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  1. Set in old England, a tiny town is thrown into upheaval and conflict when three of their good, churchgoing women are accused of witchcraft. Two people are behind the initial accusation, but before long many others stand behind them. Two of the women are sure they are innocent of any witchcraft, and the other is wondering how she got caught. Two men step forward to defend the women, and take it upon themselves to prove them innocent before they are put through the cruel tests that are so famous in these parts. Carrying a red hot iron ten steps and walking on coals are two of the most popular. If the skin is healed in three days, they are declared to have the hand of god on them and therefore can not be witches. The last thing these women want is to be forced through these tests. So it's all up to the men to prove them innocent. or gulity.

    Accused woman: Taken by Madyline

    Accused woman:

    Accused woman (That really is a witch): Taken by Dark Jae





    Townsfolk (As many as possible!):
  2. Name: Kim
    Appearance: ((attached, without the sword))
    Gender: Female...

    I'm an actual witch, but I try really hard to hide it. I'm accident-prone. I bump into things a lot and mess things up, but I hide my secret really well.

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  3. Name: Anabelle
    Age: 19
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Background: Anabelle just recently moved here from Ireland, and her english still isn't the greatest. When she can't find the words to express herself, she gets frustrated, and when she gets angry she'll yell in Galic.
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