The Tree's Sacred Maiden

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    Hundreds of years ago, a maiden was chosen. A maiden pure of heart. This young chosen girl willingly gave herself to the Great Tree in order for the world to continue. A life for the lives of all that reside in the world. The young maiden is forever bound to the tree, forced to remain and guard the tree that gives life to the land. Were the maiden to be taken from the ancient tree it will destroy everything.

    Everything will fall.

    Everything will be lost.


    Humans are greedy and vile. Their greed will soon me their undoing as a young man, who heard of the golden fruit that grows on the Great Tree, discovers the resting place of the tree of life. His hope is to take the fruit of legends and bring it back to the king of their land, in order to gain favor with the crown and marry his daughter, so that one day he too may become king. Only, when he approaches the tree, he finds something even more appealing to him than the fruit of gold that hung upon the glowing branches. Standing in front of the tree, is the chosen maiden. One of legend, said to have become one with the tree in order to give it life and prosper.

    In thinking this unearthly creature would be a much better gift to the king, the man captures the girl, taking her from the tree and will soon the the world into ruin.


    Okay, so hope you liked my little opening to my idea. So basically this tree is what is keeping the kingdom alive. This kingdom is a floating land in the sky and the tree is what gives life to the plants and holds the land together. If the tree dies, the plants will shrivel, soil will turn to dust, and then the land itself will crumble, sending the floating continent to the ground, killing all that reside on it. The girl is basically one with the tree and her life gives it life. The tree feeds from her soul. If she is away from the tree for long the tree will die and so will everything else. That part is not known to everyone though. All they know from legend is the tree is guarded by the 'Sacred Maiden'. Someone though, in searching for golden fruit (as seen as the glowing lights in the pic up top as well), discovers her and decides to give her to the king for his own pleasures. This can go in different directions depending on who you want to play. I'm thinking my partner can either play the man who takes her, the young king, or the prince. Anyways, if this has interested you in the least and you want to hear more, just pm me about your interest and which of those three you would likely want to play.

    Thank you.​
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