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The Treasure of Coria

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Nahellion, Jan 9, 2017.

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    a RafaDark and Nahele production

    a foolish knight. a crafty thief. an ancient treasure.
    dungeon diving. treasure map hunting.
    a long and arduous adventure.

    let's tell a story...
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    Samar Navarro

    Bloody Rose AssassinIt involved a chase through the forests that surrounded the town of Loran, the sound of the indignant and dogged men that spat out threats toward their prey that had fled with their merchandise. It was something Samar, known as the 'Bloody Rose Assassin' was used to during her life. This kind of day always made the adrenaline rush go through her head. Despite the possibility of being beaten and dead, it only made her grin wider. Her weapons consisted of twin blades and a dagger bumped on her body multiple times, following the flow of her jumping legs, going over logs and falling down cliffs to escape. She got down to the fifth cliff today as it had an arch which hid her. She had a hand over her mouth as she needed to be quiet, she heard multiple people up above, desperate for her head and the ware that she had stolen from them. Their venomous words echoed from above as their feet kept on moving, far enough to the point Samar found a reason to go home.

    And by home, it was a cave that had all the stolen things from the past she could only remember. It varied from a shelf of books to cooking utensils to pillows to blankets to jewelry, etc. Samar had her dirty hand go through her blood-colored hair as she walked to an empty area which had a rock meant to be sat on. With a piece of chalk, she drew a short line next to the other white lines, all below the words 'Days of no Memory'. And the lines created hundreds and hundreds of white lines next to each other, which only created frustration within the girl. "Nothing....again." She grumbled as she stood up and counted her bounty for today. It was enough to where she can get some food from the tavern. Of course, she had to be careful since those men were going to be there. "Maybe I should dress up." She snickered, knowing well a lot of people thought she was a male because of her unkept appearance and her choice of clothing. But then she sighed, knowing well that dresses do not do well in case of an attack. But there was no choice, so she went to the river and cleaned herself up. Putting her hair in the ponytail and wearing nothing but a simple blue dress, she grabbed a brown hooded cloak and walked out. By the time she went to town, the hood was over her shoulders, and over her eyes and hair.

    Getting into town always made her heart beat, it was a risky situation as she might get caught. It had been almost five years since she had been here so she knew old wounds would heal. Her red eyes wandered to the notice board which seemed a bit more crowded than usual. Curiosity had piqued within her as went toward it, her eyes moved left and right to see the new 'requests'. The only notice that made her stop was a request for a guide through...'The Forest'. "Oh, what a poor sucker. Must be a rich person who can't handle themselves." She chuckled within the darkness of her hood as she kept a hold of the paper. She read it over to see the meeting place, which ironically was where she was heading in the first place, See you soon you poor sap. With that, she continued to walk toward her destination and meeting place; the tavern.

    Even though it was hot, Samar knew the risks of showing a piece of her hair or eyes would mean trouble. So with that, she went into the tavern where very little people were. That would be good if it wasn't for the obvious knight with heavy armor in there. She contained herself as she was tempted to growl and attack immediately. Knights were asking for trouble and trouble themselves. Ignoring it for a second, she observed the paper again. Taking in the words, she discovered the knight was the so-called client! It would explain the huge bounty! With that she wondered what she was going to do about this, then again she thought to keep things calm. Holding onto the paper, she hoped that he was the right person, or there will be an awkward conversation, "Hopefully he does not have any ideas." She growled to herself as she walked over to where the 'client' was. Samar hated working for the hypocritical and holier-than-thou knights who served the kingdom that screwed anybody that was not rich. Then again...why do I care? Sitting down on the table, she coughed to get her voice prepped. With the most feminine voice she could muster, she spoke to this knight. "Are you....the one who asked for a guide?" She slid the paper that had asked for a guide. "I happen to know someone who can help. That someone can not be here for...'specific' reasons. But do tell, why do you need to go through such a dangerous place as 'The Forest'?"

  3. The day started like every one other, boring as all time he would wake up wishing he could just stay as a knight for the rest of his life but being rich had those 'responsibilities' "Oh young lad you sure need to get onto your old Grandpa business and become a fucking boring money counter... Ugh..." Syhad, the young Knight with the dream of being a huge Legendary Knight groaned as he recalled what some strange and very friendly rich men friends of his grandpa told him once he was on a rich party. Being a farm boy those things would not make him smile, well not give a real smile anyway until he found the princess, her beauty made his heart race since the first time he saw her even thinking about her made him feel determined to get what she asked him. He took a deep breath and quickly got his rich clothes, ran to his money counting place and he started counting, the way he was counting made everything work faster and soon he had all the money inside almost a huge chest of gold counted "YES, 1000000 Gold coins ready for the bounty... Well maybe I should get the other golden chest too... But maybe this will do for a while..." He let out as he put the last clean brown bag full of gold on the chest while he smiled and called the butler to inform his parents he would be back for the gold later as he would start to get his armor, the legendary Knight armor... He knew it could sound like a kid's dream but he knew it was real and he was going to be turned into one.

    Smiling, he went to the closest tavern, there was an huge commodity on the place, warriors, mages, groups of dwarfs even a small guy above an huge 'pet' orc was there to see the bounty, he just smirked and entered in the tavern, he got a single table just for himself and paid directly to the owner which widened his eyes as he bit down on the gold coin only to almost break his jaw checking if that gold was real "Leave this table to me and someone else, I'll be waiting for someone today..." He knew that the cross on his armor's chest and his appearance would call some courageous men and woman to try their best in helping him on his quest... But to his luck just some persons really entered in the tavern... Just to sit away in another table and start drinking some nice mead. With a sigh, all Syhad's hope ended, he spent some part of his day waiting on the tavern drinking a little and eating some food they made there, a little old and not so tasty but that was the way he lived eating... All those rich guys up there would drink wine in a glass cup and eat small insects as food which made the knight farm boy a lot disgusted with them, he would wish he could erase the memory of a strange insect being eaten alive and exploding on the mouth of someone, even remembering it made him almost puke all the food he was eating.

    It took some minutes withing hours of waiting but someone entered in the tavern, a woman, dressed in blue which doesn't showed that she was rich nor poor but something about her made him feel strange somehow... A kind of familiar feeling like he already had seen her face somewhere but maybe he was wrong, he wasn't paying too much attention about other woman instead of his Princess. Once she sat on his table, he would turn his attention all to her words, a grin slowly forming on his face "Oh sorry ma'am, I don't explain things to messengers... Only if the messenger is the one who can help me..." He said, his face somehow continued in the smirk as he would get up and get closer to her. Standing beside her, he would say without looking to her face "Come, we have no time to lose if we still need to find this... 'Specific' person somewhere." Syhad didn't even wanted to ask about the manners of that woman... She didn't even looked like a woman, the way she entered on the tavern and the way she cleaned her throat to talk with a somehow mannish voice, who ever that 'woman' was, Syhad was only interested on the princess hand which needed the treasure but he only thought it was on 'The Forest' because no one would dare to enter deeper into it somehow there are rumors of demons and beasts far away from any philosophers comprehension and that was what determined Syhad. Adventure, action, anything that could take the rich part of his life away that was what he was searching for.

    Looking around a little, he putted a small bag of gold in front of her "If you want some payment before... Here it is... Now let's go, I'm tired of wasting my time here." He quickly looked at her and walked outside of the tavern, he waited a little outside as he was having a huge smirk on his face, in that place the money was what ruled the world, if you had money you could be like a god in earth, have everything you want, woman, castles, warriors, lands and even more money but somehow that doesn't enticed the Knight one bit, he wasn't there for the money, he was there for love the only thing he knew that the money could buy but was hard to achieve even with a huge golden castle. He quickly tried to find someone that would be able to take him and the 'woman' to where they needed to go also to take them to his castle where he kept the gold of the bounty, when he found the person, it quickly got him a carriage that just waited his order so they could go already to the place.
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    Samar "Nando" Navarro

    Bloody Rose AssassinSamar had a small smirk on her face as the man would rather talk to the person themselves than the messenger. "Well, I can lead you to him." She was a little surprised that as they left, he gave her a bit of gold. She raised a brow at the gift as she looked around for a second before recognizing a woman with a few children trailing behind her. Samar knew the woman, as her husband had recently died, so she had to live with her brother and his family. So when they passed her, she slipped the bag of gold to the woman's bag. Thankfully, no one noticed so Samar could move on without a hitch.

    So they waited until they got the carriage, to which Samar and the man got themselves in. Before she did get in, she given the directions to the man that will lead them to a hotel in the outskirts, but that was not where they were going. Samar's home was around the area, and it would require a walk. Once the directions were given, she went inside and sat on the opposite side of him. As the carriage left, Samar let out a small smile. "So, you looking for that treasure eh? The Treasure of Coria? You do realize...that the treasure is mostly just a myth...a legend?" She sat there, leaning her back against the wall as her eyes continued staring at the knight. "So let's get acquainted, shall we? The person you would meet is the Bloody Rose Assassin. But that would be a mouthful. So....call him Nando." She smiled, knowing well her real name cannot be told to anyone...not unless he has earned her trust. So with that, she then took a breath, leaning forward. "I'll let you know his credentials. A former pirate for a few years and then went to this town after the ship sank. That was five years ago, he knows how to steal and kill people whether necessary. Also, he knows how to survive in the wilderness, hence it's where he live...that means hunting, gathering, and etcetera.

    She took note however on where they were going. And they were almost at the hotel. She had her hair back in the ponytail before putting the hood over her head. "It's showtime. Just follow me and everything will turn out well." She then saw that the carriage stopped at the hotel. She got herself out first, waiting for the knight to come out. She took out a few coins and tossed it to the man. The man and the carriage soon left, leaving her and the knight alone. She turned away and walked, her arm up in the air. "Come on, we're wasting time." She called out to him as she made sure to glance at him occasionally, in case he decided to go on the offense. She was not dumb, nor would she ever fully trust this knight. Which is why she will have to make sure she did not know where she lived.

    When they reached a very bushy area, she stopped him. "Sorry to say, but he does not fully trust knights with his home locations." She then went to the bushes. "So if you'll stay here, he'll be out soon." She then went to the bushes, which was very thick and one had to move in a certain way to get through it. Samar went through it quickly so she reached her home, aka the cave. Once there, she got herself out of the dress and went to her usual, but so comfortable clothes (Imagine the CS I gave you; or Assassin's Creed wear). Getting her thick, bushy hair out of a ponytail, she walked back to where the knight would be. Fully armored with twin blades on her back, she had a serious look on her face. She showed a different posture than the 'female' she tried to mimic. "Seems like the missus couldn't just give me a call." Even though it sounded serious, Samar knew damn well that 'he' played the female. So with that he nodded at the Knight. "Why are you so interested in the Treasure of Coria?"

  5. After the woman got out, he would notice she was without the bag of coins he gave to her... Was it something she was needing to pay in that tavern that took too much of that money? Or she was just hiding it somewhere? He started to think a little more on where he saw her face but he couldn't remember it... Soon as they were inside the carriage, he just looked at the woman, curiosity killed the cat but that person was knowing too much of the treasure to make him feel comfortable to say something, he could be leaded to a trap but once he heard the name of his helped, Syhad's smirk turned into a serious face, he didn't answered nothing that the woman said neither he showed any interest on her words. He know who that 'Nando' was, he was an assassin, an pirate as she said, the only thing that he didn't liked was people that would steal just to satisfy themselves it was almost the same feeling with rich people but with assassin's like Nando, he was less disgusted and more angry with them.

    Once they were getting close to their destination, Syhad had already made a map on his mind of where they were going, he could look like a brute knight which would only do the things he thought that was right but he had some brain and could know directions once on the place. Not always his best weapon but his intellect was a little higher for a simple Knight in a Legendary Armor. He could doubt that nothing of good could come from that woman, she looked like a thief herself maybe she was the Infamous Bloody Rose Assassin? No, she could look as a man and her actions could show manliness but she wasn't an assassin, an normal woman couldn't even lift a two handed sword without needing to use a lot of strength, Syhad's Mother was the proof of that but he knew that something fishy was about to happen. Leaving his thoughts on the carriage, the knight followed the woman slowly but close, ready to attack anyone that would want something, even if he wasn't in an offensive way, he had a harsh and a lot of training so he could look like he was not ready for a surprise attack but in reality he was ready the whole time.

    He was thinking that the woman was showing different signs of being a woman, her dress was touching the ground and getting a little dirty because of the earth below their feet but she seemed not to care about that different from his princess which would do almost everything to keep all her dresses clean to perfection... Something he was not seeing that woman, he wasn't there to judge but she could be just a male dressed in woman clothes and it almost made Syhad believe in 'her' act.. Or maybe he was totally wrong which can be why he was spacing out so much. As they were going, he saw that she was looking to him over and over, it was almost like she was fearing that something would happen but he was there, nothing would happen to her, he could easily protect her. Reaching a strange area, Syhad got ready to fight anything as he put a hand on his... He was disarmed the whole time... He was so excited to go out in an journey to find his princess's marriage treasure that he didn't even remembered of getting his two handed sword... That was a bad thing, now he would need to use his charisma to not get hit or killed by something, he thought he was with it the whole day, maybe someone stole it from him? No, he would be able to hear the noise even if it was on the noisy tavern.

    Suddenly he was greeted by the Bloody Rose Assassin himself, with a smirk and crossing his arms, the knight said "Well, she needed to because the price for your head is really high. Your a thief and yet, you have a person that helps you with things, go to places for you and check on dangerous places for your next move... If you mind me asking, what is she yours? Wife? Sister? Mother? Friend?" He didn't wanted to look like he was without his sword neither defenseless so he did his best to make the Assassin focus on his words more then on his equipment. Soon without letting him answer he would answer the thief's question "As to answer that, the treasure holds a immense power... Rumors says it can be a huge and almost infinite sum of gold, the potion to immortality itself, some mages believe it opens a portal to another lands which have trees that bear gold instead of fruit and the rivers are made of the finest mead of all the world but what think about it is that It's all bullshit, rumors about things like that can be useless but I want the treasure to give it to my soon-to-be-wife Princess Margrit form the rich Hiael family, a royal family with a lineage of the finest and most richest of all the kingdom." The knight let out as he was proud of his words, continuing with his story, he got closer to him and looked deep into the red eyes of the assassin "I will need your help... Even if the money from the bounty pays your head on a pike, it won't change the fact that you killed for money... I'm accepting this 'partnership' as a chance of your redeeming, so if you accept this journey you will be awarded by a huge amount of gold and if we find something else on the way, you can keep it, my only goal in the Treasure of Coria." He let out as he stopped and showed the thief a hand as he wouldn't leave his eyes from his own red ones.
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    Samar "Nando" Navarro

    Bloody Rose AssassinWhen the knight asked for who the woman was, Samar's serious face soon changed into pure laughter. She had to sit down on a rock and laugh up a storm, before then stopping to take a breath. "This is sad...how a knight is so easily fooled." He wiped a tear off his eyes, as he stood up. "My red eyes and hair would be too obvious, so it's why I learned a thing or two about disguises." He then waltzed around the knight. "No offense Sir knight, but you really are a fool. Most people think the Treasure of Coria is nothing but a fairytale. That princess only said it so you would go away. You know the royalty only want to associate with those that elevate their status? Let's be realistic."

    He then stopped in front of the Knight. "I don't care about the gold. If I need more, I can steal it. Besides, the prices are unreasonable anyways. I am only coming with you because, in all honestly, I am bored. Same jobs...stealing and killing and running. Gets pretty bland after awhile. An adventure is what I need."

    He did, however, see the knight show his hand. It made Samar raise a brow but she understood what he meant. So she reached her hand and firmly held it. Giving the knight a strong, distrusting glance, she released the hand. "What type of redeeming are you talking about? Cause some people's view of redemption dare I say, is hypocritical." She rolled her shoulders as she went to the bushes."Let me get some supplies before we head off foolish Knight." He entered through and came back out after five minutes. On her shoulders was a bag, filled with a few books, gold, and a few equipment that helps with the hunting. "Whether you want to leave, Sir Knight. But I do have a question, do you even know where to go to start this...treasure hunt?"

  7. The knight felt that he was being joked at... Maybe his thought's were right? He couldn't be but as the Bloody Rose Assassin started laughing and soon stopping to breath, he saw that he was thinking the right thing, the woman from before was him in a disguise. He now knew the other side of the Assassin named Nando, disguising himself as a woman so he would not be find in the middle of the crowd, that was smart, a lot risky but really smart. Hearing the thief's words, Syhad would just let his thinking go away, he was almost as rich as his princess but talking that to a thief while you are disarmed wasn't a good plan also his princess said to him that she wanted the treasure not because she was wanting him to go away but because she was wanting what was inside it which she heard that was something to make her be an eternal beauty.

    He got the journey just because he was bored? He never thought on it as an myth that who would find it could become a legend itself? The thief could not think on money but his mind for great this is way away from Syhad's mind, they both weren't wanting the money but as the assassin held his hand, the deal was made and he only let go as he was about to say but the thief suddenly went to the bushes soon getting back with the said supplies he needed "As I was going to say..." The now a little enraged knight started "Redeeming as a thief, if you are bored of it why don't you quit and become an adventurer? You just thought on helping other's with your skills just because you was bored, so much selfishness for a thief like you... I hope you can learn a little thing or two when we end this quest." He said and slowly moved to around looking and then he pointed to a place "The forest is to that side, we are starting there, the rumors said there is a dungeon somewhere in that place but the monsters and demons from deep within the jungle can make even the most courageous of men run back home and hide himself below his bed calling for him mother to protect him." He smirked as he thought on the possibilities, it was so thrilling but he suddenly remembered as he pointed toward another plade "Oh but first, Well need to go back to my castle, which is for that side because I still haven't got my equipment... If we can get another carriage to take us there we can quickly get closer to the forest."
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    Samar "Nando" Navarro

    Bloody Rose Assassin"You have your own castle?" She raised an eyebrow at him, but then she remembered that knights usually are very rich and have a huge amount of fortune. She brushed off the Knight's criticism on 'him' about how she found life boring. It was her life, not his'. So he can go suck a horses **** , she thought...proper female language was not in her brain's vocabulary.

    She did nod when he figured out it was a dungeon, and it had people go crying to their Mommies. That made Samar laugh again. "Might as well just castrate them, and make then a Eunich for some Noble." She snickered, and walked along with him. With arms behind her head, she whistled a tune as he needed a carriage to get back. This had her stop and walk to the hotel. She took out a uniquely formed whistle and lets out a strange, exotic tune. After a few seconds, a neigh was heard and multiple, harsh hooves getting louder and louder. A black horse came running toward them, slender and tall. Samar just waited there as the horse stopped at her and did a playful bounce around, which signified its very young age. The horse then stopped and it allowed Samar to pet her. "Let's go Sir Knight." She lead the man to where the horse was, where it had a huge cart. She strapped the horse on the cart, being careful about it though as she patted the cart. "Come sit down, we'll travel on this throughout the journey." Once she strapped the horse, she sat on the horse and waited for the knight to get on before having the horse trot out. "Let me know where we're going." She spoke up as she had the horse go around town, for she did not want unwanted attention.

    It was like this the whole way, silent. It was what Samar liked and hoped stayed that way through the journey. So once directions were given, she followed the path and made sure there were no followers. Once there, she stopped the cart. "Now go and get anything you need. Remember, you're not coming back here for a long time...or never at all, if you end up dying. So make sure you brought everything that is important."

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  9. Syhad didn't even answered his question as he made a face that looked like he was really bored and somehow a little angry of what the knight just said, he didn't thought too much of it but by the way he was like it surely would not be such a friendly way until the end of their journey. The knight would smirk and laugh as the other male would make jokes about it as they walked beside each other, it somehow was funny and slowly the male Knight would think more on it making it look a little disgusting to him.

    Raising an eyebrow, he heard the tune and knew what it meant, the familiar whistling of it made him knew that there was a horse coming, he smirked as he thought that such an old farm trick was still used nowadays. When the horse noises started getting louder and louder, Syhad would just smirk again as he saw the horse, being a farmer, just looking at the horse he knew that it was of a nice breed and would surely take them wherever they wanted if threatened nicely "Nice horse... And a female like that would be able to make more pure breed horses like her if there was a pure stallion capable of breeding with her... Oh sorry, I was a farmer before turning into a knight, I know a lot about animals and such." He let out as he would go closer to the horse and pet it too being able without being bitten by her. Once she told him for them to go, he quickly followed as he saw the cart, he nodded to himself and slowly made sure that the other male had done everything right, once he was done of rechecking the things, he would sat close to the assassin on the cart and say where they were going.

    It was a long silence between them both, the assassin was somehow focused on the horse as Syhad was focused more on the place around him, making a map on his mind where he could find all the routes back to that place, he knew he could forget a little but once he would see a place he would be able to know if he had already passed on it or not, a good survival skill he had since he needed to find the lost cattle in the night on some woods close to his old farm.

    Once they got there, he would soon get out and turn back to him as he would say "We will get back, dying is not an option here. I'll be right back." He quickly entered in his castle as he ran to get some things, he couldn't get the money chest for the Assassin but he said he wouldn't need it anymore so, if they were doing that right, he would take the old diary of his Grandpa, some bags of money for inns and/or change or repair of equipment if needed, some old books of tales and rumors about the places where the treasure should be, some magic Warp Stones and his helmet, the Knight was ready and without forgetting his Dual Handed Sword this time he quickly got back to where the Bloody Rose Assassin was and nodded to him "I'm ready, If we need healing we can use a warp stone... There must be one somewhere around here..." He said as he took some small round stones from his bag "Break one in your hand and it will quickly take you out of any dungeon teleporting you back to the nearest village... Made by a mage and only Knights are enable to use it on huge emergencies but now that we are together I'll give you five of the ten I have... Use it wisely, now onward my companion, a huge and dangerous adventure awaits us."
  10. [​IMG]

    Samar "Nando" Navarro

    Bloody Rose AssassinSamar raised an eyebrow at the warp stones. She had heard of them but had never used it, always too expensive. So she stuffed the warp stones in her pocket as she had the horse, she named Midnight, trot away from the castle and toward the dungeon. Of course, they would have to go through 'The Forest' first before getting to the dungeon. As Midnight continued trotting, Samar thought about The Forest and the reason for the scare. She then remembered a very dark tale about the forest. There had been a legend about a witch's curse that resulted in a group of men becoming cannibals. But then again, she never paid attention to myths and legends. So she had her horse continue to trot through the darkness as her red eyes darted left and right, on a lookout for anything that moved.

    As she walked, she was thinking about the myth. Something about her not knowing the legend bothered her, so she went through her memory banks to find the full story. As she went through, she was able to remember the story...or eighty percent of it.

    It started with a bunch of men, trying to go through unexplored lands to expand their colonies. They passed by a witch who was living in 'The Forest'. A scuffle happened between the two parties and it resulted in the witch cursing them, by making all the resources, specifically food, very hard. The party ended up not getting enough food so when the men got hungry, they turned to each other and resulted in cannibalism. But the witch made sure the survivor didn't get the luxury of 'happy' surviving. The survivor ended up being a monster, forging around at night, to find human meat.

    That had Samar shiver but she was not unphased, if she needed too..she'll cut it right up or run if she had too. Hopefully, the creature didn't like horse meat, that would be her biggest regret. Getting closer, Samar had to turn on a fire lamp. She used a match to turn it on so she could see outside. She held onto the fire lamp as Midnight continued walking. She didn't look back at the Knight, but she did need to occupy the time while they are traveling. "So Sir knight, are you aware of the legend of 'The Forest'?" It was just something to do while they traveled, they were here after all. "Even if it was real, we got plenty of equipment to deal with the creature." She was mentioning the fire lamp, the dual blades, or a good rock to thrash its head on. "How long have you been a knight?"

  11. Once they started going to 'The Forest' the knight would be ready for whatever they would find. He had always read some histories and heard some humors of places where a small percentage of the adventures that found those places got back home, some even got back but only to be found dead or mad by the day light, it could be an suicide journey for them both but with the Knight's strength and the agility of the Assassin they could be almost an invincible duo only if they could work together as a team, well at least it was what the Knight was thinking.

    He knew about almost all the histories and almost all the rumors about those dangerous places which made him calm and excited to know what they would be able to find in places like that. Once they got into the darkness, he was sure nothing would happen with them, it all was so calm and if they would be able to feel or hear something, the knight was ready to attack the enemies or defend his companion. He was thinking about the beings that would be lurking in the darkness around them, alive shadows, ghosts or phantoms of the highest levels or even some ghouls or goblins, every time the knight thought on it, he was sure that adventure was going to be the best that he already had, even if he was there just for the treasure and for his soon-to-be-wife.

    With the fire lamp turned on, Syhad would close his eyes a little because of the sudden light that came into his view, accustomed to the darkness of dungeons or the simple darkness of the night, the light was making the Knight's field of vision a little less then it was before. "Huh? Oh yeah... The Flesh Wall was it? A monster that lurks on the darkness of this forest because of an witch's curse... Or it is about the undead mixture of animals that prey on soft human meat? Or even the unknown Midnight Chill?" The knight asked as he was asked about the legend about 'The Forest'... Maybe asking to the Assassin about those legends weren't a good thing, he looked like he was a little afraid of it. Soon changing the subject to not make the Assassin forget about that, he started saying "It was a long time ago... I was still a kid and well it happened when the Knights were 'heroes', the type of 'heroes' that wouldn't be using those 'holier-than-thou' type of crap... I know that maybe you won't be liking those kinds of Knights too but I'm the type of Knight that would be wanting to help others instead of wanting money of fighting for something instead of helping those in need."

    He was proud of his words as he stopped as looked at the Assassin "Shhhhh... Have you heard that?" he said lowly as he looked around, he was sure he heard something move around them as he ended talking "Do you think it was the wind or the bats?" He asked again lowly as he readied his weapon slowly not wanting to make a sound as he was unsure of what he heard.
  12. [​IMG]

    Samar "Nando" Navarro

    Bloody Rose AssassinSamar had to snicker at the many myths and legends 'The Forest' had. Although, she never knew about the Midnight Chill, it was interesting. She didn't speak as he explained he wanted to be the knight that helped people. That got her a scowl, and turn her head. "If you really want to help people, then how come you're getting richer and the people are getting poorer?" She knew that was a bad question to ask him, but her impulsive behavior tended to say and ask unnecessary things. But before the question could be answered, the bushes had shuffled around them and it caused Midnight to stop...by herself.

    Samar's eyes narrowed as she took out her dual blades. She was not going to assume it was harmless, so she then jumped out of the cart, her body tensed up as she expected either a wild animal, a monster, or a bunch of bandits. Her red eyes beamed into the darkness, trying to find the source of the sound. After a moment of silence, she heard the noises again but this time she ran toward the source. She knew it would be better to get to them, and not wait for them to get to her. So she found the area where the noise was, and found nothing. She raised a brow as she was a good distance away from the knight and her horse. She turned to them and shook her head, planning on going back.

    But that was when the noises returned, but this time it was coming at her fast. She turned immediately and jumped up, and below her was a tall, lanky human creature. No hair, skin to bones, long claws, and sharp, yellow teeth. That fast moment was very slow to Samar, as her eyes widened. Was this the Flesh Wall? That the Knight was talking about?

    She landed on the ground as the creature, on all fours, let out a gut-wrenching wail. So much Samar had to cover her ears. "Fuck! This creature beat the record for being loud!" She shook her head rapidly, before then using her dual blades to stop the Flesh Wall from trying to scratch her. "Hey Sir Knight! A little help here will be nice!" She growled as she kicked at it, before trying to slice it down with unique, and deft movements. Something she had learned from being a pirate....and from the past she had no memory of. She didn't seem very afraid of the Flesh Wall, like her horse who was prancing around wanting to escape.


  13. Syhad know the answer to his question about poor and rich people, the answer was that he couldn't control the gold he had... Just a small portion, the portion of the bounty for an example, was the only gold he could have as the taxes and the gold spent to maintain his castle was really high even if he was being paid a lot for monster killing and other small jobs that even the smallest and the weakest kid could do also giving help to some merchants was the best job he could get but lately those jobs were getting less and less posted that and some other motives where the ones that let the Knight go in a search for the treasure.

    The Knight saw the difference between them as the Assassin jumped out of the cart and continued on without leaving him any kind of light, the only thing he could do was to follow the Assassin's light with his eyes as he would stay somewhere he could be able to continue seeing his now acting foolish companion, he did his best to try and find the source of the noise as he would look around in the darkness surrounding the cart, splitting on the ground and readying his helmet, he said for the horse to stay there a little that he would be back in some minutes. He walked towards the Thief but soon as he heard the noise getting higher and higher, for his surprise it was only one, Syhad would run closer to Nando, he sure was needing to read some of the books he had.

    When he got close to the beast and his companion, he started shouting and calling the beast to attack him "HEY! HERE! COME AT ME! HE IS A GOOD FOR NOTHING BUT I'M FROM THE HOLY ONES! COME AT ME!" He pointed to the cross in his chest and waited for the creature to attack him, the men from the cannibal's history weren't normal men, they were a band of priests and people that had a real connection with the holy church, it was a good thing that it was only one... If they were more then three, they would need to be really careful and kill them as fast as they could. Syhad was ready to attack the beast when it was coming for him "Nando run or fight now, here's your choice." The knight that now had stabbed the beast with his sword making it back away a little and tried to slice it but only being able to hurt it's 'hands' as it protected itself.

    If they could be strategic enough, Nando which was almost behind the being could start slicing it making it change directions so Syhad could attack it's wounds making it easier to kill it but it would take time to a beast like that to be killed... Even the most strongest of the warriors of the king couldn't kill it with a simple trick like that one. If they would take that way, the being would be upset and try to run but if they could kill it as faster as possible it's spawns wouldn't be able to grow fast enough to feed on the human corpses.​
  14. [​IMG]

    Samar "Nando" Navarro

    Bloody Rose AssassinNow Samar was trying to figure out if she should be pissed off at the knight or not. I am no good for nothing you f**kface!

    She growled as he yelled at her that it was her chance to strike. So she then took out a bag and sprinkled thick liquid on her dual blades, soaking it. That was when she jumped at the creature, slicing and dicing its back with her dual blades and the green liquid. She then got a hold of the lamp and threw it straight at the creature, the lantern's glass shattered on the skin and caught on fire. Samar had used oil to help ignite the flames. With the creature wailing in pain and running around, she made sure this Flesh Wall did not go anywhere as each time, it tried to run, she went at it and sliced it down. She then thought why people were so afraid of it...it seemed so easy to handle.

    She would soon find out.

    The fire on the creature soon succumbed and it had Samar's eyes widen. That oil fire would've lasted until the creature was no more! She ended up growling. "We got no choice...Knight! Take Midnight and get to the dungeon or whatever! I'll be right behind." She knew that meant she'll fight the thing until either one, it runs from the sunlight or two, the Flesh Wall finds it useless to try to kill its prey and go somewhere else. "I'll distract it, and it'll be no problem." She then went at the Flesh Wall and tried to slice its neck.


  15. Growling, the Knight would just do what a true Knight would do, he would try to defend his companion with everything he got.

    He was attacking the being as Nando was using something on his dual blades, the creature being on it's back was the perfect target for him and he used everything he got leaving the Knight surprised by the sudden spreading of fire on the being but it maybe wasn't the best idea that the Assassin had, Syhad knew that the fire would make the creature run around in pain but now that they had not too much light to guide them on that battle it was going to be a lot difficult to find the creature in all that darkness. The thing they were fighting looked like a Flesh Wall, it could be a Flesh Wall but it somehow wasn't one, maybe one of the experiments of the witch but somehow it wouldn't be easy to handle.

    Not if you were alone.

    The fire stopped which made the creature grunt and the source of light they had cease, the Knight would ready himself to fight it only to be ordered by the Thief to flee from the battle with Midnight and the cart to the dungeon. The intelligence of the Assassin seemed to drop once he was in the battlefield, if the monsters around the dungeon were already hard to fight, inside the dungeon they would be nearly impossible. "I'm not fleeing from here, if you want you can go but fleeing from a battle against a beast like that, you are totally mad." The Knight shouted as he charged at the beast trying to slice it's stomach open while he saw that Nando was going to slice it's neck for sure but only that wasn't enough, the beast was shrieking in a strange tone if they weren't able to kill it more of them would appear and it wasn't a good thing when a group would fight for food. ​
  16. [​IMG]

    Samar "Nando" Navarro

    Bloody Rose AssassinShe was now growing impatient, with this knight of course. She didn't know whether it was the fact he didn't listen, or that he assumed SHE wanted to run. And that pissed her off. So much so that she decided to get her fingers in the creature's eyelids and sink them in, causing the eyes to bleed profusely. And for the creature to shut up, she had the sword go into its mouth and sink it in like a butter churn. Now that she had a hold of it, she used the dual blade to rip off its throat and vocal chords, causing to lose its voice and quite possibly give it a slow, painful death. "I don't run from battles, running got me nowhere." She growled at the knight, as she then picked up a rock and smashed the creature's head to pieces, the skull breaking apart, blood splattered all around with its blood all over Samar's clothing. She then spat at the creature before then walking back to the cart. "With that dealt with, let's head out before more show up." With the darkness, it would help as she remembered hearing that Flesh Walls were blind. She knew Midnight was good with seeing things at night so she can trust Midnight following the trail. "Now get in the cart, and don't dare tell me to f**king run again." She then got on top of the horse again as fireflies seem to be fluttering past them...and Samar honestly didn't know if it was a good thing or not. She shifted on the horse, waiting for the knight to get on before heading off. But it seemed like more had shown up, which prompted her to stop her horse. With that she froze with the horse, and had a hand on her mane to calm her down. the screeching was heard, Samar's breath was low and quiet. She prayed they would go past them with no incident.

  17. The Knight opened the creature's stomach open, letting all those gruesome and bloody guts spill out, soon to be cut again by his two handed sword while the thief was full of rage all of a sudden, blinding the Flesh Wall and making it eat his swords jut to end it by cutting the beast's throat making it unable to scream anymore, the Knight didn't stopped with just cutting the being's stomach open, he cut it's legs and it's limbs so it wouldn't be able to defend or attack them again but soon as the Assassin told him about running and splattering the head of the beast with a stone, the Knight saw why he got the name of Bloody Rose Assassin. His brutality was extreme and that only made the Knight wonder if he was stable enough to be kept as an companion, the thief looked like he was still a little enraged when he spat on the creatures body, he saw many barbarians and pirates do that but it was just rare to see a Thief doing that.

    Marcus nodded as he was following his companion without saying nothing, his words wouldn't change anything but the want to fight again was huge, he only got a small part of the fight but he was sure wanting to help the 'lone wolf' in things. Quickly getting on the cart, he didn't remembered that the Flesh Wall was blind so it would be really difficult to them if hey continued on in the darkness. He entered on the cart and raised his eyebrows at what Nando said, now he knew what the Assassin was so mad about but maybe the Thief haven't understood what he said because he didn't remembered saying nothing for him to flee from the battle, he remembering saying that Nando was totally mad if he wanted the Knight to run but maybe he was wrong, in any case what was done was done, he couldn't undone it even if he wanted. Syhad would notice the fireflies, they meant that maybe they were close to the dungeon or it was the Midnight Chill, he hoped it was the dungeon, when they stopped he got completely quiet and slowly left the cart, he wasn't going to fight them but he wasn't going to flee from them, searching quietly for a stone in the ground, he grabbed it and tossed it on a far away place which could be heard hitting a tree from afar the Flesh Wall would be able to hear it and go check it as they would be able to pass without any kind of battle.​
  18. [​IMG]

    Samar "Nando" Navarro

    Bloody Rose AssassinSamar would've yelled at the man for throwing the rock but she soon realized what he did was probably a very good idea. As soon as the rock tumbled downward, the screeches echoed in response. Samar had her hands over her horse's eyes and tried to cover her ears as the creatures went downward to try to follow the rock that kept on going. With that Samar slowly got down, trying not to make any noises as she had her horse slowly walk, so neither of them made any noises. Samar did pick up a few rocks and kept on throwing them down as they slowly walked, keeping the flesh walls occupied as they quietly walked. She threw them as far as possible, and it would be hard when the rocks could only go so far as they traveled. She then found a few boulders up top so she threw the rocks at them to have it tumbled down. With the huge noises echoing, she had the horse and car run through the pathway as the boulders created a huge crash. They kept on running through the path until they found a cave to stay in. Big enough to shield them, she then went out to see if any Flesh Wall followed them, but it seemed like they didn't. She sighed in relief. "Rest up Knight, I'll keep watch if any Flesh Walls show up." She spoke, not looking back at him as her red eyes scanned the area in front of them, looking for any sudden movement.

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  19. Syhad was using his plan to continue on the rood, soon he saw that Nando was helping him too, he smirked and soundlessly he continued to grab rocks and throw them away from the both adventurer's and their mare. With the surprise of hearing the boulders, the Knight would quickly jump on the cart and hold himself there, it was going all fast and he simply got a glimpse of something glowing on the darkness of the forest... It could be those fireflies again but maybe it was just his imagination, that place could trick peoples minds and it could do them worse making them go crazy and fight each other if the Midnight Chill got to them... It was a strange thing, first you would feel someone whispering something in your ear but not something you don't know or don't understand, it was one of your secrets maybe the deepest, it only depended on the person then after a while of hearing nothing more than that over and over, the books said you can feel a hand on your shoulder it would slowly turn you back but when you look at it... You only see yourself just before going crazy or, in rare cases, dying... No one really know's what really happens but those who got mad start screaming and try to stab someone eyes just to not be seen in the reflection.

    Once he stopped remembering, the Knight would quickly look around and see that there was a cave, Nando was really wanting to him to rest, but it wasn't even night... Well it wasn't day either, the forest was so dark you could somehow only see when things where close and sometimes when things would move but just close by. Looking to the Assassin, Syhad started to laugh "Now you want ME to rest? Good one. Let's just continue on our path... We can rest when we are in the dungeon... Maybe there will be a safer place then a dark cave where we can't even know if there is cannibal animals there." He wasn't laughing anymore and he sound serious when he stopped and soon looked at his companion with a determined look in his face, his helmet helped to highlight his expression because they only showed his eyes.

    (Sorry for my delay and for not saying why I delayed so much >~<)​
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    Samar "Nando" Navarro

    Bloody Rose AssassinSometimes she wondered why she cared about the other person's well-being, but then she realized it was because she did not want him slacking. So with the man refusing rest, Samar rubbed her temple as she gave Midnight a slight rub to calm her down. More than anything, this small rest for her horse calm down. Once Midnight showed no fear, Samar got on her again and waited for the knight to get on. "Very well, just don't complain if you're tired."

    As the horse continued to walk, Samar did feel something in her ears that felt...off. It felt like someone whispering to her in a way. She tried to shake her head as she thought it was her mind playing tricks on her. But then it got louder...and louder. "Princess Samantha..." That had her turn her eyes slightly back. "Hey, can you stop whispering something? If you want to speak you can say it out loud." But it wouldn't stop. "Princess Samantha."

    "Now you're testing my patience, stop calling me that."

    She growled, having her horse continue onward. But it still did not stop. "Princess Samantha."

    "Princess Samantha."

    "Princess Samantha."

    "Why did you run away from me?"

    That was when Samar had to put her horse in a mighty stop and then turn around to get to the knight, with the most reddened face on her. "What the hell are you babbling about?" She thought the knight was saying stuff behind her. One would realize the Midnight Chill was getting to her...very slowly. That was when she realized he wasn't saying anything...because the whispers kept going and it was not coming from the Knight's mouth. "Wait...you're not saying anything. If it ain't you...then who-?"

    That was when she felt a hand on her shoulder and that had her freeze for a second. "Knight...tell me what's behind me...and please tell me it ain't a Flesh Wall?!"


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