some curiously, some hungrily, but all eyes available were on her. She imagined female prisoners were few. It wasn't very lady like to commit crime, after all. It may have concerned her, once. The thought of being trapped with lonely savages. Now, however, it was almost welcomed. At least there was blood to spill. Someone to blame, even if they had help no part in play.
    The room was blinding. Not often were her people around such clean white walls. Anything white was rather uncommon, she realized. Their clothing and tools seemed to be the color of the worlds; anything more were gems, or polished metal. There was a single blade Thor had failed to find on her, but nothing useful by way of escape. Instead of wondering over seemingly impossible freedom, Nedan felt her mind turn curious in regards to the minds around her. Moving to the wall, the girl leaned against it, shutting her eyes to sort through the thoughts around her. It didn't take long to find; the only real intelligent mind in the place was close, and the pattern of reading stood out. She was interested, and listened a moment to the man reading. If she had to be honest; she had wasted more than a little time stealing books. Her people generally saw them to be pointless, but Nedan enjoyed more than just gems. In fact.. they didn't mean much to her. She much preferred the challenge of acquiring them.
    This would be the starting of my idea. She's tossed into prison, and ends up invading Loki's mind. He becomes aware that someone had stumbled into his thoughts, and questions them. My idea was that they would talk,and become close. He's happy to have found someone that seemingly understands him, but is still weary, given the fact he was raised on lies. They never see one another, save glances in the armor of passing guards.
    When the Kursed shows up, he lets Nedan out, but not Loki. She tries to get him out, but is unable. When Thor lets Loki out, she is a part of the plan. As they are sent to the planet, and Loki dies, Nedan is devastated. Loki returns to Asgard, where she had been offered a role of guardian. Her skills come in handy; she's the Princess of Thieves. Who's going to outsneak that, right?
    When Loki shows up to report his death to Odin, he finds her, and reveals that he isn't dead.
    So. That's the general idea.
    I'm going to be INCREDIBLY picky that you play Loki right. Fair warning. Feel free to message, or comment here.
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