The Treasure Hunt (1x1 for anyone interested!)

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  1. So I've been wanting to try this out for a while now. It would be MxF and there would be romance but it would only compliment this adventure story. Here's a general idea of the plot:

    My character, Amelia, is a treasure hunter though an anthropologist by day. She has found the clues to what could be one of the greatest discoveries since the discovery of King Tut's tomb in Egypt. Still, this won't be easy. Take into account some power-hungry warlords, pirates (the modern kind), museum heists, rival hunters, and ancient curses then Amelia has her work cut out for her.

    Now, I don't really have any specific preference as to where this would take place; though some ideas would be South America -- Peru, Mexico, etc. outlying islands and the Caribbean, China, India, Middle East and Mesopotamia, Egypt or other African countries. I would prefer some place more exotic, but even Europe or America would be okay with me. Now your character can be anyone you want, whether you want to make them a rival treasure hunter or a journalist my character sucks into this mess, or whoever! You can get creative :)

    So my character:

    Name: Amelia Parker
    Age: 25

    Personality: Sarcastic and a smart-ass, Amelia knows how to make light of a situation, though she is always aware of its dangers. She's incredibly resourceful and can think on the spot as well as under pressure and she's adventurous. Boy, is she adventurous. She loves the danger and the adventure, but she hates the responsibility. She's not the type to settle down anywhere or stay in one place. She's always off somewhere thinking about her next clue. Her relationships have always been short and to the point, none of them lasting for a long time. She prefers it that way. She thinks her lifestyle would be too much for others, so she doesn't let her relationships get far.

    Background: Amelia's parents were both archaeologists and she used to go overseas with them to places until she was old enough to live on her own. It was when she was seventeen when her parents were killed by some rebel groups in the Middle East. She never said much on the matter, she went off to college after that and went off with her own group of archaeologists where she found her first discovery that led her to her current lifestyle.